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Tubes Unblocked, Pregnant 7 months later!
Radiant Wonder,

It's been a while since my successful treatment, nonetheless I would like to share my experience with you in the following testimony.

After getting married in 2011, my husband and I wanted to have kids. My husband already had kids and was vasectomised in 20 ...Read More

No Mood Swings or Pain with My Period!
To my greatest surprise, for the first time in years I have my period without any pain or mood swings! Not only that, I usually have mid cycle pain a few days before my ovulation and throughout out my ovulation. 
Surprisingly this month I didn' ...Read More


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The Great Protector

Brand: Radiant Wonder
Product Code: 3388
Capsules: 90
Price: $35.95

Full Description

The Great Protector is another formula which strengthens and protects the lungs.   It is good for anyone who has repeating colds which settle in the lungs.   It is recommended for those with chronic asthma, not for the time of an asthma attack, when it is best to be working with your Western doctor, but for those times when the asthma is in remission.  

The Great Protector is even safe for children as young as six years of age (in smaller doses, of course). A chronic respiratory problem is more than a minor annoyance. It is the first step in a weakening of the body's protective defense against other intruders.

The power gained with The Great Protector is cumulative.  You may notice a bronchial attack was not as severe. Maybe you got the cold you hoped would miss you, but the sore throat was not as bad, and you did not lose your voice. The strength continues to build, safely and steadily.  When your lung energy is weak, it affects your entire life.  You simply do not have the energy you need.  

The Great Protector is not an over-the-counter drug, with dramatic immediate effects combined with numerous side effects such as drowsiness, impaired motor functioning, or, impaired functioning of the liver or kidneys. This is a formula that brings you back to an energy level, strength and sense of vitality you thought was a thing of the past. No longer is there a sense of things slipping away. A strong immune system comes hand-in-hand with renewed energy reserves, clarity of mind and a sense of purpose in life.


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