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I am a registered practicing pharmacist. I am very knowledgeable, not just about Western drugs, but also Chinese Herbs. Over the years I have used many different Chinese herbal formulas, so this is not new to me. What I have found with Radiant Wonder herbs and their Steps to Success has been quite extraordinary. In only 3-4 months I have seen dramatic results. I never expected this because my past experience with Chinese herbs had not produced these changes. I used to be so exhausted, very tired, especially in the late afternoon. My energy surprises me now. I am amazed that I can enjoy working all day. I never expected this. I am now a believer in the quality and effectiveness of their products. These are good, honest, highly professional people.
Victoria W., PharmD, RPh


Most people have a busy and demanding life. When you have a lot of energy, you feel good and can  tackle any challenge. However, when health issues slow you down, or you lack the energy to do the things you want to do, things change. We may start down a pathway of frustration and worry. 

Troubling health issues can compound your ability to live fully. You may have visited doctors seeking their help or may have researched and tried other ways to heal your body and regain your health and energy.

Overwhelmed and confused as to what to do next, you are searching for an answer for the health issues you face so you can feel better.


My health complaint was pain and low energy. 1-2 migraines every week. The worst curse in the world - excruciating migraine pain. I was also bloated after every meal and had chronic constipation since I was a child. I found Radiant Wonder. I started a simple Herbal StartUp Program of 2 bottles of Headache Relief. First step of Steps to Success was the Hot Water Detox. I felt hydrated for the first time and the water retention was leaving -- no more swollen fingers and toes. The food I was eating was digesting instead of stuck in my belly; I could actually feel the hot water opening up my intestines, breaking down and moving the food. When the herbs kicked in, the change was dramatic. No more debilitating migraines. I was pain free. Radiant Wonder has changed my life. I am excited to get to the next step. Radiant Wonder--you are AWESOME!
Treena T., Rancho Cordova, CA
I actually wanted to let you know that I have been smoke free for 2 WEEKS now! I am doing so much better now!  I have been taking Free Will Formula and Stress Relief to stop smoking.  These are some of the photos that I have taken hiking these past few weeks. I have so much more energy to be able to do these activities. I do not need to stop every half an hour and have a cigarette. I feel that my life has improved so much! Thank you, Radiant Wonder!
Amber R., Colton, NY
My husband, Sam's cholesterol was 284 before starting the Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program. His medical doctor had put him on 10 mgs of Zocor. The cholesterol moved a little, but not much. The doctor doubled the dose. The Zocor was helping, but not enough. Sam's cholesterol was fluctuating a lot. So Sam started looking. He traded information with his friends who had the same problem. He tried Guggul, and anything else that looked promising. Nothing seemed to work. Then, Sam heard about Radiant Wonder through a friend of mine. Sam has now kept the same cholesterol level (of low 180's) for over a year.  He never skips his Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. He eats well, and exercises daily. His numbers are still in line.!
Sam, Las Vegas, NV
I am 43 years old and I just delivered our beautiful baby, Gina! I have a very stressful job. A year and a half ago, my energy was so low, I was having bad gas, constipation, and years of anxiety and insomnia. My FSH was high and I was having hot flashes. Then, I started working with Radiant Wonder. After 10 months of Steps to Success I was so depressed. The big changes? My energy was back; I had no constipation, I was sleeping through the night, little to no anxiety, with no hot flashes at all. But no baby. Desperate, I scheduled with the Kaiser Fertility Clinic. But I never went. The very next week I got a positive. It was 11 months to the day from the time I started with you.   That positive is now our little Gina. To other women I say, “Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid of your age. Don't be afraid to give your body time to heal.”
Amy, Philadelphia, PA
I’m a Nigerian, aged 62, and currently living abroad. Since age 30 my wife and I always had great rumpus times together, until 10 years ago I noticed a loss of stamina, virility.  Worse? My EME (early morning erection) - the epitome of masculinity - had vanished. I tried Viagra, all the herbs I could find, learning one hard lesson: hundreds of quacks and fraudsters flourish in the Sexual Health Industry. Tired of losing my money, I was meticulously circumspect of all companies. So when I stumbled on Radiant Wonder I did not buy right away. I researched and then sent a brief email: “loss of EME, wanting to feel 30 again.” The reply was swift: “The recommended StartUp Herbal Program is Power Up and Deer Antler combined. If there is not enough ejaculate then add in Ho Shou Wu or Schizandra." I ordered. Week 3, what I call the "wonder" of Radiant Wonder began! Full blown EME, stamina, and virility that have endured ever after. Both of us are delighted and offer full credit to Radiant Wonder!  If you are in my situation and reading this, I heartily enjoin you give Radiant Wonder a try.
Okechukwu Nigerian in Japan
I am a nurse in a level 4 Newborn ICU and I was feeling some major stress related to work and switching between days and nights. I have been taking the herbs for less than two months and can literally feel the ''calm energy'' that they told me about. The combination of Stress Relief and Calm Energy has eased my stress and helped me normalize my sleeping patterns, while also providing me with energy and calmness while I'm dealing with emergencies. It's a very remarkable difference.Even my husband says he notices the difference in me! They have also helped me balance some other health issues that I have been working on for over two years. I feel so much gratitude for the professional, kind and helpful people at Radiant Wonder. I want to thank Amanda, Julie, and everyone else at Radiant Wonder for providing such quality products and amazing customer service. Thank you guys!
Sharon G. Bozeman, Montana

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