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Seasonal Allergies FINALLY Under Control!
Breathe Free is a life saver! It clears my nasal congestion from seasonal allergies better than any over the counter allergy medicine I've ever tried.
It was so frustrated being congested all the time ...Read More


Unexplained Infertility to Pregnancy
My name is Chimamanda and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am very fortunate. After 3 years I am finally pregnant after only 3 months of following the
Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan and taking their herbal formulas. We are so happy.

For years doctors ...Read More

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Failed Pregnancy

Radiant Wonder Herbs for Failed Pregnancy


The Right Recovery From a Failed Pregnancy Can Be the Key to Your Future Success.

There are few more devastating events than the loss of a pregnancy at any stage. 
You tried to get pregnant. You achieved your goal. 
And now you are dealing with the shattering experience of a miscarriage. 


Emotional and Physical Challenges

Besides the loss of your baby, you are also dealing with a huge drop in the hormones that supported your pregnancy. 
So it is physically and hormonally very challenging to keep a positive attitude. 
If you have experienced two or more successive miscarriages you may also have been told that you may be infertile. 
While miscarriage is not uncommon (occurring in up to 25% of recognized pregnancies), 

•  Less than 5% of women will experience two miscarriages in a row, and 
•  Less than 1% three or more successive miscarriages.

The Reasons for a Pregnancy Not Reaching Full Term

According to Western Medicine 

The reasons for failed pregnancies are not clearly agreed upon in Western Medicine. It is important to have a qualified doctor check you physically. If there is an anatomical problem or a large fibroid, you may be able to have surgery and correct the problem. All the other reasons (immunological, genetic, hormonal) are not always agreed upon from doctor to doctor and the solutions are also controversial. 

According to Eastern Medicine – Miscarriage is an Energy Issue 

If there is no medically diagnosed reason for the miscarriage, Eastern Medicine sees it as an energy issue.  Your body does not have enough energy to hold the pregnancy.  And while that sounds simple, there are multiple solutions as every woman is not the same.  Understanding how unique each woman is allows for individualized treatment.  It is very important not to go right into another cycle or try to get pregnant again right away.  Your body needs time to  recover and renew.  You know you can get pregnant.  You will just need time to prepare.  Don't think about age, think about how you feel, about how your body feels.  When you are alive and vital, your reproductive system is alive and vital.  And that body will have far better odds for holding a pregnancy.

The greatest gift (and the greatest secret) of Chinese Medicine is its study of the body's energy and the internal energetic interactions between different organ systems.

If there is nothing genetic or physical preventing you from keeping your pregnancy, then the wisdom of Chinese herbalism can play a very important role in helping you to conceive and carry a baby to full term.  

Even if you have been diagnosed with autoimmune issues, you may be able to help your body make unexpected positive adjustments.  When your immune system is overacting and turns on you, your body responds with a strong inflammatory response. This response may fight your ability and your desire to have a baby.

If you do our Radiant Wonder Fertility Cleanse, the special diet you are on will be adjusted to your energy patterns. This is definitely an issue where food therapy will play a big role in your program.

Treating your body with the same gentle support you want to give your child may very well help your immune system to relax its hyperactive response. Soothing and quieting your body’s inflammatory response may increase your odds for a successful pregnancy.

Weak Digestion or a Lack of Warmth

One of the most common reasons for losing an early pregnancy is inadequate progesterone production. This is the same factor that causes luteal phase defect. Progesterone is by its nature very warm and energetic. 
Low progesterone production is a clear indication that your body has inadequate energy. 
This may be directly related one of two (or both) specific patterns in Chinese Medicine. 

•   weak digestive function or 
•   a lack of internal warmth which could be 
- from eating too many cold foods, 
- and/or from a constitutional tendency to chill easily.

When digestive function improves and the exact right warming herbal formulas and healing foods are introduced it will enhance your ability to carry your baby until your placenta takes over with its own progesterone production. 

It’s very likely your Herbalist may chose an herbal formula from the following: 

For stronger digestive function*

•  Digest Ease #1
•  Calm Digestion
•  Fertility Boost

For more internal warmth**

•  Restore Balance Plus
•  Super Fertility #5

*Spleen Chi Deficiency     ** Cold Uterus / Kidney Yang Deficiency
Neither of these are diseases. They are imbalances which can be rebalanced.  

Too Little or Too Much

It is common after a miscarriage for your FSH levels to rise. Your periods may stop. You may even get hot flashes, feel irritable and have a low libido.

For each woman the pattern is a little different.  Instead of the most common patterns above you might need more blood* or have a need to clear the tendency to overheat in the upper body** 

These are normally the patterns associated with miscarriage. Each is related to either 

•   too little (feeling cold, low libido, hypo function of any kind) or 
•   too much (hot flashes, irritability, mood swings) energy.  

*Blood Deficiency  **Excess Heat in the Upper Jiao

Neither of these are diseases. They are imbalances which can be rebalanced.  




June’s Success Story 

Oh my gosh, Amanda, I am still pregnant! SO pregnant. It is now 8 months.
With all the miscarriages I had had it was almost impossible to believe I would ever get pregnant.
It was really hard on our marriage, too.
I was so nervous in the beginning, and you have been there for me all the way through. Thank you. I will never forget your gentle wisdom.
I didn’t know if the herbs and the exercises would work, of course. I remember telling my husband after I started, “I don’t know if I’ll get pregnant or not, but I have to tell you I have never felt better in my life!”
Within a few more weeks I was pregnant.  
 special stew

~ June K., Seattle, Washington USA

Read More  Success Stories Written By Women Just Like You


Read More Success Stories Written By Women Just Like You


Three Steps to Success

Step One:  How to Recover From Your Miscarriage

This is a Very Important Time because how you Approach your Recovery can set the Stage for Future Success. Consider it a 2 - 3 Month Window.

The first couple of weeks after the miscarriage is not the time to be taking herbal formulas.

The first goal is to start replenishing your blood and giving your body a few weeks to find its own balance. 

You can take 

•  Organic Spirulina  (3 capsules twice a day) to replenish your blood and
•  Comfort Zone to start rebalancing

You should avoid other supplements for right now. There is a special stew that you can make for yourself to start bringing back your strength and your balance. 

What You Need to Avoid

•  iced drinks, ice cream, and too many salads
•  swimming in cold water
•  too much air conditioning or cool winds

What You Can do That Will Help

•  Put a heating pad or hot water bottle onto your belly every day for 15-20 min
•  Breathe – we suggest the Alternate Breathing Technique

After the 2 weeks is up it is time to start the deep nutrition of Radiant Wonder herbal formulas again. 

You have lost blood.  

You have lost energy.

You want to recover both and actually end up stronger than you were before the pregnancy.

This is the time to have a consultation, even if you had one in the beginning. 

Your body is in a different space now and may have different needs.  

How you approach recovery is so important.

We're here to help you through it.




We have had women with as many as 5 failed pregnancies end up with a healthy baby of their own in their arms.
That is our goal - to help you get there.
This is definitely an infertility issue where your knowledge of how to help yourself can help you more than anything else.


Step Two:  Getting pregnant Again - Helping to Balance Your Cycle and Return to Your Natural Rhythm.

If you have kept in touch with your Herbalist, you will already know what you need to do during this stage.

Some people think "These are the formulas that helped me to get pregnant, so I will just stay on them." However, you may need different formulas to help you during this stage. Talk to your Herbalist for advice on the best way to proceed. 

Success Story
I was hell bent to go ahead and try to do another IVF. Gosh I was so old (46).
I didn't want to wait for the 3 months Amanda suggested to stay on a program and rebalance. I just knew I was running out of time. But I was so afraid of another miscarriage.
So I figured I would do what she suggested. In my heart I knew I would get pregnant again, so I went with that feeling and just decided I was going to prepare for my baby, instead of just being so determined to push forward.
It was the best decision of my life. Hard to make - but the best.
I am holding little Paul in my arms.
~ unknown


Step Three: Not just getting pregnant, but staying pregnant.

It’s normal to simply focus on conception before you have a miscarriage.  And the life you live before you conceive is often hectic and intense.  You spend hours on your feet, or in front of the computer or on the phone. You bring forth all the creativity you can to become the best that you can be. You may travel, you may jog, you may ride a bike and take intensive exercise classes.
Then you become pregnant. Your doctor advises you to go out and live your life. To you this means "Oh – I can keep doing what I’ve been doing."

However, the first trimester of a pregnant life is a different life.

You Need Support

Your doctor may have given you the support of progesterone suppositories. We advise the use of one of Radiant Wonder’s herbal formulas called Calm the Baby to support your first trimester.

This may also be an important time to engage an acupuncturist.  Becoming pregnant again is a transition time, and how you make that transition may affect you holding a pregnancy to full term.

This is a time to temporarily compromise the life you know in order to sustain the life you have worked so hard to attract.

Your Herbalist is There for You

This is the time when it is more important than ever to keep in touch with your Herbalist.

We can help you make this transition.  For each woman it is a little different.  Just one small adjustment can make all the difference.   


A gentle, centered life that includes restful sleep and less intense exercise and travel allows you to shift into that special place where you and your baby create a space to fall in love with each other.
We will help you have a healthy baby in a healthy body.

You’re Not Alone 

Your job is simply to stay in touch with us and it’s up to you to schedule the follow ups.  

You aren't out there on all alone anymore.  

We have helped so many women overcome this challenge and we want you to be one of them. 

Every time you call you will learn something valuable.






The Best Advice We Can Offer - Start a Personalized Program and Stay Updated.

If you have suffered a miscarriage, it is best to follow a program that is developed for you – as the unique person that you are.

This is the first key to the value of Radiant Wonder and Chinese Medicine.  You are not like everyone else. We see you as unique -so your program will also be unique. 

Our professional Herbalists all hold Masters Degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  They can help you to help yourself by creating and updating your personalized program.  

"Updating" is the second key for recovering from a miscarriage and preparing to hold the next baby full term.  

You need to change your formulas and your program as you are changing.  You need to support the changes you are going through.


Buy Now

Click on the After Miscarriage StartUp Program below,  developed by our professional herbalists for your specific issue.

The herbal formulas, free Steps to Success Plan are all included, designed to give you the best odds for real success.




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