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Seasonal Allergies FINALLY Under Control!
Breathe Free is a life saver! It clears my nasal congestion from seasonal allergies better than any over the counter allergy medicine I've ever tried.
It was so frustrated being congested all the time ...Read More


Unexplained Infertility to Pregnancy
My name is Chimamanda and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am very fortunate. After 3 years I am finally pregnant after only 3 months of following the
Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan and taking their herbal formulas. We are so happy.

For years doctors ...Read More

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Cycle Balancing Program

Cycle Balancing Program

Brand: Radiant Wonder
Product Code: 90113
Capsules: 90
Price: $90.85

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Your Herbal Program

The herbal formulas for this program are a specially designed combination exactly the best for your issue. They are safe and powerful. They are not drugs which override body function, they are superfood. Your body is hungry for this deep nutrition.


The free Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan was developed by Amanda Howell to help speed the healing process.  This easy-to-follow method uses food, herbal therapy, and special exercises to maximize results and speed up your chance for real success. It will only add 15 minutes to your day and will give you deeper and faster results.

Combine the deep nutrition of these herbal formulas with your Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan to dramatically increase your odds for success.

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Cycle Balancing Startup Program Includes:


  • Super Fertility #3 - (2 bottle - 30 day supply)
  • Cycle Balancing Formula - (2 bottle - 30 day supply)
  • Free Energy Exercise & Answer Style Videos
  • Free Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan
  • Access to regular informational Q&A style videos
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  • Multiple ways to ask questions and get answers as you are moving forward
  • We are here and we are dedicated to supporting you on your healing journey





What would you give to have more regular cycles and have your PMS symptoms disappear? 

Finally free  to feel happy, productive, clear minded for the whole month?

If any of these symptoms plague you we have a new 25% off program ready to help you.  Now. 

* Fatigue - feeling extremely tired a week or two before you cycle

* Emotional and mental lack of control, often unaccountable depression

* Bloating so much all your clothes feel tight

* Swollen, achy breasts

* Uncontrollable urge to eat everything in sight

* Heavy uncontrollable bleeding

* Irregular Cycles

* Cramps from mild to severe at the start of the menses

Even if you have had severe cramps or fatigue for years you can balance your cycle so you can be happy and productive for the whole month.  

How long will it take?  For most women it takes 1-3 months.  For some it is done in one month.  For some few others most of the symptoms are resolved but it takes a few more months to rebalance other issues which are feeding into the PMS reactions. But once it is done, it is done. And you are free at last!

The CYCLE BALANCING PROGRAM includes three unique formulas.   

Each of the formulas is taken during a different phase of the menstrual cycle.  The goal is to balance the cycle so there are less premenstrual symptoms (bloating, feeling very tired, depression,  swollen breasts, irritability, heavy emotion, back aches, cramping pains). The products for this program are listed below.   

This is a special  program, one which has freed so many of our customers from the chains of PMS syndrome. This is a program where it helps to really understand what you are doing for each phase.  The more you understand the faster you heal.  Talking with us or contacting us by email or website chat is always free.  So contact us and let us help you so you get the most out of your program.  PMS symptoms are caused by an energetic imbalance in the body that creates hormonal imbalances, emotional and physical symptoms, and these symptoms can be resolved.  It does not matter if you have had them your whole life.  Once that energy is rebalanced the rest takes care of itself.

If you treat only the symptoms, you will be taking products every month which only address some of the problems, like cramps or pain. The over the counter pharmaceuticals generally used do nothing to help the body regain balance--they are just covering up the  imbalance, what we call the  root cause.  The symptoms will keep appearing.

Irregular Cycles, lack of cycles, lack of ovulation, and PMS symptoms are not normal, and they all come from the same root cause--an imbalance the  Traditional Chinese Medicine  calls ''Liver Energy (Chi) Stagnation''. According to Chinese Herbal Theory, the Liver is in charge of the smooth flow of energy and blood in the body. It is also intimately involved in the hormonal balance of a woman's cycle. If there is a blockage of energy for this important organ system, there may be bloating, breast tenderness, cramps, mood swings, acne, even headaches or dizziness.

A liver detox will not help. What your body needs is deep nourishment, to help it find its balance again. The ancient Chinese herbalists solved these problems thousands of years ago, and these principles have been giving relief to women for just as long.

How many cycles will it take to rebalance?  Normally between 1-3.  So, if you follow our program for 2-3 months, you will no longer have uncomfortable periods, and you will feel much more consistent energy and mental balance throughout the month. Once things are balanced your cycle will be natural, normal and pain free.  The only time you might need support again would be occasional, perhaps if you are overtaxing your body through extreme physical, emotional, or mental challenge. The purpose of PMS Relief Program is  to fully  address both  symptoms and the root cause.   Many women rebalance with only one cycle, even women who have had symptoms for years.  Each person is unique.

We would also  encourage you to order the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.  These are medical Qi Gong simple standing stretches. Irregular cycles and PMS symptoms are rooted in a stagnant flow of energy in the body.  These unique exercises will speed up your rebalancing dramatically. You can buy and download them right now, or you can order the DVD. We allow you to download directly onto your computer and your mobile devices.

Remember: you are building health, not treating symptoms. Simple. Direct. Straight to the root cause. You will release the energy blockages that cause the pain and gain a sense of well being which will surprise and delight you.

The 2 formulas included in the Cycle Balancing Program and how to take them:

Cycle Balancing Formula has an important job to accomplish.  After the period is over the body has two weeks to recover. You have just lost a lot of blood. So you must renew your blood and regain your energy.  

Cycle Balancing Formula promotes more energy and improves digestion, which is key for building blood and maintaining energy.  By improving digestion, this formula helps to make more blood through better assimilation, making more nutrients available for the formation of better quality blood. When the blood is better quality you have more energy and your health improves.

Super Fertility #3 is centered around the famous Chinese herb Ho Shou Wu, one of the World's most famous fertility herbs. And it has many side benefits: Ho Shou Wu strengthens the back and knees, calms the emotions, helps with insomnia, nourishes hair growth even helping to restore grey hair back to black. It has demonstrated the ability to increase sexual fluids for both men and women. Research also points to Ho Shou Wu for enhancing a man's sperm count and motility. Super Fertility #3  is a Jing (Essence) formula, very balanced and suitable for any age. 

It also Improves endocrine balance, enhances mental and sexual energy, and builds blood. It not only builds blood, but helps the circulation of the blood.


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