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Stop It Cold, Pediatrician thought we moved away!
«The pediatrician thought I had switched doctors because he hadn't seen my children for two years!

We have been taking your Stop It Cold! when needed for 3 years now. I used to have 2 children with constant colds. I was always taking them to the doctor for antibiotics. First we started taking an immune builder everyday. (Bernie and I take Longevity ; the children take Children's Immune Defense *) Then whenever anyone seemed to be getting sick we brought out the Stop It Cold!. The cold would disappear, often within hours. It was like magic. If one of us got sick the others took 2 Stop It Cold! twice a day to keep our protection strong.

We used to be in the doctor's office at least once a month. I hadn't realized it had actually been 2 years since the children had seen the pediatrician (they are 11 and 14). When we went to see him for a check up, he said he thought we must have transferred to another doctor or had moved away from Baltimore. It made me realize how far we have come! Thank you to our dear friends at Radiant Wonder.

* If your child can not take capsules, pull the capsule apart by hand. Wiggle out the herbs from inside. Put in a little bowl and add a tiny bit of honey. Smash and squish the herbs until you have mixed the honey with the herbs thoroughly. Now let the child eat the herbs off of the spoon, and immediately have something warm to drink. Very easy and effective way to solve the problem.

Note: the Children's Immune Defense actually tastes good! -- making it easier for everyone concerned!

Rita B., Baltimore, MD»

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