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My period returned after 2 months!
«Just wanted to let you known that i started my period today! I have period pain but i don't care!!!   

My history?

I took the contraceptive pill for 15 years. Stopped about 30 years old. It took 6 months to a year to get a cycle. The doctor suggested hormone treatment.  I started studying and taking Western herbs and did start a monthly cycle. Then I suffered a grievance and struggled to get it back, another major event, lost it and struggled to get it back. Finally found a wonderful relationship with the man of my life. In a whole year I only had one period.   I had vaginal dryness and was getting warm (not sweating, but warm at night).  

My results after two weeks

After only 2 weeks I have noticed that my stress levels reduced significantly which is fantastic considering I work in a stressful environment – I feel almost serene (amazing for me)! I began sleeping a bit better although this has always been a major problem for me. It just occurred to me the other day that I don't feel as tired as I did – previously I was constantly exhausted. I am breaking out in spots which initially concentrated around my chin and cheeks but is now concentrated on my forehead. The spots clear up quickly and besides this outbreak my skin looks better I am also experiencing vaginal discharge again which had ceased not long before I contacted you. My hair seems thicker and the best change of all….my bust is slightly bigger!

Now after only 2 1/2 months my period has started again. I am so grateful. I am going to keep going with the program, eating my healing foods to build blood, doing the Hot Water Detox, the Energy Exercises and you said now we are going to help the body have a period that is not painful. Ok!  I'm ready!»

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