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Seasonal Allergies FINALLY Under Control!
«Breathe Free is a life saver! It clears my nasal congestion from seasonal allergies better than any over the counter allergy medicine I've ever tried.
It was so frustrated being congested all the time and not being able to sleep becuase I couldn't breathe through my nose.  Once I started taking Breathe Free I instantly knew that this was going to get me through allergy season without all of the misery.

I have no side effects when I take Breathe Free.  I feel so much better knowing that I am not taking any artificial stimulants or anti histamines when I take this herbal formula. 
I can't believe how fast it starts working! Breathe Free works better and faster than Claritin-D, Allegra-D, and Zyrtec!
I always have a bottle in my purse now and a back up bottle in my medicine cabinet! 

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Christina M.
Unexplained Infertility to Pregnancy
«My name is Chimamanda and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am very fortunate. After 3 years I am finally pregnant after only 3 months of following the
Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan and taking their herbal formulas. We are so happy.

For years doctors had been telling me that they did not understand why I was not getting pregnant. I took Clomid for 5 months doing IUIs under the doctor’s care.
We were finally told it was “unexplained infertility.” I felt frustrated, irritated and depressed. The diagnosis really made me feel lost because it made me feel I had to figure it out on
my own! I tried different herbs here in Nigeria. I tried so many things. I was desperate. 

But I am so fortunate because through my sister, who is in the US, I found Radiant Wonder.
I took Fertile Treasure, Stress Relief and Cinnamon and Poria. The combination of the Fertile Treasure and Stress Relief was to help my body recover from the Clomid treatments which, even though a long time ago had left me
over heating and with high Prolactin. The Cinnamon and Poria was combined with the fertility massage to help everything recover. Within 2 months I saw my cycle which had shorted dramatically return to a normal flow, I stopped overheating, I was definitely saw more energy, and  I started feeling hope.

And now the hope has become joy. In Nigeria we know you cannot trust all products or all companies. Thank you to my sister for finding you. Many blessings to you all.»

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My Darling Baby is Now 5 Weeks Old!
«After a year of not being able to conceive, a friend told me to contact Radiant Wonder. I did, and within a month of taking the herbs, I found out I was pregnant! Sadly, we lost that pregnancy and two more but the support from Radiant Wonder continued to help me get back in shape, changing my formulas as I healed.

My fourth pregnancy resulted in our gorgeous baby girl, and we could not be happier! Claire Marie is definitely a keeper! I feel healthier now, 5 weeks postpartum, than I have for years.

I know the Radiant Wonder herbs helped me tremendously to get to this place, and I reach out to anyone out there who is feeling they will never succeed. You can trust this place. Thank all of you at Radiant Wonder again for helping me and being so kind!»

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Tubes Unblocked, Pregnant 7 months later!
«Radiant Wonder,

It's been a while since my successful treatment, nonetheless I would like to share my experience with you in the following testimony.

After getting married in 2011, my husband and I wanted to have kids. My husband already had kids and was vasectomised in 2010. We had a friend that had a reversal vasectomy, he mentioned that it was painful and was not successful. However, he and his wife participated in the IVF free treatment program offered in our province of Quebec (Canada) at the time and they had immediate success. 

We started the IVF treatments in 2011. We believed that since our friends were successful in their treatment, I was young and all my initial basic tests were fine that all would go well.  I had two embryos successfully transferred, the doctor had high hopes but no pregnancy. My doctor found it strange that I was not getting pregnant, so he performed a hysteroscopy of my uterus and found that my uterus walls were covered with polyps. The abnormality of the uterus prevented the embryo to stick to the uterus wall following the transfer.  The polyps were immediately removed the same day, without any local anesthesia because I did not want to delay the next transfer longer than necessary.

One month after the uterus was cleared of the polyps another embryo transfer was performed. I was pregnant, the baby had a heart beat but 5 weeks later the heart had stop beating. I had a few embryos left for future transfers but they died during the unfreezing process.

To pursue our IVF treatment we decided to leave the hospital for a fertility clinic. The doctor evaluated my file, redid the same previous tests performed before but added HSG. The HSG discovered that my fallopian tubes were blocked. We were not planning on going the natural route for getting pregnant but I got a second HSG anyway to confirm that my tubes were blocked.

After the failures at the hospital, my low embryo count this time at the clinic count and 2 more unsuccessful transfer at the clinic I lost hope in the treatment. Furthermore, As a Seventh Day Adventist Christian and Naturopath, I knew that all the hormones and medications involved in the treatment had long term adverse effects on my body and psyche. Therefore, I started researching online for a natural way to unblocked my tubes. My doctor said that surgery would not be effective for me because of the type of blockage I had. I asked the doctor if he knew of some natural remedy that could be helpful, but he had none. He did not believe that the problem could be solved through natural techniques. I decided to stop the IVF treatments, although I had one embryo left. The doctor was very disappointed because he believed that the only hope that I had at getting pregnant was through the IVF treatment. He attempted to convince me to use the last embryo because I had nothing to lose. Also at the time the free treatment program was coming to an end, he wanted to prepare new embryos for a new cycle that would be covered.  I had made my decision and declined.  

In my research online, I discovered many sites pertinent to my problem. I tried castor oil pads and then herbs ball that is inserted in the vagina, which gave me an adverse reaction. After using these treatments, 6 months later I went for another HSG test, but the result was the same. One year later, I rediscovered Radiant Wonder since I remembered seeing it the year prior but I did not pursued any interest. However, that time, I read all the testimonies about people that had blocked fallopian tubes. I was convinced, I ordered my herbal formulas and started the Fertility Plan.  My RW journey began!

Radiant Wonder, educated me about my problem which helped me to understand the possibility to solve it.

My husband decided to reverse his vasectomy although we did not know if the treatment with Radiant Wonder would solve my problem. His surgery was a success, now he was waiting on me!

About one year from the time I started the protocol, I finally went to do another HSG test. It took me a while to schedule the test because I was afraid that the result would be the same. The test was a success and it was the only one I had to take. My tubes were finally UNBLOCKED!!!  7 months later, I was pregnant and September 21st, 2018, I had a beautiful little boy :D

The support and expertise of Radiant Wonder with the prayers of many people has helped grant us our greatest wish. God answered our prayers through Radiant Wonder. I recommend Radiant Wonder to all as a truthful natural approach to infertility issues. I am a witness that the treatment(s) from Radiant Wonder can be successful and bring a baby into your home.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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No Mood Swings or Pain with My Period!
«To my greatest surprise, for the first time in years I have my period without any pain or mood swings! Not only that, I usually have mid cycle pain a few days before my ovulation and throughout out my ovulation. 
Surprisingly this month I didn't have any pain.

I also experienced lots of cervical fluid the egg white wasn't yellowish like it use to be.  I'm pain free and I feel healthier than before. I know my baby will come when my body is ready.»

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Gabrielle M.
My period returned after 2 months!
«Just wanted to let you known that i started my period today! I have period pain but i don't care!!!   

My history?

I took the contraceptive pill for 15 years. Stopped about 30 years old. It took 6 months to a year to get a cycle. The doctor suggested hormone treatment.  I started studying and taking Western herbs and did start a monthly cycle. Then I suffered a grievance and struggled to get it back, another major event, lost it and struggled to get it back. Finally found a wonderful relationship with the man of my life. In a whole year I only had one period.   I had vaginal dryness and was getting warm (not sweating, but warm at night).  

My results after two weeks

After only 2 weeks I have noticed that my stress levels reduced significantly which is fantastic considering I work in a stressful environment – I feel almost serene (amazing for me)! I began sleeping a bit better although this has always been a major problem for me. It just occurred to me the other day that I don't feel as tired as I did – previously I was constantly exhausted. I am breaking out in spots which initially concentrated around my chin and cheeks but is now concentrated on my forehead. The spots clear up quickly and besides this outbreak my skin looks better I am also experiencing vaginal discharge again which had ceased not long before I contacted you. My hair seems thicker and the best change of all….my bust is slightly bigger!

Now after only 2 1/2 months my period has started again. I am so grateful. I am going to keep going with the program, eating my healing foods to build blood, doing the Hot Water Detox, the Energy Exercises and you said now we are going to help the body have a period that is not painful. Ok!  I'm ready!»

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Only 2 Months to Get My Hot Flashes Down!
«I was having hot flashes day and night. It is now the end of my second month and it is SO MUCH better than it was when I started. I am now having 3-4 times a day warm arms and face, but no sweating and nothing at night anymore. It is completely amazing. I can see my body balancing. This had been going on so long. »
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Barb L.
I LOVE the Radiant 8 Energy Exercises!!!
«I really like the energy exercises! It makes me feel calmer and more grounded. I started it thinking it's going to take long then it goes by so fast. My favorite movement is the stretches and the 'waves'. I feel energy release from my throat area when I do that.

My other favorite is the twist! It releases so much built up energy—-I do it whenever I’m feeling tense or overwhelmed!
I’ve been doing the twist at work when no one’s looking.
Since I’ve started doing the exercises, I feel like my energy is being replenished from deep within. Very exciting!


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Lauren C.
San Francisco, CA
2 Ectopic pregnancies and Blocked tubes to Positive test
«Hi to Amanda and everyone at Radiant Wonder.  I am sorry I did not thank you sooner. It have just been so busy.  We just welcomed our miracle baby boy, Marc, on April 22nd. Everything went great.  I am 44. It was a long wait.

When I started Radiant Wonder both of my tubes were blocked and I had had 2 ectopic pregnancies.  We had been trying for many years.

My last hope was trying Radiant Wonder.  I did everything for 16 months. Still no baby.  I got discouraged. Money was tight. So I stopped the herbs. I did another HSG.  The tubes were still blocked.

Instead of making me quit, the attitude of the doctors made me more determined.  Even when I was off the herbs I never stopped doing everything else. So, I came back in August and took the herbs again.  In October I tested positive. The rest is history!




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The cough is gone!
«I fell in love with Stop the Cough formula because it provided so much relief.  I caught the flu (the one that feels like mono!)  that is being passed around so much this year.  I was left a heaviness in my lungs, and a cough that would not stop.  It was so difficult because I talk for a living.  I had to keep putting people on mute while I coughed like crazy.  Even the famous over the counter solutions were no solution.  Radiant Wonder always seems to have solutions to things, so I took a chance and ordered Stop the Cough.    Stop the Cough helped to bring moisture into my lungs and helped anything lingering in there to move out.  I was breathing better the day I started taking it!   And it was so gentle. It felt like my mama was there taking care of me.  I was taking 5 capsules in the morning and 5 in the evening.  My cough went but I continued to take a good dose once a day (5) until the bottle was gone.  I wanted to make sure I was completely over this.    »
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Jan D.
Boston, Massachusetts
Missed My Period - What A Miracle!
«Good morning Lara! I am writing this with a lot of excitement. As I was still waiting to get money to send over for my medication, God performed a miracle, I was due to receive my menses on 22nd, which did not happen. On Sunday 26th I did a home pregnancy test that turned positive, saw my OBS/gynae yesterday and he said I give myself time before we test again. My trust is still in God.

I want to thank Radiant wonder too for walking this journey with me. God bless. 


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Deanna A.
Increase Fertility Naturally
«I started taking the Radiant Wonder products for the purpose of unblocking my tubes about 3 months ago.  The first thing I really noticed was that my attitude and my mood got better and I had more energy.

Another big surprise was around Thanksgiving.  I had a performance in a show and my period came out on that day. It surprised me because usually I have really bad PMS symptoms ... I would have the bloating, the gas, the mood changes.  But that day it came on and it surprised me. And my flow did fine, I didn't have any bloating, you couldn't really even tell that my period was on.

The next thing I noticed was that, since I started doing the Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage my stomach now feels really soft, it's supple.  I used to feel these lumps and hardness. Also, I think it's probably helping me have bowel movements.  I used to go every 3 or 4 days and now I'm going at least once a day sometimes twice a day.

Also my skin has really improved.  I used to get acne really bad around the time that I would ovulate and when my period was about to come on.  Well I still have a little minor breakouts but nothing like what I was having.  I was having it really bad on my chin and in the middle of my forehead and now they're just itty bitty bumps now so I look forward to continuing to take the products to see if that will resolve itself all the way.

I found out this year that I wasn't getting pregnant because both of my fallopian tubes were blocked and I was really skeptical about starting IVF right off the bat, I wanted to see if there was something that I could do that was less invasive.  I wanted to increase fertility, and naturally increase fertility naturally as well as unblock my tubes. This was how I found Radiant Wonder products.  I actually started taking it to try to unblock my tubes and I don't know if I'm pregnant yet or not, I won't know until about Christmas, but I had all these other benefits of taking the medicine.  

Another big thing that I found is I lost, so far I've lost 25 pounds since I started these products 3 months ago so I'm about to start having to buy new clothes and just a little bit.  I really do look forward to continuing to take these products just so I can continue to get the feedback that I'm getting from these products.  Even if I don't get pregnant I think I'll continue to take them just because of all the other positive benefits that I have received from them.

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Kennebunkport, ME USA
I Unblocked My Tube Naturally
«I unblocked my tube naturally.  (I only had one tube to unblock).   My name is Vicky.  I am a Nurse Practitioner so I was not surprised my doctor immediately recommended IVF for my blocked tube.  I know that IVF has a 75% failure rate the first time.  I started looking for herbal remedies for blocked tubes to try first. I am originally from Nigeria, where we have a respect for Western Medicine, but also for herbal medicine.  So this was a logical step for me. When I did another HSG a year or so later, this is the celebration I had on the phone telling Amanda the great news.  

Hi Amanda, I am great, and I have great news to share with you! I saw my doctor. You remember in our original call I told you I only had one tube and that it was blocked?

I have only have one tube and it was blocked.  So I've been taking the Free Flow and the Cinnamon and Poria for quite a while and doing the Fertility Massage, the Radiant Wonder exercises ... everything you have been telling me to do.

I was a little nervous, I wanted to see if the treatment was working. At same time I didn't want to do it because if I found out the tube was still blocked it might have discouraged me.  I went ahead and scheduled the HSG. And, behold, my tube is open!   

Amanda, my one tube is open!   I am in shock and I'm super, super, super excited!  

Those herbs do work, the massages do work. It took me a year and three months to get that tube unblocked. 

It took a while, but I was persistent. I just kept going. I really didn't have any other choice. but to keep going.  I knew that I was just going to keep going.  I knew that stopping was not an option for me.  
I'm very excited with all my herbs. Since the time I started Radiant Wonder a lot of positive changes have happened to me.   Obviously I'm not pregnant yet, but I know one day I will be. The reason I keep hoping, the reason I know it is going to happen, is the changes that are happening in my body.  I now understand the pattern my body goes through when things are shifting for the better.  It is not a straight line forward.  It is a wave, sometimes if feels like a rollercoaster, up and down, until my body settles into a new way of being.  I call it my rollercoaster pattern.  When it comes it gives me hope, it gives me great hope.   I love my herbs, I love my Radiant Wonder herbs. I won’t stop them because besides unblocking my tube they've done a whole lot for my health. 

Before I started Radiant Wonder I thought I was going to die from hot flashes.  It felt like  a crazy spell had been cast on me.  I didn't think any woman should go through that.  Now it is much better.   Also, I'm emotionally more stable than I used to be.  This is definitely because of my program. I'm very satisfied at this point with my Radiant Wonder herbs.  I have solid hope from the real results I can see, can feel and can test. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I'm knowing that that day will come.  I tell you, I will tell the whole world when that baby comes.

This copy is a transcription of the audio Vicky made which is available in our You Tube channel


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As a pharmacist I have found Radiant Wonder extraordinary


I am a pharmacist practicing in Nigeria.  I am very knowledgeable, not just about Western drugs, but also Chinese Herbs.  Over the years I have used many different Chinese herbal formulas, so this is not new to me.

I was attracted to Radiant Wonder because they are professionals and I can get responsible answers to my questions.

What I have found has been quite extraordinary.  I have only been taking the herbs for a short time (3-4 months?) and I can not believe the dramatic results I have had in that little bit of time.  I never expected this because my past experience with Chinese herbal formulas had not produced these changes.

I used to be so exhausted, very tired, especially in the late afternoon. My energy surprises me now.  I am amazed that I can enjoy working all day. I never expected this.  My herbalist has explained, as my issue is fertility, that the reproductive system can not have energy if I do not have energy.  This makes sense to me. 

I also had extreme hot flashes.  They are almost non existent right now.  I am counting a hot flash now if it seems like I might get one and it never materializes.

These are good, honest, highly professional people.  

When I first got to the website and read how other women had their conditions reversed, i was skeptical but decide to give their products a try. I am now a believer in the quality and effectiveness of their products. I am  seeing very positive changes in my body,like increased sexual fluids and no more vaginal dryness. 


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Deola W
Lagos, Nigeria
Thank you
«Hi My name is Kevonn I am 37 years old. I had been desperately trying to conceive a child for the past six years.

I become engaged to my fiancé in last February and was extremely depressed that I could not bear him a child. I did not understand why I could not become pregnant. I have two children, seventeen and ten, and could not conceive again.

Last March I decided to become proactive. I did alot of research which led me to purchase Super Fertility #3  from the Radiant Wonder website. By April I became pregnant.  Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in May.  

Although I was heartbroken I did not give up. I continued to take the pills and immediately became pregnant again in June which resulted in a successful pregnancy.

I am delighted to say I have a four month old son who I absolutely adore. Thank you Radiant Wonder for helping me conceive a gift from God.

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Kevonn A.
St Albans, NY
Eczema and One of my Favorite Foods!

I used to have a serious case of eczema on my fingers, and especially between the fingers.  It was itchy, oozy, and ugly.  And I just could not get rid of it.  I used the hydrocortisone cream daily.  It would tame it down, but never get rid of the breakouts.

Then I went to a school for Chinese Medicine, Emperors College, and checked with the doctor in the clinic.  It was advised that I should take a homeopathic allergy test.  This seemed a waste of time for me because I had already had a thorough Western investigation into possible allergies. Nothing was positive.  This test however tested positive for what was at the time one of my favorite foods: potato.  

I stopped eating potatoes for about 3 months.  The eczema completely disappeared.  I went back to eating potaotes and a flareup happened the next day.  Back I went into ''non-potato land'' (a very sad place).   Six months later I tried potatoes again.  There was no reaction.  I could eat potatoes again!  

To this day I can eat potatoes.  But, if I eat them more than one day, or if I eat too much, my tummy just doesn't feel right.  If I eat them more than one day in a row I never get the eczema, but the skin between my fingers will get rough. If I stop the potatoes the skin still stays rough for about a month.   If I take Skin Detox Anti-Inflammation Formula (3 capsules 3 times a day) for 3-4 days the hard skin disappears and my hands feel soft again with those few days.  I never use the hydrocortisone cream at all anymore.

Since that time (which was some years ago) I have discovered the nightshade family.  I believe I am also sensitive to tomatoes.   Having marinara sauce on pasta or tomatoes in a salad does not give me eczema, but it does give me the same uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.  It is logical that it might be causing inflammation somewhere else in the body.  So I generally avoid tomato as well.

(The family picture was taken a few weeks ago.  I had some delicious mashed potatoes, with no consequences at all.  This was the rehearsal dinner for our niece's wedding.)


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Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 21 and now pain free!
«Two years ago I fell during an intense hike and hurt my right ankle. Weeks went by and it still had not healed. I began to worry, wondering what could possibly be wrong. I iced it every night and elevated it, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. A few weeks later my right knee began to hurt as well and I was unable to bend or straighten it fully. Then everything started to spiral. Both of my elbows began to cramp up and I could not straighten them fully either. It was painful even to put makeup on or put my hair in a ponytail.

For months I spent a tremendous amount of time and money going from doctor to doctor, from regime to regime. I was put on steroids for a period of time. I went to a specialist for Rheumatoid Arthritis, a sports doctor, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist etc.  Both doctors thought I had a rare form of Rheumatoid Arthritis and wanted me to start taking drugs.  Instead, I loaded up on all kinds of supplements and tried to stretch everyday.

The doctors told me I would have to live with the pain and discomfort. Nothing was working. The pain was really intense.  Eventually it was recommended that I place myself on a very strict diet and then see if I could figure out if it was diet related.  Some of the diet restrictions I utilized for only a brief period of time, but even today, two years later, I still exclude nightshades from my diet. Once I cut these out of my diet the pain completely disappeared and I regained full range of movement in all of my joints. It only took a month after cutting nightshades out of my diet for the pain to completely disappear. It was truly amazing!  I couldn’t believe it. And I knew it was the nightshades when I came home for Christmas and we went out to dinner.  I splurged and had a favorite pasta dish with a pink sauce (tomato sauce).  The next morning I awakened in extreme pain again. That was proof positive for me!

You, like I did, may be wondering what nightshades are. Not many people know about them, but I think a lot more people are sensitive to them than you might realize. Nightshades include potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplant. You might be thinking these would be impossible to cut out of your diet, since they are a part of most Americans’ diets. I thought the same thing, but the truth is it’s become so habitual for me that I don’t even miss those foods! Looking back to when I was a child I remember getting very ill when I would eat tomato sauce with my pasta. I never knew why. Now I know I am extremely sensitive to nightshades. They are inflammatory foods and cutting them out of my diet decreased the amount of inflammation in my joints, allowing my body to fully recover.

I still eat them once in a while, but when I do I notice my joints flare up. When this happens I simply take Radiant Wonder Corydalis Pain Relief formula.  I take 5 capsules and the pain disappears very quickly. I am extremely grateful for this, because if I accidentally eat a bell-pepper in my sandwich or I want a bag of fries, I am able to help my body recover more easily and quickly with just a couple of doses of the herbal formula. 

If you had asked me about my health two years ago I would have told you I felt depressed and helpless, but now I am full of energy and enjoy exercising more than ever. I don’t enjoy strict diets, but now I am always careful to avoid those nasty nightshades, and it has made a world of difference for my physical and mental health.

(That's me in the stripped shirt in Tanzania, where I was working way off the grid, with no running water, doing lots of physical work and even sleeping on the ground at night.  I could not have possibly managed that 2 years ago.)

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Ariana H
Santa Monica, USA
I am 45, conceived naturally, delivering in a few weeks!

I am 45 years old, conceived naturally, and am delivering in just a few weeks!   My husband and I had been trying for 4 years with no luck. Then we did a series of treatments with Clomid and IUI. I got pregnant but they said my uterine lining was too thin and that was why I miscarried. As anyone who has miscarried knows, it is a lonely and depressing experience. 

After research I learned that taking the Clomid had thinned my lining. It is fine to get a diagnosis, but what was I going to do?

I was on BabyCenter looking for ideas when I saw a post about Radiant Wonder. I checked the website and it just felt good. The other sites were so clinical. I started an herbal program to help the uterine lining but I also learned that my tendency to feel cold all the time could also have played into the miscarriage.

As I followed the program amazing things happened to me. I just started feeling stronger.  My next cycle was fuller and a really good color.  The next month the pain I had had with my cycle since I was really young was totally gone.  I started feeling a little warmer and had lots more energy.  I felt I was fully recovering from the miscarriage and I felt better that I had in years.  I was ready to go back to see the doctor for another IUI.  But guess what?  I got pregnant.

At first I was scared.  Even though I was feeling so much healthier I obviously was still worried.  But in less than 4 weeks I am to deliver.  The journey to get pregnant again took me about 8 months, but it was not the hopeless feeling journey of the past, because every month I kept feeling better.  It was a positive time working with all of you caring people at Radiant Wonder.  Thanks so much. You will always feel like family to me.


Related Health Issues: Uterine Lining, Anti Mullerian Hormone,  Egg Health Quality/Quantity»

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Maria B.
Birmingham, UK
From Lupus to Baby boy
«Hi there! Just wanted to let you all know things are going great!! I'm having a boy! We are so excited. Wanted to say thanks so very much for all of the help and guidance to help me get to where I needed to be. This is such an exciting time for me it almost seems unreal. I've come such a long way. So much negativity to end with this very special miracle!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!! I'll keep in touch!❤️

UPDATE: Hi there guys! Just wanted to let y'all know I had this miracle baby on January 4! He's healthy and is eating like a horse! Thanks for everything. Y'all will never be forgotten! ❤️



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Sara. K
Billings, MT
They said not even surgery would help me unblock my tubes
«I was recommended Cinnamon & Poria by a mom on Babycenter who had used it and was able to get pregnant naturally.I had completely blocked tubes and was told that they were too bad for surgery to fix. I would need IVF.

Within two months of taking Cinnamon & Poria I was pregnant! I was on close watch to make sure that it implanted in the right place and not in the tubes.

Thankfully he ended up in the right place and I had a great pregnancy! My son is now 8 months old. Thank you!!!



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San Antonio, TX
Pregnant in 3 Months after taking Radiant Wonder products

My experience with Radiant Wonder has been very positive. For years I suffered with a hormonal imbalance problem. A friend of mine recommended me to try Radiant Wonder and it was the best decision I ever made.

My husband and I were trying to have a child and the endocrinologist had suggested I see the infertility clinic. Before doing so I decided to give Radiant Wonder a try. Within 3 months of taking the herbal supplements, my husband and I were surprised to see a positive result on the pregnancy test. Today we are proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. I would recommend Radiant Wonder to anyone who has struggled with health problems and/or trying to have a child.

Thank you for all your positivity and support. We really appreciate it!


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Renu. A
Portland, MA
High FSH and Premature Ovarian Failure - Now 8 Weeks Pregnant
«To those of you reading this- I want to offer you my congratulations. You have just discovered a place, full of people, products and a philosophy, that may very well change your life for the better. That is what happened to me, and I would like to share my story. 

At the age of 35 I began to have irregular periods and symptoms of pre-menopause. Considering myself to be someone with a healthy lifestyle, I was devastated when I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) with an FSH of 58. After consulting 3 different fertility doctors, I was told that I had no eggs, was menopausal, and would never conceive. When explaining POF, the Western medical community uses words like ''failure, diminished, and insufficient.''  And that is exactly how I felt. Until I found Radiant Wonder! As an educated, modern woman I was doubtful that a company I found online could help my "irreversible" condition. However, my doubts shifted to hope and eventually empowerment through the caring guidance of Julie. 

I first spoke with Julie shortly after my diagnosis and was amazed at her extensive knowledge and the time and energy she gave me. I began the herbal formulas that Julie prescribed specifically for me, I did the Radiant Wonder energy exercises, and committed to a clean diet. The hardest part was to let go of the mental stress and stigma of feeling broken. Whenever I felt stressed, I would circle back to Julie's sage advice, the Radiant Wonder philosophy, and the knowledge that their healing herbs were helping me feel stronger, calmer, & more balanced.

Throughout my journey, Julie was there for me every step of the way, explaining the herbal formulas and offering hours of enlightening perspectives. Now, 8 months later, I feel strong, grounded, energetic and calm. I was also able to conceive naturally and am 4 weeks pregnant!  Thank you to the amazing team at Radiant Wonderespecially Iliana & Amanda.   And of course I am forever grateful for Julie, whom I now consider a dear friend.

If you have been diagnosed with high FSH and POF, you have probably been told by well-meaning, intelligent doctors that there is nothing they can do for you. They are just being honest. In their field, they haven't been trained to offer solutions in cases like this. However, that doesn't mean that there is nothing that YOU can do. In fact, there is so much that you can do. My advice to you is to put your trust in the wisdom, experience and expertise of Radiant Wonder. And to trust the wisdom of your own amazing, fertile body. You will be so glad you did!




Average Rating:

Mariah B.
Deerfield, MA USA
«Hi everyone, just wanted to say how grateful I am to have Amanda ,Julie and Lliana working with me. Last October, I started my journey with Radiant Wonder besides the many difficulties I face with infertility Radiant Wonder have made it possible for me to have hope. I suffered with severe menstruation pain I no longer endure that, this make me very happy and I also now have a great boost of energy. No longer do I have any discomfort in my right tube, and I am keeping very positive and anticipate result at my next doctor visit. Herbs taking ; Clear Flow; Fertility Boost; Spirulina Organic and Ultra Energy Formula.



Average Rating:

Sandra Thomas
Big news from Iliana!
«I have been working at Radiant Wonder for 2 years and have grown to care for all our customers. I have heard your stories and now I’d like to share mine.

When I was first hired here I was warned by other employees that every person who has been in my position has gotten pregnant. I of course, took that with a grain of salt.

In the last 2 years I have been taking Radiant Wonder products such as Peony & Licorice, Radiant Immune Defense, and Spirulina Organic. I took Peony & Licorice for my menstrual cramps, the Radiant Immune Defense to keep me from getting sick and the Spirulina Organic to build blood and keep my skin beautiful.

My fiancé and I weren’t really planning on having a baby but if it happened we would be delighted. Now here I am, almost 5 months pregnant with a baby girl.

I have seen the magic of these products work on so many women, now I am one of them!

Iliana C.



Average Rating:

Santa Monica, CA
8 years of the benefits of Herbal Antibiotic
«Hello, We have been taking your Herbal Antibiotic for for over 8 years at this point (2016) and I can not say enough good about them. 

My husband had a very high white blood count for quite a while and his doctor wanted him to see a cancer doctor.  However, my husband refused.  He started on the herbal antibiotics which lowered the white blood count in about three months.  It has remained good and white blood cell count has remained low.  Whatever he was fighting off must be ok now.

I take them when I need them. I tell everyone i know about them.

I also am a medical herbalist and herbs and natural medicine are my life.  Thank you for having such great products. I like Chinese herbals, as I believe they are more potent and better than some standard herbals.

Please note:  It is always best  to be evaluated by your doctor.   If your white blood cells are up it means your body is at war with something.  As you can see, although he objected to seeing the Oncologist, he certainly kept testing his WBC count on a regular basis.  So his doctor was still monitoring the situation.  


Average Rating:

​ Paula Murakami
Spokane, Washington
I thank you for your integrity
«Hello Amanda

I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your honesty and high integrity. Thank you very much. You just retain a loyal customer, who has been promoting your products  since I first use your products some years past.
Thank you Amanda


Average Rating:

Ebenezer Abbey
To Anyone Who Is Wondering About Radiant Wonder..
«To anyone who is wondering about Radiant Wonder, 

The fertility path that some women have to go through is a suffering I wish upon no one, and yet it is a reality for far too many of us.  Before I found Radiant Wonder I was experiencing low energy, frequent hot flashes, insomnia, no cervical mucus or sexual fluids, extreme painful intercourse, no menses for two years, and deep depression.  I am a private person, but I really want to take this leap of sharing to help other women who are where I have been.   

This suffering affected all areas of my life and undermined the pursuit of happiness we are all entitled to.  Why should we not be able to have a baby?  The despair was compounded by two visits to fertility clinics which determined I was Premenopausal. I was told my ovaries were not working and the only solution for us was one of egg donation.  Obviously these people are specialists in a particular field and are given to perceiving the world in the light of their understanding.  But I was not content with their answers or solutions.

I began doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs, feeling better after six months but still experiencing hot flashes, still exhausted, still no interest in sex, still very painful sex, and still awakening at 1am and not able to go back to sleep.   After six months, a blood test revealed no change in levels and I was feeling just minimally better.   It was not a good day.

So I began another round of searching, mainly testimonials of those with the same symptoms.  It was then that I stumbled across Radiant Wonder and could not believe what I was reading.  I had been diagnosed with POF (Premature Ovarian Failure).   When I landed on the POF page of Radiant Wonder for the first time, after searching the internet for years,  I saw a place that listed clearly each one of my symptoms. Every single one of the symptoms I listed above was on their list.  I decided to call.  After my phone consultation with Amanda I felt like a new door had opened and light was pouring into my life.

With the first two weeks of herbal formulas, Balance and Super Fertility 3, unfortunately my symptoms persisted.  There were some results:  instead of awakening at 1am and not being able to go to sleep I was awakening at 3 am and able to go back to sleep.  I had a little more energy.  I could walk my dogs when I got home.  But still I was so tired, the hot flashes were still there and the vaginal dryness was not less.

Amanda changed my formulas.   This time she recommended Stress Relief and Super Fertility 2.  In just five days, I experienced relief: the hot flashes dissipated (now non-existent). But the vaginal dryness was still unbearable.   So after that week, she made a new 2 week program with the herbs I had been using.  She said with the better sleep and the end of the hot flashes the body was ready to build back the cervical mucus and sexual fluids.  She said I should not have to wait now.  I still had Super Fertility 3 left, so she had me increase Super Fertility 2 to 3 twice a day instead of 2 twice a day, and add one dose of 3 Super Fertility 3 at mid day.  We were also going replace the Super Fertility 3 with Womens Sexual Vitality when it arrived, but before it came a huge shift happened.  I am still in shock.  Intercourse was not painful!   

For the first time in five years, I feel like myself again. I am sleeping all night.   My energy keeps getting better and better. Also, my fluids came back and intercourse is enjoyable!   I feel centered and have been given new hope. I am not stressed out about having a baby, instead I am experiencing peace and the faith that my baby is coming sooner or later. I could not be more grateful, because you have given me my life back. Reading all of the testimonials at the beginning gave me hope. I pray that my humble story can give the same hope to other women.   Wherever you are, do not lose faith, it is true to its name: it is Radiant Wonder and it does get you better!

Notes from Amanda:  
When there are low sexual fluids and cervical mucus and also hot flashes, the period will not come.  (and that throws off all of the hormonal levels).  The body needs that extra fluid to try to keep some moisture.  The hot flashes are burning up the body fluid.   Bringing the hot flashes down is the first step.  Once they are down you will also get a good night’s sleep, which will speed your healing.  

Iris is doing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises every day and also the Fertility Massage. She has added some healing foods to her diet.  She is doing more than just taking herbal formulas, so her whole body is helping her to heal.  That is a major reason why things are progressing faster.  

The cervical mucus and sexual fluids are evidence that very likely her hormones are balancing.  Now if we help her to maintain the sexual fluids/cervical mucus and begin to build back blood her period will return, usually it can be expected within a few months.   There is a logic to all of our programs, and Iris is smart.  She is keeping in touch with her herbalist every two weeks.  She may talk with me or Julie, as we both adopt her.  With these free, quick check ins we can help her adjust to the progress she is making, and to understand it.  The first formulas were right for her at that time, but the body was so tired and so dry it took longer than two weeks to bring dramatic results.  

Be patient, keep in touch with your herbalist and listen.  Listen to your body so you can tell us what is going on.  We thank Iris for being kind enough to take the time to write this, reaching out to other women for encouragement.  


Average Rating:

Iris W.
New York, NY
Success with our first IVF
«I just wanted to give you an update on my situation. I am almost 3 months pregnant and absolutely excited, happy and also overwhelmed at times.

We started trying to conceive three years ago. The first obstacle were my fibroids. We had them removed. Then we did two years of insemination. However we had no success.

After more testing I was told my biggest issue was low ovarian reserve. My Anti Mullerian Hormone Test (AMH) came back as 0.5. I was told by my doctor that we had a very, very small chance of conceiving. He actually said he would ‘’only recommend for us to do IVF if we had all the money in the world, as the chances would be so slim.’’ We were also told that if we produced only 2 eggs they would not continue with the procedure.

The doctor also filled me with fear because we were told that we had to do an IVF within the next few months as we had such little time left.

However we were forced to wait. IVF was so expensive. At this point I knew I had to do the IVF not matter what. A friend of mine in Peru had had a successful IVF after multiple miscarriages. She encouraged me to see this doctor. So I made the trip to investigate. The price was much better and the doctor said we could do a transfer even if we only had one egg maturing properly.

In the meantime, I felt right away that if everything else was ok and my only problem was low ovarian reserve and questionable eggs that there must be something I could do to help my eggs.

This is where I found you. I found your website and I just started reading. My conversation with the herbalist was so informative, and the program she gave me made sense. Talking with the herbalist gave me hope and a new way to understand my body.

I could feel changes in my body from month to month. I felt more calm. My skin became softer. I had less cramping with my periods. I was able to exercise more time during the week since my energy level went up and my overall pain and discomfort decreased. I was able to sleep through the night and felt rested during the morning. One of the major changes was being able to regulate my digestive system with your products as well. I felt fantastic.

I took the herbs for 6-7 months as it was taking a long time to arrange the schedule and money for Peru. But looking back I think that wait was actually something that helped us succeed.

I was able to complete a cycle of IVF during this summer. We recovered 3 eggs. One of them was immature, the two other were able to go through fecundation and look great for the first 4 days. Unfortunately, one was not viable by implantation day. Yet I was able to get pregnant. Implantation was not an issue at all and now I am 13 weeks pregnant. It is pretty amazing. After having been told that my chance of failing was over 90% by every doctor it is a miracle for us.

To have success with a first IVF is very rare for any couple. I feel that my strong inner guidance to work with you made a difference. I believe that letting your treatment work for a good amount of time and not rushing ahead in fear also played a big part. My body had time to make changes.

I appreciate your time to explain everything on detail, your patience and consideration gave me confidence and hope. I believe that I found you at the right time. Thanks for making such a difference in my life.

PS   We delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy.


Andrea Russell, Ohio



Average Rating:

Andrea Russell
Baby Trevor has arrived!
«October 6th:  Trevor Patrick Smith. 7lbs 15 oz born at 3:02am this morning. He is perfect.  Thank you to all our friends at Radiant Wonder.  TWO beautiful children when 3 doctors and my acupuncturist all told us one was impossible. infertility high fsh 

All 3 of us are so thrilled to see our little boy.   As you can see by the picture I've attached, his big sister, Sarah, has been anticipating his arrival every day for 9 months, and the chance to be that big sister!

The birth of Trevor is an amazing event for the Smiths.  They actually never expected their second child to come so quickly.  Suzanne stopped breastfeeding and called us for some herbs to help her energy.  After a month she realized she was pregnant.  Both she and her husband were totally shocked.  Click here for little Sarah's story.              




Average Rating:

Suzanne S. New Jersey USA
Six Months and My Sperm Is Back To Normal
«Morphology was a word I had never heard before. Poor morphology. My sperm were malformed. That was a heavy day.

Then I was reading an article in a magazine about male fertility and Radiant Wonder was listed as a resource. It mentioned free consultations. 

I thought, ok that is a place I can talk about this without anyone knowing me. We changed my program once or twice. I always took Male Fertility formula. I also took a second product, sometimes Men’s Virility Formula and sometimes Men’s Sexual Vitality and I always did he exercises – it worked. 

My wife and I decided to give it six months and we would test again. We wanted to do the fertility procedures but we didn’t want to waste the money if my sperm couldn’t do the job. What happened? My sperm looked normal again. The percent normal went way past the 30 percent mark the doctor was looking for. And we were successful with the first try at IUI. Today our John is 6 months old right -- healthy and strong.



Average Rating:

John O.
Sante Fe, NM
I'm A "Prove It" Kind of Person
«I was shocked when the doctor said my sperm count was low. I have never had any problems performing. I went to the web and did some research because the doctor wanted me to take a drug and I heard there were possible side effects. There was one popular product that seemed to everywhere on the web. I took it for 6 months. My lab reports never changed.

Then I found Radiant Wonder. There was a lot of in depth information and the idea of looking at the problem from a larger viewpoint appealed to me.

I expected all this was a way to hook me into spending a lot of money.  That was wrong.  I was the winner.  I got an inital program and then there was followup, where I gave feedback and at one point the herbal formulas changed.  I was very skeptical but what I was learning was logical and there was an actual plan to get results.  I was surprised that could happen on line.  The program wasn’t expensive. I was told to retest in three months.

I didn’t wait 3 months. I tested in 4 weeks. My sperm count was normal. As it went I was also feeling a lot better. I was sleeping better. My low back pain was gone. My mental focus was better. I always had good energy, but even my energy was up.  I knew something was happening before I took the test. I didn’t test again, because during that cycle my wife got pregnant.

I’m a prove-it-to-me type of person. When my sperm count was normal for the first time in over a year after doing this program for less than a month and my wife will be delivering next month, I think I got the proof I needed.  Hey thanks you guys.



Average Rating:

Hank J.
Frankfort, NY
I Thought Infertility Was a Womans Problem
«My wife and I had wanted to have a baby for several years, but with no luck. 

I kept thinking ''infertility is a woman's problem'' and all our efforts revolved around what we could do to make her more fertile. She saw so many changes all positive.  Still nothing happened.  The doctor said I should have a test for a low sperm count, motility and morphology. Well, it turned out that I was the problem. 

My sperm count was  low and I had problems with the health of the sperm (the shape and the activity). I was shocked!  

My wife had been having good results for years with Radiant Wonder herbs for a number of different issues so she talked me into talking with an herbalist. So I gave it a try. The herbalist suggested an herbal program plus some other things to do (juicing and some exercises).  

In three months I went back to the doctor for another test. She wanted to know what the heck I was doing. My sperm count was way up and healthy again. 

It took about three more months my wife was pregnant and we're now the parents of a beautiful baby boy.

Once I swallowed my pride and started those herbs things really turned around. 

Average Rating:

Hartford, CT
Nirvina In A Bottle Better Than Starbucks
«Nirvana in a Bottle is my secret weapon. Keeps me going without caffeine. My Starbucks is decaf now, and I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time!



Average Rating:

Michael D.
Chicago, IL
Nirvana In A Bottle is Amazing!
«I am a supervisor and this product is amazing. I take it about 10:30 am, right when I'm starting to feel fried. It works! I go from fried to free in about 15 minutes.



Average Rating:

Bettu N.
New York, NY
Free & Clear Is Great For My Mental Focus!
«I used to have a lot of problems sleeping. I took the Free & Clear for the affect it had on my mental focus, but I found almost immediately I was sleeping through the night again, something I hadn't done for many years!


Average Rating:

Marvitza A.
Los Angeles, CA
Free & Clear is Wonderful!
«I've been taking Free & Clear for about 6 months now. It makes such a difference in my life. I feel calmer and stronger. I have tested how I feel not taking it. I feel totally normal for about a month and then the old irritability and lack of energy starts to creep in again. I love this product. 



Average Rating:

Jenny O.
Santa Monica, CA
No More Painful Periods
«When my periods do eventually appear they are incredibly painful, in fact the pain is actually unbearable, I feel sick, faint, I find it difficult to walk and get terrible pain in my lower back. I feel so ill that quite often I’m off work almost every time my period appears. I’ve been suffering from terrible periods ever since the day I actually started back in my very early teens and quite often then I would have to take time off school. 
Now at the age of 36 things haven’t changed -- that is until NOW! I’ve been taking Radiant Wonder herbs for the last month or so and finally my period has appeared and to my absolute astonishment I have had NO pain whatsoever, it’s unbelievable, I can’t actually believe I haven’t had any pain and I feel so much happier and it’s certainly all thanks to Radiant Wonder.
Patricia H., UK


Average Rating:

Patricia H.
Charleston, NC
Joe's Cholesterol Levels
«Joe's Cholesterol was over 300 before he called us. 

He was having a very hard time changing his diet. Joe was a real dedicated meat and potatoes man.  He had exercised a lot earlier in his life, but hadn't done much physical activity for 15 years.  

Joe tried Lipitor and had very bad reaction. He had tremendous muscle pain and weak- ness, which is a common side-effect of Lipitor. He stopped Lipitor and, after trying a number of other natural remedies without much success. He then called Radiant Wonder.

After working with a Radiant Wonder herbalist, he started getting results. In the beginning he made no changes in his diet. He started The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises and a full program of Cholest-X, Energy Boost and Gynostemma.  

The next time the doctor tested Joe, his cholesterol had dropped 25 points to 275. At this point he got motivated. He went over his diet with his Radiant Wonder herbalist. She really helped him get started on how to substitute certain foods in his diet so he didn't feel like he was on some kind of torture diet. He joined the gym and started exercising only 30 minutes, 4 days a week, on the treadmill.  He also continued doing the Radiant Eight Exercises in the morning. 

"Long story short - here I am 2 years later, feeling better than I have in 20 years. I am now only taking the Cholest-X maintenance program. I still have my meat, but I am enjoying other foods, too.  My last cholesterol reading was 175.  I want to keep it that way.   What I really appreciated was the personal help I got from my herbalist, Amanda Howell. I was really scared when I had that reaction to the Lipitor.  She took extra time to go beyond selling me a product. She actually gave me a personalized diet program that didn't cost anything other than the food I bought at the supermarket.  This gradually put me where I wanted to be.  In this case it was 'no pain and great gain!'  I am totally dedicated to keeping my exercise program up and my cholesterol down."

Joe H




Average Rating:

Joe H.
Sacramento, CA
Cholesterol Way Down
«My husband, Sam's cholesterol was 284 before starting the Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program.

His medical doctor had put him on 10 mgs of Zocor.  The cholesterol moved a little, but not much.  The doctor doubled the dose.  The Zocor was helping, but not enough.  Sam's cholesterol was fluctuating a lot. So Sam started looking for supportive programs.  He traded information with his friends who had the same problem.  He tried Guggul, and anything else that looked promising.  Nothing seemed to work.

Then, Sam heard about Radiant Wonder through a friend of mine.  For six months Sam used our cholesterol-reducing Cholest-X, Zocor, and Radiant Wonder Exercises.  His cholesterol dropped to 164.   He and his doctor were thrilled. At this point, Sam switched to the maintenance program for Cholest-X, and continued a reduced amount of Zocor.  His Cholesterol drifted up to 184 - which he and the doctor considered a very good level.    

Sam told his doctor he wanted to see what would happen without the Zocor, to see if he could keep things in line with exercise and diet.   Sam has now kept the same cholesterol level (of low 180's) for over a year.  He never skips his Radiant Eight Exercises, eats well, and exercises daily.  After his next check up he stopped the Cholest-X, too.  And his numbers are still in line.

His herbaist told him the goal is to help the body "get back on the job" -- to rebalance itself.  We are so grateful.



Average Rating:

Sam H.
Cleveland, OH
Cholesterol Down After 3 Months
«George has reported the following results from being on our program for 3 months. His program consisted of 3 products:  Cholest-X, Gynostemma & Stress Relief.

                                          Before starting           Results after
                                          Radiant Wonder         only 3
                                          Program                    Months

           Cholesterol             256                              178
           HDL                        78                                48
           LDL                       171                              108
           Triglycerides           238                               86

E-mail #1 from Alice D., George's wife:

"George had his cholesterol and triglycerides checked again last week. Our internist called him Monday with the results. She was astonished.  He and I are delighted. Just thought you'd like to know. I gave the doctor one of your catalogues since she said she wants to learn more abut herbal remedies. How about that?"

E-mail #2 from Alice D.:

"I'm amazed and impressed that our doctor called you.  George and I have gone to her for years and we like her for her straightforward and no-nonsense manner.  She's a real minimalist, treatment-wise, will almost never prescribe antibiotics, and thinks that most common ailments should just be left alone to resolve themselves.  I was once in her office when her phone rang and she picked it up to hear another patient complaining that she had a bad cold. The Dr.'s response?  'Well, don't come over here and give it to me!'  So, we like her.  But I have never found her to be particularly open to or interested in non-traditional ways of approaching health and illness."



Average Rating:

George D.
Lousville, KY
Migraines Decreased
«Hello how are you :). I have been taking the hurbs you suggested and I  am inpressed with the headache formula it really has decreased my migraines .. I am very thankful for that.


Related Health Issues: Headache Relief»

Average Rating:

Sharon Y.
Minnesota, USA
I am 48 and Holding my Healthy Boy!
«Radiant Wonder is my miracle!  I am 48 years old with a healthy baby!  I will always remember the shocked look on my Reproductive Endocrinologist's face when she first took a look at my FSH and AMH levels and how they had changed.  I am so grateful I had the confidence to  have a healthy baby with Radiant Wonder's products and without IVF.  I love Amanda and everyone at Radiant Wonder.  I really want everyone to see how great their products are!  

Amelia, Houston, TX  USA

Notes from the Herbalist:  Amelia is one of my favorite customers.  She is a Nurse Practitioner and made a decision with her husband to just go ahead with our program and see what would happen.  She did the entire program and always stayed in touch with us so we could change her program as she was changing.  



Average Rating:

Spirulina has Kept My Gestational Diabetes Away!
«Hi Everyone,

I have to let you know that I passed my glucose test with this pregnancy.  I did have gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Sarah.  I was not taking Spirulina then and with this pregnancy I am.  I am placing an order for more Spirulina today because I am out of them.  I noticed on the website today under the description for Spirulina that it says "Spirulina controls diabetes".  Now I know why I passed the test.

Thank you Radiant Wonder for all you amazing products.

Talk to you soon.

Love Suzanne    New Jersey, USA

When you are pregnant we recommend taking Calm the Baby for the first trimester, and our Spirulina, Omega 3.



Average Rating:

Suzanne S.
How did I get pregnant so fast?
«I am writing a testimonial today to let everyone who comes across Radiant Wonder to know this company is real.   I have been a customer for 5-6 years. Radiant Wonder helped me get pregnant when we thought all hope was lost. I was able to carry my baby girl to full term. Now our beautiful little girl, Sarah, is 3 years old, happy, healthy, and full of life. My husband and I couldn’t ask for anything more precious.

Sarah is now 3, so smart and full of energy.  I called Amanda again a few months ago, because we had stopped breastfeeding, and I just felt so tired.  I needed something for energy.  I was not thinking of anything more than that.  Amanda suggested A Woman's Energy and Restore Balance I took them for about 2 months.  I missed my period, and the rest was total shock.  We hadn't really talked about another child yet.

It took us almost 3 years to become pregnant with Sarah (my doctor and acupuncturist both told me it was not possible).  It was shocking to find I am so fertile now.  We better be careful after this one!   I can honestly say that these products work, and make dreams come true. I am now in my second trimester awaiting the arrival of our son.

Suzanne S., New Jersey, USA 


Average Rating:

Suzanne S.
New Jersey
I am writing to tell you my testimony. I am 7 weeks pregnant!
«I am writing to tell you my testimony.  I am 7 weeks pregnant!  Thank you for all your concern.  

Here is a little of my story:   I went to the doctor about getting pregnant and it didn't go so well. He told me I had blocked fallopian tubes. My right one was completely closed and with the left one I was only given a 10% chance to conceive naturally. There wasn’t much he could do but to try surgery to remove the scar tissue. (which I did and it was unsuccessful). 

I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands and see what I could do.  I was really tired.  So I started riding a bike to work and working out at the gym.  I also spent a lot of time online searching. I am not sure why I felt it was going to be ok to call Radiant Wonder.  

I called in and spoke with Iliana, the Office Coordinator. She was so friendly, warm, and very informative about the process. Then, I talked with an herbalist.   She is very kind, caring and knowledgeable.  And she gave me a program.   I started the Blocked Tubes Program (Clear Flow, Radiant 8 Energy Exercises, and Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage). 

Just 1 week into it, I was feeling different, I had more energy. I could feel it.  Something good was happening.  The program is more than just the herbs.   I did everything Radiant Wonder explained to me to do even with 2 jobs. 

And then, in just 3 months I was pregnant.    I didn't want to tell you guys right away.  I wanted to wait to be sure everything was good.  But I am telling you now: I am 7 weeks pregnant!

Thank you for all your concern, and this will be my last communication.   

Thanks for everything Radiant Wonder!




Average Rating:

Annalyse Aguilar
Tampa, FL
Sperm Motility 3 to 40 Percent in 4 Months
«When I got my test results back and saw motility at 3% it was tough.

My wife had been working with Radiant Wonder for about 4 months and I could tell she was changing.

So I signed up for Your Male Fertility Plan. I didn’t really want to follow up every 2-3 weeks, but I did and it actually was very valuable. It was short and we made some intelligent adjustments.

I definitely had more energy. I felt better and had a better attitude.

But was that changing my sperm?

I couldn’t keep spending money for 4 months to find out. So I retested in 2 months.

Motility moved 3% to 25%.

My 4 month test was at a normal level, over 40%.

Making this dramatic change has dedicated me to keep with my healthy lifestyle and diet changes. I am going to keep taking 
Male Fertility FormulaStress Relief and Deer Antler Velvet until we achieve pregnancy.




Average Rating:

Coral Springs, FL
New sperm = pregnancy in 5 weeks!
«We tried for 3 years with no success! A friend told us about Radiant Wonder just over a month ago.

The herbalist always spoke to us in a gentle and kind manor and we didn't feel like we were just a number. I always felt a sadness in me which the herbalist talked to me about.

My husband was always incredibly supportive even though he was struggling with male infertility. For my husband, the herbalist sent
 Male Fertility FormulaDeer Antler and Balance.

For myself, Julie sent Super Fertility #5Balance and Digest Ease #1.

Within a week of taking these herbs, we could see physical changes with my husband.

3 weeks later we found out that I was 5 weeks PREGNANT! This was the first month we started taking the herbs! We are extremely grateful to Radiant Wonder and to all those who left Success Stories before us. Thank you for what you do!

Annie and John R., Portland, OR USA


Average Rating:

Annie R
Portland, OR
FINALLY able to get some sleep
I FINALLY got good sleep last night after taking the herbal formula and I am SO grateful for that! I would be most grateful if you could  pass the message to Amanda :) Please send BIG hearts her way:)
And thank you in general. Everyone has been so instrumental in big steps in my life since November. Love you!
Stephanie E., Prague, Czechoslovakia
Average Rating:

Stephanie. E
I know that this is progress! No dryness, feeling ovulation.

As you know, I started back up on my Chinese herbs around May 10th, taking Super Fertility #2 two pills twice per day, and six Spirulina tablets, my probiotics that I had already on hand from my colon therapist, and Stress Relief. I have also been eating more greens, including one serving a day of dark green veggies and a green drink a few times per week. I have been making more time for exercise and putting the hot water bottle on my abdomen about every other night. I am drinking hot water but this during the day is quite a challenge as I have a very stressful and hectic job (as a social worker).

It has not even been two months on the the program.  For the past week I have begun to have on and off vaginal fluids such as I have not seen for over a year. I was extremely surprised because it has been so long. As I told you the gynecologist who examined me in May told me that the walls of my vagina were dry, and I even had a small laceration inside (from intercourse). I have noticed that for the past week, or maybe a bit less, I have been having more fluids in general, but mostly the cloudier fluid that I remember having between cycles. I haven't yet seen the "stretchy" fluid that might be evidence of ovulation. However, at this early point, I know that what I am seeing is progress, even if I am not having more evidence of a cycle or ovulation. I have also noticed that I am having more of the usual sensation I used to have on my left ovary which was always a sign to me that I was ovulating.

I know that this is progress.



Average Rating:

Pregnant at 40? How about Pregnant at 45?

I have been meaning to write my thanks for a year.  But it was my son's birthday last week, and I remembered again the gratitude I feel for Radiant Wonder,  the family I feel I still have.

It was my husband who insisted that I call you.  I was so depressed and felt as all our dreams of having a baby would never come true.  My story was a long one -- lots of stress etc.  But the worst was the when my doctor told me I had no more eggs left.  My FSH was 98.  My AMH was 0.4.  

The doctor didn't even look me in the eye.  She just told me to face the facts:   I was 45 and in menopause.  There was no hope for me.  This was from a woman who had been so hopeful for me only a year before.  And now she didn't even meet my eye.  I'll never forget that moment.  And the devastation I felt.  

My husband is a college professor. He knew someone in his department, someone you had helped.  So he found your website and called a talked with someone. He wanted to check you out first.  I wouldn't be surprised if you remember his call.  He is pretty thorough in his questioning.  I mailed in a form with email.  Then Julie called me.  It was not what I expected.  I expected a big sales pitch and a push to buy and nothing real.  

The herbalist explained everything and I took a lot of notes.  She taught me why it was logical to have hope.  She never rushed me or pushed me.  She is not only very wise, but extremely knowledgeable.  What she said seemed to make sense.  I wasn't sure if it would work for me but I was willing to try. What other choice did I have?  Maybe if I just got my hormones in line I could try IVF again.  

 I spend about $150 a month on the herbal formulas.  I saw changes the first month.  Sexual fluids and cervical mucus I hadn't seen in years.  My libido was returning.  We were both happy about that. Then I started feeling little bubbly movement around my ovaries.  Don't know exactly how to describe it, but it felt like it was waking up down there.   I ovulated again (hadn't done that for a long time naturally.  My cycle started becoming regular again.  It was good, but it felt a little surreal.    

Nothing happened all at once.  No big fireworks, just something here, something there.  I did my part with the food and exercises and taking the herbal formulas regularly.  I was told that it would be best if I called every 2-3 weeks to stay in touch.   I have to say when I first heard that it seemed perhaps not necesssary.  But I think it actually made a big difference.  Sometimes I talked with Julie, sometimes Amanda.   I loved them both.   The difference was that every time I called I learned something new, and it helped them to know when to change things up.  Also their office manager, Marysa was really helpful and very kind.  

Then it happened.  I was pregnant.  At 46.  And we have a beautiful son who just had his second birthday.   I still think of everyone at Radiant Wonder often.  I have been meaning to write this for years.  So I am finally going to get it off my bucket list.  

Pregnant over 40 that was the mantra I kept thinking in those days.  Well, we should start a new club.  Pregnant over 45!   I can be the first member.  


Margaret A., Woodbridge, CT 




Average Rating:

Woodbridge, CT
My Life changed only after 5 weeks!

I don't have words to describe how good I feel after 5 weeks taking herbs ! I had a foggy mind, I had hot flashes , my energy was 0 , I couldn't sleep, I was depressed because I didn't have my period!

Now I'm just waiting for my period and hope I'm going to have it soon! I will stay in touch and I'm following the herbs until  my period comes back! I'm so lucky that God sent to me this website ! I recommend these herbs for everything! Especially the
Stress Relief!


Gene R., Brooklyn, NY



Average Rating:

Brooklyn NY
My Cholesterol is Finally Down!

In September, 2014, my doctor checked my cholesterol levels and wanted me to start taking statins. In reading up on the statins, I decided that I preferred to try something natural and explained this to my doctor.

This month, May, 2015, I just had my annual physical yesterday and after taking Cholest-X during this period of time, my cholesterol is now back to normal. He was quite surprised and wants to test this again in about 6 months. I did start exercising and have tried to watch my diet, but personally, I believe the Cholest-X had to be a part of the reason that my cholesterol is now normal.
I am going to continue taking this and see what the test results are in 6 months. Glad you have this product.
Ann., Marina Del Rey, CA
Average Rating:

Marina Del Ray
After 5 Miscarriages and Being Told I Needed a Donor ...

After having had 5 miscarriages I went to a Reproductive Endo. In one of the IVF cycles, I had 9 eggs! I had 9 follicles and they cancelled it! None of them were any good. That was horrible for us.

Then it seemed I never made many follicles at all.

I can still hear the doctor’s words ringing in my ears: “You definitely need to do donor eggs. You don’t have enough eggs reserved. It’s your age. It’s your egg health.”

Meanwhile we started your program.

Then we took a break from trying with help and switched doctors. It was now three months later. First of all the new FSH test showed perfect numbers. It had been getting pretty high. And this is what our new doctor said: “What? There’s nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with your eggs!”

I had 3 from my retrieval, and they were such good quality. The two that they implanted the two, and I got pregnant with the one.

Your program did the trick for us. You were right. I needed a break and the time to renew. I probably would not have taken the 3 months to heal,
 I was so scared of my age.  But it took a while to get an appointment with the new doctor, so I had to take that time.

I think God was supporting me and making me wait.  Anyway, I did the cooked leafy greens. I did the hot water detox. I did the hot water bottle. I did the 
Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.   I know I always wanted to know what people were taking when I read testimonials.  So I'll give a short list, but really, it changes as you change.  I remember: Super Fertility #2,  Super Fertility #5,  Balance, Fertility Boost, Spirit Well Being, Digest Ease #1, Calm Digestion.  Not all at once!  Oh yes, also the Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage.

It was great! I felt so good!  And I feel good now.   I am in my second trimester.

Kathy M., Scottsdale AZ


Average Rating:

Kathy M
Pregnant and Happy at 45
I am 45 years old and have 3 children that are all grown up now. Over the last 2 years I had 2 miscarriages, one at 12 weeks and the other at 8 weeks. I did not have morning sickness with my other children. However, with the miscarriages I had morning sickness with one and bloating with the other. The doctors could not tell me what went wrong; they just said it was too early to tell.
I don't have any health issues. I eat foods with minimal processing, I like vegetables as well. I felt my age might be contributing in some way to what previously happened and may have trouble conceiving. I received no support from the doctors, just discouragement. I thought maybe my egg quality was not there or that the eggs were not developing properly. My life is so stressful overall and I am always very very busy.
So I decided to use something natural and take Radiant Wonder herbal formulas. Within a couple of weeks, I felt different, something was going on... my energy was more vigorous and when I had my menstrual cycle, it seemed more normal like when I was younger. Before taking the herbs, my periods made me slow and I was lethargic and now I have more energy with a more normal period.
I began to feel less stressed and more relaxed than I was previously. And now, after a little over a month of taking herbs, I am pregnant!! I understand that with having chosen Radiant Wonder herbs made the best choice. This time, during the first trimester, I know that I have been supporting my body better with what I have been doing and I do feel different. I know I am taking the correct things.
Mikaela P., Sacramento CA
Average Rating:

Mikaela P
Sacramento, CA
Reduced Ovarian Function and High FSH
Doctors diagnosed me with reduced ovarian function and high FSH and gave me a 10% chance that IVF would work. In addition to that, my husband's sperm count was extremely low.
Although Disappointed we never considered giving up, we decided to turn to alternative methods to improve our chances. My husband started taking Radiant Wonder (Ho Shou Wu) along with Deer Velvet Antler to increase his sperm count.
I found the Radiant Wonder web-site in one of my most desolate moments,my husbands mother had basically called me barren and said it was okay to give up because it was never going to happen. I prayed and went online determined to find an answer, I was very impressed by all the information published on the website along with tons of testimonials, a little hesitant to call but I did it anyway, what did we have to lose but a few dollars, not like we hadn't spend thousands already.
They advertise free assessments and I decided to have one.  My herbalist Julie was the sweetest kindest woman I have ever spoken to, she really took the time to explain things to me, gave me dietary tips and other ideas that made such a difference.  I started with  Balance, Super Fertility #2, and Stress Relief blends in August. Since then so many wonderful things have happened, my husband sperm count has dramatically increased, my FSH which was at 69 at the start of the program is now 19.
My doctor says he expects me to be ready for IVF by May, I know the herbs are working and that soon my little miracle will be created...I'm writing this, because I know so many women are struggling and feeling hopeless, and I want to let you know that hope exist, try alternative methods and don't let people bring you down.
You will succeed, put it in your heart know it to be true because it is.   My miracle came while searching the web one night, I hope yours does too.
God bless you on your journey, hope this posting brings you hope!    Jan

PS  The IVF was successful.
Average Rating:

13 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling Great
«I contacted Amanda when I was 5 weeks pregnant... I had a blighted ovum in November so I was very scared of it happening again! Amanda was very positive that I would stay pregnant and suggested some food and lifestyle changes. I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and everything is going great!!! Also it took me 18 months to get pregnant back in November... Happened 2nd cycle this time! I am so excited to meet my little angel, thank you so much Radiant Wonder! 



Average Rating:

Michelle P
Fairfax, VA
Pregnant in 2 months after 4 years of trying
My husband and I have been married since May 2010. Around November 2011 we decided to start trying to conceive. My cycles were more or less regular, but things didn't seem to be happening quickly for us. When it did finally occur in December 2014, we were devastated to find out it was ectopic and I had to have emergency surgery right away. While on medical leave I decided something had to give, and I started looking into holistic methods to strengthen my reproductive system.
One thing that stuck out to me was Chinese herbal medicine. I saw Radiant Wonder online and I took a chance. I found my herbal regimen and some changes to my daily routine.
After having had surgery and trying for so long to conceive we were expecting it to take a significant amount of time to become pregnant again.
However, about 2 months later (the first month we began trying again, mind you) we became pregnant!
The lifestyle changes and supplements from Radiant Wonder truly made all the difference. I can't thank you enough for the gift you have given my husband and I.
Connie M., New York, NY
Average Rating:

Connie M
New York, NY
My new FSH levels -- in only 2 months
I wanted to share that in two months, my FSH levels went down from 20.5 to 13.  My doctor's assistant called me as soon as the lab results were back because she was so happily surprised. She congratulated me and asked how I did it.  I told her about Radiant Wonder and the herbs.  She wanted to know everything I was doing.    Thank you Amanda!
Veronica Ferre



Average Rating:

For anyone who is wondering about Radiant Wonder...

The fertility path that some women have to go through is a suffering I wish upon no one, and yet it is a reality for far too many of us.  Before I found Radiant Wonder I was experiencing low energy, frequent hot flashes, insomnia, no cervical mucus or sexual fluids, extreme painful intercourse, no menses for two years, and deep depression.  I am a private person, but I really want to take this leap of sharing to help other women who are where I have been.   

This suffering affected all areas of my life and undermined the pursuit of happiness we are all entitled to.  Why should we not be able to have a baby?  The despair was compounded by two visits to fertility clinics which determined I was Premenopausal. I was told my ovaries were not working and the only solution for us was one of egg donation.  Obviously these people are specialists in a particular field and are given to perceiving the world in the light of their understanding.  But I was not content with their answers or solutions.

I began doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs, feeling better after six months but still experiencing hot flashes, still exhausted, still no interest in sex, still very painful sex, and still awakening at 1am and not able to go back to sleep.   After six months, a blood test revealed no change in levels and I was feeling just minimally better.   It was not a good day.

So I began another round of searching, mainly testimonials of those with the same symptoms.  It was then that I stumbled across Radiant Wonder and could not believe what I was reading.  I had been diagnosed with POF (Premature Ovarian Failure).   When I landed on the POF page of Radiant Wonder for the first time, after searching the internet for years,  I saw a place that listed clearly each one of my symptoms. Every single one of the symptoms I listed above was on their list.  I decided to start.  I felt like a new door had opened and light was pouring into my life.

With the first two weeks of herbal formulas, Balance and Super Fertility 3, unfortunately my symptoms persisted.  There were some results:  instead of awakening at 1am and not being able to go to sleep I was awakening at 3 am and able to go back to sleep.  I had a little more energy.  I could walk my dogs when I got home.  But still I was so tired, the hot flashes were still there and the vaginal dryness was not less.

I changed my formulas.   This time Balance, Stress Relief, and Super Fertility 2.  In just five days, I experienced relief: the hot flashes dissipated (now non-existent). But the vaginal dryness was still unbearable.   With the better sleep and the end of the hot flashes the body was ready to build back the cervical mucus and sexual fluids. I still had
Super Fertility 3 left, so I increased Super Fertility 2 to 3 twice a day instead of 2 twice a day, and added one dose of 3 Super Fertility 3 at mid day.  I was also going to replace the Super Fertility 3 with Womens Sexual Vitality when it arrived, but before it came a huge shift happened.  I am still in shock.  Intercourse was not painful!   

For the first time in five years, I feel like myself again. I am sleeping all night.   My energy keeps getting better and better. Also, my fluids came back and intercourse is enjoyable!   I feel centered and have been given new hope. I am not stressed out about having a baby, instead I am experiencing peace and the faith that my baby is coming sooner or later. I could not be more grateful, because I have gotten my life back. Reading all of the testimonials at the beginning gave me hope. I pray that my humble story can give the same hope to other women.   Wherever you are, do not lose faith, it is true to its name: it is Radiant Wonder and it does get you better!»

Average Rating:

Iris B.
New York, NY
Pregnant over 40: No period for 2 years, menopause diagnosis
Cheers to America and my dear friends at Radiant Wonder!  Thanks so much.  I was 39 when the mood swings and hot flashes came on.  My period completely stopped for 2 years.  The doctor said I was in menopause and put me on HRT.  After 6 months I got off because I did not feel well and everything came back so much worse.  My life was rubbish.   My poor husband had to put up with not only my nasty verbal attacks, my depression, but also my complete lack of interest in sex.  And we wanted to have a baby!  It was hell.

This was all 5 years ago.  I’m sitting here now, playing with my baby boy, Hilary, who just had his first birthday.   I just want to say again, thanks so much.  After hearing that I would never have a child it still feels like a dream to be holding him in my arms.  Thanks for being with me on this journey.    As the symptoms fell away my confidence and hope continued to climb.  According to my really good GP and also the fertility clinic this was not a possibility, egg donor was my only chance.

I am writing this just because I want other women to know when they will see positive changes don’t minimize them because they want more.  Know those changes will multiply if they keep going.   Believe me it is worth having the patience.

Hot Flashes, Anti Mullerian Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Egg Quality/Quantity, Mood Swings»

Average Rating:

Iris C.
Solihul, West Midlands, UK
Asherman's Syndrome To Full Pregnancy

I had definitely reached the end of the road with the medical world when I turned to Chinese herbs for healing and to help me with fertility. The medical world could not help me anymore. I had lost two children through miscarriages. I also had a very serious and debilitating condition called Asherman syndrome. The Asherman's Syndrome stopped me menstruating for nine months and ovulating - it was excruciatingly painful and emotionally distressing.

Our fertility path was four long years of different fertility treatments that were all unsuccessful; changing doctors to try and find solutions to our infertility and depression that came with the unsuccessful attempts to have children.

I discovered Chinese herbs through Amanda Howell and Radiant Wonder while searching on the internet as I live in South Africa. Amanda called me and she explained to me exactly what herbs to take and how to change my lifestyle in order to conceive and hold the baby to full term.

The herbs helped take away the pain from my abdomen area which I had been struggling with for years. They also made me fertile as I now have a 5 week old little boy. I thought I would never conceive and least of all hold the baby to full term. I believe the herbs healed my body completely like no other medicine could and made me able to have my own child. I did not think my body and uterus was capable of holding a baby as it was so damaged from the Asherman syndrome. The herbs brought about complete healing and I am now a mother and also pain free.

My ovulation is back to normal and my menstruation is back to normal. The herbs work miracles on balancing the women's hormonal system. My system is now in complete sync.

Please let me know if you also want a picture Amanda for your website.

I hope to meet you one day!!

Best wishes, Lindi

Lindi talked with an herbalist to determine which herbal formulas would be the most helpful since her condition was so special.  Her program changed a little over the months she was taking it. As her body changed, the formulas changed to speed up the healing.  Below are products which were recommended at different times.

Products which appeared in her program:  

Cinnamon & Poria

Super Fertility #1

Tension Relief

Calm Energy

Note: As with all of our programs we do not guarantee that everyone succeeds, but the personal attention we give and the ability we have to design a program for your unique situation allows for many success stories.  We do guarantee that anyone who follows the full Radiant Wonder Steps to Sucess Plan will definitely experience greater vitality and a sense of well being.  


Average Rating:

Lindi G.
Paarl, ZA
Cholesterol Dropped 50 Points In 3 Months!

Over the last couple of years I have taken many different formulas, consulting with my herbalist from time to time,  as I changed my goals and my formulas.  I am a middle school teacher and often under  a LOT of stress.  I have told so many people about you.  How effective your herbal formulas have been for me.  I believe in what you are doing because I know that your formulas work.  I know herbs. I also know if the formulas are really good, they are the way to go.  Yours are very high quality and the form they are in they really work.  Your formulas are very effective.  

Right now, I am taking herbs to support my energy and reduce my stress:  
Digestive Energizer, Transition ISuper Nourishing and Free and Clear.   Free and Clear is new to my program.  I have taken HarmonyStress Relief or Balance in the past for easing the tension which builds up during the day.  I really like Harmony a lot, but now I also like Free and Clear.  How can I describe it?   I would say I feel less dragged down.   It just lets me naturally feel good.   

Also, I have some great news to report.   My cholesterol dropped 50 points in 3 months!  I won’t test again until January, so at that time  I’ll let you know how things have continued to progress.

I started taking Cholest-X  mid-May this year.  By the beginning of August my cholesterol had dropped 50 points.  It went from 265 to 205.  

In April I went to the doctor for a physical.  They did the regular blood work and they found that my cholesterol  was 265.   The doctor said I would have to be on medication.  I protested medication.  I didn’t want to be on medication so I asked if could use diet.  He would give me until the middle of July.   That was only 3 months.  He said if I didn’t get it under control in 3 months he would put me on medication.  So I contacted you and started taking Cholest-X and CO Q10. I went back in the middle of July . He did another blood test and he looked at it and my cholesterol had dropped to 215!  So it dropped 50 points.   And he said looks like you are doing great, just keep doing what you are doing. I made some dietary changes, but my diet has always been good.   I know that the Cholest-X made a big difference.


Average Rating:

Judith P.
Sinus & Nasal Congestion Really Works!

OMG, Amanda, I’m totally blown away.
I do not have medical insurance.  I was sick for about two weeks and getting worse.  I’d taken Vitamin C, been resting, drinking fluids, and was still getting worse.  After two nights of not sleeping from a constant cough from a sinus drip, my throat was raw, my nerves on edge, I was exhausted, and concerned that what I realized was a sinus infection.was not getting better. 
While rifling through my cabinet looking for something, anything, to help.  I found a bottle of Radiant Wonder Sinus & Nasal Congestion that I’d gotten 18 months earlier and forgotten about.  I began taking it, and took throughout the day until bed, hoping it would help with the symptoms.  My friend at work offered to bring me in some antibiotics the next day, and I grudgingly agreed. I had no choice.  
The next day I woke up feeling better!!   I got the antibiotics at work, but by the end of the day, I had decided not to take them!!  Sinus & Nasal Congestion works.
Once again, Radiant Wonder comes through!
You Rock, Amanda!
Liz K.,  New York City



Average Rating:

Liz K.
Candace and David's beautiful baby girl
Dear Amanda,   

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and your herbals nourished me to pregnancy and I now have a 4 month old baby girl! You helped me when I felt lost-when the fertility doctor, that I had been working with for 8 months, told me there was nothing he could do for me. He told me that I had Low Ovarian Reserve. 

Less than three months later I became pregnant from taking your herbals. I went from an FSH of 17 to an FSH of 5 in less than two months on your plan. 

I was still having the fertility specialist track my FSH in hopes that it would be an 11 or under again. I was to take Follistim  if it came  back in this range because my body would respond to Follistim again. I was shocked when my FSH was a 5. My lowest FSH before this was an FSH of 9 when I first started fertility. 

When the doctor wanted to put me back on Follistim because it was now in a good range  I said no and quit working with the fertility doctor. I knew that my body was getting what it needed to get back on track. 

My body was cycling at 28 days again, my sex drive was up, I had more energy. I felt healthy. Then my dream came true of not only getting pregnant but getting pregnant naturally. 

My own body picked the right egg to release and I had intercourse because I wanted to, not because the doctor told me to. And  I never looked back at artificial insemination. I know so many women are in the same boat that I was in and I hope they find their way to you. You made my dream of having a baby a reality.

My family and I thank you from deep within our hearts.

Candace and David, Bucks County, PA  USA


Average Rating:

Candace A
Bucks County, PA USA
Embarrassing Hot Flashes Gone!

When I turned 51 six months ago and I had been having embarrassing hot flashes for over a year.  I tried 2 products as you recommended (Super Nourishing and Stress Relief).  Within a week my hot flashes were WAY down.  Now, 3 months later I am just taking Transition 1 everyday.  I haven't had one hot flash in the last 2 weeks. And I have SO much more energy.  As my granddaughter would say:  ''awesome''!  and THANKS!

Sandi L., Clearwater, FL USA


Average Rating:

Sandi L.
Clearwater, FL
Severe Menopausal Symptoms

I had given up hope for having a life without severe menopausal symptoms.

I have had the most horrendous fight with the hot flashes of menopause.   It started when I had ovarian cancer.  After the treatments I started having really bad hot flashes.  I was offered synthetic HRT but refused it as I wanted to do try something more natural.  

So tried natural progesterone cream.  It helped for a while, but the help did not last.  So I went to a Naturapathic doctor and got compounded hormones, which seemed to be a more natural alternative to the regular HRT.  This worked for a about 3 months.  I was in heaven.  Then things started to fall apart.  My moods swung up and down, the hot flashes started returning.   

The worst thing, as all women who experience this know, was the fact that I could not sleep at night.  I never ever got a good night’s sleep.  I knew this was feeding into the problem, but I simply could not bring the flashes down enough to sleep.  

I succumbed and tried Ambien in desperation.   I still awakened drenched in sweat off and on all night.  I was getting so dry.  Vaginal dryness, skin was dry, eyes were dry, throat was dry.  It was hell.  And I was so fatigued, easily irritated and felt stuck in a rut.  There would be some relief as the doctor recompounded my hormones, but it never lasted more than a few months.  We went back and forth and then I just gave up.  

I just figured there was something so wrong with me that I would never ever feel myself again.  Here I had conquered cancer to be left with this!

A friend of mine who has been through the change for some years encouraged me to call Radiant Wonder.  I never called.  Finally, seeing me suffer so much,  Michelle asked if she could give the company my name and let them call me.   I said ok.  At this point I was so miserable it was difficult to reach out and do something proactive.

Amanda called me.  Her voice and the feeling about her was so calming and sincere.  She knew a lot.  She was older than I was and had been through menopause.  I didn't really believe she could help me.  They may have helped women for 15 years, but I was very convinced I was a case which could not be cracked.  But I wanted to hear what she had to say at least. 

I could not believe the knowledge and understanding she had, and how much she shared with me.  She explained things I was doing in my lifestyle that was working against me.  She explained not only which formulas to take, but why to take each one.   I started on a program. In the beginning I was taking a lot of some of the formulas. She explained what foods could support me.  We talked about what kind of work I did and what the temperature of the environment was, whether I was working in dry heat. We made a list of things to look for as I began to heal.  Within that first month my hot flashes were still pretty bad, but there were pockets of time when they got better.  I noticed more vaginal fluid, not much, but an improvement.  I felt a little more energy.   I wasn't satisfied, but I was encouraged.

These results became more and more noticeable, and now, 6 months later, I am becoming a completely different woman.  I have lost some weight without trying.  I am sleeping at night.  My hot flashes are almost totally gone!  I have more moisture in all the right places.  I'm only on one herbal formula right now.  

I appreciate not only feeling more normal again.  I also appreciate all the personal time Amanda gave me in the beginning of this long journey.  There is a sense of renewal in my whole life -- physically, mentally,  emotionally.  Pretty amazing.

Thank you for offering such a unique service.

Best regards,

Francine A., Surrey, UK



Average Rating:

Francine A.
Surrey, UK
My Anxiety, Palpitations, Panic Attacks Gone!

I would awaken 3-4 times during the night. Short of breath.  It was like the air would not flow. And I could not breathe.  So I had to go down the stairs, open the door, and breathe the fresh air, and then drink water.  I thought I was having asthma.  Or I thought it was my heart.  One day I even had to call 911.  They came here at 6 o'clock in the morning.  It happened like this for three weeks everytime in the night.  And in the morning I wake up and  I don't have air.  So I thought it was because I closed the bedroom door, so I opened the door.  It still kept happening.   This was on top of a history of panic attacks and palpitations.

My panic attacks had been going on for 2 years.  I had been in the ER many times for that.  I spent 2 days in the hospital while they ran all kinds of tests -- heart test, stress test, ekg. Everything came up negative. I also used to have palpitations that would last for 2-3 days at a time.  

Then for three months I had something in my right chest. It was a feeling like something was stuck, then it was in my stomach.  I felt it traveling like it was going down and then up and down.  It is like the feeling you are going to have a heart attack.  The doctor said it was an esphogeal spasm and there was nothing they could do.  The doctor said there was nothing permanent they could do for that.  They could do surgery, but there was no guarantee it would not come back.   I used to have it for 3 months and sometimes it would be everyday for a week.

Everytime the doctor told me it was stress.   Every time would go to the doctor he said that there was nothing wrong with me.  It was all just stress.   All these strong symptoms were just stress. I have been to the doctor more than 5-6 times. He wanted to give me Xanax or Zoloff.  I took Zoloff and it almost killed me.  Oh my God.  Muscle pain in my back and my arm, tingling in my arm, my shoulder.  Upper back tingling, tick, tick tic, and then sometimes a wave of heat. 

So I called  Radiant Wonder. You congratulated me for going straight to the doctor to get a clear diagnosis.  Then you suggested Calm Spirit and Calm Energy.  I started taking them.  It took 2 weeks. No sign it was getting better for 2 weeks and then everything stopped.  When  I took these herbs it was like a miracle.   After  2 weeks all the negative symptoms were completely gone.  They have not come back.  It has been 2 months and they have not come back.  No panic attacks.  I can sleep through the night without shortness of breath.  No palpitations.  No esphogeal spasms.  It is completely amazing.   

I am still taking the herbs everyday.  I carry them in my purse because I want to be sure my body is strong enough it will not come back when I stop the herbs.  I am going to take them 6 months so I can feel safe starting to get off them.

Also now I am doing much more.  I am working.  I am going to school.  And still I have a lot of stress going on, but it is under control.  Sometimes I used to feel that I am boiling up inside.  No more.  Now, I know I have stresses, but I don't feel it. And now?  No more panic attacks.  No more palpitations. No more terrifying nights.  I am free at last.  

Oh my God I feel so good inside now.  I always wished I could find something.  I used to have a normal life.  What will it take to get me back to normal again?  And now I feel so good.

Ms. Jordan J.
Edmonton, Alberta, CA


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Ms. Jordan J.
Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Lighten Up Liver Cleanse

What happened to Gina?

* She lost 5 pounds
* Her blood pressure dropped to 112/70 
* Her hormones became all strong in normal range
* PLUS - the most amazing increase in cervical mucus

Gina's Experience:

I only did the Detox for 5 days, and now I think I'm ready to try it again.   I did the blueberry avocado smoothie in the morning and I really enjoyed that everyday. (don’t worry, I didn’t drink it cold!)  And then the almond and fruit snacks, and then lunch and dinner I just ate the protein and vegetables, didn’t use any caffeine.   

I just think this detox is so easy, such an easy way to eat.  I’m ready to try it again.  It is simple and you don’t have to really think that much.  I super enjoyed the vegetables and protein.  I liked that part about it.  I mean I felt good.  I didn’t do the whole week, just 5 days, but I seemed to lose a pound a day. 

Total I lost 5 pounds, but the fantastic thing was the cervical mucus.  I thought I had good cervical mucus before but it was amazing how much more cervical fluid I had.  I am still having good hormones, and my blood pressure was fantastic.  It was 112 over 70.  I haven’t had a blood pressure like that in a long time. 

One thing I noticed is that I think I may be intolerant of gluten.  I think maybe I understand why I weigh as much as I do, because getting rid of the gluten it really does work pretty quickly.

3 notes from the herbalist:

#1.  This is one of the big benefits for doing a short detox.  You notice things when you simplify.  Your body talks to you.  You get  good information you can use to feel better. Gina’s not going to give up gluten completely.  But she’ll cut back.  And if she has a few days where she starts feeling lethargic and dull and can’t get out of it,  she now has a new tool to use.  Stop eating bread and pasta for a few days!

#2.  Even if someone does not test as gluten intolerant most people can’t handle all the gluten in the average diet.  There is so much bread and pasta and cinnamon rolls and pizza crust, etc.   Chinese Medicine looks at gluten as a sticky food (which it is).  If your digestive system is overloaded or weak eating extra gluten can create a sticky mucus in the system.  This sticky mucus traps water and holds it.  The definition of ‘’fat’’ in Chinese Medicine?  Mucus and water combined.  

#3.  Every Chinese herbal formula to aid weight loss also strengthens digestion. This is why fasting is not normally recommended.  You want to lose weight and be able to keep it off.   However every one of these formulas also has some kind of a gentle diuretic to help the body release some of this mucus laden sticky fat.   Lose Weight Now has Alisma and Cornsilk.  Herbal 8 also has Poria Cocos.   Restore Energy Plus has Coix Seed and Poria Cocos.  Digest Ease #1 has Coix Seed, Spirit Poria and Plantago Seed.   Follow the formula links and study the herbs in each formula.  It is an interesting idea.

Final Note:  About 4 months later Gina became pregnant naturally, had a good pregnancy and delivered a beautiful baby boy. She was 48 years old.  :)


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Four Months Along, Great Signs So Far
«Hi Amanda

This is Suzanne Smith of NJ

My husband and I have been taking the fertility herbs now for some time.  My husband has reached his 75 days and I have reached my 165 days of taking the herbs (the end of August) .  We are still not pregnant.  How much longer should we take the herbs?  I am getting very discouraged.  Do you recommend us trying something else?  What are your thoughts?

My husband is taking 3 pills of Stress Relief along with 2 pills of the Male Fertility Formula both AM & PM
I am taking 3 pills of the
Stress Relief, 3 pills of the Super Fertility #5 and 1 pill for Digest Ease #1 both AM & PM

With taking my BB temperature each day I noticed last month a definate jump in temperature during ovulation which I have not previously seen.  Usually it is difficult to figure out when the temperature change occurred.  I also don't have stomach issues when my cycle is approaching which I had before.  Both things are a good sign (I think).  I am still going to acupuncture every other week even though says he hasn't much hope for me.  How much longer should I be going? 

Thank you for your time.



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No More Pain With Intercourse OR Cycle

Dear Julie,
When I used the 
Cinnamon & Poria and Liver Detox formulas, along with the warming procedure over my abdomen – I was feeling great.  

I used to have pain during intercourse, but after using the protocol that Julie suggested for me – there was no more pain!  I am enjoying making love to my husband again!

There was also no more pain with my period! Thank you for your help!
Dorey B.


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Dorey B.
Hot Flashes Gone, Mood At Peace
Dear Radiant Wonder,
I am 39 years old and motherhood is one of my biggest wishes.  I have been plagued with uterine fibroids since the age of 26 and have had 4 myomectomy's narrowly escaping the possibility of a total hysterectomy with my last surgery. This was my wake up call to change my life style and diet.  
When I reached the 3 year anniversary of my last myomectomy fibroid free I was overjoyed.  I was so focused on my fibroids that I totally ignored my pre menopause symptoms.  My FSH level was high and I was suffering from hot flashes, depression and my monthly cycle irregular and very light. I felt my hopes of motherhood would never be actualized until I stumbled upon your web site.  
I started taking Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief and in a matter 3 weeks my hot flashes stopped, my fluids returned and my mood was peaceful.  My last period was on time and thankfully normal.  Thank you so much for the work you do to balance mind body and spirit. Your product addresses the whole body and not just symptoms.  I continue to take my herbs to normalize my hormones and look forward to starting your regimen to alleviate the scarring of my fallopian tubes from my multiple surgeries.
I am sooooo excited about the possibilities of becoming a mother.  I will keep you posted and pray that my next submitted photo will be of my precious baby. I can’t wait to write that testimonial.
Thank you
Shelley V., Brooklyn NY
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Shelley V.
Brooklyn, NY
Spotting Resolved, Periods Regulated

I am doing very well, thank you for asking.

One thing I've noticed by taking the herbs is that I've returned to a 28 day cycle.  I was averaging 26-27 days for the last couple of years.  I was spotting for a few days before my actual cycle began, now it's only the day before the cycle starts that the spotting an introduction of sorts! LOL.
I hope you're doing well, also!


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Cycles Return, Fuller Hair, More Beautiful Skin
Dear Julie and Amanda,

I just wanted to send a Big Thanks for the good things that are happening to my body. 

I went to get a hair cut and the girl who cuts my hair said,  Karen your hair is thicker! . I told her it was the herbs from Radiant Wonder, and how my skin feels so smooth. 

I don't know where to begin to say thanks.  

I'm feeling great all around I don't feel that anxiety that would take over my body. The sweats are not like before. I am staring to run better like I did 3 years ago. My stamina is getting better. 

I am getting back to who I am!  I hope my period comes back and I feel that it will. I had some signs of it. I got CRAMPS -- bring them on (LOL).  I haven't had any cramps for months, so I know my body is changing for the good.  I will keep you up to date.

Thanks so much.

Karen M Rhode Island
Notes from the herbalists: 

Karen is taking Calm Energy and Super Fertility #2.  Her first order also included Calm Digestion.  When she first called, which was only a month ago, she was concerned because after a very stressful time, her period completely stopped and her FSH jumped way up.  She had hot flahes , mood swings, headaches, constant bloating.  Her mind was foggy all the time, her energy was only a 5 on a scale of 1-10 and she felt her memory was fading away.
Within a few weeks she was amazed. Her bloating was gone.  Her energy level was way up and her mind was clear again.  Now a month after that call, she is seeing so many more results.


In another month Karen may be changing some of her formulas as her body is changing and guiding her to higher levels of renewal.   

Each of us started on a path into this herbalism because of the results we have had with these special formulas ourselves. Like Karen, we were surprised and amazed by the results. 

These formulas are natural, safe and deeply nourishing.  That is why they can bring such dramatic results without side effects.  Karen has more energy, but none of the formulas she is taking have any stimulants in them. Isn't that amazing?  And Karen knows why these formulas work for her because as she gets results she is able to understand the principles of self balancing we teach.  Karen is learning far more than how to choose herbs for herself.  She is learning that her kitchen is can be a healing center; that there are many foods which can help her body balance.  

We really do get great satisfaction seeing your results.  So never hesitate to contact us if you don't think you are getting the results you want.   The odds are we can help!
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Karen M.
Rhoda Island, USA
Feeling Really Great! (mood swings and fatigue gone)

Good Morning and Merry Christmas -

I am at the end of the second month of taking the Peony & Licorice and the Calm Digestion, which I find I don't need to take much anymore.  Last cycle was a normal length cycle - 28 days - the first I've had in a long time. Prior to this my cycles had been 24 to 25 days and even shorter for about two years.  Overall I'm feeling really great.  The mood swings and fatigue have really decreased. Any thoughts regarding my next step?

Thank you.

It's fine to use my email.  My ultimate goal as you know is not just to feel better, but to get pregnant, too.  I hold great hope that this program will help achieve another healthy Radiant Wonder pregnancy.


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Colorado, USA
Natural Birth Control For Painful Periods

I have had severely painful, heavy & long  menstrual cycles since I was 13, I am now 33.  

I am not able to take birth control pills due to the side effects.  I decided to try 
Cinnamon & Poria after reading other positive testimonials.  

After just 30 days of taking it my cycle was much lighter, shorter and I had pretty much no cramping what so ever.  It also seemed to reduce the swelling, pain and tenderness that I get in my breasts before my cycle.  I took this for three months and then I stopped taking it for a month and my cycle was back to being unpleasant so I have ordered it again and will continue to stick with it.  

Thank you Radiant Wonder for helpinig me naturally get through that not so fun time once a month!

Teresa B.,  Miami Florida


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Teresa B.
Miami, FL
Balancing My Cycle And Making More Eggs!
Dear, Amanda,

I just had my yearly exam with my GYN.  She asked how I was doing and I told her about the herbs from Radiant Wonder I am taking. I explained to her that I started taking the herbs in 
Super Fertility #3 to help me get pregnant and that you told me that these herbs would also help with my cramps as well. I told her that I have been taking Radiant Wonder herbs for about 5 months and my cramps are very minor now and my bleeding isn't as bad is it used to be. My doctor knew my cramps were really bad.  She said that if these herbs are helping me that much I should continue taking them. 
She ended up doing a pelvic ultrasound and could see I had ovulated two eggs.   I took Clomid for 6 cycles in 6 months just to try to ovulate a 2nd egg to improve my chances.  It appears that I can get, at least, the same result from taking the Super Fertility #3, if not better. 
I love knowing that instead of taking harmful fertility drugs I can take the herbs from Radiant Wonder to improve my chances of getting pregnant, while at the same time taking my cramps away and just making life so much better for me. I feel great and know that the herbs are improving my chances for getting pregnant.

Thank you Amanda for these herbs and for the amazing service you provide.  You have really gone beyond the normal customer care shown by most businesses these days.  The wealth of information you give along with such personal attention is so rare and something that I appreciate hugely.


Suzanne S., NJ USA

Note:  Suzanne and her husband gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sarah.  A few years later, they easily got pregnant again and delivered another beautiful girl.   Very often once the body is in balance, after delivering the first child, the second takes no more work than thinking it would be a good idea!
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Suzanne S.
Tell Everyone! (Cycle regulated)

I love you Amanda, I asked God to send me someone who could help and He sent me you and Radiant Wonder.  God bless you. Continue to do his work.  I am so full and overjoyed with the knowledge that our bodies can heal and rebalance.

I never knew when I was ovulating and never knew when my period would come.  Now after working with you for 3 months only, my ovulation is regular, my period is coming exactly every 28 days.  Please let me tell you the wonders Radiant Wonder has done for me.  I just felt I had to call today and thank you.  Tomorrow I test my FSH.   Whatever it is I will be ok, because I know everything is moving in the right direction.  You told me some people go down quickly, and for some people other things line up and then it drops.  I don’t know what it will be, but I am not scared, because I know the best is coming for me. 

You can tell everyone the wonders you have done for me.

F.G.  Syracuse, NY


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Syracuse, NY
Working To Get My Cycle Back, Great Results So Far!

I wanted to check in and let you know how things were going.  I stopped taking the the Restore Energy and I think it was Restore Balance (unsure).  With those two I was still feeling the hot flashes, in fact they were becoming uncomfortable and my sleep did not feel restful.  So, after comparing my symptoms with the information on your site I decided to order the Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief
Week of May 1
What a difference that made within a week to nine days the hot flashes simmered down to just occasional  feelings of warmth.  I felt so balanced emotionally, even though I was having some bad sinus headaches from pollen and such.  I felt really good.  Inspired by my husband I started drinking 1/2 a gallon of lukewarm to room temperature water, which substationally improved my digestion.

Week of May 15
Because I got really busy with lots of meetings at work my water drinking slowed down, but I was still getting about 8 cups or more a day, depending on the day.  The week of rain sapped my energy a little during this week, but I did began to have some cervical mucus, thus I was not as dry.  Also, my complexion began to have a more dewy look.  I saw this a improvement.  This was also the week that I ordered 
A Woman's Energy, which I started taking only in the mornings w/ Cinnamon & Poria, which I started taking in the morning and the evening.  I continued taking the Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief twice a day usually at about 7:00AM and 2:00PM. 
Week of May 22
Thus far I have started to pick up again on my water consumption.  I should add that during these past weeks I place a hot pad on my tummy each work day when at my desk.  I have also been trying to slow down.  Generally, I move like I am always in a hurry, even when I am not.  I have also taken a few naps.  I think that has helped.  Also, I started thinking that since I am such a high energy person that maybe the hot flashes were trapped energy.  I had almost but completely stopped exercising and I spend much of my day working at a computer using my mind.  I have started exercising again and it feels really good, like I am appropriately dispensing trapped energy.  I have not had a period in about 60 days, but hopefully given the cervical mucus a period is soon to follow. 


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Painful Periods: Address The Problem, NOT Mask It

I have been taking the Cinnamon & Poria and Clear Flow for three months. I noticed a difference in my cycle, I have no cramping! I used to have really bad pain with ovulation and bad cramps during my cycles, which caused me to be in bad moods, etc. Now that I have been taking the herbs I dont have ANY cramping, my flow is not as heavy, and I feel much better about my getting my monthly cycle.

I am so glad I dont have to worry about what over the counter drugs are doing to my body! I have learned alot from the Radiant Wonder web site, I am truely glad I found the site! So many thanks to Radiant Wonder!!! 



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Talishia M.
Herpes Simplex 2 Under Control

My name is Nicole. I have had Herpes 2 infections going off and on for 3 years.  The doctor would give me strong antibiotic drugs. They had a horrid taste.  And, you couldn’t drink any alcohol (not that I drink much or often).  These drugs made me feel nauseous.  The drugs would get rid of the itching, discharge and odor for about a week and then everything always came back.  

I was always trying to find an alternative, or at least something that would keep me away from the antibiotic drugs longer.  I took a chance trying your products.  The testimonials on the site made me seriously consider it.  My opinion always has been that herbs have the potential to work better because treat not just symptoms but the underlying condition. 

So I called and talked with an herbalist at Radiant Wonder about how to treat my infection. She told me about the product, Clear Simplex #2. In just a few days of using the product, most of my symptoms were gone!!! 

I had no itching, or weird discharge, or smell!!!  I was so surprised.  Itching and the odor went away in just a day or two.  Discharge went away a few days later. As soon as everything had disappeared for a couple of days I stopped taking the product and put it up on the shelf.

Now it is almost a week and it has not come back.  I am beyond ecstatic!! I just wanted to let you know how amazing this product is!!! It works fast, and has no nasty side effects like doctor prescribed antibiotics. Thanks for designing this wonderful product!!!

I would also like to give a thumbs up for the formula Cinnamon & Poria.  It has totally changed my menses.  They are not as heavy and not as clotty as it used to be.  I stopped passing those huge painful clots and even the cramps have eased up a bit.

You may use my testimonial, but I would like my name and location changed (for obvious reasons!). Thanks.

Nicole B.,  Madison, WI 


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Nicole B.
Madison, WI
I Got My Youth Back After 10 Years!
I aged for 10 years and then in a few months I got my youth back, thanks to Radiant Wonder.
Gone:   Night sweats, heart palpitations, weight gain, potential vaginal atrophy, dry scaling skin and eyes, 3 ovarian cysts, acne, anxiety, depression and brain fog. I could add more to this list.
Renewed:  Ample sexual fluids, returned menstrual cycle (after one year of not having a cycle), a good night's sleep every night, beautiful skin, some weight loss, clear thinking and focus, and a sense that good things are in store for my health and future, and that I have the tools and the power to change the direction of my health.
My husband and I have a beautiful baby boy born June 2003. When I was 35 we started trying to have another child.  It ended up to be a nightmare.  I felt like I aged 10 years between 35 and 41.  And now at 41, in just a few months, my youth has returned.  I have tried to be at peace with the possibility of not having another child, but now I think I am beginning to hope again.  Maybe we have more miracles in store for us.
My menstrual cycle was all over the place that I could never predict my ovulation cycle. My family doctor was not helpful.  She kept telling me that I had anxiety issues and needed to relax and that I was depressed.  I was frustrated more than anything that she was not listening to me.  I kept telling her that I had missed periods for months at a time or they would last sometimes up to 6 weeks.   Very irregular.   I was experiencing night sweats, heart palpitations, and weight gain for no reason, dry skin and acne.  I asked her if it could be menopause she told me I was fine that it was stress and anxiety.  Had blood work done and everything was normal.   She would not send me to a fertility specialist.


When I was 38 she referred me to an OBGYN because they found fibroids and cysts on my ovaries.  I was told not to worry other than that I was in good health and ovaries were OK.  She put me on Clomid for 9 months with still no luck of pregnancy. In between this I went to my family doctor complaining of stomach pain and it showed I had H-Pylori and was treated with 2 months of intense antibiotics.  My OBGYN then referred me to a Fertility clinic at age 40 who now tells me I am in menopause and in ovarian failure with very high FSH of 193 and very low estrogen. I should go and adopt or consider an egg donor I said “what do you mean? Just 6 months ago my gynecologist said “You’re fine.”   He told me to calm down. So I went home and started Googling on the internet and I found Radiant Wonder and that was that.

Starting June 42010 I started taking Calm DigestionDigest Ease #1 and Peony and Licorice.  At that time I was having trouble digesting the food, so I had gas and bloating and never had regular bowel movements.  I felt terrible:  hot flashes, night sweats – everything about me was dry and hot.   

I was desperate.  I started doing everything Julie, my herbalist, suggested.   I had a bowl of cooked greens everyday.  I did the Hot Water Detox.  I did the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.  I also stopped dairy (which Chinese theory suggests can encourage cysts).  And, of course, I took my herbs every day.
Three months later I called you back and said my tummy is calm now, I am having regular bowel movements, I don’t have any night sweats, and I have very few hot flashes.   Something else: I had had 3 cysts – a  large one and a cluster.  All are gone.  My doctor had explained to me that every woman creates cysts with her cycle and normally your body flushes them out during menses I had tests done to rule out ovarian cancer.  She thought it might be PCOS. She put me on hormones and they shrank, but then I stopped menstruating.  I had anther ultrasound done after taking herbs for 3 months and cysts were all gone. 
When I called and talked with my herbalist, Julie, I said "All those things are fine, so now that my digestion is OK can we take it to the next level?"   Julie suggested I take Stress Relief and Super Fertility #2 at this point.  

I was already so happy with what had happened, but this next level was just amazing, amazing results.  Most of the hot flashes were almost completely gone, but now they completely disappeared.  Before they had been 10-12 a day.  It was embarrassing because I was at work and my face would be red all the time.  I was literally drenched in sweat. It looked like I had had a shower.  After the initial 3 months on the herbs the hot flashes were only every now and then only when I got stressed or had overexerted myself.  It was amazing. The clarity. I didn’t have any brain fog.  

Still at the point I started the
Stress Relief and Super Fertility #2 I was feeling somewhat tired and no energy, but as soon as I started this new program I was sleeping great. Before that I could not fall asleep at all.  I had full insomnia.  Literally, within a week of being on that routine it was a day and night change.  An NO vaginal dryness.  I mean like nothing.  My husband and I were SO happy!  Then I added in the Spirulina to up the blood building.   

My cycle returned!  Only six months.  I started working with you the beginning of June and my cycle came in November.  The first time in almost a year.  I got my cycle in November and I had not had a cycle since October of last year.  Everything has just fallen into place.  It is so amazing.

I’m just so thrilled. The period was so easy and so natural.  I had the regular light PMS, I could feel it coming on. 

Also, my skin is no longer dry and scaly.  All the moisture came right back.  I aged in 10 years and then in a few months I got my youth back.  Honestly I had horrible dry skin. It was dry and peeling.  Even my eyes were affected.  My doctor said I had vaginal atrophy because I was so hot and dry and everything would shrink because all of the moisture is gone.  This was in May of last year.  

I will be seeing my doctor again soon because when she saw me last summer we made a 6 month appointment so she could see how I am doing on the HRT.  The HRT I never took.  It will be fun.  She is actually very supportive.  It was the Reproductive Endocrinologist who was so cold and cruel.  My FSH was 193 last year.   So I will have her do a hormone panel and see where things stand.  I think it will be interesting to see where things stand.  I know for a fact she will be shocked at whatever the numbers are now.  

So thank you, 

Erika H., Surrey, UK


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Erika H.
Surrey, UK
Less Fatigue And Feeling Energetic!

I just want to thank you for your Ultra Energy product.  I'm already feeling energetic and less fatigued after I do a stenuous workout.  I also love Calm Digestion.  Thank you again for your time and support.

Take care!

Tina from Ohio

Why are these products so amazing?  Would they be great for you?  Answers from the herbalist.

Tina, a professional singer, has been a customer for a long time and we have worked together on many issues.  We love to keep in touch with our customers because the best formulas for you change as your body changes.  These changes can also happen as the seasons change.  A formula which is fabulous for the winter could make you feel tired in the summer.  These two formulas are two of my favorites.

Ultra Energy:  This formula does not give you a big shot of energy like a Red Bull.  The energy you get is smooth and lasts longer.  Ultra Energy can raise your white blood cell count if it is low because it supports your immune system.  It is great for your lungs and for your mental clarity.  

Within this formula is the herb Astragalus.  In the study of Chinese Herbalism Astragalus is famous for being one of three herbs in all the hundreds of herbs we study which lifts the energy.  It lifts the immune system, increasing white blood cell counts and improving lung function.  It lifts your energy, helping the digestive metabolism to better use the food you are eating.  

Because it lifts energy, Ultra Energy is perfect if you get headaches in the late afternoon.  It can be great for you if you are never hungry in the morning and feel sluggish or muzzy-headed.  Or it is good for you if you have immune issues or lung weakness.  However, it is not right for you if your headaches are hormonal, or if you awaken with a headache or get tension headaches earlier in the day.  It is not right for you if you have hypertension or high blood pressure.  

Recommended dosage:  2 capsules in the am and 2 capsule sometime between 12 and 2pm.

If you have questions, please feel free to call us anytime.  You know we always welcome your call!

Calm Digestion:  This formula is great for anyone of any age (5 years and up).  When you take it you will not believe how effective it is and how quickly you can feel the results. Find the unique uses for this product and how why you will always want to have it in your cupboard.



Average Rating:

Tina E.
Ohio, USA
An American Hero -- brings his blood pressure down

Carlo is an American hero.   His Marine unit was the first one on the ground in Desert Shield, and one of the last Marines out with Desert Storm.   He is now a professional cross country trucker with a great wife, Sonia  and a little son, Carlo the 3rd.  A little while ago he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, however he was not taking any medication, so Sonia called and asked if Radiant Wonder had any herbs to help support his heart.  

We designed a simple program of Pressure Ease and Stress Relief.  He started the program in December of last year.  Since starting the program he has been taking his pressure every morning, and his wife has been keeping the records.  

December 19th of last year his pressure was 175/121.  In April it was down to 148/89.  By the end of April he was feeling so much better.  There was no shortness of breath and he felt great.  He stopped for three months because of life’s complications.  It is now August.  The pressure has been creeping back up a little bit, he is starting to feel out of breath again. He has just restarted the program and this time he is going to continue.

Carlo also knows that he needs to get out there and exercise again, but where he lives in Arizona there are not a lot of sidewalks, and mountain biking is hard to do (you can be run off the road).  He is really looking forward to next month when they move to California, and he can get into a regular exercise routine.  He is planning to get back on the herbs and then add in the exercise and see what happens.  We will probably add Energy Boost  to his program.  Energy Boost is one of our best selling formulas because it helps the body in multiple ways. Energy Boost will help his workouts and nourish his heart both. It is going to increase his energy without threatening his heart health. 

Some interesting things about high blood pressure.  First of all it is very important to work with your doctor.  You can take herbs, exercise and do everything you can to help yourself, but working with your doctor is really important. He can monitor more than just your blood pressure.  And he can work with you to help you reduce your medication.  You have to do the work, but he can monitor your progress.

Also, in case you are taking your blood pressure and aren't sure how to translate the numbers -- here are some interesting fcts.

There are 4 stages:  Normal - High Blood Pressure - Borderline Hypertension - Hypertension.
Optimal blood pressure was considered 120/80 up to 130/85.
High blood pressure is considered 140/90 or more
Levels above that were called borderline until patients reached the hypertension range.
New guidelines classify normal bloodpressure as below 120/80, then up to 140/90 hypertensive.

Also, it is important to take your blood pressure regularly and at the same time of the day.  Morning is also the time when the blood pressure is usually highest, so just know that to be true.

The more facts you understand the better off you are.


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Carlo L.
San Antonio, TX
Stop It Cold! Really Works!

Jenny offered Stop It Cold! to her sister and family.  They refused.....and who was still coughing a month later?
Hi Radiant Wonder, this is Jenny from Plano. I talked to you a while back about
Stop It Cold! etc. for my 11 year old daughter who has lung issues.  I just want you to know how well things are going!
We went to North Carolina to a family funeral. When we got there my sister we were staying with was really sick. All three of my kids took
Stop It Cold! They each took 15 a day for the first couple of days, then they backed off.  It was amazing. The cold was really severe so they did get sick, but only for 2 days and at that point they bounced back completely. 

My sister's family and others  refused Stop It Cold!   They are still coughing more than a month later!
I am very grateful for
Stop It Cold! My older girls, 22 and 27, are always coming home in the winter and leaving with a bottle of Stop It Cold! to take home to their families! I have a hard time keeping it in stock.
So thanks again. I just wouldn't be without
Stop It Cold! and would recommend it for everyone, or at least those who don't want to get sick with a cold this winter!!!
Take care,


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Recovered From Asherman's Syndrome - severe uterine scaring

My progress has been amazing since starting the Radiant Wonder herbs. I had a case of Ashermans Syndrome where my menstruation stopped for seven months and I had very severe pains in my uterus and cervix.  It has taken me four months to become pain free.  My doctor told me that I have a damaged uterus from a D&C where my previous doctor scraped away most of my uterus by a mistake.

The herbs have helped me recover - I still have scanty periods but at least I get them – a sign something very good is happening.   From this month we are starting to try again for our first child. I think if it were not for the herbs, I would possibly still be in continuous pain and my uterus would be in a worse condition.

I really do thank Amanda for all her support as well and thank heaven for people who bring safe and  powerful natural products to the market to help us heal when the doctors have done all they can.

All the best,

L.H.   Sacramento, CA


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Sacramento, CA
Energy And Libido Back!

Hi, we have been missing each other. I had called to leave you my email address.  I am doing well. I have been doing the exercises, and I love them (but I am trying to get into the everyday routine).  So far, the best thing has been drinking hot stuff instead of cold. Besides feeling very nice, I have stopped being constipated.

But, as far as my diet, I have not been eating a lot of cooked greens. I had been so busy, that just this past week was when I bought spinach and broccoli. I will try this week to eat greens once a day.

Also I have been massaging my ears, which feels great, but I tend to forget and I only do it in the evening at home. The same for the breathing exercises. And I have not done yet the lymphatic massage.

One more thing, my husband has been taking his herbs, and it seems like his libido has really increased. I started to notice about a week after he started his pills. It's very interesting!

Well, thank you very much for your email, and I hope to hear from you.

Once again thank you, I have been feeling more energized.


G.T.   Springfield, MA


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Springfield, MA
Sleeping Better, More Energy, Beautiful Hair

Thank God, I went on the internet and found Radiant Wonder.  This is the best thing that happened to me in my life.

All your products are the best especially Radiant Wonder Spirulina Organic.  Since I started to use your Spirulina Organic I sleep much better and I have more energy.  I am also so much more energetic than before and my body feels much better.  I also like Beautiful Hair,  my hair has stopped falling out .  It is also growing much faster.

Very helpful and your products are the best.  The information I am receiving from Radiant Wonder, no doctor ever gave me.  I am happy to have you in my life.

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Diane Singray
Chronic Pelvic Pain Gone In 2 Months With Radiant Wonder Herbs
Thanks so much.
I am so glad that Radiant wonder herbs really worked for me. I used to have  burning and peppery pains in and around my pelvic region and the pains used to become severe around the 16th to 17th days of my cycle. Also, I used to have pain on the left side during my cycle. Scan says functional cyst.
What did I try? There are no antibiotics I have not taken to get rid of these pains.  Nothing worked. My doctor did not know what to say other than ''just live with it''.
I read about Radiant Wonder on the internet and ordered for it immeadiately. I was so surprised that the burning pains stopped. They completely stopped! The pains during sex also stopped, to both my and my husband's delight.
These formulas also balanced my period, no more menstrual pains, I feel so relieved. All of this pain had been there for the past 2 years but left in just 3 months of taking Radiant Wonder's Cinnamon & Poria and Free Flow formulas.
Thank you guys for the initiative.
Ngozi A., London, UK
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Ngozi A.
London, UK
Texas Allergies -- Radiant Wonder Products Helped!

I wanted to thank you and Radiant Wonder for your help with my allergies. 

I have always suffered with allergies especially during the seasons change. I could barely breathe at times it was so bad. I felt tired and it zapped my energy. It also would at times affect my work. 

I am a tactical Police officer SRT ( special response Officer )  here in Houston, TX and need to be alert, especially during work.  During allergy season it is hard to do because the allergies make me feel very tired. I tried every OTC medication and only one seemed to help it was pseudoephrine HCL 30 milligrams. I was taking up to 120 mg a day so basically 4 pills a day. 

After reading about the side effects of this I decided to look to alternative meds and came across you website and called. I took your advice and here is the program that worked for me : 

1st week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief and Breathe Free together. Herbal Allergy Relief  2x day and Breathe Free 2x day

2nd week: I took Herbal Allergy Relief 1x day and breath free lx day. took as directed Herbal Allergy Relief was 3pills a day and Breathe Free 2 pills a day total of 5 pills

3rd week took Herbal Allergy Relief and Breathe Free one time day.

4th week just Herbal Allergy Relief 1x day but also started taking Radiant Immune Defense 2caps 2 times a day 

I believe the Radiant Immune Defense helps to  build my resistance to allergens and Pollen etc. 
Now I just take Radiant Immune Defense (2caps 2 times a day) and sometimes when it is  cold I take 2-3 Herbal Allergy Relief  to help the runny nose. I believe like you do we must get to the core of the problem.  We as Americans want that quick fix. I understant it takes time for the body to heal and to adjust.  I figure it will take about a year for the biggest results,  but I feel great already. 

Thanks for all your help and God bless.

David G.,  Houston, TX
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David G.
Houston, TX
Benign Breast Cyst Disappearing

Hi, my name is Paula.  I am 35 years old, and 5 years ago I found 2 little cysts in my breast.  At that time my doctor told me the cyst was almost normal.  So I took some precautions, but did not worry very much.

Then two years ago one of the cysts started growing.  Its size was almost 1 1/2'' in diameter.  I was able to see it.  And it was scary.  The skin on my left breast became red and the pain was unbearable.  After mammograms and ultrasounds my doctor decided to drain the cyst.  I felt so great after that.  Unfortunately it started growing again, getting to its original size in less than two months!  I became scared, sad and disappointed. 

I saw two more doctors and they reommended surgical removal of the cyst, given that it needed to be drained too often.  Surgery, however, did not make sense to me.   Nothing guarantees that I won't get new cysts again.  So I decided first to try something else.

I was familiar with the quality of Radiant Wonder.  Calm Energy helped me a lot when I quit smoking.  I had made it part of my personal treatment at that time.   So right after the doctor drained my cyst (March of this year), I started taking Classic Cleansing and doing the recommended skin brushing daily.  At this time (October) I am still having cysts, but they are slowly shrinking and haven't needed to be drained for 7 months!

Of course none of these herbal formulas only help you in one way.  
Classic Cleansing and the skin brushing has been a process that has also helped me change other habits, and that also makes me feel better.   I have more energy.  My skin glows.  I have a growing peace of mind.  I finally feel I have this problem under control.

Thank you so much, Amanda.  Nothing else worked for me before.

Paula H., San Francisco, CA

Herbalist's Note:  As you can see Paula went to her doctor.  She did not self diagnose this problem.  Since she knew it was not cancerous, nor a symptom of something serious she felt she could safely try something on her own.  This was a very intelligent way to handle things.  See your doctor.  Do not be afraid of what you find out.  Knowledge is power.  Once you know the facts you have a better chance of helping yourself.  It is not a matter of ''either Western medicine'' or "Asian medicine''.   It is doing what works for you and your body in that situation.  I am sure Paula will someday be back to see her doctor and share with him what she has been doing.  And I am sure he will be very happy for her.   (Amanda)»

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Paula H.
San Francisco, CA
Periods Completely Regulated

Hello Radiant Wonder,

After 3 months of taking the herbs my periods have completely regulated.  I couldn’t tell when my period was coming before taking the herbs.  I'm not tired any more.  I no longer have cold feet.  Now I think I know when ovulating.  My husband has seen a significant change in me.  He says I'm not complaining about being tired all the time and I'm not getting colds all the time.   My FSH to start was 25-30 and now it's down to 9!  I have hope again that my life will get back to "normal."

G.R.   New Brunswick, NJ

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New Brunswick, NJ
Teenage Acne

My daughter's skin is so clear and beautiful. She cannot stop looking in the mirror. She actually has listened to some of the things you told her about her diet. I hope you understand what this means to me, her Dad. It is great to see her so happy.

Mike T., Atlanta


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Mike T.
Atlanta, GA
Stop It Cold was Nothing Less than a Miracle

Dear Julie/Amanda,

Thank you both for your love and support. You have really catered to my needs. You may remember that I ordered Stop It Cold, Herbal Antibiotic and Children's Immune Defense for my six year old son. He is currently taking the latter two herbs on a daily basis having overcome a particularly nasty viral infection.

I became run down as I spent many a sleepless night tending to his needs. I knew that my body was heading for a mighty crash and I did not know how I was going to prepare myself for it.

I began to get the symptoms of the flu: chills in the bone, headaches, aches and pain all over my body. I had no idea what I should do and then I had a light bulb moment! (-: I have to be honest, I remember having had an in depth conversation with Amanda and I decided to take Stop It Cold After a couple of doses I began to feel a lot better so I persevered and after a day and a half (having taken the herbs EXACTLY as directed) I was flu free!!! It was nothing short of a miracle and I was astonished by the turn around. My phlegm, which had turned green, was now white, my headaches had almost completely cleared and my aches and pains had disappeared.

I didn't think that something that was prepared with a child in mind would work on me, a grown adult. It just reveals the power of herbs. I have since ordered my own Stop It Cold ,  Cough & Bronchitis #1 as well as Youthful Lungs.

I am forever grateful to Amanda, Julie and the rest of the Radiant Wonder team. Many thanks to their commitment and dedication to helping everyone.  It is having such a positive impact on the health of OUR family.  And thanks for making these God given herbs available so easily to the UK.

God bless you all,

Emma T.

London, UK


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Emma T.
London, UK
Intense Cramping In Shoulders And Back Disappear
My name is Kurt and I work on a Mississippi riverboat as an engineer.  In many ways it is a great life.  I love being out on the river, and I also love being paid really well, and then getting off for 6 months.  Last summer when I was on leave my girlfriend was with me when all of a sudden I started getting intense cramping in my shoulders and back.  This happens to me when I get hot sometimes.  She told me to take 5-6 of some capsules she had.  It was amazing.  The cramping got less and then within half an hour it was gone.   I told her I needed some of that stuff for the boat.  That stuff was a formula called  Peony & Licorice, a safe and natural blood builder and cramping relaxer.

You see on the boat I am an engineer.  I keep  things working.  A lot of my work can be in the engine room, where the temperature can be as high as 160-170 degrees.  By the time I get out of there I am begging for air conditioning and I am exhausted.  So I find a cool place, lie down, and then the cramping starts.  It is so intense. I am so exhausted, but I am in such pain I can't relax at all.    I also crawl into places you have no business being in to fix something that needs to be fixed, using muscles you don't ever use, and reaching out to do things in positions no one ever dreamed of.  
Peony & Licorice is absolutley amazing.  If I take 5-6 Peony & Licorice the cramping relaxes down and stops.  Sometimes I take them in advance if I know I am going to be working in the engine room.  That also helps.  Often I don't cramp at all if I do that.  I like that this is so safe with no side effects. 

Radiant Wonder herbs are pretty cool.  So far I have lowered my cholesterol levels with
Cholest-X, lowered my blood pressure. I am working with my doctor.  He knows what I am doing but I'm not taking the drugs.  Oh another thing.  When my girl and I were deer hunting I started feeling really sick.  I was definitely getting a cold.  She whipped out this bottle of Stop It Cold!  I took 3 capsules and then continued with 3 more capsules 3 times a day for 3 days more.  Never got that cold at all.  So I keep a bottle of that on the boat, too.
Now I'm taking some Thermo Max #2 and Energy Boost to see if I can speed up the weightloss a little.
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Kurt H.
Spencer, NE
Cigarette Free For 2 Weeks, More Energy!

I actually wanted to let you know that I have been smoke free for 2 WEEKS now!  I am doing so much better now!

I have been taking Free Will Formula and Stress Relief to stop smoking.

These are some of the photos that I have taken these past few weeks of some of our hikes.  I have so much more energy to be able to do these activities and it has really helped that I could quit smoking so that I do not need to stop every half an hour and have a cigarette.

I feel that my life has improved so much this past month!

Thank you so much.

Amber R.

If you smoke and want to stop call us and find out how you too can stop smoking. You'll be amazed how easy it is to quit with the Radiant Wonder program.



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Amber R.
Colton, NY
Hot Flashes Gone, IVF Soon To Come..

Hi Amanda, you asked me when we last talked to check back with you at the end of the first week to see how things are going. Well things are going great! I started the hot water/lemon detox after I got off the phone with you and noticed an almost immediate decrease in the coughing. I did the hot water with some lemon for the past week and noticed a smooth, twice a day BM without drastically changing my diet. I have been taking Super Fertility #2 and Harmony (ordered 2 month supply last week) as directed along with acupuncture twice a week, daily ear exercise and lymphatic massage and am eating more veggies. I received the Cough & Bronchitis #1 formula and Radiant Eight Energy Exercises early last week and have been taking formula 3 twice a day. The cough as of today is 95% gone and hot flashes/sweats are almost gone. I will start DVD this week as my last week was hectic. I am so impressed and happy with your formulas and plan to be on this program for 3 months before attempting another IVF transfer (January).  

Hot flashes? Almost non-existent!! If I do get one a day it's a mild flush. My sleeping is better also. I usually wake up once a night the use the bathroom, but I go right back to sleep - I am so excited!!!

Two Months Later:

My hot flashes are still rarely there. I switched Harmony to Balance and that seems to be working better for me on many levels. I did not ovulate this month, but I understand that can happen. Still aiming for January transfer.         
I am addicted to drinking hot water. (Who would have believed it!) I put a little sliver of lemon in it and I sip hot lemon water all day. I love it. And I remembered that a friend of mine told me about this several years ago. I asked how her mother had such beautiful skin. She had no wrinkles and her skin was so smooth and healthy looking. She told me her mother drank hot lemon water all the time and that was the secret!
Finally I would like to tell you that there is something that has been happening for me that it is something that gives me peace about this whole process. My mood is great. I can not describe it. I feel so good all the time. It is a peace. So I really feel, as much as I really, really want this child, that I am not wasting my time or my money on this. 
I remember you told me this when we first started, but it is really not something I was looking for.  It is very real and completely unexpected.  I want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

Deena F


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Deena F.
Pap Smear Negative! It Worked!

Hi Amanda-- just wanted to let you know I just heard results of the pap and ECC (endocervical curetage) the new gynecologist did . . . NEGATIVE! It worked!

Since the statistics are that 60% of all women (those who have had sex) have HPV, I feel that my story is something worth sharing with other women who have been diagnosed and are carrying the same nagging worry I carried for 6 years.   I was diagnosed with HPV 6 years ago after investigating the dysplasia (abnormal cells) which showed up with my pap smear.
For the next 6 years I had pap smears every 6 months. The cells were always diagnosed as abnormal. No cancer each time, but no improvement. I must have had 4-5 Colposcopies (cervical biopsies) during those years. Last November I was told that they wanted to do a biopsy under anesthesia for further investigation prior to perhaps a hysterectomy (if necessary). This seemed rather drastic to me and it was not an event I welcomed. I really wanted to avoid the procedure.
I have been working with Radiant Wonder for a long time (since 2005) for various issues. Never thought to bring this one up to anyone. It was suggested that I use the Yin Care and Yin Care Douche applicator for a series of treatments. I used 5 bottles with the protocol for menopausal women. This product is very pure and very safe to use. Plus, it was so easy. The douche is done in the shower (you fill up the applicator and then just administer while standing in the shower. Nothing is inserted. It is an easy quick wash of the vagina.)   I finished the cycles in January.
I talked my doctor into humoring me with one more regular pap test first, she agreed and in February I had a retest (along with an endocervical curettage - a rather thorough test all together), I am ecstatic to report that the test results were negative! There was absolutely no dysplasia. Now I am just on a program to do this twice a year as a preventative.   I also have a much better understanding of how the dysplasia can happen and why this douche is so safe and effective.
This is such a mental relief for me. There is enough challenge in life. My job is very demanding. Not to have this worry nagging at me when I think of my health and longevity is a real blessing.
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Cheryl R.

I LOVE Quiet Colon. For my particular problem it worked better than the Calm Digestion*.   I am in my mid 30’s and am working, plus I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Here is what was happening to me: I would awaken in the morning and have to run to the bathroom 2-3 times every morning with diarrhea. After I got to work I was OK. Then at lunch time the next problem began. I would get bloated. This was not just a little bloating. I was so miserable it was kind of hard to breathe. I felt like I looked pregnant. My stomach even felt hard.   And I was bloated like this all the time until I went to bed. 

I had been using Radiant Wonder herbs for my allergies so I decided to try some others for this problem. First I tried the Calm Digestion. It helped a little, but not enough. Then I used the Quiet Colon, just one before each meal. I had amazing results! Within maybe 2-3 days everything was completely better. I mean it was that fast!   The bloating just went away. And my bowel movements have become completely normal.   I can not tell you how happy I am!    It was like magic.
Thanks so much! And a special thanks to Kimberly and all the great herbalists at Radiant Wonder. You are the best.

Valentina G., Austin, TX
* Note from our herbalists:   Calm Digestion is great for occasional gas and bloating.  It has herbs in it which help the body digest the food.  However, it is not to solve the root problem of a chronic gas and bloating problem that is really severe.  Chinese Herbal theory says that this type of bloating is caused by stress (physical or mental) attacking the digestive system.  So just helping the food digest better is not enough.  Quiet Colon is specifically designed to soothe the stress and strengthen digestion.  When the body gets this relief the effects are often very quick.  But don't underestimate the power of Calm Digestion.  It is the perfect Thanksgiving Day formula to use after that big delicious meal or anytime you feel you ate too much and feel “stuffed.” It works very fast the get rid of that indigestion and bloated feeling. The best was to take it is the make a tea. Add 3 or 4 capsules to hot water. You’ll feel better almost immediately. Everyone should have Calm Digestion on hand for those unexpected “emergencies.”
Related Health Issues: Diarrhea
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Valentina G.
Austin, TX
Headache Pain And No Energy

My biggest health complaint was pain and low energy. I would either have no energy and no pain; or I would begin my day with abundant energy and almost immediately begin a migraine or feel nauseous. I could not win and I had to forego every day errands and family activities. I would have one or two migraines every week and on occasion vomiting -- The worst curse in the world is when your head is pounding in excruciating pain. I was so miserable. I was also bloated after every meal and had chronic constipation since I was a child. Not fun!  My doctors had no relief for me.


I found Radiant Wonder online. I decided to do something. I started a simple Herbal StartUp Program of 2 bottles of Headache Relief.. And I began Steps to Success. First step was  the Hot Water Detox once a week. I felt hydrated for the first time and the water retention was leaving -- no more swollen fingers and toes. The food I was eating felt like it was being readily absorbed instead of stuck in my belly; I could actually feel the hot water opening up my intestines and actually breaking down and moving the food. The Headache Relief herbs were beginning to take effect by week 3.  I noticed a tremendous change in the way I felt. No more debilitating headaches. I was pain free and began having gentle energy flowing through my body.  For the first time in years, I can get up and get through my day without ending up in agonizing pain and misery. Radiant Wonder has changed my life and I am so excited to get to the next step in my renewed life. I am so thankful to Amanda and Julie for all their caring words and support. Radiant Wonder--you are AWESOME!


Treena T.,

Rancho Cordova, CA

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Treena T.
Rancho Cordova, CA
Pelvic Pain Gone!
I sincerely wanted to say thank you to Radiant Wonder and my personal herbalist for spending the time and care in helping me take the right steps towards healing.
I wish I would have known about Radiant Wonder before my laparoscopy. I had been suffering from pelvic pain, irregular periods, and was found to have pelvic adhesions. As a result I had laparoscopic surgery. For a year I was feeling better, however, the symptoms began to return. Through much prayer and google search I found out about Radiant wonder.
My herbalist placed me on a plan which included a Hot Water Detox, heat therapy on my belly, tubal massage, Radiant Eight Energy Exercises, Radiant wonder herbs like Cinnamon & PoriaFree Flowand Stress Relief. In addition, I changed my diet to incorporate more warm foods and a bowl of veggies every day. 

I immediately began seeing, and feeling, the results. I was able to not only sleep better, but all the pelvic pain was gone!  So I am very grateful and I am recommending Radiant Wonder to anyone I know who is struggling with health issues. Thanks again and I pray that you continue to bless others.
Alcira O., G.A.
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Alcira O.
Feeling The Energy!


I just wanted to check in...I'm on my second week of taking the herbs and  eating warmer foods and beverages and I have to admit I've noticed a change in my energy levels...I'm feeling more balanced, which is odd because I  don't think I ever would have described myself as balanced or out of balance before now. I just started The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises and so I can't say if they make a difference just yet but they are very relaxing.



Average Rating:

Wilmington, DE
Our Baby Is Almost Here!

Hi Amanda

I hope you had a great Christmas and your New Year will be healthy and happy. 

I am attaching a photo of my husband and myself taken on Christmas Day.  I can't believe I am 33 weeks pregnant already.  The time has really flown by.  Tomorrow I start my weekly high risk doctor appointments.  They are going to begin the nonstress tests.  The baby does move around a lot so I always know its doing well.  February 14th will be here before I know it.  We don't know the sex of the baby and we want to be surprised.  We have choosen Sarah Victoria Smith if it is a girl but we are clueless on a boys name.  Not sure why it is so difficult to choose a boy's name.

I will keep in touch. 

Take Care.  

Love Kurt and Suzanne,  NJ  USA


Average Rating:

Kurt and Suzanne
It only took 4 days to feel a difference!
Hello. My name is C Newton, I had ordered products to build my blood and to get pregnant. Well within four days of taking the herbs I felt wonderful. My lower back use to hurt me so bad due to an epidural I had with my fourth child recently. I change my diet as well.
Thank you radiant wonder
Average Rating:

C. Newton
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Gone!

“My husband and I recently retired and moved to Las Vegas. This is the time of your life when you want to get out and get around, see friends, go on walks together, go dancing.  I absolutely love to dance and I have a husband who dances!  This was a main reason I was excited about retiring in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas has all kinds of dancing events for retired couples.

However, once we moved here it was obvious that I would never be able to even go dancing once.  I felt it was dangerous to leave home. I never knew when I would get urgent diarrhea. .  I was a prisoner in my own home. 

Honestly, I had never taken herbs before, but my husband, Sam, had taken a cholesterol lowering product, 
Cholest-X from Radiant Wonder and had brought his cholesterol down from 245 to 165 in only 2 ½ months. So I took a chance and called. 

The consultation was not at all what I expected.  There were questions like "how are your fingernails?", "Do you fall asleep easily?", "Do you ever wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning". Pretty simple questions.   Then we talked minor adjustments in the temperature of my diet.  Not so many cold foods.  No orange juice for breakfast.  Cuting back temporarily on salads.  Then she suggested two  herbal formulas and some special exercises (really easy to do).  It all sounded too simplistic to me.  But the way she explained things it made sense to me too. If it worked I would be understanding my digestive system in a new way.  I also like that she wanted to know any pharmaceutical drugs I was taking.  She really took the time to get and give a lot of information.

So I tried the program.  It was 
Quiet Colon (1 with each meal) and Calm Digestion (2 after each meal), plus the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.   The second month she took out the Calm Digestion and added in Tension Relief.
She checked in on me every so often the first month. We adjusted the herbal dosage a little bit. I told her I really liked the exercises.
Things were going too slowly for me.  Very little change. I told her after 3 weeks I really didn't think it was doing anything. She told me to give it a good 3 months because this was food, not a drug, and the body was rebuilding and rebalancing. I still felt it wasn't working. Then in the 4th week, it happened. I stopped having the alternating constipation and diarrhea. It just went away. After 8 years. 8 years of hell gone in 4 weeks.  I went dancing. And I was fine!
After another two months I stopped taking the products, just to see what would happen.  It took 3 months to start coming back.  So I have returned to taking the herbs.  

What I understand is that my body was getting stronger, but it wasn't yet strong enough to hold it things on its own.  The great thing was it took a while to reweaken.   I also have been told that  normally the body will be strong enough that it won't need any extra help. That might take a year.  But that is ok.   In fact, that is great. The most important thing to me is that  I HAVE MY LIFE BACK. I can go dancing again.”

Joanne L., Las Vegas, NV
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Joanne L.
Las Vegas, NV
Julie - From My Heart To Yours
Hello Everyone,
For those of you I haven’t yet had the pleasure of speaking with, I’m Julie, an herbalist here at Radiant Wonder. Working here over the last 3 years and its such a pleasure to work with you. On a daily basis, I experience the joys of healthy changes taking place in your lives. It has been a blessing to witness the new directions you are creating for yourselves as you employ healthy habits. Due to your ongoing quest for new information, I wanted to share some tidbits about a few of the formulas I’ve used with much success. These are my own personal testimonials and are offered here from my heart to you.
Early this year I had lightning speed results with an herbal formula, it was the Herbal Antibiotic. While I am not excited to share that I had an ear infection, I had somehow contracted one in the beginning of the year. Yes, I tell myself, herbalists are human. Anyway, Herbal Antibiotic zapped the infection in 2 ½ days! I took 3 capsules, 3 times a day and then abracadabra, the ear infection was gone. I remember sharing that not so fun time with a few of you while trying to spare you the details.

Currently, I use Herbal Antibiotic as a crutch. When I feel like my immune system may have been compromised, I take a dose. Depending on what your constitution is, there is an immune system formula for everyone. I have worked with my share of women who had weakened immune systems while trying to conceive. Some of them only needed to strengthen their body’s immune system so they could become pregnant. There could be someone reading this right now saying to herself, “Hey, that is me she is talking about!”
The most important formula to have in your cupboard right now is Stop It Cold   The Stop It Cold formula should be in every household, it is THE formula to take at first sign of a cold. 

Keep yourself feeling good, your time is precious and you are much better off taking time off for yourself because you want it rather than having to take time off because you are sick and need it. 
A while ago, I had signed up for continuing education classes, as well as, extra certification courses to feed my passion of Chinese Medicine. So, I thought it would be a good time to try out the Radiant Wonder Brain Tonic formula to support me while I was studying. My thought behind using that formula was that each of us, during any activity of our lives, will tap into that Chinese philosophical Kidney energy (also called Jing). Well,
I thought, I would like to nourish that energy. The Kidney energy is what we draw from at our core. It houses our will power and our essence. Our brains are well connected to that core energy as well as our hormones. I was ready to enhance that vitality within on a deeper level. After taking Brain Tonic for a few days, imagine my surprise when my libido became enhanced! I didn’t have much to complain about before, but now, hey, wow! Complete confirmation that it was working. And yes, it helped me with my studies too. This formula (Brain Tonic) contains those longevity herbs, another winner in my book. Keep in mind; if you specifically want to enhance your libido, there are a number of herbs in a variety of formulas, including the fertility formulas which will help too. Just ask one of us here.
I have more experiences behind the following list of my favorite formulas, but I will save that for another letter. In the meantime, here is the list. Take a look. If you have any questions, let me know. All of these should be in our cupboards as they can come in handy (for men and women) when you need them:


  • A Woman's Vitality
  • Balance
  • Brain Tonic
  • Calm Digestion
  • Classic Cleansing
  • Clear Heat
  • Free Will Formula
  • Healers Formula
  • Herbal Antibiotic
  • Corydalis Pain Relief
  • Peony & Licorice
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Stop It Cold
  • The Great Protector
  • Triphala Plus
  • Ultra Nourishing
  • Replenishing Essence

The idea here is to keep your body in balance as best as you can. 

If you already know what to do, use that information for your success! I wish you the healthiest lives you can live. 

If we haven’t talked in a while (and you know who you are) send me an email and let me know what you’ve been doing. 

I am feeling a greater shift this year, and people are really making health a priority. When we feel good, the rest of our life is easier too. I want that for you! Yes, I have been busy. In other words, this is my way of saying you know how happy I am to hear from you. Email me at


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Julie H.
Tarzana, CA
No more Texas sinus headaches! It is a miracle!

I have suffered with sinus headaches for about 2 years and have spent a lot of money on various things that have not worked. But Breathe Free has been a God send. It is wonderful!!! When I wake with a sinus headache I take 3 capsules and drink something warm and within 30 minutes it is completely gone!! Miracle product!! Love it!!

Cherie L., Palestine, TX


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Cherie L.
Palestine, TX
No More Leg Pain and Leg Cramping!

Good morning Amanda and team!

Just wanted to give you an update....

Ever since I've been taking the Peony & Licorice, I have not had any more cramping at all!  As a matter of fact, I used to have leg pain in the morning for a couple of hours and now that's gone as well!  I am elated! 

I just wanted to rave about the Peony & Licorice. Oh my goodness!  I love this stuff!  I started working out again on Monday of this week and I was doing fine until Tuesday when I thought I could conquer Jillian Michaels and her workout dvd.  Well of course Jillian won and I ended up with a very painful pulled muscle in my inner thigh.  It was so painful that I could hardly walk and it was the worst!  I had left my 
Peony & Licorice at home by accident on Wednesday, however when I got home I took three that evening.  When I woke up yesterday I walked the dog and got ready for work, not once realizing that I had no pain!  It was like I never had pulled anything!  It was amazing!  No soreness, no pain, no nothing!  I know it was the Peony & Licorice because I have pulled muscles before and trust me, they never went away within hours like this one did. Once again, I am grateful for your products and I am hooked for life!

Thanks again Ladies!!!  Have a great Friday!

Your  friend for life! :)

Erika B.
New York, New York


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Erika B.
I was feeling so hot I felt crazy. No one could help.
«Before nothing worked for me.  No doctor could help.  No other company gave me the time of day.  I could only eat a very, very restricted diet.  Everything I did and everything I ate made me feel a heat inside that filled my upper body.  It was not hot flashes that come and go.  I had an internal heater that was always on and sometimes flared up at the drop of a hat, becoming very severe and creating big anxiety.   I tried all kinds of different herbs, but they were of no use.  Nothing worked until I found Radiant Wonder.    My doctors  kept wanting me to take the anxiety medication. Since I started taking Clear Heat it took away the warmth in my body, I felt more peaceful and calm.  I felt normal again. Clear Heat has worked beautiful for me ever since I have been using it for almost a year.  I do not feel so crazy in my mind any more from the heat.  I am a business owner, so of course there are a lot of things happening in my life right now, and of course I do get anxious, but the Headache Relief really helps with that. Super Nourishing gives me more energy. This is the only company with the patience with my unusual situation to work with me, guiding me toward both the right herbs and the right foods, (food ended up beingreally important), so I could figure  things out. Thank you, Radiant Wonder


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Shirley Wen
Paulsboro, NJ
Stress Be Gone!

Dear Radiant Wonder,

Since ordering your products I can actually say that after the first few days of taking the Stress Relief and Energy Boost pills that my stress and comfort levels have been calm. 

I have felt almost 100 percent better and have been able to lower my extreme stress levels that were starting to worry me and my family.  I can attest to the calmness and how I approach a situation that I have to deal with as a Police Officer.  

The stresses that I have been going through with my Department issues have decreased and many co-workers have seen an improvement of my attitude.  The anger and stress I have had for the past few months has literally decreased and I feel a lot better.  

Thank you for your recommendations with these products and the compassion you had taken with assisting me in helping put myself back on track and not jeopardizing my health.  Thank you.

Rick S., Wilmington, DE

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Rick S.
Wilmington, DE
Leg Cramping Gone In One Week!
«For a long time I have had cramping in my legs like that Restless Legs they talk about. I can tell you it is a very uncomfortable way to live. You never get a good night’s sleep. The leg cramps could happen in the day, but the worst starts in the evening when you are tired and trying to relax. You want to be still and your legs want to dance. It sounds funny but it is anything but. 

If you sit or lie down it starts. If you get up and move it gets better. But night time is not the time to get up and move. How can I describe it?   It is sort of like tightness, but also like something crawling deep in your legs. And it never stops. You want to move them to get some relief. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn’t. You are exhausted and you really want to sleep. You try, but you are moving your legs off and on all night. Your sleep is always tossing and turning and a very restless sleep. And in the middle of the night you can feel a little mental when your legs are always having to move and everyone else is asleep. And during the day you feel completely exhausted.

Due to Radiant Wonder my restless leg syndrome is now healing. It is kind of amazing. I was talking with to an herbalist at Radiant Wonder about a completely different issue and my leg cramping came up. She recommended Peony and Licorice to me and explained I should also eat more cooked greens to help build up my blood. To my amazement my leg cramps are completely gone.   After taking Peony and Licorice for less than a week my leg cramps were gone. She said it might show up again, but if I take the Peony and Licorice everyday for two months after that it may just stay away. I am just so grateful to be sleeping! And so happy to be getting my energy back. 

Mary Alice T.
Knoxville, TN


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Mary Alice T.
Knoxville, TN
Anxiety attacks

I used to have a real problem with anxiety attacks. I also have borderline high blood pressure. Some of these attacks have been pretty scary. I have been through counseling and that helped somewhat, but nothing has made the deep and lasting difference like the continuing Self Care Program from Radiant Wonder I have been on for a year. And I know this is where the extra balance is coming from. These herbs are rebuilding strength and balance in me.
It is interesting because I mentioned the anxiety attacks during the consultation, but I didn't make a big deal about them. We concentrated on balancing my body in the big picture, not focusing on one problem or another. We have made a number of adjustments in the program, sometimes as the weather changed, sometimes as circumstances in my life changed. My program has always been pretty simple - often only one or two products each month.
I noticed within a month when I took the
Restore Balance in the morning I felt calmer within a short period of time. The big test came last month, after I had been taking the herbs for a year. We made a drive to New York. I have always been terrified of tunnels. I forgot we had to go through the Holland Tunnel. And there was a traffic jam to boot.
When I realized the situation we were in my eyes got really big and I started to feel uneasy. My husband kept looking at me to see if I was all right. He couldn't say anything because our two girls were in the back seat, but he kept looking over at me with great concern. I was able to calmly take a breath and settle down. When I realized what had happened I was absolutely thrilled. I don't think you can understand how I felt unless you understood where I had been.

It is important to me to try to express to other people how special Radiant Wonder is and how amazing it is to get this kind of personal attention (and that is free!). I have learned so much. I often tell Amanda that I wish she lived in Baltimore. I would be in the office listening and learning from everyone every day. I have learned so much to help my family and I in the last year. Thank you, Amanda. I am becoming a "Radiant Wonder" - ask my family!

Rita B, Baltimore, MD


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Rita B.
Baltimore, MD
No More Alternating Constipation/Diarrhea!

I have suffered for over 15 years with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had extreme gas issues with major cramping, and diarrhea most of the time. I tried prescribed medications, herbal remedies, nothing seemed to help. It was embarrassing and limited some of my social activities.

Then I started taking Quiet Colon, Calm Digestion and Stress Relief about 3 years ago. The results were amazing. Your products changed my life for the better.

I wasn't faithful with the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises or I probably would not have had to take them as long as I did to get the results. I now only take Calm Digestion when needed. I usually know when I've eaten something that will upset my system and I use Calm Digestion right away to take care of the problem.

Amanda teaching me to drink warm liquids or room temperature has made was a big part of the change that helped me, that I usually recognize what will affect me.

Fran C.


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Fran C.
Newport, MI
Chemotherapy Support
«Doctors can not believe how strong I stay with weekly chemo treatments and Radiant Immune Defense. It really works now. It is for real. I have been using it now for 2-3 years. Let me tell you my story. I had colon cancer when I was 6.  I remember being so weak when I came out of chemo treatments.  It was horrible.  Then  8 years ago I found out I have liver cancer.  I have to have a chemo treatment every week. The chemo wiped me out. For at least 3-4 days the chemo used to leave me exhausted.  And I am 50 now, no longer 6.  So the fatigue after the treatments was worse.  I didn't know what to do.     A friend told me about Radiant Wonder 3 years ago. I started taking Radiant Immune Defense.  I never had a problem with fatigue again. It has made a big difference for me. I mean it. It is for real. After so many years with liver cancer and not being able to do things, now I do everything I was doing before I got the cancer. And, extra bonus, I never get colds and flus anymore. The doctors can't believe the difference in how I feel and how I can take the treatments. I own a tire shop. I can lift the tires. I can do everything I could do before I got the cancer.

John P.  Huntsville, AL

Note: For legal reasons it is important for us to note that this is not a researched claim.  It is the experience of one individual. Radiant Immune Defense is full of adaptogenic herbs which have been researched and have been shown to support the immune system.  In Chinese theory it is impossible to support what we call the body's protective mechanisms without also supporting energy.  Radiant Immune Defense protects by strengthening the immune system and therefore supports energy.  



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John P.
Huntsville, AL
I have been with Radiant Wonder since 2005

Hi.  I have been a customer of Radiant Wonder's since 2005.  And I remember when we were first working together I was so excited about the positive changes in my physical and mental health that I  started dreaming -- dreaming of getting a degree.  I didn't know what the degree would be, but i wanted not only to help people, but also be in a position to learn one on one with Amanda while I built my own business.  Well, I'm getting pretty close.  My certification as a Nutritional Counselor is only about 6 months away.

In the meantime I share Radiant Wonder with family and friends often.  I have seen many positive things happen in their lives.  The last six months however, blew me away. 

First there was my sister, who had been suffering with hot flashes.  Once she got on the Super Nourishing it was not long before the hot flashes had completely disappeared, although this summer, with the super hot weather, they did flare up once or twice.  She also says that Super Nourishing makes her feel so much better overall.  She has more energy and sleeps better at night, and just feels like she is in a better mood.

Then there was my dear friend Nyeem.  He is 48.  I was so worried about him.  He was having such low energy.  His appetite was completely gone.  He just had no interest in eating at all.  The scary thing was he lost 20 pounds in just a couple of months.  I encouraged him to go to the doctor , which he did.  What they found was confusing.  First of all his liver enzymes were off the charts.  I think they said 500-600.  Way over normal.  Yet he didn't seem to have a liver disease. Then they ran every blood test known to man.  He was told that his blood was actually extremely healthy.  It was just those liver enzymes.  They wanted to see him again in about 2 weeks.  

I went to the Radiant Wonder website and ordered 1 bottle of Liver Detox.  He took the normal dose of 2 twice a day for 2 weeks.  We went back to the doctor.  The enzyme level was within normal range.  It was 100.  This was indeed a miracle for us.  And for the doctor, too.

For me, my formulas have changed over the years as I have changed.  Right now I have a challenging job with a lot of responsibility, plus I am going to school.  It is a lot to handle, but my energy is good and my mental clarity is the best it has been for years.  I am taking Gingko Mind Power, Free Will Formula, Calm Energy and Cordyceps.  I am healthy enough now that taking 2 once a day of each is enough for my body.  If I am studying more or need more calm I will up the dose of the appropriate formula for a few days.  Also I will turn 47 on September 11th.  People never believe my age.  I hear over and over that I look like I am in my later twenties or early thirties.  I have seen such a difference in my skin since I started taking Schizandra (and my sexual fluids).  My hair?  Well I have started growing it out.  I am ready to be natural and 100% myself.  It feels so good.  And what I have noticed already is that the Beautiful Hair, which I just started taking is helping my hair grow faster than usual.   I already have an inch of new growth in just 3 weeks.  

Thank you Radiant Wonder.  I love you guys.

A few notes from Amanda:  It is always important to see your doctor when there is an issue like Nyeem was feeling.  Nothing but good can come from getting information from a medical exam.  Follow your doctor's advice.  And then, letting your doctor know what is going on, learn how to help your body with food, exercise and the right herbs.  Supporting your own health helps everything. 


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Sharon W.
From Miscarriages To Success!

There are few more devastating events than the loss of a pregnancy at any stage. Yet recovering properly from a miscarriage can shorten the time to the next pregnancy and even more importantly, greatly insure a full term pregnancy.   Here is Nanette’s story – with a very happy ending:

Nanette’s history
 She had a series of miscarriages and a very h
igh FSH.  Nanette was told she would never get pregnant on her own.

“It has been a long road. 
 First we had a series of miscarriages, and then we went to the fertility clinic and had rounds of first Clomid and then injectibles.  My cycles went from 4 weeks to 3 weeks.  I never produced the eggs they wanted.   Then I did another Clomid challenge and the doctor told me my FSH was too high, my ovarian reserve was very low and the quality of my eggs was dismal. I was told I would never get pregnant on my own and that I had only a 2% chance with IVF.  My only alternative, I was told, was to use a donor egg.   Again the doctor said to make sure I understood:  I would never get pregnant on my own.  I should forget that completely!

I remember saying to myself, “No!  I’m NOT there yet.  I can’t do that.” I desperately hoped and prayed there had to be a different way.    I then found Radiant Wonder as I searched for solutions to high FSH.   I kept going back to it as I thought about things.  People said to me, “don’t take herbs.”  But there was something about your site that made me feel safe.  And the fact that I could actually talk to someone about the herbs made it easier to reach out. 
We started our herbs in January of 2009.  Only three months later we got pregnant!   However we lost the baby right away.  This is where your personal attention and my heart were a match.  You said that it is important how you take care of yourself after a miscarriage, and you had special recipes to help.  Instead of being devastated this time I was determined.
I knew that more had happened to me than just getting pregnant.  I had been feeling a lot better in so many ways.  My hands and feet were not as cold.  My energy was better.  I felt more balanced mentally and emotionally.   So, number one, I knew I was on to something.  I knew there was something special here.  

At the beginning you know I was more than a little skeptical, but now I decided to go full force. 
 I felt I was telling the doctor:  “Ok, I have proved to you that I CAN get pregnant, because I did.
Now I just have to get strong enough to carry the baby full term.  I felt, with Radiant Wonder’s support, and building on the results I was feeling I could do this.  It was because I felt my body changing that I had a new confidence I hadn’t had before.  I still was a little hesitant, but not fearful anymore.  I knew now that if I had hope it wasn’t based on imagination and desperation.  And I am so glad I kept in touch with you because you really listened to me and changed my program as it was needed.  I knew I was coming out of this miscarriage stronger than before.  And I took Calm the Baby for the first trimester to support the pregnancy.
We are now 33 weeks pregnant due April 27th.  We can’t wait.”




Nanette had a history of multiple miscarriages. Radiant Wonder was able to help her renew her reproductive strength and have a baby. She was an inspiration to so many women. Now we would like to welcome another new beautiful Radiant Wonder baby.


Here is a picture of the new little miracle - Jadee Frances. Born April 27th, weight 8lbs. 13 oz., 21 1/2 inches She is beautiful just like her big sister.

Thank you,  Amanda

Average Rating:

Nan K.
Edina, MN
Lost period found again...

I am writing you this email to inform you of the wonderful results I have had while taking your products.  I am 43 years old and I missed my period in August of this year, and to say the least I was concerned.  I have always been regular like clock work, the only time I missed my period I was pregnant.  I had become severely anemic during the summer and the doctor told me that I did not have enough blood to have a period.  

I placed an order for the Cinnamon & Poria combination, (I think it was), the Stress Relief, and Rejuvenation Formula and began taking them. I also ordered the Womens Sexual Vitality formula for women, and the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises tape and have noticed a big difference in the way I feel.  In three weeks I had a normal period.    Thank you for making such high quality products available.  They are truly a godsend.

Sincerely, Charlotte, Hawaii


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Hawaii, USA
After 3 miscarriages and feeling too old and too inadequate

Only 9 weeks left.  Oh my gosh, we did it!  9 weeks and counting.  And all is well. I waited all this time to contact you because I wanted to be sure it was going to last. We didn't even tell our families until this weekend. Thank you so much! You helped me recover from the miscarriage (which was actually my third). And then you were there for me through the next 6 months! Can you imagine how this last holiday was for us! After years of feeling too old and too inadequate. It was also fun because John and I didn't tell anyone. My mother suspected. How can we thank you and your staff enough. It has been 7 years of hoping against hope.

Helen,  London, UK


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London, UK
Many Miscarriages And A Thyroid Condition Now A Baby Boy!

Hey Amanda how are you?
This is Tina teacher from NYC. You had helped me a couple of years ago.
I also found a Body Talk specialist along with chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional support.
I had suffered many miscarriages and a thyroid condition.
After 3 long years of infertility I finally had my son at 40. He just turned one on February 11th! Just when all the experts said it couldn't be done, we did it. My son is happy, healthy, smart and has a great disposition.  My husband and I talking about trying again!
Thank you for your late night calls and support. I always remember your story about you having your daughter. I feel like you were an important step in making this happen for us!
Tina M, NYC  USA

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Tina M.
Successful IVF Twins!
«This testimonial is written by me (Amanda Howell).   Nancy is so busy being pregnant with twins that we have not been able to connect for a long phone conversation.  Nancy has give me permission to summarize her story.  She is a actually going to put her story on tape so that people can hear her voice telling the story in her own words. Nancy says she wants everyone to hear what happened to her and what happened to her eggs!  So here is my summary. 

Nancy was in her mid 40s when we first talked, but her body’s age was much older.  She had been through 3 IUI’s,  3 IVF’s.   One IVF was successful over a year ago and she became pregnant.  It was a difficult pregnancy as she developed high blood pressure, and then she lost the baby after a couple of months.  It was heartbreaking and it was debilitating.  After that she got pregnant naturally and miscarried again.   The list she gave me of her main health complaints when we started the consultation read as follows:  1) infertility, 2) relief from constant stress,     3) hormonal imbalance,  4) energy,  5) clarity of mind.  She rated her energy as a 6 in a scale of 1-10.  She wrote “I have a difficult time getting up in the morning (after 8 hours of sleep, and I am very tired by 6:00 in the evening.” After all the fertility procedures she found that her the flow of her menses was much lighter.   And she said she noticed she was chilled a lot more often than she used to be.  Her body was tired and exhausted from all the over-stimulation. 

We began a program in March taking products to calm her digestion and to rebuild her energy reserves (Calm Energy, Calm Digestion, Stress Relief) She felt better almost immediately.  

Nancy took the herbal formulas and followed the Radiant Wonder Fertility Program.  In only 3 months (May) she went back in to test.

The is where the story gets very exciting.  The first visit to the doctor after drawing her blood found her hormonal levels dramatically lowered.  She was a candidate to participate in the reproductive stimulation once again.  The doctor was surprised and pleased with the hormonal levels.  Nancy was thrilled. She and her husband decided to go for another IVF.  I encouraged her to wait another 3 months, to give her body more opportunity to get even stronger, but her inner voice said “go”.  I let my desire go and joined in the happy expectation.   

The second thrill came a few days later after the eggs had been retrieved and they were getting ready to do the procedure.  In the past whenever Nancy had an IVF there would only be 8 eggs retrieved.   Each time she was told the eggs were “fractured”,  were “old” and she was reminded of the “age factor” and her “diminished ovarian reserve.”    This time when she arrived the doctor and the nurses were lined up beaming.  Her doctor said she had her usual 8 eggs, but all were in very good shape.  In fact 4 of them were “perfect, like the eggs of a 25 year old”.  

Nancy had the IVF and is now pregnant with twins (June), and has been for 2 months.  The blood pressure at one point was slightly elevated, but all is going well.  Her energy is good, her spirits are high and everyone is cheering.  (Summary by Amanda Howell from notes taken while talking with Nancy)

P.S.  7 months later:   The twins have been delivered!



Average Rating:

Nancy M.
Amanda..We Did It!

Things look inredibly good…

I'm taking Super Fertility #3 and Stress Relief...I need to know if I should stop taking the herbs or continue?   I stopped a few days ago when I suspected that I may be pregnant.  With the miscarriages I have had in the last two years I am pretty aware of my symptoms.   As you may remember I had my last miscarriage Feb of this year.   My symptoms are really strong which makes me feel positive. 

2 weeks later:

Amanda……..we did it!

Tested positive today.  I fully attribute the chance to make this happen to Radiant Wonder herbs.  I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), told my eggs were gone, my ovaries were “dead”, with no chance for anything but donor egg.  I feel like my body has been rejuvenated.   Even before the pregnancy I felt the changes  – more energy, more peaceful feelings, better sleep, less (to now “no”) headaches. Instead of feeling dragged down and depressed I kept feeling hopeful.  It looks like it was for good reason.  Now, to get through the first trimester...


Wanted to share a picture of our new little bundle of joy with you.   We will never forget the gift you gave us…I will call you as soon as I have a chance.

Much love,

April C., Chicago, IL


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April C.
Chicago, IL
Constipation, Gas And Bloating
«Thank you for e-mailing me to see how I am doing. I received the products yesterday. I was going to wait until the weekend to start, but my stomach was giving me so much trouble, my husband and I decided that I should go ahead and start. I had the best night I've had in months. I actually slept all night.
2 weeks later: 
I have more energy than I have had in a couple of years. It is good to know you can do something for yourself.
4 weeks later:
I cannot believe how I feel. My digestive problems are so minor now. I feel much more energy and happiness. I am sleeping well, and I don't drop into bed at 8pm, exhausted. My husband, who has seen me dragging at the end of the day can not believe the change.

Sue S. Newark, DE


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Sue S.
Newark, DE
We Proved Them Wrong!

After years of having been told by three doctors and her acupuncturist that they would never conceive... The Smith Family has little Sarah to prove them all wrong!

Amanda - I am sorry it took so long to get this to you.  I hope you are doing well my friend.  I hope to some day meet you in person and introduce you to my little angel (who is now 15 months old!).

To all my fellow families struggling to have a family,

The first thing I would offer is "do NOT give up".  If you have a deep desire in your heart like I did in mine, I had to keep going.  No matter what I had to keep going until I felt so good and so fertile that I knew I had done my absolute best.  I never got to perfection, but I felt pretty darn close....and then it happened.  It took almost 2 years, but looking at Sarah, how could I ever have considered not going forward.

I can’t say enough about Amanda, about natural herbs, and the difference they’ve made in my life. In my first phone conversation with Amanda, she talked with me for over an hour and about how to deal with the problems I had with fertility. She couldn’t have been nicer and I was so grateful that she was so giving of her time. She developed an herb plan that would work with my body and said that along the way we could adjust the herbs according to how my body was responding. 

I would follow up with Amanda on the phone and she was always so friendly and happy to hear from me, and we became friends through everything she was doing to help me. My husband owns an online business, and Amanda even spent an hour talking with my husband and giving him business advice…she even looked at his website and gave him some pointers! 

Best of all, we now have a beautiful little one that my husband and I are totally crazy about! Amanda and I still chat and she loves to see pictures of our addition to the family. I have no doubt that Amanda and everything she did for me was the difference. She is a generous, giving and supportive person and goes way above and beyond for her customers…we will always be grateful to Amanda and Radiant Wonder!

This was a long journey....and on the way Suzanne sent us many emails and 3 testimonials:

4 months on the program:      Discouraged and wondering when or if she should stop

5 months on the program:     Balanced cycle and making more eggs

6 months later:                     FSH down - Follicle count up!

1 year and 3 month mark:       The fateful month...and a hesitation to test

6 months later:                     I can't believe our baby will be here in just a few weeks!

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Suzanne S.
It's A Girl!


Hope all is well. wanted to let u know we had a baby girl on July 10, 2009!

Lila Kate weighed 7.9 and was 20.5 inches long.

I'm in heaven:)

Take Care,

Tina S., New Castle, DE


November 13, 2008:

I just wanted to say Thank you for everything! and to let you know we are PREGNANT!  hcglevel was 1315!!

Thank you again,



December 15, 2008

I wanted to let you know that my pregnancy is going well!  We are now 9 weeks along and have had 3 great ultrasounds.  My due date is July 18.  God is so good! It's going to be the BEST Christmas!  We're waiting until then to share our special news! 

Thanks for all your help and guidance along the way.


Sometime later (not sure of the date): 

Here we are, so happy with our beautiful baby girl.  And we thank you Radiant Wonder for being such a contributor to our success! 
And now we are ready to prepare for the next child.  What a wonderful thought, when a few years ago even having one seemed a mountain that might never be climbed.   So thank you for my new program and the renewed understanding of what I can do to help myself.
I appreciate the joy you take in helping others.  It is contagious.
Tina S., New Castle, DE
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Tina S.
New Castle, DE
Doctors Said No, 6 Months Later I'm Pregnant!

From Jonathan

Obviously, we're excited! It's been a long road and we don't have a baby yet (due in late April), but going from doctors telling us it was impossible to have a baby on our own to 6 months later being told we're pregnant has been quite the journey. You were the one person who truly offered us a realistic/actionable hope that this was possible.

While initially hesitant and unsure how effective these steps/herbs might be-the concern that the search for hope/answers might obscure logic/evidence, the bottom line is we saw results in one month with the disappearance of heat flashes and the resumption of a menstruation cycle.

With this evidence, it told us something was happening to the body. We know how devastating this initial news was, and rightfully so, but we've come full circle and we're so overjoyed and grateful that conception has happened. We would certainly encourage anyone else going through this difficulty to give this process a chance to see for themselves.

When you look at the cost of in-vitro, it makes sense on a few levels to give this method a chance of success, not to mention the satisfaction of producing your own offspring.

While we're not out of the woods yet, we look forward to being added to the group who can give you baby pictures. Amanda, thank you so much for your genuine care/concern. We truly appreciated your upfront, honest thoughts and desire to help-it made a difference in our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

Annie and Jonathan Boswell


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Annie and Jonathan Boswell
Our Second Radiant Wonder Baby... This Once Felt Like An Impossi

Hi Amanda!

I have been meaning to write to you for some time now.  My how time flies 
with 2 little ones!

Mia-Rose arrived on Aug 21 weighing 7lb 13oz, 20.5 in. We are all doing great!

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance on this journey to 
parenthood. You hold a special place in my heart.

Tina, New Castle, DE

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Tina S.
New Castle, DE
Pregnant After 13 Years Of Trying!

Hi to the very, very nice and sweet people at RADIANT WONDER.

You help to make things possible for me so fast and easy. Thank you very much.

Your friend,


Notes from the Herbalists:   When Lena first called us she was pushing 40 years old and very distraught.  She has a job with long hours (12 hours a day) as a nail artist.  She had been trying to get pregnant for over 13 years and was very stressed. Her main complaints beyond infertility were wanting more happiness in her life, less depression, more energy.  From time to time her blood pressure would be a problem.  And, living in the Bahamas, in a very warm climate, she was drinking lots of cold drinks, rarely any alcohol, but lots of cold.  Sometimes the only thing keeping a woman from getting pregnant is the inner physical tension.  That was our conclusion.  There was inner tension from all the cold drinks, and from emotional stress.

So her program was designed to build energy and relaxation at the same time.  To allow the flow of good health to move again. We recommended:  
Calm Energy ( a wonderful formula, which not only builds blood and energy, but also calms the nerves, allowing less stress for the heart and her emotions) Super Fertility #3 ( a classic blood builder, which includes Ho Shou Wu, which according to some recent studies, may positively affect the quality of the egg (or the sperm) Spirt Well-Being (to ease her into sleep without making her groggy).  None of these formulas were contraindicated with her blood pressure medication. 

She took the program and at the same time cut way back on the cold drinks.  She started eating breakfast which helped to raise her metabolism.  And it seems as if this combination was exactly right for her unique situation -- because after only 6 weeks of taking the herbs Lena called us to tell us she is pregnant!

We feel there are 3 keys to strong fertility: 

*  Building high quality blood

*  Having enough energy 
*  Having a free, relaxed flow of that energy in the body

Lena's program addressed all three keys, and it was uniquely designed just for her.  Somehow this special combination of herbs allowed her to relax enough she was able to become pregnant.  

This is why sometimes it seems so odd that you are only taking the herbs for a few weeks and after years of no success, suddenly you are pregnant.   For some of us it takes a long time, sometimes a year or two, but for the lucky ones whose imbalance is so simple, it can happen very quickly.  

After years of working with women we know this is not a coincidence. Although it always surprises and thrills us, too.  We do our best to understand the signals your body is sending you and to recommend the right program.  We are so grateful when a customer really follows the full program right from the start, takes full advantage of all the free information we give, and is rewarded with such wonderful success.

We are so happy for you, Lena.



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Lena W.
Sunrise, FL
From the West Indies: Tubes unblocked and a beautiful princess

Hi Amanda,
I'm sorry that i took so long to contact you. I hope you remember me. My name is Maartje.  I was trying for many years to fall pregnant, only to find out my tubes were both completely blocked.  I was most definitely told I would never have a baby.  Yet by God's grace and your products, here she is.  

Unbelieveable!  I unblocked my tubes and got pregnant after taking your
Cinnamon & Poria and Free Flow.  Many days I did not think it was going to work, but I always took the herbs and did the massage when I was supposed to.  When I would lose hope Julie kept telling me to be consistent, that consistency was the key. It was hard.  I tend to work against myself sometimes.  

I kept thinking I would have to go back and get another HSG to find out if anything had happened yet.  Instead I became pregnant. At first I was scared that the baby might be in one of my tubes.  But she wasn't!  We were so relieved and happy. 

I still find it incredible to believe.  My princess is here! She came early but we are both ok now. I had a 7 hour labor, and a  c-section.  It was pretty intense. She stayed in the incubator for some days but in the end everything was fine.
Just wanted to thank you again.  
Maartje J.  

Dutch St. Maartean, AN

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Maartje J.
Dutch St. Maartean, AN
April's New Born Baby!
We are celebrating the New Year with a very special Radiant Wonder baby – April’s new born baby! 
Who is April? For a long time, April was the first contact everyone talked with when they called Radiant Wonder. She was our Office Coordinator. It was so exciting for all of us when she, against a lot of odds, became pregnant herself. She has been gone for a good 6 months and yet customers still ask how she is.   Well, April is a stay at home Mom right now raising two beautiful children.
Here is the letter and picture she just sent us, followed by some details about the challenges she overcame and the products she took.
Dear Russell and Amanda,
Thank you so much for my beautiful baby boy.  I always wanted to have a big family, but the doctors told me that I wouldn't be able to conceive again after my daughter was born.  My husband and I tried for two years and then I just gave up.
When I started working for Radiant Wonder a year ago, I was fascinated with all of these women who were conceiving. Their stories sounded like mine. They had been told by their doctor that they were beyond hope as far as having a baby. I knew it was true, because I was the one talking to them. I was amazed.   I really feel God lead me to that job so I could hear first hand that not just one, buy many miracles can happen. It made me start to hope again. We all got so happy every time someone found success.    So, I started taking Radiant Wonder Fertility herbs myself and then we tried to conceive again.   I’ll never forget when I took that home pregnancy test, and it was positive. We knew our prayers had been answered. I have never been so happy.
Little Jonah was born on December 19th.  He was 6 pounds and 10 ounces. He looks just like his Dad.  We both love him so much and cannot thank you enough.  My daughter is five and she is so grateful for her baby brother.
Thanks again,
(We will always be thankful that April always went the extra mile to help anyone who called in. A little while after April started with us she told us she was having trouble conceiving. She was battling with chronic vaginal dryness, pain and had intermittent bouts with PID. One of our company benefits for our employees is a free herbal program. So April started with her program, which changed from month to month. Some of the product combinations included Classic CleansingSuper Fertility #2A Woman's EnergyStress ReliefCinnamon & Poria and Free Flow. She didn’t take all of these at once. As her body changed, she changed her herbal program. The last combination was Cinnamon & Poria and Free Flow. Two weeks into that program she found she was pregnant. )
We celebrate baby Jonah’s arrival, and we want to tell the world how much we appreciate you, April! 
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California, USA
Adult Acne

My skin is the best it has been in years, which makes me feel really happy and confident! And I have been waking up feeling wonderful, alert, positive and ready for the day. Acne Remedy helps when there is a breakout, but the program of Cinnamon & Poria with Balance seems to have really helped something rebalance. I am not having the severe and ongoing breakouts. We definitely are doing something right!

Jane G., New York, NY



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Jane G.
New York, NY
Beautiful Johanna, 8 Pounds Of Happiness
Last week was the birthday of a baby we have been anticipating for many months – 8 pounds of happiness with the beautiful name, Johanna!  
This is a very special family to us – Carl and Ellen with their two children, Clara and Johanna – both born with the support of Radiant Wonder.  
About 5 years ago Ellen was very worried she would never have a child as she had had a series of miscarriages. She started working with us and understanding more about what she needed. Her tongue was a pale pink and although she worked very hard for the church, she often did not have the energy she needed.   She also tended to chill easily. (See below for explanation)*    Ellen started drinking more warm drinks and eating blood building foods, doing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises everyday (Ellen always follows her program with the same energy she applies to all of life). Soon she was pregnant again. 

 A month or so into the pregnancy Ellen was overexerting her self physically with the church work, and began to bleed a little bit. The doctor insisted that she stay at home in bed. This was when Radiant Wonder was much smaller and I had the time to call, so I called her almost every day just to make sure she STAYED in bed. Ellen is a doer. Her body and her mind are always in motion. Ellen is not an easy one to tie down.   But she did it. It was during this time that we created new herb formula called 
Calm The Baby especially for Ellen.   The Chinese always talk about helping a pregnancy through a rough period as “calming the baby”.   Isn’t that a beautiful phrase?   The tea will not stop a miscarriage if there is something genetically wrong with the fetus, but if it is just a matter of supporting the blood and energy needed to hold the baby. This tea is safe for the whole first trimester.   The bleeding stopped, the pregnancy stabilized, and soon beautiful little Clara was born (she is the big sister in the picture).

And now little Johanna has joined her sister.   It has been a bit of a journey to welcome Johanna into the world too.    Ellen spent many months before becoming pregnant with Johanna. She was strengthening her body again. She took herbs to strengthen reproductive function, like 
Super Fertility #5 and Restore Balance Plus. She also took herbs to build her blood, like Spirulina and  A Woman's Energy.   And she found other things to use like PreSeed (a lubricant which does not kill sperm).   It was also a very, very stressful year for many other reasons. Yet the Harters persevered and Ellen became pregnant again. Calm The Baby was used a little here and there, otherwise her pregnancy supplements were SpirulinaSuper Omega-3 and a prenatal vitamin.

Ellen is not only a strong woman, to deliver an 8 pound baby naturally, but also a wise mother. Not only is she taking care of her daughters, she is also already following a program to bring her energy and health back to balance. The first few months after delivery are so important because the body has expended so much energy and lost so much blood. How you help yourself at this time can affect your health for years.


Notes from Julie and Amanda:
What we have found after years of working with women is that, contrary to some of their medical diagnoses they are not infertile, they are simply imbalanced.  Ellen had all three of the key imbalances which get in the way of getting pregnant and staying pregnant. What were they?
1) Blood deficiency:  Her tongue was very pale in the middle.
2) Her “fire of life” was low:  Her whole body chilled easily. There was three full weeks of PMS every month and she had clots and pain with her period. There was no warmth to restimulate her reproductive function.  
In Traditional Chinese Medicine this inner warmth is absolutely the key to being able to have an ideal cycle and also to be able to maintain a pregnancy to full term. 
3) Lack of energy: Ellen was also so tired all the time.  Why is energy so important? According to Chinese herbal theory if you don’t have energy your body will protect you and inhibit your reproductive function. 

Julie and Ellen worked together closely for many months.  Gradually Ellen had less pain with her period and less clots.  Her energy was better, not optimum in her mind, but better.  She still was a little cold, but not as chilled all the time.  And then she was pregnant again.  It was hard for her to believe and still the anxiety of the former miscarriages remained.  But all went well and the Harter family is now complete -- two great parents and two beautiful sisters to grow up together.

This is the interesting thing about the body and the quest for perfect balance: things don't have to be perfect for success.   The body just needs to be strongly moving in the direction of healing and more health.  It is like a snowball moving down the hill.  At first it is very slow, but when it starts to gain momentum magical things can happen.  What we have noticed is that there seems to be a  moment, not even noticed, when that shift gains power that a woman often gets pregnant.  She is seeing a mountain ahead: she must be perfectly balanced, feeling warm all the time, etc. The body sees the shifting toward better health and jumps ahead, knowing it will have the support it needs.
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Ellen H.
Lilitz, PA
Unexplained Infertility - Baby Girl!
Hi to everyone at Radiant Wonder!

Here is a picture of our beautiful baby girl!   If not she was born on July 13, 2008. I only had a 4 hour labor enduced from start to finish. She is very healthy and the talk of the hospital. Her name is Peyton Marie and weighed 6lbs 9oz 19.5 inches long. She is such a good baby, hardly cries, smiles all the time, and very wiggly (from the time she came out).
We are so happy!  And I still have trouble believing this has happened!
Trish had all three of the biggest obstacles for getting pregnant and staying pregnant. What were they?
1) Blood deficiency:  Her tongue was very pale in the middle and her cycles were more than 30 days apart. She was not yet anemic, but she was blood deficient. How could she build a home for her baby without high quality blood?
2) Her “fire of life” was low:  Her whole body chilled easily. There was three full weeks of PMS every month and she had clots and pain with her period. There was no warmth to stimulate balanced reproductive function.  
In Traditional Chinese Medicine this inner warmth is absolutely the key to being able to have an ideal cycle and also to be able to maintain a pregnancy to full term. An interesting thing she remembered: She began getting cold in high school (after her menses had started). So the cold was most likely begun by a blood deficiency even that young in life.
3) Lack of energy: Trish was also so tired all the time and she felt this lack of energy was progressively getting worse. Her digestion was also very weak. There were stomach pains. Bloating was a problem and no matter what she did it wouldn’t go away.   Why is energy so important? According to Chinese herbal theory if you don’t have energy your body will protect you and inhibit your reproductive function. 
Trish responded very quickly to the herbs.  I remember her thrill and surprise that she was no longer having stomach pains. “My stomach pains have gone away!  And there is no bloating at all.”   Two weeks after starting the herbs she had a period. No cramping. She reported that she “felt pretty darn good all around. I feel more steady."   By the next month she could tell me she was no longer so cold all the time. 

She was making such good progress and then we hit a major setback. Trish’s car collided with a cow. That’s right, she was hit by a cow! Literally! As she made a turn in the road a cow stepped into her path. Neither the car nor the cow survived, and Trish was bruised and aching. We had to divert her program toward helping her to heal. She was holding fluid and in pain.   The stress was also causing digestive problems again.
The fast healer!
The truth is that because she had been working so hard to build her sexual vitality, she had built back the body’s ability to rebound from severe stress. She healed faster than almost anyone I have worked with in a long time. By November she was beginning to feel more like herself again.
Within a few weeks she was calling to tell me she was pregnant. I was SO happy. Knowing how much she had been through I asked her “Did you think it would happen to you?”
And she said, “Truthfully, no.”   She was shocked but thrilled and amazed.
She also told me the day before she couldn’t stop thinking about how she had lost so much ground with the accident.   She cried intensely all day about how nothing was working. The next day she took the pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant!
Congratulations Trish!
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Trish L.
I Thank Radiant Wonder For My Pregnancy

Hello Amanda,

I get to know the sex of the baby sometime the week of Feb 11.  I am really excited.  The baby is very healthy!  The average heart rate is 140 and mine is 149.  I would really like a girl, just on the fact that I have 2 step sons and 1 husband, ( that is a lot of testosterone in the house), as long as it is healthy I really don’t care.

I want to thank you again, if it wasn’t for you and Radiant Wonder I would still be unhealthy and not be pregnant.  I cannot express my feelings enough.

I would love to be a representative for you, I firmly believe in Radiant Wonder.  The entire family was stunned to hear that I was pregnant, the first words out of their mouth was not congrats it was "I thought you couldn’t have kids.”  The only thing I say is that it was Radiant Wonder that made it possible.
Thank you so very much,
Jerri, Portland, OR
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Portland, OR
Sweet Baby Lily

Dear Amanda,

These are a few pictures of Lily.

She was born early ....A year after my dad passed away I put a lily on my dad's grave and went into labor. 

We never buy flowers, but this was so symbolic. She knew we needed her during our extreme sadness and I felt like my dad was sending me a message. Lilliana Josefina is a combination of my grandmother's, father's, and fiancee's mother's name. In the Jewish religion, you name people only after people who have passed away. 

Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to talking to you soon. Take good care and thank you for your help from the bottom of my heart

Sarea Y.  Alberta, Canada


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Sarea Y.
Alberta, Canada
I Owe Being Pregnant To Radiant Wonder!

Hi everyone at Radiant Wonder,

I have been very busy.  My job at the bank became very stressful so I quite.  I am now back at the shop.  I didn’t have my first real OB visit till yesterday.  He even did a sonogram just to make sure everything is all right and to calm my nerves.  The baby is very healthy and the doctor thinks that I will have a great pregnancy. (I don’t have morning sickness or really anything).  I wanted to wait until my doc appt to email you, so you have good timing with your phone call.  I hope to have a girl but I am just happy to have a healthy baby.  The doctor also said that I am going to probably have a long baby.  (She/he is already 2in long).

Anyways here are a couple of sonogram pictures.  The baby was so active that he couldn’t get a very good picture.  But the heart beat is very, very strong.

Thank you for everything I owe being pregnant to you and Radiant Wonder!  I have never been so happy!  You can put this on your website if you want.
Annie, Atlanta, GA
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Atlanta, GA
Ovarian Cancer To Pregnant!

Hello Holly!

So glad you called in today, I’m confident that you will start feeling great. You’ve been through so much already and have pulled through incredibly well.
So here is your program:
1. Restore Balance   3 capsules 2 times per day
2. Stress Relief   3 capsules 2 times per day
I think you received the exercises back in 2008, a DVD titled: The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. If you still have it, please start doing those as often as you can, once per day if possible. These exercises will do wonders for your overall health, but in particular help with stress levels and giving your body that balance it so desperately needs. If you don’t have it anymore, let me know and I will send you another copy for free since you ordered it before.
In the meantime, I can’t wait to receive your testimonial and a picture of little Orion!
Also, I’d like to be in touch with you in a couple of weeks, if that’s ok; I’d like to check in with you to see how you’re doing.
Take care and I’ll talk to you soon. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or email me/us.
Warm Regards,
Zelina Medina
Herbal Consultant, Radiant Wonder
Hello Zelina, (what a beautiful name!)
Thank you help and suggestions.
My testimonial:
In October of 2007 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer in my left ovary. My ovary was removed and I underwent 3 months of intense chemotherapy. This type of cancer has a 98% cure rate so today I am considered cured of the cancer. 
Prior to my diagnoses my husband and I were planning on having a second child.   My chances of having a second child were dramatically reduced after chemotherapy and only one ovary left. One year later I called Radiant Wonder and they recommended that I take Super Fertility #2. 5 moths later I was pregnant! Orion River Bee was born on June 21-- father's day.  He is a true blessing and we are so grateful. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Radiant Wonder and the supplements that helped restore my body and my fertility.
Thank you Radiant Wonder!
 Holly B.
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Holly B.
Quechee, VT

From Annie

Hi Amanda, wanted to share some good news with you: I'M PREGNANT!!! and I've stopped taking the Harmony and Super Fertility #2 as soon as I thought there might be a chance. I took home pregnancy tests (several) and then just had a blood test done today at my doctors, who confirmed it. So, do you have any suggestions?



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Lord Jesus blessed us with a baby girl. Thank you Radiant Wonde
Dear Amanda,
How are you doing? Hope you and your family are doing well.
It is a long time since we spoke together. A lot of things in between!
Lord Jesus blessed us with baby girl nicole on 1/30/13, via C Section. Thank you Amanda and Radiant Wonder for your wonder products and your incredible support.
You helped me so much for such a long time.  You stood by me in my last miscarriage and helped me recover and find my health again. You were always encouraging and helped me learn a great deal about my body.   I know that God brought us this beautiful child, but Our Lord also led us to you.  You were an important part of the path and we thank you.  So was Susan Weed's Raspberry Tea, which I drank during the pregnancy.  What a team we had to help us get pregnant and stay pregnant!  And at the top of that team was, of course, Our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Regarding pregnancy, I became pregnant last May. We did a pilgrimage to the Holy Love Ministry in Ohio in the first week of May and two weeks later found out that I was pregnant! After all the miscarriages, we had decided to keep pregnancy just between us and our doctor until the baby was born. Even our parents didn't know about it until the 30th of January- in fact 3am on 31st January in India!! Luckily, they did not pass out!!!! 
Amanda, Please call me when you have time.
God bless you all!
Michelle N., Stowe, VT  USA
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Michelle N.
Stowe, VT
Thinking of Christmas - pregnancy going well

Hi Amanda!

I wanted to let you know that my pregnancy is going well!

We are now 9 weeks along and have had 3 great ultrasounds. My due date is July 18. God is so good! It's going to be the BEST Christmas ever! We're waiting until then to share our special news! Thanks so much for all your help and guidance along the way!! Take care

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Beautiful Baby Ryan - FSH 65 - miscarriage history
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family Amanda!   Life here is GREAT, very busy and couldn't be happier.   Right now we are digging out of the massive snow storm/blizzard we received closing pretty much everything for several days including the University (a rarity!).  

Ryan will be 10 months on the 13th of February. I can't believe he's almost a year old. We are so grateful to have him and that he's a healthy little boy. He's moving right along with his development - he has 6 teeth, enjoys eating solids and he's crawling.   He pulls up to a standing position on everything and is really moving fast "walking" along the furniture, walls, etc. and expect him to be walking unassisted very soon. 
While initially tepid about your herbal program, I think the positive evidence speaks volumes. We saw undeniable evidence with the results of our first pregnancy. After that pregnancy and without using the program, the body again reverted to high FSH levels (multiple test close to 60) and we resumed the program. The body AGAIN responded in the same way (back to normal FSH levels) with the same program showing repeatable results leading us to our beautiful son. With what we witnessed, consider us sold by evidence.  
Words cannot express how grateful we are to you, your system and counsel. I am a true believer.  We have been discussing whether or not we would like to see if another little one is in our future. If we do make that decision to try again, we'll be calling! 
I've attached a picture of Ryan for you. 
Again Happy New Year and thank you for everything you do.

Sarah, Steve and Ryan

From Amanda: 

This family is very dear to us, for their story has been a long one ............... Here it is:
What was going on when they first called?  And how long did it take to get pregnant?
Well, when Steve first called for information, Sarah’s FSH level was 65, she was having hot flashes, without a cycle, and had been told she was menopausal and a baby of their own was out of the question.  Naturally they were both distraught and feeling they were vulnerable as far as what they could believe or not when it came to herbal programs.
Steve earned my respect as one of the most intelligent and skeptical customers I have ever dealt with.  He had reservations about the testimonials.  Were they real?  He wanted proof that the herbs would work. He insisted that he must talk with customers who had successfully lowered their FSH levels. (see note below)*    I actually did that for him.  I will never do it again, because it is so complicated to try to accomplish in a way that protects our customers' privacy.  People do not come to us to promote our products and services.  They come to help themselves and with privacy.  When couple chose to share their stories this is a great gift for us and for those researching our site.  I did it for them this one time.  I will never do it again. All  knew they could help themselves if they just could try it and that would be the best proof of all.
After much reflection and a couple of months each started individually designed programs.  For Sarah it was a program to bring down her FSH, bring back her cycle and optimize her chances for conceiving; for Steve it was to give an extra boost to his sperm count, morphology and motility.  I don't remember that there was a problem there.  I think he was just covering all bases, as Steve knows how to do!

So they started taking the herbs in February of 2008
As the herbs and program started to work, I received a series of happy emails.  Here is one of them:

Sent: Mon, 5 May 2008 20:30:06 -0500  -- from Sarah -- hot flashes gone and cycle has come
Hi, been meaning to email you.  I do have great news: 

1)  have been hot flash free for a month, if not longer AND best of all -- 

2)   I just had my period! This is the 2nd month in a row.  I'm also making sure I have some type of steamed greens daily (the actual food) and not just the mega green shake in the AM.  Trying to keep up with the exercises but not very good at that.  I do, do the breathing and the ear rubbing though. :) 

Still on the harmony and Fertility #2 pills 3/each 2times a day---AM and then around 3-4PM.  We are both doing the hot water detox once a week.  And Steve is staying up on his herb cycle as well.
August 23, 2008 -- pregnant 
From Sarah:
Hi Amanda, wanted to share some good news with you:  I'M PREGNANT!!! and I've stopped taking the harmony and super fertility #2 as soon as I thought there might be a chance.  I took home pregnancy tests (several) and then just had a blood test done today at my doctors, who confirmed it. So, do you have any suggestions?

From Steve
Sarah and I are mega excited with a touch of caution since we're in the first couple of weeks and we know that things could still go array. That said, we're very positive and optimistic. We've already beat the impossible odds stated by the doctors.
A little later:
From Steve:
Obviously, we're excited! It's been a long road and we don't have a baby yet (due in late April), but going from doctors telling us it was impossible to have a baby on our own to 6 months later being told we're pregnant has been quite the journey. 

You were the one person who truly offered us realistic hope and an actionable plan. While initially hesitant and unsure how effective this herbal program might be paired with the concern of being overly hopeful and that obscuring logic/evidence, the bottom line is we saw results in one month with the disappearance of heat flashes and the resumption of a menstruation cycle. With this evidence, it told us something was happening to the body.  

We know how devastating the initial news was, and rightfully so, but we've come full circle and we're so overjoyed and grateful that conception has happened. We would certainly encourage anyone else going through this difficulty to give the process a chance to see if it works for them as it definitely did for us. 

When you look at the cost of in-vitro, it makes sense on a few levels to give this method a try, not to mention the satisfaction being able to have your own child and beating the odds. While we're not out of the woods yet, we look forward to being added to the group who can give you baby pictures. 

Amanda, thank you so much for your genuine care/concern. We truly appreciated your upfront, honest thoughts and desire to help. It made a difference in our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Sarah and Steve Jensen

Not the end of the story.............unfortunately

This part of the story is personal and an event the Jensens are most likely still grieving about, so I will not go into great detail, just to say she was carrying twins and she lost them to a miscarriage at close to six months.  Usually twins are in separate sacks in the uterus.  This was a highly unusual and very risky situation where they were together in the same sack.  There is a very low percentage of these pregnancies which can be carried full term.  But, true to form, both Sarah and Steve did not withhold their love for these little beings, but supported them until it was their time to leave.
This is where the wisdom of this couple comes to the fore again.  They did not hide in grief, but began again to come back again into the ring to fight forward.  They called me and Steve made a special stew for Sarah.  He didn't like it much, but she loved it and it really helped her body to come back.  Her FSH jumped up again, but we knew not to worry.  Things started to stabilize again.  It wasn't perfect, but it didn't need to be.  Our goal was to help Stephanie regain her strength again.  We knew her body could get pregnant.  We wanted to do our best to make sure she would hold the next child full term.
November 27, 2009
We are 20 weeks pregnant.  One baby in one sack!

April 13, 2010 --- Ryan is born!

And now you see one of the beautiful pictures we have been sent of this wonderful child.   I wonder if Ryan will ever know the devotion and the dedication his parents had in their quest to bring him forward into this world.
Thank YOU to Sarah and Steve...........for letting us be part of that journey.

*Interesting enough,  scientific verification for the results we have been seeing for years is now beginning to bubble up for the world to see.

I know there will be much more coming forward.  For example, there are Reproductive Endocrinolgists here in Los Angeles who have been working together with acupuncturists helping couples to achieve successful pregnancies.  They have had  repeated success for many years, and one of the things they have noticed is that when women take the special fertility formulas for a long enough length of time (usually at least 6 months) the number of eggs produced and the quality of those eggs seems to improve, often dramatically.  This is just anecdotal evidence at this point.  Yet, there has been enough positive clinical evidence for these REs and acupuncturists to apply for a research grant to back their clinical observation.   This will be exciting.  Maybe in another 5-10 years Chinese herbs will be an integral part of Western based fertility treatments.
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Sarah J.
Missouri, USA
Thanks To Your Program, I Got Pregnant!

Hi Amanda and Julie,

I just wanted to send you a picture of my son.  Thanks to your program, I got pregnant, regardless of what the doctor said. 

Here is a picture of my son 2 years later.  Thank you again for helping me.


Rhonda Z., Havertown, PA

Herbalist notes:  We thank you so much, Rhonda, for taking the time to write us this note and send us your beautiful pictures.  You have no idea how this kind of communication from our customers reinforces our inspiration to help everyone. 

Rhonda was 44 when she got pregnant.  Her doctor had told her she would never have a baby on her own.  Her FSH was too high and her LH and Estrodiol were also not in the normal ranges.  Actually it was not a very complicated or a very long journey once she was working with Julie and me.  There were symptoms which to us were very important, such as feeling cold often (we want warmth for the baby's home), yawning and napping all the time (she needed more energy to support the reproductive functioning), and cramping and clotting with her cycle (blockage of energy flow).  She was pregnant within 3 or 4 months of starting her herbal program.  She was dedicated to the program, doing the exercises, the Hot Water Detox, eating lots of cooked greens and making sure she had a warm breakfast with 10-15 grams of protein.  Within those few months she had more energy, her cycles were much better, and so important, she wasn't so cold all the time. This was enough change in the right direction for her body to be able to get pregnant and hold the pregnancy full term.   

Chinese Medicine is not biochemical medicine like Western Medicine, it is energy medicine, the bioelectric body.  When you help yourself with the principles of Chinese Herbalism you are helping yourself to feel better (you can feel energy changes).  That is why it is important to stay in touch with us.  We can help you understand the importance of certain changes and perhaps know just when to change a formula to speed up the healing process.

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Rhoda Z.
Havertown, PA
Energy Back, No Hot Flashes, Sleeping At Night, then a Baby Girl

I am 43 years old and I just delivered our beautiful baby, Gina!   I have a very stressful job as a social worker. A year and a half ago, my energy was so low, I was having bad gas, constipation, and years of anxiety and insomnia.  My FSH was high and I was having hot flashes.  I started working with Radiant Wonder. After 10 months of Steps to Success I was so depressed. There had been big changes: my energy was back; I had no constipation, I was sleeping through the night, little to no anxiety, with no hot flashes at all.  But no baby. I went to the Kaiser Fertility Clinic. I kept thinking "I do not want to do this".  But why did I want to give up?  The very next week I got a positive.  It was 11 months to the day from the time I started with you.   That positive is now our incredible baby, Gina  To other women I say, “don’t give up.”  And don’t be afraid of your age. Don't be afraid to give your body time to heal.


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Philadelphia, PA
One Year Of Devotion, Successful IVF
Radiant Wonder really has worked, for lack of a better word, wonders for me!  

A year ago I had a failed IVF cycle and turned to the internet for explanations and options.  That’s where I found Radiant Wonder.  I started taking
Calm Energy, Stress Relief and Super Fertility #2.  The effects were almost immediate – I could actually focus at work and sleep at night.
Well, it’s been right at a year and I have just started another IVF cycle with a different doctor.  Before I began the cycle he reviewed my previous IVF calendar (from a year ago) with all the medications etc.  and told me he was shocked at the aggressive nature of the treatment considering how well my lab results and ultrasounds had turned out this time.  

That’s when I explained to him that I’m not the same person I was a year ago. I told him all about Radiant Wonder and how much my body had changed.  My FSH dropped from 8.5 to 6.1 and my follicle count went from a total of 5 to 5 on one ovary and 11 on the other!    

I was afraid he might discount my “wonder herbs” but he actually took the time to read up on them and gave his consent to keep taking them throughout the treatment.  He’s all about the holistic approach to medicine and is in total support of anything that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing.  I love it!!!  I’m actually excited about the IVF this time instead of scared to death.  Positive thoughts!  Positive feelings!  And hopefully, 
positive results on that pregnancy test!!!

Thanks Radiant Wonder!!!
HAPPY ENDING!    The IVF was successful.   She had a full term pregnancy and a beautiful baby.
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Brandi F.
Bryan, TX
I May Be Pregnant..


Hi. How have you been?  

I don't want to get ahead of myself but today is day 32 of my cycle.  My usual cycle is no more than 29 days.  Last month after surgery it was only 27 days.  Just in case I am pregnant should I stop taking the Vitex?  The bottle says that you should not take it if you are pregnant.  

I am too scared right now to take a pregnancy test.  Maybe on Sunday if I don't have my period yet.  I just don't want to be disappointed and I know you completely understand about that.  I will keep you posted and when I find out I will call you. 

Have a great weekend.  The weather here has been in the 90's for the last few days.  We finally had rain last night!!

Luv Suzanne


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40 Years Old And Pregnant
Hi Every One at Radiant Wonder,
I wanted to share some good news with you: I'M PREGNANT!!! .   I took four home pregnancy tests because it was so hard to believe and then just had a blood test done today at my doctors, who confirmed it.
It has been such a long journey. We were told almost a year ago that with Joe’s low sperm count and my high FSH (89) we would never conceive.  And, of course, we are also in our forties.... that ''age factor''.
You are the only ones who offered us a realistic and practical plan to keep trying.
Although we were naturally a little hesitant about whether these herbs would work, we were willing to try. At the same time we were thinking that maybe our great desire to have a baby was just making us believe in something not real. After one month however, my hot flashes completely disappeared. That was enough in itself to tell us these simple herbs were doing something special.  Not long after my cycle resumed.  We both felt lighter and happier than we had felt in a long time. We truly were entertaining the possibility of success. 
We were so skeptical in the beginning the fact that I am now pregnant seems more like a dream. And I keep thinking of all the money we saved without more drugs and another in vitro!   I know that I still have to carry and to deliver this baby, but I feel so different this time I seem to know that will happen. This will not be another miscarriage.  (see update below)
Janice, Chicago, IL
8 months later...
Dear all our friends at Radiant Wonder,
The due date is coming soon and all is going well. Thank you for thinking of us.
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Janice K.
Chicago, IL
Miscarriages To Sweet Baby Boy!
During my long quest to have a baby I was searching the internet looking for herbs to support fertility and overall good health. We already had a healthy 4 yr. old daughter and really wanted to add to our family.  I had had 2 miscarriages the year before (Mar. and Nov.) and was very discouraged/depressed (wondering I was going to be able to carry a baby full term).   Luckily I found Amanda’s website and gave her a call.  She set a time to discuss my health issues/concerns and help tailor a program specifically for the health concerns I had at the time. 
I took the herbs she recommended (we changed them throughout the time as my health improved and changed), exercised (Radiant 8 exercises along with walking), tried to eat right, and prayed a lot.  Around 8 months later I conceived and carried full term to deliver a healthy baby boy. He is now a healthy, happy 18 month old little boy.  I thank God for finding Amanda and answering our prayers for another child.  Now I am back talking to Amanda to make sure I am as healthy as I can be since we would love to have another child (God willing).  Thank your for your time and support Amanda.
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Lori G.
20 Weeks Pregnant Today


I just wanted to thank you know for all the wonderful advice you have given me over the last two years. After many ups and downs, I'm finally pregnant. In fact, I'm 20 weeks today. We just haven't been telling anyone because I thought that something would go wrong. However, things are going fine. 
Thank you for everything. 



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Happy Father's Day Honey, I'm PREGNANT!

Dear Amanda,

I am pregnant. I haven’t even told my husband yet, although I think he kind of knows.  I want to tell him on Father’s Day. I can’t believe it! I am so happy, and he is going to be so happy too. We have wanted this for so long. 
Three months ago we didn’t have much hope.   The fertility doctor sat there and told us both that at 43 I was way too old to think about having a child on my own. My FSH was high, my Estrodiol and LH were both off.   I asked him “Is there any way to bring down the FSH?”   He said, “No. If we knew how to do it we would all be rich.”    He said we would have the best odds doing IVF (at a price tag of $14,000). My husband asked if we couldn’t start with something cheaper, like Clomid. He said, “No, that would be a waste of money.”
So I went on line and found you guys. I talked with an herbalist and ordered my first herbs on April 8th (less than 3 months ago).   (
Stress ReliefSuper Fertility #2Digest Ease #1, and the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises). She sent me the free Fertility Program, too. I was not 100% on everything, but I did the exercises everyday and I did the best I could with everything else.
I reordered herbs earlier this week, and I remember telling Amanda I was a day or two late with my period.   I thought it might have to do with the stress of having my husband’s dad in the hospital. I know. You made me promise to get back to drinking something warm in the morning and have some extra protein. And I did it.    That was Wednesday and I still didn’t have my period, so I did my test. It came out positive and I couldn’t believe it. So I took another one.    And so I’m pregnant.
 It only took two and a half months!
I’m so happy. My husband wanted to know why I went to the drug store last night and why I needed a blood test, but I told him I needed to get some shampoo and I took a blood test for pregnancy but I don’t know. Yesterday he said “why are you smiling so much?” Too funny, huh? 
I KNOW it is the herbs that brought my FSH down.   I could feel the difference. And now I am pregnant. I cannot wait until Sunday so I can tell him!!


Thanks for all your help,


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Wedding Anniversary Surprise!

Hi!  Well, I have some excellent news for you!  I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!  By our calculations it looks like the baby may be born on my grandparents wedding anniversary, May 15th.  I can’t believe I was so convinced for so long that this couldn’t happen.  And it wouldn’t have happened without you, that is for sure.  Thank you for your positive uplifting spirit.  You have been great.

I have two questions.  Number one: my OB/GYN does not want me to continue any herbs during the pregnancy.  Do you agree?  Of course I will continue the other parts of the program.  You told me to call you and you would tell me which exercises to do, so I will do that tomorrow.  Number two:  I have 2 unopened bottles to return, so I am wondering if it is ok to return them.

Well, thanks for your help.  I can’t wait to talk with you tomorrow.

And again, thanks for all your support and wishing me well.   God has blessed us, for sure.

D. L.  Atlanta, GA


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D. L.
Atlanta, GA
I'm 6 Weeks Pregnant!

Hello! I wanted to let you know that I’m 6 weeks pregnant. My first beta was 730 and my second was 1769. Next Tuesday we’ll have an ultrasound. This has been a long journey and we all feel very hopeful. 
2 months later. 

Things are still going well. It is a little surrealistic . Is this really me? Thank you SO MUCH for giving me cause to hope again and the guidance so I could learn how to actually turn things around. 
Best to all of you. 



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A Big Thank You

Hi Amanda,

Jan. 17 is the day Dr. Williams' office has the due date.   In some ways it is hard to believe that it is only 3 months yet in another way that seems a long time yet.  Bending is becoming a little harder because of the baby.  I think we conceived somewhere around May 4. My last period's first day was April 19. I told James I'll have to get used to getting that again; the break from it was nice after all these years.

Last appointment on Oct.17 I measured 23cm, the baby's heartbeat was 144, my weight was 150 lbs.  I need to get the glucose test done between that and this next Friday.  Staying at the hospital lab for one hour was boring.  We live about 1&1/2 miles or so from the hospital.

God has been good to us.  James is very pleased with the idea of a little one around here.  

Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 5:43 AM -- 4 months later:

Hi Amanda, well I'm finally back at work after spending 12 wonderful weeks with my baby girl Ella.  She is doing great and big brother Cole is doing great as well.  Thanks again for all your wisdom and help.

G.S.  St. Louis, MO


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St. Louis, MO
We Love Baby Peyton! Thanks Radiant Wonder!


Sorry, I was doing so well at keeping everyone informed, then the holidays came, tax time etc. Peyton is doing wonderfully well. The doctor and development coach that comes around says that she is very advanced. She is going to be 8 months old March 13. She started to talk at 5 months (mama, dada and nana). She started rolling over at 4 months. At 5.5 months she was in a walker (she is still in the walker). She got her 2 bottom teeth Feb 2. She is very good at imitating the growls like my dog, fake coughs and sucks in her breath with a funny noise (her oldest brother taught her that). Patty cake loves her DVD baby Einstein. She is so busy! Everyone is so in love with her.

I've enclosed some pictures which you can use in your newsletters and on the website. I'll always say "Peyton is a Radiant Wonder baby."

I have to run but I will email you again.

All our love, Trish L.


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Trish L.
Trying To Concieve For Years; Pregnant At 44!

Jan came to us over 2 years ago for fertility issues.  She started the herbs, got very dramatic results within a few months as far as her health and energy were concerned but she had some big upheavals in her life.  

She lost her father.  Her mother came to live with her and she had to make those adjustments and her husband left his job to search for something better.  She told me that there was not much time to even make love now adays, so she would just put the pregnancy dream behind.  Both women said he same thing:  ''I'm just going to leave it in God's hands.''

Now ''all of a sudden'' she is pregnant.  After trying for a baby since she was in her late 20s, with a couple of miscarriages she is now pregnant at 44 -- defying all the records.  And she is a very happy woman.

''I know it is the herbs and the things you have taught me over the years.  I am so healthy now.  I was really going downhill when we first met, and now I am a different woman.  You are right -- I feel so much younger than I have for years.  I guess the inside of my body is younger, too!  I can not tell you how happy we are!''

Jan K., Wisconsin, USA

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Jan K.
Wisconsin, USA
My Little Girl!

Good Morning,

I know that it has been a long time since I have emailed you. Peyton (my daughter) is keeping me very busy.  I know that it was your program that helped me have a very very healthy onery little girl.  She will be 2 next month.  The grandma's, daddy and mommy  all call her the "mircale child."

With out you, I would not have her and every time I think of that I start to cry.  I want to let you know that every time I look at her I think of you.  Your job of giving people hope is wonderful.
Trisha L.

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Trisha L.
My Daughter Helena - My Radiant Wonder Miracle Baby
I went the Western route of doctors expecting them to solve my infertility problems for 5 years. That all changed for me when I started running out of hope. Running out of hope sent me searching for new answers. I was tired, and my body was tired of the drugs and the intrusive procedures. I yearned to try something different. Something deep within me went searching on the internet and it was that inner guidance I followed instead of my highly educated logical brain. Radiant Wonder’s site hit some chord within me. I watched myself, thinking maybe I was a little crazy, take the steps to contact Amanda. As soon as I did I had this feeling of coming home.
Talking with an herbalist gave me a plan and a program and a guarantee. If I didn’t feel really different in a month I could return all the supplements for a full refund. I took the dive. I took her challenge and embraced the whole program. I started drinking warmer drinks, eating breakfast, doing The Hot Water Detox once a week, eating dark leafy greens or juicing her fertility juicing recipes. I was pregnant in 7 months.
I truly believe in these amazing gentle and powerful herbs and would recommend Radiant Wonder to anyone in a heartbeat. My daughter, Helena, is truly a Radiant Wonder miracle baby and I could not have done it without Amanda’s help and with her superior knowledge of herbal medicine. Her ability to pinpoint energy imbalance and then give me the tools to resolve it was truly amazing.
I didn’t really understand how tired I was, or how low my spirit was because I thought I was ok. As I continued the program I remembered what she had told me that day: “You will start feeling yourself again, you will have energy and happiness and you won’t even be pregnant yet." She was right. I didn’t remember how good life could be. And the biggest thrill was that I was doing it myself. No one was doing it for me. Thank you, Amanda, for your second gift to me: an understanding of my body’s energy system and a sense that I am in charge.
I am writing this because I want to say to any woman considering a Radiant Wonder Fertility Program. Do it. And if you have been doing it for many months, DON’T GIVE UP. Just keep following the path toward more health and more vitality. There is a baby waiting for you there!
Annie S., Portland, OR (age 44) 

Herbalist's notes:  Over the 7 months Annie took many different formulas, because as she changed and healed the herbal formulas changed with her, always nourishing her body into the next level.   In the beginning she started with 
Super Fertility #2, Stress Relief and Digest Ease #1.  After that it was Super Fertility #6, Balance and Restore Energy Plus.  Her last formulas included Vitex PlusSuper Fertility #3 and Free and Clear
Average Rating:

Annie S.
Portland, Oregon
A New Baby!

I know it was your help and Radiant Wonder products that helped me become fertile again. I didn't have a lot of hope when I found you guys. Having exhausted all the fertility procedures available, I was at the end -- mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. I wasn't ready for a story, or for another major expense. The truth is, I didn't even call for help with fertility. I had given up.
 I got on an herbal program and made small lifestyle changes.
It took about 3 months for me to be sure where this new energy and emotional stability was really coming from. It was so natural it was hard to pinpoint the cause. Then, after about 6 months, my life began to really change. My power, confidence, creativity and ambition all came bounding back.
My period which I hadn't had for over a year started back up again. I felt strong enough to start asking in silence for the baby we so badly wanted. And she came. I am so grateful -- not only for this precious child, but for the growing understanding about how to bring good health into my life (and my child's and husband's).
Anna K., Portland, OR


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Anna K.
Portland, OR
FSH From 50 To 9, Now 6 Months Pregnant!
Hello to everyone at Radiant Wonder. Thanks for calling to check in on me. And guess what? I am fine!! More than fine......I am GREAT. Things are going so well!

I want to celebrate with you that I am now pregnant for 6 months! It took a while to sink in. I have been on this path of disappointment for almost 5 years, so that is why, when I first took the test my husband and you were the only ones I actually told. I remember feeling a combination of shocked, surprised, worried and stunned. It took a while to sink in. I actually took 5 tests just to be sure over a few days.  
I do believe that hope is the gift Radiant Wonder offered me. I really had given up trying. My FSH was 50 and the doctor had told me that there was no way for me to have a baby. We would have to consider egg donor or adopt. I also felt very bad about myself. Month after month of failures. I couldn't stand seeing little children with their mothers. I hated the basal thermometer. I didn’t even want to spend the money on the pregnancy tests. I felt anger yet felt detached and almost subhuman. Everything in my life was flat. 

When I stumbled across your website the words were so different than the ones I had been hearing from my doctor every month. Your site gave me hope that there still were things I could do. I hesitated because I kept telling myself this was just a site on the internet, but I felt such a sense of integrity and hope from the site that I simply had to follow through. It would either work or it wouldn't. How could it be any worse than where I was? This was the only place on the internet that said I could lower my FSH. It was hard to believe. If this were possible why weren't more places talking about it. The doctor said it was impossible. But the program wasn’t expensive and what did I have to lose? 

I found the best program for me. I started feeling dramatically different the first week. I was nicer to be around. I had more energy --- not wild energy – just steady good energy all day long. I had been so fixated on only hoping for a baby. My sleep became deep and easy again. I stopped being irritated at everyone and everything. But the really interesting thing was I really did start to have hope. My FSH did come down (to 9), but way before that happened my mind also started to change. I had hope. I also started to loosen up. I started to get out and do things and have fun and feel good about myself again. 

After a couple of months it actually became ok to me if I didn’t get pregnant. I had the feeling that all was ok and I was being taken care of. I observed this in myself and thought it was kind of neat. It wasn’t that I gave up or didn’t want a child, I was just enjoying my life and my relationships so much more that I had a deep sense that everything was going to be ok no matter what happened. I wanted the baby just as much as ever, but I was able to relax a little more and let go.  

The Radiant Wonder Fertility Program just seemed like a lot of strange suggestions at first – rubbing my ears, doing "energy exercises," the Hot Water Detox, eating breakfast and so many greens. At first I just did a few of the things. I started feeling stronger and healthier within a few days. So, I decided to just do the whole thing. I didn't discuss it with myself anymore. I just did it. I bought a juicer. I juiced greens, I cooked greens, I did all the parts of the program.

Don't think the loosening up emotionally and mentally came right away. It took awhile for me to relax. I had a short cycle the first month which totally freaked me out. I spotted in the middle of the second month. But my PMS disappeared. I wasn't feeling so cold anymore. My energy increased. The bottom line is that overall I was feeling very much better. And in three months my FSH dropped down to 9. I was going to rush right into another IVF, but I decided to sit on my hands and let my body have a couple more months. The 6th month we were scheduled to go in for initial consultation for Invitro… and we never made it in… I was pregnant.  After 3 miscarriages and 2 failed IUIs... I was pregnant! 

I think the greatest thing about the Radiant Wonder program is that it allowed me to look beyond the medical assessments of my doctor and showed me that there was more to fertility that clinical assessment. 
Medicine does not produce babies. Health and vitality produces babies. And Radiant Wonder taught me how to powerfully change my vitality. I could feel myself getting more fertile, as weird as that sounds. I also no longer concentrated on every little part of my cycle. Was there enough mucus? Was there ferning? How did this cycle compare to the last cycle? What was my temperature? I was letting go but not giving up. It made me feel free.
What an incredible gift --- not only a baby growing in my tummy, but the knowledge that I (me, myself, I) had played the biggest part in this success. I was the one who had brought back my own power and happiness. Thanks Radiant Wonder. You always give me the kudos.....but I want to thank you for being my guide. 
Ellen C. from Georgia, USA

Average Rating:

Ellen C.
Georgia, USA
FSH Level From 70 Down To 6

Thank you for your email and your support.  I have to also say thank you for your herbs, because  they decreased my FSH level which had been 70 down to 6.  This allowed me to go back to my country and try invitro. 

The doctors were completely amazed at how many healthy follicles I had.  I did the invitro procedure successfully, but the 2 implanted embryos only lived for a week.  Perhaps it was because I flew back to the USA so quickly.   But I am encouraged and continue to take the herbs, hoping for a natural result :)

Mila V., Del Ray Beach, FL

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Mila V.
Del Ray Beach, FL
Cholesterol And FSH Both Down!

Well, here is an update. I had my Cholesterol checked as well as my FSH on Tuesday. Here are the results I just received --- One month ago the numbers were for Cholesterol 274 and the month before it was 252, now it is 221. My FSH a month ago was 26.3 and the month prior it was 30, now it is 11.7 --- A big IMPROVEMENT! Yipee!  I will keep you posted, I am going to need to order some more stuff for sure so I will go to the site and see if I can figure it out.

Jenny K.



Average Rating:

Jenny K.
Greenfield, CT USA
I Felt This Was A Place I Could Trust

I can't believe the good things happening to my body. I have hope based on real results I can see and feel.

My name is Claudia I’m 30 years old. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for more than 3 years now. We have gone to fertility doctors. They have said that I have a low ovarian reserve and that the only way for me to get pregnant is with an IVF. One doctor even said that I had to get an egg donor. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I came across Radiant Wonder. I set up an appointment with them.

One Saturday I received a phone call from this wonderful person named Amanda. She talked to me like no one has ever done. She listened to me and after telling her all my issues (I will list in a little bit), she explained to me the reasons for all my problems.  Even before she offered me products she explained how I needed to change the way I eat and my habits. She also said ''even if you don’t buy my products, I want you to change your lifestyle. I want you to get pregnant." Who does that? In my opinion no one spends such a long time on a consult without a charge. I knew this place was a place I could trust. Little did I know what would start happening in the next 3 weeks.

My concerns:

Body Temperature: My body temperature was always low. I was cold all the time! I am warmer now even though I often feel cold and the place where I work is cold. It is not all the time, but already my colleagues have noticed that my hands are warmer. It is impossible to not get cold because the AC is blowing cold air. However there have been times when I take my sweater off at work, which has never happened, and it has only been 3 weeks.

Stomach: No more bloating after eating. No more stomach pain. I used to take my father’s Priolsec, you know the prescription, after eating. My stomach hurt so much. This has been going on for years! Now I haven’t asked him for one single pill since I changed everything.

Sleeping: I sleep better. I don’t wake up that often, but it still takes me a while to fall asleep, but I am able to sleep once I get to sleep. I used to be up all night.

Energy: My energy is better. It is not 100 percent, but I am not dragging.

I also had a completely different feeling with my period (which just came). I always have horrible cramping a week before my period. And I didn’t have cramping at all. I always finish a bottle of Advil every month. Around my period I would have to take 3 capsules every 6 hours to get through. I did not need even one Advil. To be honest, it was on the calendar so I expected cramping. I usually do get a really bad headache before my cycle. That is the only thing I still got this cycle. To tell you the truth I was even thinking maybe I was pregnant. Usually my breasts got really sore and my cramps are really horrible. And usually the first day I don’t even want to get out of bed. This month my breasts were not sore. I had only slight cramping the first day. Before I saw the bleeding I honestly thought maybe I was pregnant it was so different. The clots are less and the flow is not so heavy. It seems crazy after only 3 weeks. I usually don’t want to move, when I would get off from work I want to stay still. Also, I am not tired at all. Usually on my cycle I am exhausted. This is good for me. I didn’t get really emotional either, usually I just want to cry all the time, but this time I was just really happy the whole week before.

I’m going to continue using Radiant Wonder :). I love it! Thanks Amanda!


Average Rating:

Claudia A.
More Energy, Less Stress, All Day

I work for Delta Airlines at the Seattle-Tacoma airport.  Working for an airline today is intense. There have been so many changes and so much is expected of you.  I need two things to do what I do everyday -- less stress and more energy.  

I have tried so many things, 5-hour energy, ginseng, anything I could find.  Nothing really worked.  Then I tried your Energy Boost.  I had tried the Rhodiola and Gynostemma before from other manufacturers so I wasn't expecting a lot.  A friend just gave me a bottle and told me to give it a couple of weeks.  

I took 2 capsules twice a day.  It was a week and a half when it started kicking in.  This one product gives me everything I need.  Just 2 caps morning and again in the early afternoon. The quality of your stuff is awesome.  What do I feel?  I got exactly what I wanted: more energy less stress all day.

I have been telling all my friends, so let me tell you if you come to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport and you are flying Delta you can mention Radiant Wonder Energy Boost to most of the on the ground staff and they'll know what you are talking about.  

Joe P., Seattle, Washington USA

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Joe P.
Seattle, Washington
My FSH went from 30 to 2.5 - Pregnant in 4 months
Claudine had been trying to get pregnant for years.  
Her follicle reserve (AMH) was low, 
her FSH was high, 
she was a poor responder, 
and her only option was egg donor.....

 ''My FSH has dropped way down!  30 to 2.5!  After leaving the doctor's office this morning.  I was so excited this evening instead of calling my husband Radiant Wonder was the first number I dialed.

Writing this to you I'm hoping it can help someone out there with no hope that is experiencing whatever issue.  I have been trying to get pregnant for many many years, and have not been successful.  These numbers make me hope.
I was put on clomid with no luck until my doctor said for me to go see an infertility specialist which I did.  According to lab results my FSH level was at 30, so he told me sorry there was nothing they could do.  I either keep trying on my own or consider an egg donor. 
I knew for sure that the egg donor part was not something I would consider for personal reasons. Yes I cried and could not sleep that night. 
I was desperate. I had always believed in herbal medicine so I said to myself maybe there could be something else I could try. Feeling very lost late at night, I went on the internet. I looked at everything I could find. I kept going back to the Radiant Wonder site. There was something really unique about that site. Not only what is it all about my issues, but it was not expensive and I enjoyed the testimonies of other women like me.
And there was something about the site that made me feel it would be ok.

I did not wait, started on a program. I did the exercises, added the dietary advice, took the herbs, everything advised for me to do. Three months later my FSH level dropped to 2.5,  yes ladies 2.5 not 25 but 2.5!

My body had to get through some strange adjustments but I stayed on the program. For example I bled more than expected during the 1st month and no period during the 2nd and a regular period the 3rd. 
But I could feel the positive changes happening inside.  I literally felt the energy going through my reproductive system. It was amazing. I am not pregnant yet, but I feel healthy, my skin is radiant, I sleep like a baby, have lots of energy. Love you all at Radiant Wonder, may God continue to bless you as you continue to work wonders for his children.''
Claudine B.  Newport Beach, CA  USA
(note: Claudine did get pregnant about 4 months later and successfully delivered a healthy baby boy.)
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Claudine B.
Newport Beach, CA
High FSH And Told IVF Was My Only Option

My partner and I had been trying to conceive for six months.  I had figured I would get pregnant fairly quickly like I did with my two children ages 9 and 14.  

After months of trying, I decided to see a fertility specialist.  At my first appointment, I was made to feel so old at 41!  The statistics for getting pregnant over 40 were alarming.  

At my consultation we decided that the IVF route was the best way to go.  However, after my blood test, I was very disappointed to learn that I had a high FSH level of 26.  So I was told I was not a good candidate for IVF and was given the egg donor speech. I was devastated.

I started searching the internet to get some advice and came upon the Radiant Wonder website. I was sceptical at first even after reading the testimonials.  However,we decided it won’t hurt to try so I started out on both the Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief.  

It certainly didn't hurt!  I got pregnant. I am still in disbelief.  At first I was pregnant and scared.  Now it is past the first trimester and all is going well.  My due date is in the Spring and we are so very happy.

I felt compelled to share my story to others who maybe feeling discouraged about getting pregnant. 

The doctors don’t know everything.  So don’t give up!  

Nicole B., Sydney, AU

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Nicole B.
Sydney, AU
My FSH Levels Fell 24 Points in 3 Months!

For a couple of cycles I was taking Femara and I was not reacting to it.  I took  10 pills every day for 5 days.  I was not responding well, when in the past I had been just fine.  Then the doctor took my FSH and it was 35.  My OBGYN was not negative to me because we have been working together for a while. She just told me we would check the next cycle.  If it would come back less than 15 she would be able to use stimulation for another cycle. 

What was I going to do?  It was Labor day weekend and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  There must be a way to lower my FSH.  I started praying.  Then Labor Day night I found your site, spent a long time reading and rereading the information. I felt strongly that I should call your number, so I did just that, never expecting anyone to answer.  

The phone rang and Amanda herself answered!  I was shocked.  She said she was in the office doing some quiet work and just had the thought she should answer the call.  It was the only call she had answered in the hours she had been there.  I was so lucky I decided to call on Labor Day in the night. It was the day that God put you in my path.  

So what has happened? In less than 3 months my FSH has dropped from 35 to 14.7 to 11.5!

I am so excited and my heart is so full I can’t stop telling my friends about Radiant Wonder.  Kudos to my herbalist Julie and everyone else at Radiant Wonder. 

I am also seeing the beginning of the signs Amanda said to look for which would indicate my FSH was coming down:  more sexual fluids, more energy, and feeling better.   I am definitely feeling a shift.  I appreciate that you guys follow up with me and always take my calls and questions. 

My husband and I are so happy together and we are really looking forward to having our baby.   And now we have a super team to help us get there: a great doctor whom we love and Radiant Wonder.

Next Friday we do another IUI.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Marilyn T.,  Waipio, Hawaii

Herbalist notes:  One question we are often asked is ''what products do I take to lower my FSH''.  It is not always the same formulas for each woman.  This can be a hard concept to grasp, but it is very true.  

The key is to help the body find balance and then the hormones will naturally balance.  Western Medicine can quickly identify which hormones might be too high or too low, but has no protocol to rebalance the hormones successfully.  Chinese Medicine offers a plan, and it starts with helping the body find both more energy and more stability.   

For example, Marilyn's program changed as she was healing.  She took a variety of products which changed as she was changing:  She took 
Digest Ease #1SchizandraSuper Fertility #2SpirulinaClassic CleansingStress ReliefHeadache Relief, and Calm Digestion.  Now she did not take all of these products at once.  Her program was adjusted as she healed.

Your program can be adjusted as your body is changing.  We tend to think of ourselves in terms of the accurate snapshot taken with a first blood test.  You are not a snapshot, you are a moving picture.  As you change your inner biology with the deep nutrition of the herbal formulas and the simple lifestyle and diet suggestions we share with you, you find you are, indeed, not a snapshot, but a moving picture.  You are moving, and changing, and healing as you move forward on your path to have a baby.


Average Rating:

Marilyn T.
Waipio, Hawaii
FSH Levels Down And Now I'm Pregnant!
Dear Amanda,

I found you 2 years ago researching natural ways to lower my FSH.  I had been trying to conceive for years and experienced 3 miscarriages before trying fertility treatments.  I had done treatments for 12 months when my doctors finally told me that donor eggs were the only way.  My FSH was too high (16), my antral follicle count was 2 and I had not been responding to the meds - they only caused ovarian cysts. 

I gave up hope, then found your website and called.  You were the most calming woman I had ever talked too.  You listened to my story and didn't push me aside.  You gave me all the tools and said to give you 3 months.  You said my FSH was not a death sentence and you started me on a protocol of Super Fertility #2, Clear Flow and Stress Relief.
In addition to this, I increased my yoga practice and continued with my acupuncture treatments and lost 20lbs (partly to the increased energy the herbs gave me). 
I convinced my doctors to monitor me for a couple natural cycles and after 2 months on the herbs I had improvements in my FSH, E2, and no cysts.  The 3rd month, you had me try Super Fertility #1 with the others I was already taking - to my surprise my cycle that month - my FSH was 7 and my antral follicle count was an 8!! 
My doctor told me to stop with the monitoring and to move to their donor egg program.  Well 2 weeks later I was late - I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!!!  I called my doctor to get a blood test - he told me he never had a patient call so soon to prove him wrong.  I attribute my new precious son to you, Amanda, and Radiant Wonder.  Thank you for making my dream of becoming a mother a reality.
I continue to the use your herbs for other conditions - I use U Tract Formula for my UTI problems and used Stop It Cold! for my colds.  All your herbs are wonderful!  They are a god send!  Thanks again!!
Ellyn Y
Average Rating:

Ellyn Y
Now 29 Weeks Pregnant


It's been a long time since we last spoke regarding my case.  To refresh your memory (as I know how many women you treat), we spoke around March 2007 about my failed attempts of IVF/IUI and lack of getting pregnant or staying pregnant.  My doctors always told me that it was due to ovarian failure and poor egg quality.  So, I researched and found you! You put me on a schedule of Super Fertility #2Stress Relief and herbs to control cysts, while also following tips on my diet.  I immediately started to feel better, slept better, had more energy. 
At the time I didn't know if it was affecting my fertility, but figured, who cares right now, I had more energy to work out and I was getting sleep.  We talked about how it would take at least a good 3 months to see a change in fertility, and then I called you in June to let you know I was pregnant.

This was after one final appt with my fertility doctors to monitor my cycle.  I was told at that appt that I needed to move on to donor eggs to get pregnant.  2 weeks later I was calling them to say I had a positive pregnancy test.  I feel like I owe this to you.  I believe the herbs helped my body heal, along with changing my diet (which helped me to lose 15lbs), continuing my acupuncture and just not feeling that overwhelmed feeling. 
I wanted to give you an update on my progress.  I was extremely nervous in those first few weeks about miscarrying as I had 3 previous ones.  But you said that not only would the herbs helps me produce eggs, they would also help the quality.  I must say I was nervous about it, but just sat back and took it all in.  I am now 29wks pregnant and the baby is doing just great.  The doctors are so pleased with his development and that helps to put me at ease.  Unfortunately, I did have a complication with a shortening cervix which has caused me to be put on hospital bed rest.  But so far so good, as my condition has been stable for 4wks and the baby doesn't seem to be affected by this.  He is doing just great.
Amanda, I have wanted to write to you about doing a testimonial for Radiant Wonder as I feel after finding you and your wonderful herbs, my life has changed.  I thank you for this and we will be in touch after I give birth to have you help me with getting my body back in sync.  You did it once and I have faith you can do it again. 
Thank you again for your advice and guidance. 
April – Bucks County, PA


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Bucks County, PA
Hepatitis C Under Control!

"When I first talked with my herbalist at Radiant Wonder, I felt a sense of hope. She did not pretend that she was going to cure my Hepatitis, but she gave me an herbal program which research has demonstrated can bring down the inflammation and help regenerate the liver. She always encouraged me to follow my doctor's instructions and keep him posted on what I was doing with my herbs.
My doctor wanted to put me on Interferon. I have a friend who took it. The side effects were awful. After two years of treatments he had aching joints and muscles, headaches, extreme fatigue, depression and thyroid problems. He didn't feel better. He felt worse. I first called Radiant Wonder in November, 1999. I had a blood test at the end of December. It was then that my doctor wanted me to go on Interferon. I told him I'd rather take herbs. In late June of this year I went back for another blood test -- I got the results back with big red stars (GOOD NEWS) from the doctor next to the important numbers. He was amazed.
I am not cured, but I feel great, and empowered with a lot of information and results. I'm no longer afraid. I want to say that the trust I felt with my herbalist at Radiant Wonder, from the very beginning felt real. And that trust has grown over time."

Edward H., Miami, FL 


Average Rating:

Edward H.
Miami, FL
FSH Down, Energy Up!

The holidays are always tough for me.  We see our extended families and there   are always so many children.  And everyone wants to know when we are going to have our own little one.

I am not pregnant yet but I can tell you I am going to have a good time this year, because I have a hope in my heart.   I am changing physically.  I can feel my body is much more ready to make a baby.  I know it.  The doctor is amazed at how my FSH has dropped.  Last week he looked disbelieving and told me my FSH was no longer skyhigh.  It was (in his words) "perfect".  

Also, I can tell the difference internally.  I am no longer so tired in the late afternoon.  My energy is more consistent. And, I know this will sound wierd to anyone who hasn't worked with Radiant Wonder but one of the most powerful changes I have seen is this: I no longer have cold hands all the time. My husband has expressed how much more romantic warm hands are, but I know it means a lot more than that.    I can feel an inner strength and youthfulness growing within me.  I feel more capable and not like the "old" woman who will never have a child.  Something is happening.  I feel it, the doctor measures it.  I'm ready.


Average Rating:

Tori M.
Ontario, CA
I Cried And Cried!

There was a story on your website about a woman named Gayle who had an FSH of 118 and no period for 7 years. I cried and cried when I read her story and printed it off and it's on my fridge as my inspiration. Thank you so much for helping me. I am just so happy and I feel like things are getting on the right track.

Linda S., Albany, NY


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Linda S.
Albany, NY
FSH Down To 5.9; Regular Periods

Dear Amanda

How are you I hope you are well and not angry at me that I did touch base for a very long time but I was very busy. Amanda I need to tell you something. 2 weeks ago  I had test for my hormones and the good news is that the FSH dropped  down to 5.9 and they told me that is excellent news and the second good news is that next week I have first appointment for my IVF treatment. So fingers cross I hope everything goes well.

With kind regards

D.M.   Raliegh, NC

Average Rating:

D. Ferraro
Loyal Customer

I love the products from Radiant Wonder!! I have never been disappointed. They are exactly what they claim to be! Since ordering from Radiant Wonder, I never order from any other company.»

Average Rating:

Hawaii, USA
My FSH dropped from 17 to 5 in a little over 2 months!
I am so excited. The doctor told me there would be no chance for me to get pregnant naturally with an FSH of 17. He also said we better think seriously about an IVF because time was of the essence. $20,000.00 is not something we carry in our backpocket! 
I Googled that night and found Radiant Wonder.  I called and had a consultation with Julie.  I couldn't believe how much time she took with me.  She listened and she taught me things I could do for myself. She explained my fertility in a way that was more real and not so clinical.  When I finished the consultation I did have hope.  I had a feeling it would work.  And, thank God, it did!  I also found some other changes. I am not as bitchy of late and I seem to have more energy. I am not going to stop the herbs right now because I want to get really fertile .  It is not just the test.  My body is also telling me -- right on, girl!  This is good for me!  Thank you, Julie and Amanda!    
Candace A.,  Bucks County PA
Average Rating:

Candace A
Bucks County PA USA
FSH Down By 30 Points

I have to admit it was hard to believe that my FSH could come down by drinking hot water once a week, doing some simple standing stretches and taking a couple of herbal formulas.  I had sat in the office with my doctor and she had clearly told me that my ovaries were no longer working, that I was menopausal and that I should consider donor eggs. 

I have to say I am shocked.  Pleased. Shocked.  My FSH has lowered 30 points in 3 months.   It went down a lot the first month, and then continued to progress each month following.  Believe me I am following your complete program now.  All the free tips you gave me...I’m doing them.  There is a strong vitality that I feel everyday and a calmness I am not sure if I ever felt before.  I hesitate to say it because I am supposed to keep facing the facts...but I have a sense of anticipation that I feel is justified...we’ll see.   Thanks for restoring my faith in my ability to heal myself. 



Average Rating:

Janice J.
Selinsgrover, PA
FSH Down, Follicle Count Up!
Hi this is Suzanne, 
When I had blood work and an ultrasound taken in December my FSH was 21.6 and my follicle count was 4.  My RE said I would not conceive on my own and it was suggested that I use a donor egg and have the IVF procedure done.  Since I did not want to use the IVF procedure I started looking on line or alternative ways of healing myself naturally.  I began acupuncture and taking the Radiant Wonder Super Fertility #5 and Stress Relief herbs in January. 

I recently had my tests taken again and my FSH is now 18 and my follicle count went up to 6.  It is a slow process but with patience, prayers and the loving support of all my family, friends and the Radiant Wonder herbs I know that I will reach my goal of becoming a mother.
I recently went to see and touch the Ripley's Believe it or Not Fertility Statues in Atlantic City NJ.  It was a fun experience and I hope it helps in my ability to conceive.  The statues are on tour and you can see the tour dates by going to the website for Ripleys Believe it Or Not.  Here is the link if you would like to see the site and check the tour dates.
Thank you to Radiant Wonder and your wonderful herbalists for always providing positive motivating support.  I know that I am part of the loving energy of God and universe and that my dreams of motherhood will come true.
Suzanne, NJ
Average Rating:

Suzanne K.
Sick For So Many Years, My Health Is Back!

I wrote in to share my story with Radiant Wonder some time ago. I was so excited about the significant changes that I had noticed -- for example, I was no longer feeling so depressed and my hands and feet were not so cold anymore -- that I had forgotten to add some things.

I suppose sometimes when so many things have been going wrong for so long and you have been working on it so much that when a lot of things start to improve at once it is hard to remember exactly where you started. One of the major things I had forgotten to include was how much my sex life had improved. Sex was not pleasurable because its always painful in my womb. I would have to hold my womb tightly during sex but now I can do other things with my hands because the pain is no longer there. Now I can enjoy sex!

I mentioned to Amanda when we talked that my body is damaged from years of sickness, but after a few months on the herbs, I am healthier! Thank you Radiant Wonder.

Thank you

Ruth E., Charlotte, NC


Average Rating:

Ruth E.
Charlotte, NC
Cramping And Headaches Gone

Hey Amanda,  

Great news: my headaches before and after the cycle are gone. Also the cramping is gone.
Lakeisha J.
Average Rating:

Lakeisha J.
Renewed Sexual Vitality & Energy

I want to thank you for selling me your Sexual Vitality Formulas. These have not only give me the extra energy I wanted but also have made me feel 20 years younger. I am 58 years old, but all my friends say I act as if I am 38 years old. I do not ever feel tired as I used to feel.
Thank you again for making me a young man again.

Michael Z., Staten Island, NY


Average Rating:

Michael Z.
Staten Island, NY
From 5 Years Of No Orgasms To Not Only One, But Multiple Orgasms

I am 52 years old and for the last 5 years I have had a difficult time with my sex life. Out of the blue I stopped having orgasms, and we would try for hours. We love each other and we love having sex, but this was becoming a never ending nightmare.  (There are lots of misconceptions about male orgasms -- if you are a woman and want more understanding here is a good link with which to start learning)

So I went to the doctor and he gave me Viagra. That worked for a month.  I was having orgasms again.  Then it just stopped working.   I would still get an erection from hell, but no orgasm.  The concept of a marathon sex event could be off and on, no kidding, once for 2 days. Maybe in your twenties that sounds good but when you are 50 and your wife is in her 40s it is not a good picture. 

The doctor had nothing else to offer.  Then a few months ago my wife gave me some 
Prostate Pro 3000 from Radiant Wonder.  I took 3 twice a day for the first week to get it in my system.  My wife was unavailable that week, so we didn't try for a week.  It was amazing. We started making love and about a half hour later I had a normal orgasm. Can you imagine how we both felt!

It has now been 2 months and everything is still working normally.  In fact I am actually able to have an orgasm, have a second one and another orgasm.  

A couple of other definite side benefits:  I definitely feel better in other ways.  I have more energy.  And some of the brain fog is lifting.


Average Rating:

Tom W.
Columbus, OH
Blocked Tubes Open At Last!
I found my tubes were blocked in 2008.  I had traveled to my home country to have the test.  The doctor said the tubes were partially blocked and there was nothing they could do to help me.  My only alternatives were to adopt or to do IVF.  I returned to the US very discouraged.  In 2009 I decided to test again, this time in the USA.  This new doctor said both tubes were totally blocked. The gynocologist and said there was nothing I could do. I insisted that there must be something which could be done. So they referred me to a fertility doctor. I didn't go right away.