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Radiant Wonder Herbal System: Why Formulas? Adaptogenic Herbs


Of the thousands of herbs which have been classified by traditional herbal systems, less than twenty-five are considered to be Adaptogenic Herbs. Verified by modern scientific research to be safe and effective, the traditional use for these herbs is not to treat disease, but in fact to bring such vitality to the body that it powerfully resists disease.  Science also calls these herbs modulators.   There is a growing body of scientific research for the most popular of these herbs, the immune modulators (Reishi Mushroom, Cordyceps, Lycium, Schizandra, Ho Shou Wu, etc.)

The Elite of the Herbal Kingdom

The Adaptogenic Herbs are the elite of the Herbal Kingdom. Consumed daily, their effects continue to accumulate, nourishing and enhancing the well-being of the mind, body and spirit. The increasing good health brought about by the Adaptogenic Herbs has a profound effect on the pysche: emotions become more flexible and balanced, the mind becomes clear and calm, and the spirit manifests love and compassion.

Adaptogenic Herbs are Safe

Unique to the Herbal Kingdom, the Adaptogenic Herbs can be taken safely long-term. In fact, the consistent long-term use of these treasured herbs yields cumulative life-enhancing effects. These herbs have adaptogenic qualities. They build resilience and strength into the immune system. This "double direction" activity makes them regulatory miracles in our bodies. Modern science calls them "modulators". These herbs are full of phytonutrients and powerful antioxidants -- keys to a long and vital life.

What is an adaptogen? 

These special herbs are time-tested adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances which help the body adapt to change in the environment. They do this by enhancing the body's own abilities to successfully cope with stress and resist disease. If you can manage stress successfully, you can realize more of your full potential. As the adaptogenic nature of the body is improved, there is a ready return to balance. When you have the ability to adapt, you have flexibility in managing stress there is less damage to the mind and body.  Better health is the result.

Radiant Wonder Herbs are Triple Tested 

Radiant Wonder products are of extraordinary high quality, efficacy and potency. All our products are prepared according to exacting specifications. Our herbs are independently assayed to insure maximum safety resulting in products free of heavy metals, fumigants, pesticides, herbicides, yeast, molds and bacteriological contamination. No artificial coloring, binders, preservative, sucrose, lactose, gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, or yeast are used.

Raw Herbs vs. Extracts

Some raw herbs can be assimilated by the body. Many contain a large percentage of indigestible material. Ginseng contains 20% or less active constituents and 80% or more indigestible material. Raw Ginseng is hard for the digestive system to breakdown. The active ingredients may pass straight through the body, nothing being absorbed.

Master herbalists for thousands of years have cooked their herbs, extracting the active ingredients into the water. They did not know the word "bioavailability", but they did know the difference in the results obtained. The finest quality herbal products today are cooked and the active ingredients extracted and concentrated.

Standardized Extracts 

A standardized extract is a concentrated "active ingredient". The active ingredient is a small part of the whole. A specified amount of that active ingredient is present in the standardized extract. The extract contains no other active ingredients in the whole herb. If there are other active ingredients, or other important parts, that have not yet been identified as primary ingredients, they are not included.

Beyond Standardized Extracts

We at Radiant Wonder believe with dedication that there is a certain biological intelligence that is contained in the WHOLE herb, not just in each isolated chemical. Understanding this concept is probably the most important step you can make to help yourself make informed decisions about which herb to take: The synergy that exists in the whole herb has greater value than any one isolated part.

As modern research continues its investigation into biological intelligence, we believe that taking the herb as a ''full-spectrum'', or ''whole herb extract'' is the best choice. We then have the advantage of taking Nature’s gift as it was prepared for us -- in balance.

The Miracle of Double Direction 

Your body is constantly regulating itself. It is a regulating marvel. Much of the reason human beings are an advanced species is because of our ability to self-regulate. The body has the ability of regulate itself in opposite directions. For example, if it is hot, the body sweats to cool; if it is cold, the body generates more heat to stay warm.

Most herbs (and all drugs) catalyze an action in the body in one direction. There is a building body of scientific evidence that Adaptogenic Herbs enhance the body's ability to react one way or the other, depending on what outside influences are occurring. For example, Reishi Mushroom not only helps compensate for auto-immune problems (such as allergies and rheumatoid arthritis), but also helps the body defend itself against outside pathogens (such as virus and bacteria). Adaptogenic Herbs bring strength and flexibility.

Super Herbs for More Vitality 

The new horizon of anti-aging nutrition is the study of phyto- nutrients. These are not vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or carbohydrates. Phytonutrients are of great importance to our bodies. Radiant Wonder Adaptogenic Herbs Formulas contain hundreds of different phytonutrients that are instrumental in the anti-aging process -- in maintaining hormone balance, circulatory regulation, and immune defense.

Many of the Adaptogenic Herbs are rich in antioxidants. It is necessary to consume a broad range of antioxidants every day to eliminate free radicals. It is the free radicals that reek havoc on the human body, causing cell breakdown and degenerative disease. The formulas of Radiant Wonder are in reality Super Foods, beyond normal food, brimming with valuable nutrients.

Quality Makes A Difference 

It is important to realize that herbs come in many grades. So not only do you want to choose the correct herbs, but you will want to choose premium quality herbs, not a commercial grade product. At Radiant Wonder we are committed to finding and using the healthiest plants possible, from reliable sources. We know from our own experience that the highest quality herbs have a higher quality of active ingredients. That is what we want for our family and for you, our customer. We want you to you achieve results from our products.

Full Spectrum Whole Herb Extract - The Radiant Wonder Way 

Radiant Wonder uses an advanced technological process to formulate its products. The process is called ''Full Spectrum Whole Herb Extraction''. Our proprietary technology ensures that our products have a high potency and allows the plant's natural profile to remain intact.

Why Formulas? 

There is great value in time-tested herbal formulas. Certain combinations of herbs have been found to have actions that are greater and more balanced than the actions of the individual herbs alone.

Radiant Wonder Formulas are herbal teamwork at its finest. Herbs have been categorized by their actions (energetics) in the body. Herbs are selected from the various categories and combined using precise rules.

The Primary Action Herbs are the building blocks of the formula. They determine the primary action and may target a specific organ or regulatory function. The Enhancers increase the potency of the formula by complementing the energetics of the Primary Action Herbs. Directors are the herbs that direct the action of the formula to where it is supposed to go. Balancing herbs in the formula eliminate undesirable side-effects by counteracting certain actions of other herbs.

The Herbal Formulas of Radiant Wonder

Our formulas are not "herbal cocktails" combining the latest health fads. The creation of a Radiant Wonder Formula is both an art and a science. The synergy of the herbs is the critical factor which produces a product more effective than any one of its parts. Some formulas only have a few ingredients, others have twenty or more. Many of the formulas that we use have been providing health benefits for thousands of years.