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When you and your spouse decided to start a family, it was an exciting and joyous time as you anticipated getting pregnant and the arrival of your little one. As time went on, that joy may have turned to fear and frustration, as you struggled to conceive. After months or years consulting experts, taking tests and trying medications to stimulate the body so you can conceive, you feel tired both physically and emotionally. The problem is these medications don’t give your body the nutritional support it needs to build energy and heal.

We know what it’s like to feel frustrated and uncertain about the next steps and the desire to regain control of your healing journey. There are answers that are naturally safe and effective. When you know what to do, provide the right nutrition and build your body’s energy, you give your body the support it needs successfully conceive, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through reproductive medical techniques (IVF, IUI, ICSI, egg donor etc.)

For over 20 years, Radiant Wonder has successfully worked with couples who have struggled with fertility issues by combining the powerful nutrition of our herbal formulas with energy building techniques to enhance your body’s natural ability to conceive. Strong support is also key. There are multiple ways you can learn and ask questions. We want to be there whenever you have a question.

Rebuilding your body’s energy and health begins with finding the StartUP Herbal Program that is right for you. Below is a list of fertility issues, so you can find the right herbal program for your unique situation. Every formula in your StartUp program contains a combination of herbs exactly formulated to provide you with the nutrition you need. If you are unsure how to choose, you may contact us through live chat or the contact information below.

After your purchase, you will begin receiving the Steps to Success emails. This is a four week series to give you the right start and help you see faster results. Each email will contain tips, techniques, special de-stressing exercises leading you through simple changes you can do to maximize the health benefits of your herbal formulas.

In just a few short weeks of fully implementing these techniques and the nutrition from your herbal supplements, you will begin see physical and emotional changes in your body. You will think more clearly, feel happier and have the energy to achieve your goal.

We want you to have plenty of support as you journey through this process. You will receive an invitation to join our members-only Facebook group, have access to our live weekly Q&A meetings, and be able to chat live if you have questions. We want you to feel empowered through this process and give you what you need to be successful.

Thousands of couples all over the world who have struggled with fertility issues have seen results and had success with Radiant Wonder’s Fertility Herbal Formulas and the Steps to Success Plan. The truth is, you can regain control of your health and wellness, and we will be right there with you, giving you guidance and support.



After removing fibroids, doctors told me that my low ovarian reserve (AMH test 0.5) would be the biggest obstacle to becoming pregnant. IVF was an option, but because of my results, doctors said there was a slim chance it would be successful. Filled with fear and forced to wait due to the cost of IVF, we found Radiant Wonder. We felt we were being guided to let the herbal treatments work instead of rushing ahead in fear. Your patience and consideration gave me confidence and hope as my body had time to heal and I felt fantastic. Beating all statistics, our first IVF worked. We are now holding our beautiful baby boy!
Andrea R., Ohio
I had a blighted ovum in November so I was very scared of it happening again. I'm now 13 weeks pregnant. This is my second Radiant Wonder baby. It happened 2nd cycle this time! I am so excited to meet my little angel, thank you so much Radiant Wonder.
Michelle P., Fairfax, VA
When you have blocked tubes surgery is NOT the only option. Searching through the internet I found Radiant Wonder. I was completely shocked when it happened this fast (3 months). And my pregnancy was so easy. Justin was 10 pounds 3.7 ounces.
Gabrielle J., Atlanta, GA
The 6 top questions people ask
Are these formulas safe?

A: Radiant Wonder’s Herbal Formulas are not meant to treat disease. Their goal is to help build health and vitality by giving specific nutrition for the issue you face. They are gentle, safe, and yet incredibly powerful and effective. The herbal formulas we have chosen are widely used in Asia and have been used for thousands of years by millions of people with no record of serious side effects.  


Russell, who is a chemist, sources our living herbs from the best places, many of them are grown in the wild in Taiwan. Once they are harvested, they are sent to be processed at a plant in Taiwan, resulting in the highest quality extract for each herb. This same plant was originally a US Pharmaceutical company (Bristol Myers), and it is FDA approved.


These quality extracts are then sent to our factory in Las Vegas to be formulated, packaged and ready to be sent to you, the customer.  Our facilities and procedures are carefully monitored in both Taiwan and Las Vegas ensuring high-quality herbal formulas are safely processed, packaged and stored, so you receive high-quality supplements for your needs.  

Is there research to support the use of Chinese Herbal formulas for fertility?

A: There is a growing body of research on Chinese herbal formulas and their use for fertility issues.
One very interesting study was sponsored by the University of Australia, and published in the USA Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medicine. The results demonstrated that women who were given Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments (this is without acupuncture) were twice as likely to become pregnant as those who were given conventional fertility drug therapy. You can read more about the study and results here.

I would like to conceive naturally, but I am also considering IVF. How would herbal formulas help me?

A: Herbal formulas can dramatically increase your odds for success whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with assisted treatments. If you missed it, refer to the research under Question 2 about herbal formulas used with assisted reproductive techniques.

Most fertility doctors are very supportive of using herbal supplements, not at the time of retrieval and transfer, but to prepare your body and within at the appropriate times. Sharing with your doctor the herbal formulas you are taking is important when you are starting any assisted reproductive procedure. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Why would this work when nothing else has? 

A: There are certain things your body needs to prepare itself for conception no matter what your stage or your age. Our three step, 30-day plan, will jumpstart your ability to heal. It is designed to stimulate your body's capacity to conceive. Whether you are trying naturally or with assisted reproductive techniques, this program will support you. The plan combines the deep nutrition of the right herbal formulas for you with simple but very powerful energy techniques.

Many who practice using herbal formulas to treat health issues, such as Chinese Medicine, can make this process sound complicated and use words unfamiliar in western culture. The principles of renewing and replenishing your body’s energy and natural power are not complicated.  It is a daily part of Asian culture. These herbal supplements are plant based food specially formulated to give the right nutrition for specific health issues, giving the body the nutrition it needs to conceive.

How long before I see results?

A: The time it takes to feel and see results is different for each person. There is a timeline called the 100-day cultivation period(or about three months), but several of the Radiant Wonder success stories experience some immediate results.  You should expect to start feeling different within the first month. However, the greatest benefits come with the consistent use of the herbal formulas by committing to at least a three month period.  

An important part of your journey to improved health and vitality is to enhance the herbs with our Steps to Success Plan.  These exercises and other tips help you see results more quickly.  After your first month, we want to hear how you feel so that we can guide you along your journey and show you how to customize your program as your body responds to the changes.  As you see and feel changes, you will find newfound encouragement that you are on the right path.  And the side benefits?   More energy, happiness, creativity and a great piece of mind.

Is there guaranteed success?

A: Although not everyone becomes pregnant, all notice significant health benefits taking the Radiant Wonder herbal formulas and following the Steps to Success. Many of those that do become pregnant are surprised at how quickly success can come. Regardless of whether or not you become pregnant, at Radiant Wonder, we are determined that no one will ever leave our program without feeling that it was worth it.  The rich nutrition of these herbal formulas combined with the rest of the Steps to Success brings about cumulative positive change in your overall health and vitality.  You will never want to go back to where you were before.

Do you have a question?

I lived a healthy lifestyle but was devastated when I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) with an FSH of 58, and I wouldn't be able to conceive. Three doctors used words like "failure, diminished, & insufficient" and that is exactly how I felt until I found Radiant Wonder! As an educated, modern woman I was doubtful that a company I found online could help my "irreversible" condition.After trying the herbal formulas and doing the Steps to Success for eight months, I felt strong, grounded, energetic, and calm which allowed me to conceive naturally. If you have been diagnosed with high FSH and POF, you have probably been told by well-meaning, intelligent doctors that there is nothing they can do for you. However, that doesn't mean that there is nothing that YOU can do. In fact, there is so much that you can do. My advice to you is to put your trust in the wisdom, experience & expertise of Radiant Wonder. And to trust the wisdom of your own amazing, fertile body. You will be so glad you did!