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Lung Support

Radiant Wonder Herbs for Strengthening Lungs

One of the classic uses of Chinese herbs is to strengthen or tonify the body to thereby avoid illnesses. People who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma or frequent colds, can benefit from Radiant Wonder's herbal formulas. The goal of this type of treatment is to boost the immune system in general and the respiratory system in particular. In doing so, you will generally find that symptoms improve and that attacks occur less often.

Several of Radiant Wonder's classical Chinese herbal formulas are designed to deal with respiratory symptoms resulting from chronic Lung imbalances. Some of these formulas can provide enough support to the body so that the immune system can be boosted and symptoms such as recurrent infections or allergies can improve.  Other formulas can encourage the body to provide moisture to the Lungs or to break down and expel phlegm that may be blocking the air passages.



Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by constriction and inflammation of the air passages.  Chinese herbs have been proven as an effective and natural way to treat many lung conditions.

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Bronchitis - chronic (long-term)

Radiant Wonder herbs have been successfully used to treat bronchial symptoms. Find out which herbal formulas you can take to get rid of these symptoms.

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Lung Strength

All day, every day, your lungs are the vehicle for oxygen to enter your body. Therefore, your lung strength is very important. Find out which herbal formulas can help your lungs.

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Singers Programs

Singing is such an amazing profession, and when you've got it right you soar. Get an herbal program today and rescue your lungs during long rehearsals.

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