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Immunity / Colds / Flu / Allergies

Immunity, Colds, Flus and Allergies

In our quest for Radiant Health, we are continually exposed to a wide array of environmental factors that cause stress and degrade our immune system, including viruses, bacteria, and various types of pollution.

We also experience internal or emotional stress that weakens the protective function of the immune system. Poor diet, lack of adequate rest and exercise, and overwork also make us vulnerable to disease.

The Radiant Wonder Immune Regulating Formulas are designed to be used over long periods of time -- weeks or months -- to strengthen the protective energy of the body and reduce the effects of stress. Our Immune Regulating Formulas provide an extra line of defense to keep our bodies in balance during the cold and flu season.

The purpose of Radiant Wonder Herbal Formulas for colds, the flu and allergies is to treat a broad spectrum of everyday illnesses, ranging from the common cold to allergies and fevers.  They have been used for thousands of years in Asia and are safe and effective.

These formulas have no harsh side effects, as are sometimes found with synthetic pharmaceutical products.  You should note that, with the use of natural remedies for cold and flu symptoms, the sooner you start taking them, the more effective the results will be.

Take Radiant Wonder's immune strengthening formulas to build up resistance to getting a cold, the flu or allergies to begin with.  Then, have on hand a couple of formulas to fight off a cold or an allergy attack as soon as you notice the first sign.


Allergies - Acute

According to ancient principles
which govern Radiant Health,
allergens are a signal from the body that there is a weakness, an energy imbalance. Learn how to balance your energy and say goodbye to allergens.

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Bronchitis - chronic (long-term)

Radiant Wonder herbs have been successfully used to treat bronchial symptoms. Find out which herbal formulas you can take to get rid of these symptoms.

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Cold Sores - mouth

Learn more about our safe and
effective programs designed by out
herbalists to stop cold sores at the
first sign of them.

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Colds and Flu

With Radiant Wonder herbal formulas the most uncomfortable symptoms should be better within one or two days. Find out which herbal formulas are right for you.

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Breathe Free
Based on 5 reviews.
Use Breathe Free and breathe again within just a few minutes! This is a formula to dramatically reli..
Calm The Chills
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Calm the Chills is the formula to take if you always seem to get chills and body aches when you get ..
Childrens Immune Defense
Based on 3 reviews.
Since the immune system of a child  is more vulnerable and delicate than that of an adult, th..
Clear Simplex #1 90 caps
Based on 1 reviews.
Clear Simplex #1 Cold sores are very painful. The pain is aggravating and can keep you from sleep..
Clear Simplex #2
Based on 2 reviews.
Clear Simplex 2 - how to get rid of itching and burning formula Radiant Wonder has developed an..
Based on 4 reviews.
Cordyceps is one of the super stars of the Radiant Wonder herbal system. This mushroom is an extreme..
Cough and Bronchitis #2
Based on 2 reviews.
Cough and Bronchitis #2 is a very famous, very effective formula, that is so gentle and safe, it can..
Herbal Allergy Relief 90 Cap
Based on 4 reviews.
Herbal Allergy Relief is used  for immediate, fast acting relief from itchy eyes, sneezing, stu..
Herbal Antibiotic 90 Caps
Based on 4 reviews.
Herbal Antibiotic is a powerful ally for the body's fight against disease. This formula brings t..
Immune System Formula
Based on 5 reviews.
Immune System Formula has a unique and special place among the immune builders.  It is for thos..
Kudzu Alkaline Boost
Based on 4 reviews.
A safe and natural support to reduce alcohol cravings, a natural remedy for estrogen dominance, and ..
Reishi Mushroom
Based on 1 reviews.
Medicinal Mushrooms form the basis of many of our immunity protection products. They are the main in..
Restore Balance
Based on 1 reviews.
Restore Balance is a famous Kidney Jing Formula. The Kidneys, in Chinese Herbal Medicine, constitute..
Restore Energy
Based on 2 reviews.
This remarkable formula is designed to support the body function in multiple ways. Restore Energy st..
Skin Detox/Anti-Inflammation
Based on 3 reviews.
Skin Detox Anti-Inflammation is a wonderful safe, gentle and effective formula. It is used for 2 dif..
Skin Detox/Anti-Itch
Our Skin Detox/Anti-Itch formula is very effective at detoxifying the skin for a wide variety of pro..
Stop It Cold! 90 Caps
Based on 6 reviews.
Boosts the immune system defense Take at the first sign of a cold Strengthens resistance Fi..
The Great Protector
Based on 2 reviews.
The Great Protector is another formula which strengthens and protects the lungs.   It is good f..
Ultimate Immune Defense
Scientific research continues to mount, demonstrating the immune enhancing benefits of the mushrooms..
Youthful Lungs
Strong respiratory function is key to building strong energy. This is because cellular respiration, ..