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Palpitations - Unexplained

Palpitations - Unexplained


After thorough testing your doctor can not explain why you are having the palpitations and he tells you the palpitations are “unexplained”.  As far as all the tests go, your heart is in excellent shape. 
However, you are still awakening in the early morning with palpitations and perhaps accompanying anxiety.  



When to Call 911:   (good to know so you don’t worry so much):

Call 911 or Your Local Emergency Number If You Have - 

•    Loss of alertness (consciousness)
•    Chest pain
•    Shortness of breath
•    Unusual sweating
•    Dizziness or light-headedness

What’s Normal and Abnormal?

The heart normally beats between 60 to 100 times per minute. 

Both athletes and those who take medications to slow down their heart rate, may have heart beats under 60 per minute.  For them, this is normal.

See Your Doctor First.  He Is The Only One Who Can Determine If They Are “Unexplained”.  

If this is your first experience of palpitations, then you need to get checked out by your General Practitioner MD to see what’s causing them.  Knowledge is power.  If there is something to be concerned about your doctor will know right away.
Palpitations are not serious most of the time. 

What Will The Doctor Do To Check My Heart?

The doctor will listen to your heart and lungs through a stethoscope. 

If he feels further testing is needed he may include:

•    a series of blood tests 
•    Wearing a heart monitor for a period of time
•    An ECG (electrocardiogram) that monitors the electrical activity within the structures of the heart
•    an overall physical examination to rule out any other underlying medical conditions.

Besides Cardiac Issues What Else Causes Heart Palpitations?

There are things that can cause palpitations for many people.  

Rule these out:

•    Sudden anxiety, stress, or fear
•    Caffeine intake
•    Nicotine intake
•    Cocaine or other illegal drugs
•    Diet pills
•    Exercise
•    Fever

I’ve been told that Anxiety Is Causing My Heart Palpitations 
But I Can Not Stop Feeling Anxious!   Help!

In Chinese Medicine the anxiety that you feel is not mental.  The source is not mental and you cannot control it with affirmations, prayer or anything mental. Why not?  

Your Anxiety is Not Mental.  It is Physical.  

When you understand what your body is lacking and how to give it what it needs, your body will rebalance, your estrogen levels will rebalance and you will feel normal again. 

You may have been through hell and back a few times in your life. You and your mind figured out long ago how to recover.  

But what about your body?  It is still carrying a lot of debris.

Can you imagine how you would feel mentally if only your body felt better?

This is why you feel anxiety. Not because there is anything wrong with your mind.  

It really is that simple.

Have a free consultation and learn tips and techniques to help your body heal faster.

Read how we helped Jordan to say goodbye to anxiety, palpitations and panic attacks. 


My Anxiety, Palpitations, Panic Attacks – Gone!

I would awaken 3-4 times during the night. Short of breath, it was like the air would not flow. And I could not breathe.  So I had to go down the stairs, open the door, and breathe the fresh air, and then drink water.  I thought I was having asthma.  Or I thought it was my heart.  One day I even had to call 911.  They came here at 6 o'clock in the morning. It happened like this for three weeks every time in the night. And in the morning I wake up and I don't have air. 

So I thought it was because I closed the bedroom door, so I opened the door.  It still kept happening.   This was on top of a history of panic attacks and palpitations.

My panic attacks had been going on for 2 years.  I had been in the ER many times for that.  I spent 2 days in the hospital while they ran all kinds of tests -- heart test, stress test, ekg. Everything came up negative. I also used to have palpitations that would last for 2-3 days at a time.  

Then for three months I had something in my right chest. It was a feeling like something was stuck, then it was in my stomach.  I felt it travelling like it was going down and then up and down.  It is like the feeling you are going to have a heart attack.  The doctor said it was an esphogeal spasm and there was nothing they could do.  The doctor said there was nothing permanent they could do for that.  They could do surgery, but there was no guarantee it would not come back.   I used to have it for 3 months and sometimes it would be everyday for a week.

Every time the doctor told me it was stress.   Every time would go to the doctor he said that there was nothing wrong with me.  It was all just stress.   All these strong symptoms were just stress. I have been to the doctor more than 5-6 times. He wanted to give me Xanax or Zoloff. I took Zoloff and it almost killed me.  Oh my God.  Muscle pain in my back and my arm, tingling in my arm, my shoulder.  Upper back tingling, tick, tick tic, and then sometimes a wave of heat. 

So I called Radiant Wonder. You congratulated me for going straight to the doctor to get a clear diagnosis.  Then you suggested Calm Spirit and Calm Energy.  I started taking them.  It took 2 weeks. No sign it was getting better for 2 weeks and then everything stopped.  When I took these herbs it was like a miracle.   After 2 weeks all the negative symptoms were completely gone.  They have not come back.  It has been 2 months and they have not come back.  No panic attacks.  I can sleep through the night without shortness of breath.  No palpitations.  No esphogeal spasms.  It is completely amazing.   

I am still taking the herbs every day.  I carry them in my purse because I want to be sure my body is strong enough it will not come back when I stop the herbs.  I am going to take them 6 months so I can feel safe starting to get off them.

Also now I am doing much more.  I am working.  I am going to school.  And still I have a lot of stress going on, but it is under control.  Sometimes I used to feel that I am boiling up inside. No more.  Now, I know I have stresses, but I don't feel it. And now?  No more panic attacks.  No more palpitations. No more terrifying nights.  I am free at last.

Oh my God I feel so good inside now.  I always wished I could find something.  I used to have a normal life.  What will it take to get me back to normal again?  And now I feel so good.

Ms. Jordan J.
Edmonton, Alberta, CA


Chinese Medicine Understands Why You Could Have Palpitations When the Doctor Says There Is Nothing Wrong

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the study of the body’s energy - how to maintain good energy and how to regain good energy.

Everything is centered on you and your energy and allowing it to flow freely in your body. 

Stuck energy causes problems. Palpitations are a sign that your energy doesn’t have a free and easy flow. 

We acknowledge the hormonal or mechanical issues that can be part of palpitations.  This is a logical and valid way of analyzing the end result.  

Chinese Medicine however, is focused on the energy imbalance that might have caused it to begin with.

Most of these problems (unexplained palpitations, mitral valve prolapse (again something Western medicine identifies, but does not treat) begin to arise when the body is tired.  And it is tired because of many years of challenges, or a dramatic onetime event.   

Two conditions come together to cause your palpitations:

1. Your Body Is Tired On a Very Deep Level.   Chinese Medicine specializes in recovery from deep fatigue.

On the way to success in life you meet many challenges. Challenge is good. Without challenge there is no success.

In order to meet big challenges you have to draw on energy that goes beyond normal energy. Over time, you deplete your deep energy reserves.

2. Your Heart is Missing Specific Nutrition.   It Is Missing What Chinese Medicine Calls Yin.

Chinese Medicine works in a very different way from Western Medicine so this might be a new concept for you. We believe that this is a different kind of medicine and it has its own way of understanding things Western Medicine does not consider. So just follow the logic of the explanation and don’t try to flip it into Western Medicine.

Heart Yin is the fuel your Heart needs to run normally.

When Heart Yin is low, your Heart’s energy cannot stay normal.

You are still very healthy.  Your Heart is healthy.  It is just working subpar. 

When your Heart is healthy but you are getting palpitations the problem is not mechanical.  

Your Problem Is Not Mechanical.  It Is Nutritional. 

Your problem is not mechanical.  That is why the tests are all negative.

Your problem is nutritional.   You are deficient in nutrition needed for healthy heart function.

There are special herbal formulas, discovered years ago and used by the ancient herbalists for generation after generation. These formulas are safe and deeply nourishing for the Heart.   They build back Heart Yin.

Deeply nourishing Yin building natural Chinese herbs gently bring back both your overall energy and your heart’s normal function.  You feel normal again.  Palpitations disappear.

What is Yin?

Yin has many meanings, but the simplest way to think of it in this case is that Yin is a clear fluid that keeps the organ systems supple and youthful and flexible. 

When an organ is deficient in Yin you see consequences.  For example, if your Lungs are dry, we would say you are “Lung yin deficient”. Once you eat some pears or use a formula which brings back the Lungs moisture your energy comes back, your voice is strong again and you feel normal.

It shows up in the moisture of your skin, your sexual fluids and cervical mucus.  It also is a substance needed by the heart.  

It is fluid, but it is not replenished just by drinking more liquids.  Fluids alone will not do it.

You need special foods and herbs to replenish Yin. 

What Are Other Symptoms Of Yin Deficiency?

Symptoms of low Yin in other areas of the body may include having -

•    An energy dip and feel tired from around 3pm to 5pm each day
•    Less sexual fluids
•    Less cervical mucus
•    Dry Skin
•    Dry eyes
•    Unexplained palpitations
•    Hot flashes
•    Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

What Causes the Yin Deficiency?

Yin deficiency can occur because of working hard for many years. Or you may live in an environment where it is hot and dry. You may have had surgery, or a lot of hormonal treatments trying to get pregnant. A major life event or a trauma also creates Yin deficiency.

All of these burn Yin.  

In Chinese medicine staying young and healthy, recovering from operations and renewing fertility all depend upon replenishing the body's Yin. 

How Long Before I See Results?

Herbal formulas will be carefully chosen to put back what is missing nutritionally to help your body to rebalance.  And it is important to check back with your herbalist in 2-3 weeks.  Each body heals at a different pace.  It may be the dosage or one of the 2 formulas needs to be adjusted.

You should see clear results within the first week to the first month. How frequently the palpitations are occurring right now, and how long this has been going on may affect how long it takes before they stop showing up.  Results are almost always very quick to see.

As the yin is nourished the palpitations disappear and your hormones gently rebalance.

It is best to continue taking the herbs for 6 months after the problem resolves to help the body restore a solid balance.  

If you are older, have a very challenging life, live or work in a dry environment you may need support a little longer.  But you will know, because after 6 months you can stop the herbs and go on with life.  If you still need some small dose to support you, your body will tell you.  

Chinese Medicine Is the Medicine of Rejuvenation

We have been conditioned to think that from the time of about 40 on we are in a state of deterioration.   

Chinese Medicine has demonstrated for hundreds of generations that your body is in a constant state of renewal. More energy leads the way.

You can turn back your biological clock and feel younger if you understand how to take full advantage of this scientifically validated cycle of rejuvenation.

It is very important to help your body to recover and renew as you continue to meet life’s challenges.  

This leads both to greater odds for resolving issues, for success and for longevity with quality of life. 

It is never too late to allow for more energy and more health and happiness in your life.   



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