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Women's Fertility Issues (M-Z)

Trying To Get Pregnant? Chinese Fertility Herbs Work – Studies Find 60% Success Rate

Clinical studies performed in China, Japan and Australia show that around 60% of all cases of infertility (male and female) treated with Chinese Herbs resulted in pregnancy or restored fertility. Success rates ranged from 50% to 90%, depending on the study and the types of infertility.

While it’s impossible to predict the outcome for any one individual, these results are obviously very exciting and encouraging.

The studies included cases of blocked fallopian tubes, amenorrhea, absent ovulation, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, low sperm count, non liquification of semen and other causes.


We’re Delighted but Not Surprised…

We have been seeing success for years with our Healthy Living Programs – developed by our Herbalists who hold Degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Programs for both men and women 

•    Improve overall health and well-being
•    Help your body to rebalance specific conditions to increase fertility    
•    Strengthen reproductive functioning

We’re Way Ahead of the Competition

These gentle, safe herbs and formulas are now being recommended by knowledgeable fertility clinics in major cities like Los Angeles to support preparation for and recovery from Western-based reproductive technologies such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization

We’ve known about and understood the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine for years. This means that we have already honed our expertise to directly integrate traditional and modern methods of therapy.

Because of our vast experience, our success rates are probably somewhat higher than can be achieved by others in the United States.



Don't see your issue here?   Follow this link for the second tier of our programs:   Women's Fertility Issues (N-Z) Part 2 of 2


anti mullerian hormonebleeding between cycles

blocked fallopian tubescervical mucus

egg health quality and quantitytreat endometriosis

how to treat fibroidslower your FSH levels

get rid of hot flashesirregular periods



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