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We are all born with an inherent energy that determines our basic, or fundamental, strength.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this energy is called Jing. Jing is the bodys energy foundation. It is the powerhouse that supports all the bodys functions. Jing is the force in our lives that creates strong intent, willpower and the determination act. So feeling exhausted is not just a matter of mental fatigue. It is a "911" call from your entire body. For Jing is the driving force, the energy source created from your genetic code, which supports your life. If the battery that powers your whole system is low, it is time to pay serious attention.

As we gradually lose this energy of life, we show all the signs of aging. We become physically stiff and cannot adapt to change as easily. Our immune system becomes weak. Other systems also become stagnant, unbalanced and vulnerable to resist disease. Reproduction weakens and our mental energy declines. 

For centuries the ancient herbal masters were commissioned by the emperors to search out ways to restore and replenish the ''Jing''.  Some of the Jing formulas on our website where secret formulas only available to the Emperor and his court.  They were treasured because they could support not only sexual functioning, but also longevity and quality of life.

Western Medicine is the exploration of the biochemical body.  Eastern Medicine is the exploration of the bioelectric body.  Acupuncture needles are metal, accessing the flow of energy in the body.  The herbs you take are recommended to balance energy patterns in your body.  Energy is something you can feel, so you can also understand the progress of your program by how you feel. 

This is why in Asian households much of Chinese herbal theory is practiced as part of the culture and taught by the mother of the family.  Herbs are in the soups prepared for the family.  Food is prepared not just as a meal to eat, but to nourish the body and soothe the mind and emotions.  

It is valuable to listen to the free audio on the homepage of the website. (The Secret of Traditional Chinese Herbalism).  What is that secret?  It is energy.

If you have more energy you have more happiness.  If you have more energy you have more creativity.  If you have more energy you have more success in every aspect of your life.  In Western culture energy is traditionally derived from exercise and stimulating drinks or supplements. 

In Eastern culture there is an understanding that you have both a checking (the energy produced by breathing and eating food) and a savings account of energy (your Jing - a deep resevoir of reserve energy you can tap when you need it). 

The audio explains this unique concept of Jing and how you can learn to use it to turn back your biological clock.  We are here to help you use the concepts in very practical day to day habits which will renew energy you thought was lost. 

It is an interesting concept.  It is a wonderful experience to look forward to getting older, not just feel we must be resigned to the ''falling apart''.   With a new blueprint for healthy living you can actually feel yourself renew.  And life is full of promise again.

Please listen to the audio.  It will give you a very clear picture of what we have to offer you and, of course, consider a free consultation with one of our highly trained herbalists.

As you can see from the length of the list below, our site is full of ''Jing'' formulas.

What are the 5 most popular Jing products?

Jing Power
Creative Mind 
Mens Virility Formula
Replenishing Essence
Brain Tonic 


Treating Fatigue Caused by Blood Deficiency

In cases of blood deficiency, there is insufficient blood to nourish the organs and tissues of the body. Learn how you can build your blood and get your energy back.

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Treating Fatigue Caused By Qi (Energy) Deficiency

In cases of Qi deficiency, there may be no physical abnormality, but the body lacks sufficient energy to perform various functions. Get your energy back and say goodbye to fatigue.

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Treating Other Causes of Fatigue

Fatigue is a symptom of many different disorders, both psychological and physical. Find out how you can treat your fatigue with herbal supplements and exercise.

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