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Emotional Health & Well Being

Emotional Health & Well Being

We have found that many women who come to us with chronic emotional issues often have very low energy levels.  The combination of low energy and emotional imbalance has been going on so long they think it is normal.   

You can feel differently, but you need a different approach to make it happen.  A chronic negative emotion like depression or anxiety can cloud your thinking, your health, your entire life. 

Our Western perspective makes us feel we have only two options, both of which have value:  1.) To use psychological counseling to master techniques to help control how we feel,  or 2.) To override the chemical imbalance with drugs.

Chinese Medicine sees chronic emotional imbalance not just as a mental or emotional issue, but also as a physical problem.  Your energy is being affected.   Your emotions are affecting one of 5 energy hubs, associated with 5 organ systems.*   When you and your herbalist do the detective work to figure out which organ system is affected, you can start a healing process that addresses the root cause, not just the emotional symptoms.   The healing process starts with a Healthy Living Program targeting your energy levels, to bring them up, and addressing your specific stress response.  This program can stand alone, or be coordinated with your Western treatment. 

3 Principles that are a part of every Emotional Healing Healthy Living Program

1. PHYSICAL IMBALANCE affects Mental Balance

Our Western orientation is focued on the mental.  When find out exactly which organ system is driving your emotional issue you can the path to resolve it permanently.  Then you will know where to focus to heal the physical stress you have accumulated over time.  It could be your heart, your liver, your digestive system, etc.  When there is accumulated stress in an organ system it can create hormonal imbalance or chemical imbalances.  These in turn create depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Chinese Medicine has special herbal formulas, simple lifestyle changes, and medical chi Gong exercises, which can be very simple to implement.  With proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and sleep, our body’s natural rhythms will be supported. Gently the hormones begin to balance and the moods stabilize.

2. Your body sends you SIGNALS – knowing how to read them will enable faster results

There are signals your body sends to you every day, communicating to you where help is needed. Those signals create a pattern a professional Chinese Herbalist can see and explain to you. When that pattern is identified and you understand the inner connectedness, you will also be given knowledge and tools to help yourself.  You will be finding relief and taking control of your life again. 

3. You need ENERGY in order to support the healing process

Our body’s energy supports the internal functioning of our entire body, and it is the foundation of emotional balance. A lack of energy is a major sign of a hormonal imbalance and an emotional imbalance. You want to get better, but you feel too weak and fatigued to do anything about it. This, in turn, leaves you frustrated, and just makes you feel worse.  
We have found that many women have come  to us with depression or anxiety feeling listless with very low energy levels.  This has been going on so long they think it is normal.  This is not normal, and it is not a symptom of aging. As long as there are no major health issues causing your fatigue, we can absolutely get you back to feeling as energetic and vibrant as you used to feel, maybe even better.  

You just need a little help to get help to get the healing process started
Don’t lose hope – you have just opened the door to finding an answer.  


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