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Digestive Health

Digestive Health

The digestive system is the most undervalued system we have.

We tend to think of it as a factory that should do its job. It there is a problem, we just want it fixed, so we can go back to not feeling the discomfort of the symptoms.
The digestive system is the powerful generator of the tremendous energy your body needs to run on everyday. When it is working properly, it can maximize the use of the good food you ingest, leading to the production of nutrient-rich blood. This blood then nourishes every cell in the entire body, bringing health and dynamic energy to all of your life.

The Chinese call the digestive system your “checking account” of energy. (Jing, your reserve energy, is considered your “savings account.) If you aren’t creating enough energy in your checking account everyday, you will start stealing from your savings account. This leads to the degrading of your body’s energy, a situation that leads to the birthplace to more serious imbalance and disease.

What you eat, and how you eat and when you eat if very important. Chinese medicine considers not only the calories and nutrients of the food, but also the energies of the food – which energies support your unique situation.

Our trained herbalists are here to help you not only resolve the symptoms which are bothering you, but to help you adjust your eating habits in such a way that the symptoms, once resolved will not return. At that point you don’t need the herbs any more. If a rebalancing product really works, it should help the body get back on its feet and do the job it is capable of doing. That is the goal of every Digestive Health Program.


Cholesterol Balance

Your heart is an incredible organ with a very important task. Radiant Wonder has developed products and programs that provide tremendous benfits to the heart and cardio system. Learn more here.

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Chronic constipation is not only uncomfortable but it blocks more than the contents of the intestines - it blocks the flow of energy. Learn how you can free up your energy and feel better.

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You do not have to continue to live feeling trapped because you are unable to leave the house with confidence. Find out how you can resolve your chronic diarrhea and get your life back.

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Gas and Bloating

Gas and bloating are usually stress related. Get start with one of herbal programs and heal your gas and bloating today.

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IBS - Alernating Consiptation Diarrhea

Suffering with alternating constipation and diarrhea is not only inconvenient and frustrating, it also puts a drain on your energy. Find out how you can heal your IBS and get your energy back.

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Parasite Cleanse

An overgrowth of parasites that inhabit the GI tract have becaome increasingly prominent in causing diseases recently. Learn more how you can clean out your gut and feel good again.

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