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Detoxification:  How Chinese Medicine Helps

Chinese Medicine understands Radiant Health to be abundant energy, a clear mind, calmness and a sense of well being.

When there is Radiant Health the body and mind do not feel stuck or trapped.  Energy is flowing freely.  

How does this relate to DETOX?

Energy is like water -- when it flows easily and freely, the water is clear; when its flow is interrupted, or stopped, the water pools then stagnates. A stagnation of energy in your body allows toxins to "pool" and collect, just as it does in stagnant water.  This is the root cause of what Western Medicine calls inflammation.   These toxins can cause a multitude of problems, such an allergies, acne, low energy, unclear thinking, excess weight, etc.  If not resolved, they can eventually lead to more serious diseases.  According to Chinese Medical Theory if energy is actually blocked, then you also have pain, another product of inflammation.

What is the difference between a Western and an Eastern cleanse?

Western Herbalism strongly encourages cleanses.  If something is wrong with you, immediately a cleanse is recommended.  The idea behind most cleanses is to flush the body of toxins.  It takes a lot of energy to recover from this kind of cleanse.  If you do not start one of these cleanses in tiptop shape the cleanse may weaken you.  You may not think it is the fault of the cleanse, just that something is wrong with you and that is why the cleanse did not make you feel like a million dollars.  

Chinese Medicine respects the body's own powerful detoxing mechanisms, and it also knows that strengthening those organs and their functions is key to any really good release of stagnation.  So Radiant Wonder brings another meaning to the idea of releasing what we don't want.  It is not flushing toxins that will make the biggest and most wonderful changes to your body.  It is releasing the stuck energy (what we call the 5 Stagnations) which are trapping the toxins and also weakening the body function.  This way toxins are released in a very healthy way and at the same time the body comes out of the cleanse stronger and more capable.  It is a very unique way of understanding how to do a cleanse. 


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