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Bone & Joint Health Bone & Joint Health Bone & Joint Health Bone & Joint Health Bone & Joint Health
Bone & Joint Health

Bone & Joint Health

Bone health is vitally important throughout our lives. Beginning with our development in the womb, throughout early childhood and active youth, and all during our childbearing years, midlife changes and elder years, we must offer plenty of nourishment to our bones. We depend on our bones for their support. We are thankful for the structure they bring to our lives.

We are intended to grow, develop and maintain bones strong enough to take hundreds of pounds of pressure, yet be flexible enough to twist and turn without breaking, throughout our lives. All of the 206 bones in our bodies are in a constant state of construction, deconstruction, and repair. In the course of one year, 20% of our adult bone mass is recycled as our bones continually break down and renew themselves. Our bones are also the major storage facility for such minerals as calcium and magnesium. If we lose more minerals than we take in, we begin to lose bone mass. Pay special attention to nourishing your bones, your cartilage, your skeletal system, so it can carry you, with strength and health, to the work you must do in this lifetime.


Worried about your bones getting brittle? Getting a hunchback, or broken hip, without hormone replacement therapy? Care of the bones during midlife is especially important because as estrogen levels drop, women's risk of osteoporosis rises. Likewise, as testosterone levels drop, men become increasingly at risk for this bone weakening disease. With the recent findings of the Women’s Health Initiative, a study that included over 6,000 menopausal women, HRT, once touted as a panacea, is now implicated as a major cause of aggressive breast and uterine cancers, heart disease, gallbladder disease, blood clots and stroke. Although the hormone replacement did appear to offer some protection against bone loss, this benefit did not outweigh the serious risks for most women. Health building, bone strengthening, time-tested, nourishing herbs are healthy alternatives.


An excellent way to nourish our bones, no matter what our age, or stage of life, is to add highly nourishing and mineral-rich herbs to your daily diet and you will see the results! Your bones, teeth, hair and nails will be strong and beautiful, and your nerves like steel. You need not fear osteoporosis. You can count on these mineral-rich herbs to be your bone-building allies. They will help to create, maintain and preserve your bone health, strength, and flexibility, even rebuilding and remodeling it, if necessary, should you suffer a break or fracture. Regular use of these bone building herbs will nourish and sustain the robustness and pliability of the skeletal frame from childhood well into old age.


Bone Strength

We depend on our bones for their support. We are
thankful for the structure they bring to our lives. Learn how you can keep your support system strong and able.

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Joint Health - Lower Body

Joint health is very important to maintain.
Herbs along with healing foods and special energy exercises are remarkably effective at helping the body heal itself.

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Joint Health - Upper Body

When the flow of energy in the body is obstructed, pain and stiffness can occur in the joints and muscles.
Learn how you can reverse these effects.

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