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Seasonal Allergies FINALLY Under Control!
Breathe Free is a life saver! It clears my nasal congestion from seasonal allergies better than any over the counter allergy medicine I've ever tried.
It was so frustrated being congested all the time ...Read More


Unexplained Infertility to Pregnancy
My name is Chimamanda and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am very fortunate. After 3 years I am finally pregnant after only 3 months of following the
Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan and taking their herbal formulas. We are so happy.

For years doctors ...Read More

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Cold and Flu Kit Program

Cold and Flu Kit Program

Brand: Radiant Wonder
Product Code: 90143
Capsules: 90
Price: $154.80

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Your Herbal Program


The herbal formulas for this program are a specially designed combination exactly the best for your issue. They are safe and powerful. They are not drugs which override body function, they are superfood. Your body is hungry for this deep nutrition.


The free Radiant Wonder Plan was developed by Amanda Howell to help speed the healing process. This easy-to-follow method uses food, herbal therapy, and special exercises to maximize results and speed up your chance for real success. It will only add 15 minutes to your day and will give you deeper and faster results.

Combine the deep nutrition of these herbal formulas with your Radiant Wonder Plan to dramatically increase your odds for success.

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Cold and Flu Kit Program Includes:


  • Stop It Cold (2 bottles - 30 day supply)
  • Herbal Antibotic (1 bottle - 30 day supply)
  • Radiant Immune Defense (1 bottle - 30 day supply)
  • Free Energy Exercise & Answer Style Videos
  • Free Radiant Wonder Plan
  • Access to regular informational Q&A style videos
  • Invitation to the Members Only Facebook Group
  • Multiple ways to ask questions and get answers as you are moving forward
  • We are here and we are dedicated to supporting you on your healing journey


Colds and Flu

Is there any cure for colds or the flu?

The answer is "Yes", if you are asking this question to an authentic Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Thousands of years ago, Chinese medicine already knew how to effectively treat colds and the flu.  Most western medical doctors would tell you "No" and say there is no cure for colds and the flu. The only thing that you can do is to rest and drink more fluids, enduring all uncomfortable symptoms, which should be getting better when your immune system wins the battle.  

Some people may take some over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms such as headache, body aching and sore throat. Usually it may take about a week to recover from a cold, and a little longer for the flu if you do not receive any treatment. 

With Radiant Wonder herbal formulas the most uncomfortable symptoms including headache, fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, fatigue, etc., should be better within one or two days.  For the common cold the main thing to is have a formula on hand to stop a cold before it gets started. Our Stop It Cold formula is most used herbal formula in the World and is essential to have ready as soon as you notice the first sign of a cold.  It will give you an immediate immune and energy boost to stop a cold in its tracks.


What's in the Radiant Wonder Cold & Flu Kit?

Stop it Cold!  stops a cold before it starts!

* Herbal Antibiotic is a great help if your colds tend to always head straight to your chest. It works as a first stage defense against bronchitis and bacterial infection. Take with Stop it Cold!

* Immune System Formula is used as a preventative measure for colds and flu. Additionally, it may be used for upper respiratory allergies, such as asthma and sinus problems. This formula is very gentle and safe, yet deeply nourishing for the immune system.

The purpose of Radiant Wonder's herbal formulas, which have been used successfully and safely in the Orient for many centuries, is to treat a broad spectrum of everyday illnesses, ranging from the common cold to allergies and fevers. These formulas have no harsh side effects, as are sometimes found with synthetic pharmaceutical products. You should note that, with the use of natural remedies for cold and flu symptoms, the sooner you start taking them, the more effective the results will be. There is a wide variety of cold and flu formulas which attest to herbalism's sophisticated grasp of the numerous presentations of these conditions. No two colds are exactly the same. Below are the formulas in this kit that will assist you in getting through these unpleasant situations.

Stop it Cold! (1 Bottle) is a remarkable formula that was developed almost 1,000 years ago. It is famous for defeating a cold before it can get a foothold in the body. Stop It Cold! can give you an immediate immune boost to throw off a cold. The formula is very useful when you have symptoms that include sore throat, fever, nasal congestion and mucus that tends to turn yellow. It is also excellent when you have heat signs, such as fever with little or no chills, slight sweating, thirst, headache and often a sore, scratchy throat. Everyone should have this product on hand at all times and take at the first sign of a cold. You can also take Stop It Cold! before traveling to prevent catching cold and flu viruses.

Herbal Antibiotic (1 Bottle): A benefit of herbal treatment is that disease-causing virus and bacteria are less likely to become resistant to antibiotics. 
"Most drugs contain just one active ingredient. Herbs are chemically complex. They have not just one, but many active ingredients, so it's harder for bacteria to develop resistance to their activity."
- F. Jones, Rocky Mountain center for Botanical Studies, Boulder, CO.

Herbal Antibiotic is a powerful ally for the body's fight against disease. This formula brings together herbs that are famous in Chinese Herbal Medicine for combating pathogens. Herbs included in the formula have demonstrated strong antibiotic, anti-parasitic, anti-viral effects in modern laboratory research. The combination of these herbs is very gentle and safe, yet very effective. In addition, preparations of these herbs have proven to be effective in treating some bacteria that have become resistant to pharmaceutical drugs such as streptomycin, chlorhenicol and oxtetracycline hydrochloride. 

If you have a cold and your mucus begins to turn color (yellow or green), you may have a bacterial infection. Start Herbal Antibiotic immediately. Also, if you have an intense sore throat or high fever, this is the correct formula, especially if combined with Stop It Cold!

Remember, if you have a high fever that does not break, or a lingering cough, be sure to check with your doctor.

Immune System Formula (2 Bottles): This combination of herbs is one of the most widely used formulas in the World. It is an immune system tonic and is known for its benefits to those who are recovering from colds and flu. It also is used as a preventative for colds and flu. In addition, it may be used for upper respiratory allergies, such as asthma and sinus problems. This formula is very gentle and safe, yet deeply nourishing for the immune system. It's even safe for children over the age of five, when taken in smaller doses.

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