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"Chinese Medicine has helped us.  It can help you too."
Russell and Amanda Howell

Listen to Amanda and Russell introduce themselves and explain what they would like to offer to you.   Follow this link and let us say hello:   (CLICK HERE).   Listen to the first clip, and feel free to listen to more.  We spent over a year writing the script for this audio.  We wanted to create a place where you could hear us explain why we think we can help you.  And let you hear from customers, who are now our friends, tell you there experiences with our programs. 

Amanda holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Russell holds a degree in chemistry.  Together, using their scientific and medical backgrounds, they have devoted their lives to making the practical principles and theory of Chinese Medicine easily accessible for anyone to understand and apply to normal life.  They take great pleasure in seeing the success people find and the sense of personal empowerment that comes with turning back the biological clock, seeing and feeling an undisputable life of vitality and sense of well being.  

Amanda and Russell Howell’s Story

Amanda and Russell Howell started Radiant Wonder in 1999 after experiencing remarkable results from taking Chinese herbal formulas themselves and realized that they could help others with their knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Amanda regained her energy and vitality after having been chronically sick for years.   One of the first benefits for Amanda was losing weight she had not been able to lose no matter what.  But the greatest gift of all was having a baby at age 44, even though she had been told she was “too old” to get pregnant.   

They had put off having children due to careers until it was almost too late.  When they decided to have a baby in their late 30's they thought it would be a snap.  Little did they know it would be an expensive and difficult four years of ups and downs with fertility treatments in the form of Clomid, various injectibles, as well as IUI several, but could never make enough eggs for IVF. Every month Amanda produced only one egg and was told she was a poor responder.  The doctors also said her advanced maternal age was a contributing factor.  Every time she received the injections, had the insemination, and failed to conceive, she would go through a period of helplessness and hopelessness. She was told the chance of getting pregnant was less than 1% and if she did get pregnant the baby would probably not be normal.  Finally, the doctor said her FSH was too high and he could not help her any longer.  He said the only thing she could do was obtain an egg from an egg donor.  This was after two years of expensive and exhausting treatments.

Amanda had been studying Chinese herbal formulas and diagnosis as a hobby for a few years, so when Western Fertility doctors said her only choice would be egg donor she and Russell accepted that.  But Amanda was so exhausted she did not feel she could hold a baby.  So she turned again to Chinese herbs and theory.  In the past these herbs had dramatically renewed her energy and vitality. That was exactly what she needed now.  It was time to be renewed again, only this time the goal was not to get pregnant, it was to prepare Amanda’s body for pregnancy using an egg donor egg, and to regain the energy needed to maintain a pregnancy.  She had no fantasy about being able to get pregnant on her own.  Her only goal was to again bring back her vitality.  

After nine months of  following a program she made up on her own (taking Chinese herbs, doing some special qi gong exercises and eating lots of cooked greens) Amanda had a different body.  Her cycles were regular and pain free, her sexual fluids were back, her energy and her interest in sex had returned.  She was ready for an egg donor, ready to carry a baby.  However, before the Howells could even initiate the egg donor protocol,  they found Amanda had unexpectedly gotten pregnant naturally.  Her pregnancy was easy.  Delivery was easy.   They had a healthy full-term baby girl.  The baby girl is now a very beautiful and highly intelligent young lady who has just graduated from a University this year.    

Ariana Howell


After achieving such dramatic results for themselves, Amanda and Russell decided they wanted to help others by sharing what they had learned.  Russell, although always healthy, also felt he had turned back his biological clock.  He could tell the difference: an expansion of more energy, focus and clarity of mind.  Amanda then went back to graduate school to get a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and with this more comprehensive knowledge combined with Russells background as a chemist, they started Radiant Wonder. 

Their combined expertise and their professional staff has helped thousands of people gain a greater understanding of themselves and how to increase mental and physical energy and more zest for life. They would like to help you as well.

Radiant Wonder

Amanda and Russell Howell have designed every formula sold by Radiant Wonder.  Amanda researches and determines which formulas.  Russell sources all the herbs, ensuring the quality and purity of the herbal extracts.  He supervises all aspects of the herb selection and manufacturing processes in their own factory in Las Vegas, NV.  These products come from Radiant Wonder directly to you, with no middle man.  Amanda and Russell Howell want you to receive the purest, freshest, most effective herbs possible, at the most reasonable cost possible.


Everyone at Radiant Wonder, Russell, Amanda, Ariana and the entire staff take Radiant Wonder formulas. We take what we like and we have all gotten results.  We also know from direct experience that do not have to understand the meaning of Kidney Yin Deficiency or Liver Qi Stagnation to know how to help yourself.   If you have the right teacher the path is easy, logical and you get results.  This doesn't mean you don't see your doctor, you chiropractor, your acupuncturist.   It means you can build confidence in your own ability to understand and support your health.  You are no longer a victim, or a lost soul, you are a powerful part of the protocol.   

Please contact us for a free consultation, if you have any questions, or if you want to know more.  Call Radiant Wonder's toll free number 1-800-901-0656 and set up an appointment for a free consultation to discuss how to achieve your health goals.  You will be talking with either of our two Herbalists, Julie or Amanda,  both of whom hold a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  They would love to talk with you!

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine and How Radiant Wonder can Help You

In Asia there is a knowledge of herbal medicine and certain principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine that are used in every household.  These principles for healthy living encourage strong immune systems, sexual vitality, longevity and quality of life.  There is a focus on health, not on disease.  The words “radiant health” are part of their vocabulary. 

Russell and Amanda are known as leaders who have created a user friendly language for the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Many U.S. and Chinese medical professionals use the examples and words used by Radiant Wonder to explain health to patients. 

The herbalists at Radiant Wonder are very talented at translating what appears to be a mysterious science into easily understood concepts in line with Western understanding. They make principles easy to understand and easy to plug into a busy Western lifestyle.  You simply follow your program (herbal therapy, food therapy, movement therapy) and you get results.  You then maximize those results by modifying your program as you heal

Radiant Wonder does not compete with Western conventional medicine, but compliments it

Traditional Chinese Medicine, like any other field of life, is only a mystery when it is not understood. Over more than 2,000 years, through trial and error, observation and clinical studies, people have found what herbs do and how they work. In more recent times herbs have been put to the rigors of western scientific research.  Western drug companies are testing Chinese herbs in US clinical trials and in laboratories around the world.  Herbal medicine is no longer considered a folk remedy or anecdotal. Many of these herbal remedies have been tested and found to be very beneficial -- sometimes much to the amazement of western scientists.