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Skin Detox/Anti-Inflammation
Skin Detox/Anti-Inflammation       Code: #10336       90 Capsules        Price$29.95        Qty: 

Skin Detox Anti-Inflammation is a wonderful safe, gentle and effective formula.It is used for 2 different conditions:

(1) as a detox formula to clear what Chinese herbalism calls internal heat. This might be an undetected minor inflammatory condition. Or, it might be an unexpected wave of heat that you clearly feel, but you do not actually have a fever. This can include feelings of internal warmth of the upper body and face which has no Western diagnosis.

(2) it is very effective skin conditions caused by inflammation and fluid accumulation -- great for allergic hives, certain types of eczema, or any kind of red rash. These rashes can be anywhere but often concentrate on the upper back, or at the elbows and knees.

This formula is alsouseful for skin conditions caused by inflammation and fluid accumulation (what Chinese Herbalism calls ''damp-heat''). Skin Detox/Anti-Inflammation is very safe, gentle and extremely effective for allergic hives or any kind of red rash. These rashes can be anywhere, but often concentrate on the upper back, or at the elbows and knees. It is perfect for red bumps that itch, which release some fluid if scratched. The red color indicates heat, and the fluid indicates dampness.

Skin Detox/Anti-Inflammation isused for allergic hives or red, itchy rashes that arise on the upper back and sometimes also occur at the elbows or knees. This type of chronic utacaria will have hives that are pink or red in color. It can also be effective for eczema and psorasis. The key is the type of rash. If it is not a dry, itchy rash, but a red itchy rash that when broken exhibits liquid, then it is a ''damp heat'' rash.

Skin Detox/Anti-Inflammation is a very gentle formula and can be taken long term. For some people, the results are immediate and the condition is quickly resolved. For others, it may take some time. You will see a gradual improvement which becomes very dramatic as the body rebalances. Eventually, you will not need the formula. This may take 6 months to a year.

Note: Drinking alcohol can aggravateeither of these conditionsbecause alcohol increases the ''damp/heat'' conditions in the body. Red, weepy rashes are damp/heat conditions. While you are healing, it is best to dramatically limit alcoholic beverages. You will be able to drink them again. Just wait until the healing is more complete. Foods that are very spicy are also bestto be limited as you heal.

Ingredients:   Dong Quai, root, Rehmannia, Prepared Root, Gypsum, Arctium, Siler root, Coptis root, Anemarrhena, Red Atractylodes root, Sesame seed, Schizonepeta ariel & flower, Licorice root

Ingredients in Detail:

Dong Quai, root: Dong Quai  (pronounced "Dong guWAY") is one of the most widely used herbs in the World. If Ginseng is known as the “king” of Chinese herbs, Dong Quai is the “queen”. It is commonly used as a potent and effective blood builder.

Used by men and women alike, Dong Quai is super nourishment for the blood. It also helps regulate blood circulation. It is often used by body builders. It is famous as a woman's herb because of its ability to help balance the menstrual cycle, hormones and eliminate anemia. Scientific research demonstrates that Dong Quai regulates uterine function. It has a mild sedative and smoothing effect on nervous disorders and excessive emotional problems. Dong Quai is often used to balance gynecological problems: amenorrhea (no menstruation), infertility, PMS, and menopausal difficulties. Formulas with Dong Quai are extremely effective and are completely safe. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and prevents degeneration of the reproductive system.

It is used in many youth preserving formulas. We use Dong Quai in our beauty formulas. It has been found to be very beneficial to the complexion by improving circulation.

Dong Quai is used in formulas that are designed to detoxify the skin and is used to clear blemishes and to treat eczema, rosacea, neurodermatitis, vitiligo, pigment diseases and a host of other skin problems.

Chinese herbalism rarely uses Dong Quai as a single herb.  This is commonly done in Western culture, but it is not something we normally recommend.  Chinese herbal theory says that Dong Quai builds blood and moves the blood. Anything that moves blood, that increases circulation can create too much movement if it is not balanced with other herbs in the formula.  However this ability to both move and build blood makes Dang Quai the perfect ingredient to add to many formulas.  What if you have a formula with which you want to clear internal heat (for example our Clear Heat Formula), you want to move things because stagnant energy gets stuck and creates heat, yet you want to be sure you support the body's energy.  If you move things too much and the person has some weakness you could make it worse.  So in combination with the other herbs here is an herb, Dong Quai which can clear things up at the same time maintain good balance.   How this herb is skillfully used in so many Chinese formulas is a good example of why Chinese herbal formulas can be so safe.  Always the herbalist is thinking of keeping the body in balance. 

Dong Quai is rich in vitamins B 12, folic acid, foinic acid, nicotinic acid and biotin. Dong Quai contains Cobalt, an important mineral that, in conjunction with B 12, enriches the blood. Studies have shown that B 12 without Cobalt loses its hematonic (blood building) effects. Dong Quai not only has demonstrated the ability to generate red blood cells and hemoglobin. For the Chinese Herbalist these qualities also make Dong Quai a key ingredient to any formula that nourishes the hair and the nails.

Dong Quai also has demonstrated an ability to balance blood flow of the coronary artery, and help eliminate free radicals, making it a superior anti-aging herb.

Rehmannia, Prepared Root: is included in many anti-aging formulas to enhance rejuvenation and longevity. It is considered to be a premium herb to nourish the blood, and replenish hormones. It is strongly beneficial to sexual function in both men and women. Prepared Rehmannia has a tonic action on the liver and kidneys. It traditionally been has been used to protect the liver. It also lowers blood pressure. There is also evidence to suggest that Rehmannia helps to prevent senility. Rehmannia is traditionally used to rebuild our energy reserves (Jing or Essence) which we need to draw upon for dynamic action and for strong sexual vitality.  It has been called "The Great Nourisher"


Gypsum, or Calcium Sulfate is a mineral and Chinese herbalism reveres Gypsum for ''clearing heat'' and ''draining fire''.   Chinese Medicine is an energy medicine, working with the bioeclectric (energetic) body.  Always the concern is that the energy of the body be in balance.  If the body is not balanced it is important to ''detox'' the unbalanced energy. (for more understanding see Detox - The Missing Link)

In Chinese herbalism there are 2 kinds of heat: external heat (a cold, the flu, sun so hot you get sunstroke).  All of these heat conditions ''attack'' us from the outside.

The other kind of heat is an internal heat.  This heat is a heat generated from within. This heat is often generated by the sluggish movement of energy in the digestive system, or dryness in the lungs.  Or it can be seen in eczema or other outbreaks through the skin.  Formulas such as Clear Heat address these issues.

Gypsum can also be used in a formula to balance other herbs which are very warm in nature. For example, Gypsum moderates the effects of heat and dryness that Ma Huang produces. Ma Huang and Gypsum work together to treat coughing and sinus problems.  Ma Huang dries things up, and Gypsum protects the body from getting too hot  from the drying effects of the Ma Huang.

Arctium: Articum fruit, also known as burdock fruit in English, helps to clear heat and relieve toxicity.  It is often used in Western detox formulas.  Articum clears heat from external attacks (head colds, sore throats etc.), yet it also relieves internal heat, calming inflammatory skin eruptions. Articum fruit also helps to open pores, causing a sweat that breaks the fever. Pharmaceutical and clinical research has also shown Arctium to have significant antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Siler root: Siler, also known as Ledebouriella, is helpful in relieving headaches, chills and body aches due to externally contracted wind-cold conditions. It reduces dampness and alleviates pain. It also has an anti-microbial effect and has been shown to inhibit influenza viruses. It has even been used in ancient times as an effective antidote to arsenic poisoning. The Chinese name for Siler is Fang Feng, which translates to “guard against wind”.

Coptis root: Coptis root helps to relief toxicity. It also contains berberine, which has been proven to be effective in lowering serum cholesterol. It normalizes the cholesterol phosphate ratio and lowers triglyceride levels.

Anemarrhena: Anemarrhena contains triterpenoid saponins. Anemarrhena clears heat and promotes yin fluids which cool internal body heat. It has been used for thousands of years for clearing excess heat such as hot flashes, fever, night sweats and coughs. It is very useful in formulas that are designed for reducing body heat, irritability, insomnia and even chronic bronchitis.

Red Atractylodes root: This herb dries dampness in the digestive system, and strengthens the stomach and spleen. (The digestive system is obviously always “damp”, but when the functioning is impaired and things slow down, “dampness” becomes aggravated and slows things down even more.) Symptoms of a disruption of these functions are reduced appetite, diarrhea, epigastric distention and pressure, fatigue, and nausea. As a warm herb, Red Atractylodes is very effective in drying dampness, and is often combined with herbs that clear heat. Not only is it perfect for formulas that dry excess damp and warm the digestive system, but also for those which clear damp heat.

Sesame seed: Sesame seeds are highly nutritious and contain 55% oil, comprising mainly unsaturated fats (about 43% each of oleic and linoleic acids), 26% protein, vitamins B3 and E, folic acid, and minerals (especially Calcium). In ancient Egypt, the seeds were eaten and also pressed to yield oil, which was burned in lamps and used to make ointments. Sesame has also been eaten and used in India and China for thousands of years. It is used to compensate for a lack of liver and kidney deficiency. Because of its lubricating effect within the digestive tract, the seeds are also considered a remedy for “dry” constipation. The seeds have a marked ability to stimulate breast-milk production. Sesame seed also benefits the skin and is used as a base for cosmetics. Scientific research has shown that sesame seed lowers blood sugar levels and also to raise the levels of stored carbohydrates (glycogen).

Schizonepeta ariel & flower: This herb can be used in any type of common cold. It induces the body to sweat, opening the pores and driving out the cause of this illness. It also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Licorice root: Licorice root has more detoxifying agents that any other substance in the world. It has the ability to rid the body of more than 600 toxins without any detrimental side effects. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, nourish the adrenal glands, and even to build muscle. It is a harmonizing herb, helping the diverse ingredients in various herbal formulas. It increases vital energy and is used to strengthen digestive and metabolic functions. It also aids the assimilation of nutrients.

Licorice root, in the amounts of 1-5%, is added to many herbal formulas to enhance and harmonize the actions of all the other herbs in the formula. It is amazing that such a small amount can bring such profound results. This is the great strength of Traditional Chinese Medicine that the sum of all the whole herbal formula is worth more than the isolated parts.
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"Something really weird started happening to me last year....I started getting hives all over my body." - Jackie T., Lake Tahoe, CA    more
"Wow! Thank u guys! That red itchy stuff that nobody could fix on my back is gone! 2 weeks. Gone. Thanx to u all." - Ellen B., Hendersonville, TN    more



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