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Radiant Wonder Herb System

There are three classes of Radiant Wonder Herbs, they are grouped according to the three categories of balancing needed to attain and maintain Radiant Health.

These three categories were first devised by ancient herbal masters more than 3,000 years ago. This is the core of the World's most sophisticated system of holistic health care.

Three Classes of Herbs
1. Adaptogenic Herbs - Very few herbs fall into this category. These Adaptogenic Herbs are Nature's wonder. They are not used to "treat" disease, but to invigorate the systems of the body, to prolong and enhance life, to restore deep reserves of vitality, and to fortify the immune system to resist disease. These special herbs, and the formulas that have been developed using them, were highly sought after and treasured by the ancient herbal masters.They've been used for thousands of years to nourish what the Chinese call the "Three Treasures" - the three vital energies of life.

2. Balancing & Harmonizing Herbs - Health professionals recognize that emotional stress is a principal cause of disease. Stress causes circulation and energy to stagnate. With stagnation comes a buildup of toxins and pain on mental, emotional and physical levels. The formulas using Balancing & Harmonizing Herbs are famous for restoring the free flow of energy and thus for reducing stress and preventing disease. These types of herbal formulas deal with such things as poor digestion, insomnia and mental instability.

3. Herbal Remedies - used for short term problems,such as colds, allergies, skin problems, detoxification, pain and circulation problems.These herbs are primarily used to clear or eliminate what is called an Excess Condition. A bodily function has become overactive. There may be an obstruction, stagnation, or some accumulated substance. The symptoms are often acute (like allergies or a cold) and with Herbal Remedies it is common to see quick results. Included in this group are also formulas for pain. These formulas are effective, yet gentle and safe for the body. If you have questions, please contact us at the email or phone number below.

Nourishing the Three Treasures & Building Radiant Health
The fundamental element of life is energy -- the ever-changing states of energy. To live a full life is to live a life full of energy -- free flowing and balanced. In order to accomplish this one needs to nourish the Three Treasures. To be classified an Adaptogenic Herb, an herb has to be powerful enough to nourish, balance or expand at least one of the Three Treasures, or Vital Energies of Life. Rejuvenation, greater vitality, a calm and clear thinking mind, and ease of action is what nourishment of the Three Treasures builds into your life.

Energy Reserves (Jing)
Jing is the physical energy that everyone is born with. It is what the Chinese call Jing, or our reserve energy. It is your inherent potential, the foundation of your physical life -- your reserve energy. It is the energy we draw on for all the metabolic activities of the body. It is the energy we draw on when we need to go "the extra mile". You were born with both a checking and a savings account of energy. Jing is your energy savings account. This energy gets used up in living and if not replenished, eventually is depleted and death occurs. This is the Powerhouse upon which all the body's functions depends. Renewing and protecting your energy reserves brings the power back into life.

Physical Vitality (Chi)
Chi is your "checking account" of energy. The energy you produce every day. You acquire this vitality from the food you eat and the air you breathe. If your lungs and digestive systems are working properly, you maximize the amount and quality of Vitality drawn into your body. If your Energy Reserves (Jing) and Physical Vitality (Chi) are adequate you may become fatigued but not exhausted. If you are fatigued you can revive yourself with a good night's sleep. If you continue to feel tired you begin to deplete your foundation energy, your Jing. If this state of constant exhaustion becomes "normal", strong and deliberate steps must be taken to make your digestion more efficient (producing more energy), and replenish those energy reserves.

Spirit (Shen)
Shen is the energy of the inner light of our lives. A person with abundant Shen knows the "peace which passeth understanding". Shen is the energy of awareness, or consciousness. Strong Shen is present in the moment, centered and aware, manifesting as love, compassion and generosity. Our Spirit reflects our higher nature as human beings -- the spark of divinity within each of us. The nurturing of our Shen is greatly enhanced by a strong, vibrant physical body -- a temple through which the light of God can radiate. We speak to God in words. He speaks to us in silence. When the body is peaceful, the Spirit strong, then the silence is easier to hear. Nurturing the Three Treasures enriches our lives, giving us the opportunity for more success and fulfillment on all levels.



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