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Blocked Tubes

Clearing the Golden Pathway

The Golden Pathway to the Palace of the Child:   The fallopian tubes are called the “golden pathway” to the “palace of the child” (the uterus).  These are tubes that connect the ovaries with the uterus.   The fallopian tubes are also the most likely place for the sperm and egg to meet.  It is not the only place, but the most common place for fertilization.  Open a blocked fallopian tube and you have created a meeting place for miracles to occur. 

Inside the fallopian tubes are little hair-like structures which line the tubes called cilia.  With a gentle waving motion, the cilia help to move the egg along its pathway.  Also there are cells producing nutrition to nourish the egg both before and after fertilization.  

These tubes are very narrow structures and it doesn't take too much to block them.  What  is the cause of a blocked fallopian tube?  It could be some endometriosis.  Endometriosis occurs when tissue like that which lines the inside of uterus grows outside the uterus in places that it is not supposed to grow.   

Or it could be that the blockage is an after effect of having had a bacterial infection in the tubes. With a bacterial infection the fallopian tubes become inflamed from within, filling with fluid or pus (hydrosalpinx or pyrosalpinx).  Adhesions or thickened walls may cause the tubes to close off completely.  This is a condition known as salpingitis. Salpingitis is created by bacteria infections such as untreated PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) in the uterus.  This condition can be created by a sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia, from IUD (intrauterine device) use, or as an after effect of surgery of the reproductive tract.  It is so important for protecting your fertility to see your Western medical doctor if you think you have any uterine infection.  See him/her for a diagnosis and follow his/her antibiotic protocol.  The after effect of not treating a bacterial infection can be blocked tubes.

What is the sign or symptom of a blocked fallopian tube?   The only sign or symptom you can recognize is that you are not getting pregnant!  Without a test you will not if you have blocked tubes because all your other tests are normal. 

Of course, if there is only one blocked fallopian tube the egg still has the opportunity for impregnation.  The only true way to know if there is blockage is to have laparoscopy, laparotomy or a hysterosalpinogram (HSG test) (where they inject dye in to the uterus and then check by X-ray to see if any of the dye makes its way into the pelvic cavity.)

What is the remedy or treatment for a blocked fallopian tubes?

Fallopian tube obstruction always has scar tissue involved.  Even if the tube is filled with fluid, once there was an infection and scar tissue is an issue.  So we must soften the scar tissue and then increase the circulation of blood and energy to release the dissolving scar tissue.  There are herbs to do this, and then there are other things you can do to support the softening and releasing which have nothing to do with the herbs.  For example, warming the belly is easy, but it has a very profound effect on softening and increasing circulation.

First let's remember you aren't just trying to clear your tubes. You are trying to get pregnant!  So while you are working to release your tubes, we would encourage you to have a free consultation with one of our Master Herbalists and learn what healing foods and other things you can do to maximize your fertility.  Remember there are only two ways you can tell if the tubes have opened:  1) you have another dye test (HSG), or 2) you get pregnant!

And please please be very very careful about your cycle and when it is coming and if it is late.  You are doing things to get rid of the scar tissue.  What if enough scar tissue dissolves that your egg can make it down into the fallopian tube, and a sperm makes its way up to meet the egg.  But what if there is not enough room for the fertillized egg to make it back out!
You'll end up with a pregnancy in your tube. That will never work.  If you don't catch it in time you will lose that tube.

You are the ONLY one who can be a warrior to protect your tubes.  The only one.  So if you are late with your period be on high alert.  If you test positive you have to get into the doctor RIGHT away.  Insist on an ultra sound.  Tell the nurse that "your doctor said you are in danger of ectopic pregnancy, and you must have an ultra sound to see where that egg is developing.  If they can't find the egg, make another appointment the next week.  If the fertilized egg is found growing in your tube they can easily give you a shot to release it so you do not lose your tube (There is not enough nourishment in the tube to support a baby.  It would die there anyway).  You can go home and know that something good is happening.  If they find that blastocyst (fertilized egg) in your uterus?  You can go home and have a party!  

There are two concerns to address:

  • (1) to clear the tube(s);
  • (2) to increase your fertility, so as soon as there is an opportunity you can get pregnant.

Clear your own pathway with energy exercises, an herbal formula team, a self massage and warming your belly.   

Also use the same program to increase chances of fertilization when the tubes do unblock.  Or,if you aren't sure whether your tubes are blocked or not doing this treatment will increase chances of fertilization. I did this for myself, not knowing if I had blockage or not,  because I was told it would energize the pathway and clear the tubes. 

First the herbs:  includes taking an herbal formula team that is famous for helping to increase circulation of energy and blood in what the Chinese call “the network vessels”.  

  • Free Flow includes special herbs like myrrh and frankincense, which are famous for reaching the deepest energy channels and their networks.
  • Cinnamon and Poria includes cinnamon twig, which warms and opens the channels, increasing circulation. 

  • In simple terms let's talk about what this program is designed to do for you.

    Pretend you have a beautiful porcelain pot, and you forgot to turn off the stove and you have burned the food into the bottom of that pot.
    That burned food is your scar tissue.
    How are you going to deal with it?  If you start scrubbing the pot you are going to leave lots of scratches and ruin it.
    So you put it in the warm soapy water and let it soak.
    That burned food is your scar tissue.
    And you can not touch it.
    But if twice every day you could put fresh warm, soapy water in the sink 
    And once a month you could swish the water around in the sink without touching the pot.
    You and I both know that eventually most of that scar tissue will loosen up and drift away.

    The Cinnamon and Poria warms and helps the circulation in the reproductive area.
    The Free Flow works like the soap in the water.  Softening the scar tissue,

    This is what you are doing with this program.  Your fallopian tubes are so tiny!  If you cut a pencil in half the dark lead in the center is the size of your fallopian tubes.  You can understand why they often reblock if the doctor tries to clear them.  They are so small it is almost impossible to put an instrument in there without irritating the lining and eventually causing more scar tissue.  

    If you have patience and understand what you are doing you can maximize you have an excellent chance to unblock your own tubes.  We have had so many success stories.   It is not guaranteed.  But it is certainly possible.  

Then the rest of the program, to increase your chances for success!
If you are really focused on success you can do more.  All of these suggestions help to move blood and energy, warm and release that scar tissue.

  • The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.  These exercises improve energy flow and blood circulation throughout the entire body.  They also have demonstrated clinically the ability to balance hormones.
  • Self massage: Radiant Wonder Abdominal Massage.  If you are doing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises you will maximize the effects of this simple exercise. There are special energy points you can manipulate and you can practice Radiant Wonder Abdominal  Massage to help open the tubes.  (this massage is ONLY practiced between the end of your menstruation and ovulation.  Do not do it during the blood flow, or during the luteal phase).   You will receive written instructions for doing the massage with your order.  By August we will have a DVD you can buy to help you understand what you are doing.
  • Warming the belly.  This is actually something you can start today.  Apply a heating pad (on low) or a hot water bottle on your belly for 15 minutes to half and hour from day one to ovulation.  Warming your abdomen will help to increase the circulation of energy and blood in the “palace of the child”.  It is best not to continue after circulation because we want to allow the embryo to implant.  Increasing the temperature might interfere.  You can also 
  • Massage Therapist trained in abdominal massage. Consider finding a responsible woman who can do abdominal massage for you during Week 2 of every month (after you finish bleeding, before you ovulate).  If you can connect with a nurse who works for an Obstetrician (OBGYN) (the doctor who delivers babies) you may be able to find the name of a good midwife.  They work with OBGYNs.  Or check   There is a woman in Costa Rica who trains massage therapists to do this type of massage.  
  • Consider a series of acupuncture treatments.  Acupuncture may be very helpful.  Be sure to find someone who can discuss this type of treatment with you and has experience with helping to unblock tubes.
  • Clear Passage.  This is a very intense week of abdominal massage.  It is very expensive ($4,000 plus) but it can work.  
  • (Interesting note:  I respect the work of Clear Passage, but when I was in graduate school studying acupuncture we were taught a lot of abdominal massage.  The Japanese even have a whole system of diagnosis using the belly and massage.  As I continued my studies I realized that what clear passage does, while wonderful  is not something they made up on their own.  They copied the ancient traditions of the midwives.  

    The Clear Passage massage was born of the many many years of fertility massage created by mid wives and TCM doctors.   It is very valuable, but its success also gives credibility to what you are doing for yourself right now. Read the research and the success of the techniques to give yourself more confidence that what you are doing on your own might very well work. 

How long does it take?  The shortest success story we have heard is 3 months.  Usually it is much longer.  You are working with Mother Nature.  These herbs are  food, safe yet powerfully effective.  If the process is successful it may take many months to work. 

Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed in the fertility journey, but this procedure has been successful for many women ...............
Click here for Angela's Story.........
Click here for Dina's Story         Also see testimonials under the product Cinnamon and Poria (see product link below) 

What about the tampon programs that cost hundreds of dollars?  Are they more effective?

We have reservations about putting herbs into the vagina which may or may not be raw. There is no oversight on the production of most of these tampons.  So they could easily carry bacteria or viruses.  If the tampons are contaminated or misused in any way, pathogens may be directly inserted into the vaginal canal, increasing the risk for infection.

It is better to take the herbal formulas orally.  More effective.  Safer.  It is also not acceptable to us that the programs would be so expensive.  We don't accept the price as being anywhere within reason, but rather set to take advantage of others.  Paying more in this case is getting less.

Important note about Cilia: Cilia are those small hair like structures that move the egg from the ovary down the tube to the uterus. You need your Clica to get the egg to the sperm. Cilia are paralyzed by smoking.  Stop smoking now. 

So get started now, to clear the golden path, opening the way for miracles to follow.......

Note for those with tied tubes:  This program will not release tied tubes.  However, here is a link to some responsible information about reversals and some ideas to consider.  


Item # Product Description Size Price
10252 Cinnamon & Poria
  • Warms and circulates movement of blood and energy in the reproductive system
  • Releases muscle tension (the vagina and associated fallopian tubes are muscles)
  • With a better flow of warmth, energy and blood conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, blocked tubes, painful periods have a better chance to resolve or become less
10322 Free Flow
  • Assists in moving blood stasis in reproductive tract
  • Supports flow of energy and blood to injuries
  • Aids in relieving pain, swelling, inflammation
  • Helps eliminates energy blockage that's causing pain
60103 Radiant Eight Energy Exercises - DVD The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises help the body recover from stress. This allows us to rebound quickly and be ready for the next challenge. These simple exercises also balance hormones, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, build muscle and bone strength. Very easy to do standing stretches. 20 minute routine. (click on product name for more details) 90


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