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Blocked Tubes

Clearing the Golden Pathway

The fallopian tubes are called the “golden pathway” to the “palace of the child” (the uterus).  These are tubes that connect the ovaries with the uterus.   The fallopian tubes are also the most likely place for the sperm and egg to meet.  It is not the only place, but the most common place for fertilization.  Open a blocked fallopian tube and you have created a meeting place for miracles to occur. 

Inside the fallopian tubes are little hair-like structures which line the tubes.  With a gentle waving motion, the cilia help to move the egg along its pathway.  Also there are cells producing nutrition to nourish the egg both before and after fertilization.  

These tubes are very narrow structures and it doesn't take too much to block them.  What  is the cause of a blocked fallopian tube?  It could be some endometriosis.  Endometriosis occurs when tissue like that which lines the inside of uterus grows outside the uterus in places that it is not supposed to grow.   

Or it could be that the blockage is an aftereffect of having had a bacterial infection in the tubes. With a bacterial infection the fallopian tubes become inflamed from within, filling with fluid or pus (hydrosalpinx or pyrosalpinx).  Adhesions or thickened walls may cause the tubes to close off completely.  This is a condition known as salpingitis. Salpingitis is created by bacteria infections such as untreated PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) in the uterus.  This condition can be created by a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia, from IUD (intrauterine device) use, or as an aftereffect of surgery of the reproductive tract.  It is so important for protecting your fertility to see your Western medical doctor if you think you have any uterine infection.  See him/her for a diagnosis and follow his/her antibiotic protocol.  The aftereffect of not treating a bacterial infection can be blocked tubes.

What is the sign or symptom of a blocked fallopian tube?   The only sign or symptom you can recognize is that you are not getting pregnant!  Without a test you will not if you have blocked tubes because all your other tests are normal. 

Of course, if there is only one blocked fallopian tube the egg still has the opportunity for impregnation.  The only true way to know if there is blockage is to have laparoscopy, laparotomy or a hysterosalpinogram (where they inject dye in to the uterus and then check by X-ray to see if any of the dye makes its way into the pelvic cavity.)

What is the remedy or treatment for a blocked fallopian tubes?

In Chinese herbal theory most fallopian tube obstructions have what is called “Blood Stasis” as the underlying energy imbalance.  Blood Stasis is where the flow of blood is not moving freely.  The reproductive area houses a lot of blood.  If there is not good circulation of blood in this area blood stasis is created and then fibroids,  blocked fallopian tubes or endometriosis can develop.  So herbs to invigorate the blood can help diminish active inflammation and help prevent chronic reoccurring endometriosis

There are two concerns to address:

  • (1) to clear the tube(s);
  • (2) to change the energy imbalance so the obstruction is not likely to develop again.

Step One:  Clear your own pathway with energy exercises, an herbal formula team,  Fallopian Tube Massage and warming your belly.   You can do this step yourself to increase chances of fertilization.  If the blockage is light this can be enough to clear the path.   I did this for myself, not knowing if I had blockage or not,  because I was told it would energize the pathway and clear the tubes. 

Step One includes taking an herbal formula team that is famous for helping to increase circulation of energy and blood in what the Chinese call “the network vessels”.  

  • Free Flow includes special herbs like myrrh and frankincense, which are famous for reaching the deepest energy channels and their networks.
  • Cinnamon and Poria includes cinnamon twig, which warms and opens the channels, increasing circulation. 

Taking the herbs is not enough.  In order to clear and recharge your  to get the fullest benefit from the herbs it is important to also include the following: 

  • The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.  These exercises improve energy flow and blood circulation throughout the entire body.  They also have demonstrated clinically the ability to balance hormones.
  • Fallopian Tube Massage.  If you are doing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises you will maximize the effects of this simple exercise. There are special energy points you can manipulate and you can practice Fallopian Tube Massage to help open the tubes.  (this massage is ONLY practiced between the end of your menstruation and ovulation.  Do not do it during the blood flow, or during the luteal phase).   When you order the herbs and exercises the Fallopian Tube Massage is included at no charge.
  • Warming the belly.  This is actually something you can start today.  Apply a heating pad (on low) or a hot water bottle on your belly for 15 minutes to half and hour from day one to ovulation.  Warming your abdomen will help to increase the circulation of energy and blood in the “palace of the child”.  It is best not to continue after circulation because we want to allow the embryo to implant.  Increasing the temperature might interfere.
  • Also consider a series of acupuncture treatments.  Acupuncture can be a great help.

How long does it take?  The shortest success story we have heard is 3 months.  Usually it is much longer.  You are working with Mother Nature.  These herbs are  food, safe yet powerfully effective.  If the process is successful it may take many months to work. 

Nothing is ever 100% guaranteed in the fertility journey, but this procedure has been successful for many women ...............Click here for Angela's Story.........
Click here for Dina's Story         Also see testimonials under the product Cinnamon and Poria (see product link below) 

 The formulas and exercises for Step One are listed below………. 

Important note about the cilia.:Cilia are paralyzed by smoking.  Cilia are those small hair like structures that move the egg from the ovary down the tube to the uterus.  Stop smoking now. 

Step Two:  Look into the possibility of using Clear Passage. If there is still blockage, or if the blockage is heavier, this could be an excellent route for you.   Clear Passage is a unique physical therapy network which offers safe and effective treatment for female infertility, adhesion related pain and dysfunction.  This is physical therapy, fallopian tube massage

 Step Three:  You can talk with your doctor about surgery. Advances in micro- and laser surgery have brought higher success rates for tubal blockage treatment.  Continue to do the energy exercises and warming the belly before the surgery.  Help the circulation of energy be the best it can be.  The healthier you are going into surgery the better job the surgeon can do and the faster you will recover.

Step Four: The possibility of Invitro Fertilization (IVF).  If there is complete blockage which can not be corrected by surgery, you still have the opportunity to do IVF with Western Reproductive technology.  Obstructed fallopian tube, whether blocked fallopian right tube, blocked fallopian left tube, or both fallopian tubes obstructed does not mean you can not clear the tubes, or do not have a way to still create and carry a healthy baby.

So get started now, to clear the golden path, opening the way for miracles to follow.......

See a special program available for Step One below, and if you have other fertility issues to explore check  Male Fertility and Female Fertility, or our Programs A-Z.

Success Stories from our Customers


Note for those with tied tubes:  This program will not release tied tubes.  However, here is a link to some responsible informaton about reversals and some ideas to consider.  


Item # Product Description Size Price
10252 Cinnamon & Poria Cinnamon & Poria is another simple formula that is so effective for a variety of different issues. The primary use for this product is to compliment and support the treatment of gynecological disorders such as dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, chronic fibroids, blockage in the fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, menstrual irregularity, or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease,clearing fallopian tubes. This formula is also used by men to help resolve varicoceles. The reason it is so effective for all of these seemingly different conditions is becausein the language of Chinese Herbalism it opens the channels and moves the blood. When energy and blood is stuck and not moving it will aggravate the tendency towards the conditions listed above. It is also helpful for clearing adult acne. Often taking Cinnamon & Poria can make you feel a little more relaxed if you have been holdinga lot of muscle tension in the body. 90
10322 Free Flow The interruption of the free flow of energy and blood throughout the body results in stagnation. 90
60103 Radiant Eight Energy Exercises - DVD The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises help the body recover from stress. This allows us to rebound quickly and be ready for the next challenge. These simple exercises also balance hormones, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, build muscle and bone strength. Very easy to do standing stretches. 20 minute routine. (click on product name for more details) 90


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