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Tubes Unblocked, Pregnant 7 months later!
Radiant Wonder,

It's been a while since my successful treatment, nonetheless I would like to share my experience with you in the following testimony.

After getting married in 2011, my husband and I wanted to have kids. My husband already had kids and was vasectomised in 20 ...Read More

No Mood Swings or Pain with My Period!
To my greatest surprise, for the first time in years I have my period without any pain or mood swings! Not only that, I usually have mid cycle pain a few days before my ovulation and throughout out my ovulation. 
Surprisingly this month I didn' ...Read More


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Super Fertility #5

Brand: Radiant Wonder
Product Code: 5442
Capsules: 90
Price: $29.95

Full Description

Super Fertility  5 is a special formula which supports both phases of the reproductive cycle.  These are:   the  follicular stage, when the uterine wall is thickening in anticipation of a fertilized egg coming and the ovaries are preparing to release an egg; and the luteal phase,after ovulation,  when the temperature rises and progesterone is supporting the developing egg.

The  primary action herbs of Super Fertility  5   are the first two herbs, Lycium Fruit (Gogi Berry) and Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed).  The first herbs in the formula define the purpose of the formula.  The purpose of Super Fertilty  5 is to build high quality blood, and to stimulate reproductive activity. There is an elegance in the writing of Chinese herbal formulas.  This is not an herbal cocktail ( to understand how ancient secrets make Chinese Herbal Formulas so effective....follow this link).   

There are three things needed for optimum fertility:  good quality blood (Yin), good strong energy (warmth) (Yang),  and good circulation of that energy (Chi).  Good quality blood is built with blood building foods and herbs.  A good strong metabolism is built with a dynamic digestive system and body warmth.  And good circulation can be created with the combination of special foods, herbs and exercises.

Super Fertilty  5   is a a Jing Tonic (learn more)  It is recommended to take 2 capsules twice a day throughout the entire cycle.   This is less than formulas which build only blood and yin where we usually recommend 3 capsules twice a day.  Why?  Because when you are encouraging more metabolic activity with warming, Yang herbs it is not necessary to take as much for the best results.  

It is also important to have a Balancing and Harmonizing Formula with any Jing Tonic (learn more)  These formulas help to regulate the flow of energy and blood in the body.  When you add a Balancing and Harmonizing Formula to your program you will not only feel the increase in energy the Jing tonic provides, but also you will feel more relaxed.  There will be a sense of well being and the ability to handle difficult situations without as much stress.  You will feel these changes within the first month.  For many people they feel it almost immediately.   These formulas also help to regulate cycles, and because they affect blood flow, are also going to affect the movement of hormones, as hormones move in the blood.


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