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Unexplained Infertility to Pregnancy
My name is Chimamanda and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am very fortunate. After 3 years I am finally pregnant after only 3 months of following the
Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan and taking their herbal formulas. We are so happy.

For years doctors ...Read More

My Darling Baby is Now 5 Weeks Old!
After a year of not being able to conceive, a friend told me to contact Radiant Wonder. I did, and within a month of taking the herbs, I found out I was pregnant! Sadly, we lost that pregnancy and two more but the support from Radiant Wonder continued to help me get back in shape, changing my for ...Read More

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Immune System Formula

Brand: Radiant Wonder
Product Code: 3294
Capsules: 90
Price: $32.95

Full Description

Immune System Formula has a unique and special place among the immune builders.  It is for those who are weakened, not by one attack of colds, flus, or allergies, but for repeated bouts against the attackers.  The whole energy of the body has been knocked down enough that it takes a special formula to bring it back to normal.  It is perfect also for older people who have had a rough cold and flu season, or someone who is recovering from an operation.

This is one of the most famous immune builders in all the Chinese herbal formulas. You can see by the ingredients that this is something different. This formula is perfect for those who have had long term, or chronic immune issues. Chinese medicine sees the body as surrounded by a protective shield. When you get sick that protective field is penetrated and you have to fight off the pathogen. However if you get sick too many times, or the sickness is very severe or chronic, the pathogen actually penetrates the body itself. So you need a formula that is very gentle and can not only protect you, but also gently repair the inner damage. This is that formula, used for hundreds of years, to gently nurture the body back to health.

Immune System Formula also is unique in that it is very beneficial for the liver and gallbladder. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers proper functioning of the liver to be critical to maintaining a healthy immune system. So if you have liver or gallbladder issues this might be the best immune support formula for you.  This is a favorite immune formula for those with infertility.

The use of Immune System Formula can help your body get the deep nourishment it needs to bring itself back to dynamic activity and healthy functioning again. Radiant Health is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  What can possibly be more important than how well you feel everyday?

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