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Candace and David's beautiful baby girl
Dear Amanda,   

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and your herbals nourished me to pregnancy and I now have a 4 month old baby girl! You helped me when I felt lost-when the fertility doctor, that I had been working with for 8 months, told me there was nothing he could do for me. He told me that I had Low Ovarian Reserve. 

Less than three months later I became pregnant from taking your herbals. I went from an FSH of 17 to an FSH of 5 in less than two months on your plan. 

I was still having the fertility specialist track my FSH in hopes that it would be an 11 or under again. I was to take Follistim  if it came  back in this range because my body would respond to Follistim again. I was shocked when my FSH was a 5. My lowest FSH before this was an FSH of 9 when I first started fertility. 

When the doctor wanted to put me back on Follistim because it was now in a good range  I said no and quit working with the fertility doctor. I knew that my body was getting what it needed to get back on track. 

My body was cycling at 28 days again, my sex drive was up, I had more energy. I felt healthy. Then my dream came true of not only getting pregnant but getting pregnant naturally. 

My own body picked the right egg to release and I had intercourse because I wanted to, not because the doctor told me to. And  I never looked back at artificial insemination. I know so many women are in the same boat that I was in and I hope they find their way to you. You made my dream of having a baby a reality.

My family and I thank you from deep within our hearts.

Candace and David, Bucks County, PA  USA


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Candace A
Bucks County, PA USA