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Lighten Up Liver Cleanse

What happened to Gina?

* She lost 5 pounds
* Her blood pressure dropped to 112/70 
* Her hormones became all strong in normal range
* PLUS - the most amazing increase in cervical mucus

Gina's Experience:

I only did the Detox for 5 days, and now I think I'm ready to try it again.   I did the blueberry avocado smoothie in the morning and I really enjoyed that everyday. (don’t worry, I didn’t drink it cold!)  And then the almond and fruit snacks, and then lunch and dinner I just ate the protein and vegetables, didn’t use any caffeine.   

I just think this detox is so easy, such an easy way to eat.  I’m ready to try it again.  It is simple and you don’t have to really think that much.  I super enjoyed the vegetables and protein.  I liked that part about it.  I mean I felt good.  I didn’t do the whole week, just 5 days, but I seemed to lose a pound a day. 

Total I lost 5 pounds, but the fantastic thing was the cervical mucus.  I thought I had good cervical mucus before but it was amazing how much more cervical fluid I had.  I am still having good hormones, and my blood pressure was fantastic.  It was 112 over 70.  I haven’t had a blood pressure like that in a long time. 

One thing I noticed is that I think I may be intolerant of gluten.  I think maybe I understand why I weigh as much as I do, because getting rid of the gluten it really does work pretty quickly.

3 notes from the herbalist:

#1.  This is one of the big benefits for doing a short detox.  You notice things when you simplify.  Your body talks to you.  You get  good information you can use to feel better. Gina’s not going to give up gluten completely.  But she’ll cut back.  And if she has a few days where she starts feeling lethargic and dull and can’t get out of it,  she now has a new tool to use.  Stop eating bread and pasta for a few days!

#2.  Even if someone does not test as gluten intolerant most people can’t handle all the gluten in the average diet.  There is so much bread and pasta and cinnamon rolls and pizza crust, etc.   Chinese Medicine looks at gluten as a sticky food (which it is).  If your digestive system is overloaded or weak eating extra gluten can create a sticky mucus in the system.  This sticky mucus traps water and holds it.  The definition of ‘’fat’’ in Chinese Medicine?  Mucus and water combined.  

#3.  Every Chinese herbal formula to aid weight loss also strengthens digestion. This is why fasting is not normally recommended.  You want to lose weight and be able to keep it off.   However every one of these formulas also has some kind of a gentle diuretic to help the body release some of this mucus laden sticky fat.   Lose Weight Now has Alisma and Cornsilk.  Herbal 8 also has Poria Cocos.   Restore Energy Plus has Coix Seed and Poria Cocos.  Digest Ease #1 has Coix Seed, Spirit Poria and Plantago Seed.   Follow the formula links and study the herbs in each formula.  It is an interesting idea.

Final Note:  About 4 months later Gina became pregnant naturally, had a good pregnancy and delivered a beautiful baby boy. She was 48 years old.  :)


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