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Unexplained Infertility Success Stories

These are some of our testimonials from our unexplained infertility customers! Check out our Success Stories at the top of the page to read more stories like these!
April's New Born Baby!
We are celebrating the New Year with a very special Radiant Wonder baby – April’s new born baby! 
Who is April? For a long time, April was the first contact everyone talked with when they called Radiant Wonder. She was our Office Coordinator. It was so exciting for all of us when she, against a lot of odds, became pregnant herself. She has been gone for a good 6 months and yet customers still ask how she is.   Well, April is a stay at home Mom right now raising two beautiful children.
Here is the letter and picture she just sent us, followed by some details about the challenges she overcame and the products she took.
Dear Russell and Amanda,
Thank you so much for my beautiful baby boy.  I always wanted to have a big family, but the doctors told me that I wouldn't be able to conceive again after my daughter was born.  My husband and I tried for two years and then I just gave up.
When I started working for Radiant Wonder a year ago, I was fascinated with all of these women who were conceiving. Their stories sounded like mine. They had been told by their doctor that they were beyond hope as far as having a baby. I knew it was true, because I was the one talking to them. I was amazed.   I really feel God lead me to that job so I could hear first hand that not just one, buy many miracles can happen. It made me start to hope again. We all got so happy every time someone found success.    So, I started taking Radiant Wonder Fertility herbs myself and then we tried to conceive again.   I’ll never forget when I took that home pregnancy test, and it was positive. We knew our prayers had been answered. I have never been so happy.
Little Jonah was born on December 19th.  He was 6 pounds and 10 ounces. He looks just like his Dad.  We both love him so much and cannot thank you enough.  My daughter is five and she is so grateful for her baby brother.
Thanks again,
(We will always be thankful that April always went the extra mile to help anyone who called in. A little while after April started with us she told us she was having trouble conceiving. She was battling with chronic vaginal dryness, pain and had intermittent bouts with PID. One of our company benefits for our employees is a free herbal program. So April started with her program, which changed from month to month. Some of the product combinations included Classic Cleansing, Super Fertility #2, A Woman's Energy, Stress Relief, Cinnamon & Poria and Free Flow. She didn’t take all of these at once. As her body changed, she changed her herbal program. The last combination was Cinnamon & Poria and Free Flow. Two weeks into that program she found she was pregnant. )
We celebrate baby Jonah’s arrival, and we want to tell the world how much we appreciate you, April! 
Pregnant After 13 Years Of Trying!

Hi to the very, very nice and sweet people at RADIANT WONDER.

You help to make things possible for me so fast and easy. Thank you very much.

Your friend,


Notes from the Herbalists:   When Lena first called us she was pushing 40 years old and very distraught.  She has a job with long hours (12 hours a day) as a nail artist.  She had been trying to get pregnant for over 13 years and was very stressed. Her main complaints beyond infertility were wanting more happiness in her life, less depression, more energy.  From time to time her blood pressure would be a problem.  And, living in the Bahamas, in a very warm climate, she was drinking lots of cold drinks, rarely any alcohol, but lots of cold.  Sometimes the only thing keeping a woman from getting pregnant is the inner physical tension.  That was our conclusion.  There was inner tension from all the cold drinks, and from emotional stress.

So her program was designed to build energy and relaxation at the same time.  To allow the flow of good health to move again. We recommended:  
Calm Energy ( a wonderful formula, which not only builds blood and energy, but also calms the nerves, allowing less stress for the heart and her emotions) Super Fertility #3 ( a classic blood builder, which includes Ho Shou Wu, which according to some recent studies, may positively affect the quality of the egg (or the sperm) Spirt Well-Being (to ease her into sleep without making her groggy).  None of these formulas were contraindicated with her blood pressure medication. 

She took the program and at the same time cut way back on the cold drinks.  She started eating breakfast which helped to raise her metabolism.  And it seems as if this combination was exactly right for her unique situation -- because after only 6 weeks of taking the herbs Lena called us to tell us she is pregnant!

We feel there are 3 keys to strong fertility: 

*  Building high quality blood

*  Having enough energy
*  Having a free, relaxed flow of that energy in the body

Lena's program addressed all three keys, and it was uniquely designed just for her.  Somehow this special combination of herbs allowed her to relax enough she was able to become pregnant.  

This is why sometimes it seems so odd that you are only taking the herbs for a few weeks and after years of no success, suddenly you are pregnant.   For some of us it takes a long time, sometimes a year or two, but for the lucky ones whose imbalance is so simple, it can happen very quickly.  

After years of working with women we know this is not a coincidence. Although it always surprises and thrills us, too.  We do our best to understand the signals your body is sending you and to recommend the right program.  We are so grateful when a customer really follows the full program right from the start, takes full advantage of all the free information we give, and is rewarded with such wonderful success.

We are so happy for you, Lena.

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It's A Girl!


Hope all is well. wanted to let u know we had a baby girl on July 10, 2009!

Lila Kate weighed 7.9 and was 20.5 inches long.

I'm in heaven:)

Take Care,

Tina S., New Castle, DE


November 13, 2008:

I just wanted to say Thank you for everything! and to let you know we are PREGNANT!  hcglevel was 1315!!

Thank you again,



December 15, 2008

I wanted to let you know that my pregnancy is going well!  We are now 9 weeks along and have had 3 great ultrasounds.  My due date is July 18.  God is so good! It's going to be the BEST Christmas!  We're waiting until then to share our special news! 

Thanks for all your help and guidance along the way.


Sometime later (not sure of the date): 

Here we are, so happy with our beautiful baby girl.  And we thank you Radiant Wonder for being such a contributor to our success! 
And now we are ready to prepare for the next child.  What a wonderful thought, when a few years ago even having one seemed a mountain that might never be climbed.   So thank you for my new program and the renewed understanding of what I can do to help myself.
I appreciate the joy you take in helping others.  It is contagious.
Tina S., New Castle, DE
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