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Multiple Miscarriages Success Stories

These are some of our testimonials from our multiple miscarriages customers! Check out our Success Stories at the top of the page to read more stories like these!

Lord Jesus blessed us with a baby girl. Thank you Radiant Wonder
Dear Amanda,
How are you doing? Hope you and your family are doing well.
It is a long time since we communicated. A lot of things in between!
Lord Jesus blessed us with baby girl nicole on 1/30/13, via C Section. Thank you Amanda and Radiant Wonder for your wonder products and your incredible support.
You helped me so much for such a long time.  You stood by me in my last miscarriage and helped me recover and find my health again. You were always encouraging and helped me learn a great deal about my body.   I know that God brought us this beautiful child, but Our Lord also led us to you.  You were an important part of the path and we thank you.  So was Susan Weed's Raspberry Tea, which I drank during the pregnancy.  What a team we had to help us get pregnant and stay pregnant!  And at the top of that team was, of course, Our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Regarding pregnancy, I became pregnant last May. We did a pilgrimage to the Holy Love Ministry in Ohio in the first week of May and two weeks later found out that I was pregnant! After all the miscarriages, we had decided to keep pregnancy just between us and our doctor until the baby was born. Even our parents didn't know about it until the 30th of January- in fact 3am on 31st January in India!! Luckily, they did not pass out!!!! 
God bless you all!
Michelle N., Stowe, VT  USA
Beautiful Johanna, 8 Pounds Of Happiness
Last week was the birthday of a baby we have been anticipating for many months – 8 pounds of happiness with the beautiful name, Johanna!  
This is a very special family to us – Carl and Ellen with their two children, Clara and Johanna – both born with the support of Radiant Wonder.  
About 5 years ago Ellen was very worried she would never have a child as she had had a series of miscarriages. She started working with us and understanding more about what she needed. Her tongue was a pale pink and although she worked very hard for the church, she often did not have the energy she needed.   She also tended to chill easily. (See below for explanation)*    Ellen started drinking more warm drinks and eating blood building foods, doing the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises everyday (Ellen always follows her program with the same energy she applies to all of life). Soon she was pregnant again. 

 A month or so into the pregnancy Ellen was overexerting her self physically with the church work, and began to bleed a little bit. The doctor insisted that she stay at home in bed. Ellen is a doer. Her body and her mind are always in motion. Ellen is not an easy one to tie down.   But she did it. It was during this time that we created new herb formula called 
Calm The Baby especially for Ellen.   The Chinese always talk about helping a pregnancy through a rough period as “calming the baby”.   Isn’t that a beautiful phrase?   The tea will not stop a miscarriage if there is something genetically wrong with the fetus, but if it is just a matter of supporting the blood and energy needed to hold the baby. This tea is safe for the whole first trimester.   The bleeding stopped, the pregnancy stabilized, and soon beautiful little Clara was born (she is the big sister in the picture).

And now little Johanna has joined her sister.   It has been a bit of a journey to welcome Johanna into the world too.    Ellen spent many months before becoming pregnant with Johanna. She was strengthening her body again. She took herbs to strengthen reproductive function, like 
Super Fertility #5 and Restore Balance Plus. She also took herbs to build her blood, like Spirulina and  A Woman's Energy.   And she found other things to use like PreSeed (a lubricant which does not kill sperm).   It was also a very, very stressful year for many other reasons. Yet the Harters persevered and Ellen became pregnant again. Calm The Baby was used a little here and there, otherwise her pregnancy supplements were SpirulinaSuper Omega-3 and a prenatal vitamin.

Ellen is not only a strong woman, to deliver an 8 pound baby naturally, but also a wise mother. Not only is she taking care of her daughters, she is also already following a program to bring her energy and health back to balance. The first few months after delivery are so important because the body has expended so much energy and lost so much blood. How you help yourself at this time can affect your health for years.