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Check out these success stories from our customers who were once struggling from high FSH levels! If you like these stories and want to read more, click on our Success Stories at the top of the page!
FSH Down, Follicle Count Up!
Hi this is Suzanne, 
When I had blood work and an ultrasound taken in December my FSH was 21.6 and my follicle count was 4.  My RE said I would not conceive on my own and it was suggested that I use a donor egg and have the IVF procedure done.  Since I did not want to use the IVF procedure I started looking on line or alternative ways of healing myself naturally.  I began acupuncture and taking the Radiant Wonder Super Fertility #5 and Stress Relief herbs in January. 

I recently had my tests taken again and my FSH is now 18 and my follicle count went up to 6.  It is a slow process but with patience, prayers and the loving support of all my family, friends and the Radiant Wonder herbs I know that I will reach my goal of becoming a mother.
I recently went to see and touch the Ripley's Believe it or Not Fertility Statues in Atlantic City NJ.  It was a fun experience and I hope it helps in my ability to conceive.  The statues are on tour and you can see the tour dates by going to the website for Ripleys Believe it Or Not.  Here is the link if you would like to see the site and check the tour dates.
Thank you to Radiant Wonder and your wonderful herbalists for always providing positive motivating support.  I know that I am part of the loving energy of God and universe and that my dreams of motherhood will come true.
Suzanne, NJ
FSH Down, Energy Up!

The holidays are always tough for me.  We see our extended families and there   are always so many children.  And everyone wants to know when we are going to have our own little one.

I am not pregnant yet but I can tell you I am going to have a good time this year, because I have a hope in my heart.   I am changing physically.  I can feel my body is much more ready to make a baby.  I know it.  The doctor is amazed at how my FSH has dropped.  Last week he looked disbelieving and told me my FSH was no longer skyhigh.  It was (in his words) "perfect".  

Also, I can tell the difference internally.  I am no longer so tired in the late afternoon.  My energy is more consistent. And, I know this will sound wierd to anyone who hasn't worked with Radiant Wonder but one of the most powerful changes I have seen is this: I no longer have cold hands all the time. My husband has expressed how much more romantic warm hands are, but I know it means a lot more than that.    I can feel an inner strength and youthfulness growing within me.  I feel more capable and not like the "old" woman who will never have a child.  Something is happening.  I feel it, the doctor measures it.  I'm ready.


FSH Levels Down And Now I'm Pregnant!
Dear Amanda,

I found you 2 years ago researching natural ways to lower my FSH.  I had been trying to conceive for years and experienced 3 miscarriages before trying fertility treatments.  I had done treatments for 12 months when my doctors finally told me that donor eggs were the only way.  My FSH was too high (16), my antral follicle count was 2 and I had not been responding to the meds - they only caused ovarian cysts. 

I gave up hope, then found your website and called.  You were the most calming woman I had ever talked too.  You listened to my story and didn't push me aside.  You gave me all the tools and said to give you 3 months.  You said my FSH was not a death sentence and you started me on a protocol of Super Fertility #2 Clear Flow and Stress Relief
In addition to this, I increased my yoga practice and continued with my acupuncture treatments and lost 20lbs (partly to the increased energy the herbs gave me). 
I convinced my doctors to monitor me for a couple natural cycles and after 2 months on the herbs I had improvements in my FSH, E2, and no cysts.  The 3rd month, you had me try Super Fertility #1 with the others I was already taking - to my surprise my cycle that month - my FSH was 7 and my antral follicle count was an 8!! 
My doctor told me to stop with the monitoring and to move to their donor egg program.  Well 2 weeks later I was late - I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!!!  I called my doctor to get a blood test - he told me he never had a patient call so soon to prove him wrong.  I attribute my new precious son to you Amanda and Radiant Wonder.  Thank you for making my dream of becoming a mother a reality.
I continue to the use your herbs for other conditions - I use U Tract for my UTI problems and used Stop It Cold! for my colds.  All your herbs are wonderful!  They are a god send!  Thanks again!!
Ellyn Y
My FSH Levels Fell 24 Points in 3 Months!

For a couple of cycles I was taking Femara and I was not reacting to it.  I took  10 pills every day for 5 days.  I was not responding well, when in the past I had been just fine.  Then the doctor took my FSH and it was 35.  My OBGYN was not negative to me because we have been working together for a while. She just told me we would check the next cycle.  If it would come back less than 15 she would be able to use stimulation for another cycle. 

What was I going to do?  It was Labor day weekend and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  There must be a way to lower my FSH.  I started praying.  Then Labor Day night I found your site, spent a long time reading and rereading the information. I felt strongly that I should call your number, so I did just that, never expecting anyone to answer.  

The phone rang and Amanda herself answered!  I was shocked.  She said she was in the office doing some quiet work and just had the thought she should answer the call.  It was the only call she had answered in the hours she had been there.  I was so lucky I decided to call on Labor Day in the night. It was the day that God put you in my path.  

So what has happened? In less than 3 months my FSH has dropped from 35 to 14.7 to 11.5!

I am so excited and my heart is so full I can’t stop telling my friends about Radiant Wonder.  Kudos to my herbalist Julie and everyone else at Radiant Wonder. 

I am also seeing the beginning of the signs Amanda said to look for which would indicate my FSH was coming down:  more sexual fluids, more energy, and feeling better.   I am definitely feeling a shift.  I appreciate that you guys follow up with me and always answer my questions. 

My husband and I are so happy together and we are really looking forward to having our baby.   And now we have a super team to help us get there: a great doctor whom we love and Radiant Wonder.

Next Friday we do another IUI.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Marilyn T.,  Waipio, Hawaii

Herbalist notes:  One question we are often asked is ''what products do I take to lower my FSH''.  It is not always the same formulas for each woman.  This can be a hard concept to grasp, but it is very true.  

The key is to help the body find balance and then the hormones will naturally balance.  Western Medicine can quickly identify which hormones might be too high or too low, but has no protocol to rebalance the hormones successfully.  Chinese Medicine offers a plan, and it starts with helping the body find both more energy and more stability.   

For example, Marilyn's program changed as she was healing.  She took a variety of products which changed as she was changing:  She took 
Digest Ease #1SchizandraSuper Fertility #2SpirulinaClassic CleansingStress ReliefHeadache Relief, and Calm Digestion.  Now she did not take all of these products at once.  Her program was adjusted as she healed.

This is the value of a free consultation and then following up with us (at no charge) about every 2 weeks.  Your program can be adjusted as your body is changing.  We tend to think of ourselves in terms of the accurate snapshot taken with a first blood test.  You are not a snapshot, you are a moving picture.  As you change your inner biology with the deep nutrition of the herbal formulas and the simple lifestyle and diet suggestions we share with you, you find you are, indeed, not a snapshot, but a moving picture.  You are moving, and changing, and healing as you move forward on your path to have a baby.