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Radiant Wonder Guarantee

Try any Radiant Wonder product for 30 DAYS RISK FREE! If you are not satisfied, simply return all bottles (used or unused) within 30 days and we will refund 100% of the cost. No questions asked. 

- Amanda & Russell

We are dedicated to wanting you to have success with our products.  We can't guarantee pregnancy or claim to be able to cure a fatal disease, but we want to guarantee that anyone who comes to our site and uses our products will feel better, will notice the difference, and will be satisfied.  

This is one of the driving forces behind our commitment to allowing you to speak without charge to a professional herbalist, not someone self trained or simply accredited in Western Herbalism. Western Herbalism has value but it is more a collection of remedies and there is no sophisticated system for making formulas, and no sophisticated time-tested medical theory.  All of us here at Radiant Wonder have our own stories of how we have been helped.  That is why we are so enthusiastic about sharing our find with you.   We know what happens when you finally stumble onto something that really works.

Thank you for considering our products and our complementary educational services.