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How Do I Create a Simple Herbal Program for Myself?
What is the logical way to combine formulas?


There are three classes of Radiant Wonder Herbs, they are grouped according to the three categories of balancing needed to attain and maintain the sense of well being the Chinese call Radiant Health.

These three categories were first devised by ancient herbal masters more than 3,000 years ago. This is the core of the World's most sophisticated system of holistic health care.

A beginning herbal bundle should always include a formula which includes adaptogenic rejuvenating herbs in the formula combined with a balancing and harmonizing formula.
No matter what your issue is, this is the fastest way to start turning things around because you are going to the root of the problem. 


1. The Adaptogenic Herbs - these are the herbs which were the most highly revered herbs in the plant kingdom.  Modern science calls these herbs ''modulators,'' because they have are double directional.   For example, Reishi Mushroom can both boost the immune system (if you are getting a cold) or calm down the immune system, stop it from attacking itself (if you are having an allergy attack).  Gynostemma can increase energy if you are feeling lethargic, yet calm you down if you are feeling wired up. 

These modulators are not single directional.  They are flexible not telling your body what to do, but helping your body do what it needs.   Can you imagine how this kind of deep nutrition can profoundly help you to renew and rejuvenate?  Herbs are all food.  Adapatogenic herbs are super foods.  Some call these herbs ''Tonic Herbs."   The most famous Chinese herbs, such as Reishi, Gynostemma, Rhemannia,  Cordyceps, Ho Shou Wu, Ginseng are among these herbs.  It is important to use these super herbs with Balancing and Harmonizing herbs (see next category).

Even one adaptogenic formulas taken everyday will have a profound cumulative positive effect on your health, making your stronger and more resilient as you live through life's physical or emotional challenges.


2. Balancing & Harmonizing Herbs are famous for restoring the free flow of energy and thus for reducing stress and preventing disease. These types of herbal formulas deal with such things as poor digestion, hormonal imbalance, insomnia and emotional instability.

3. Herbal Remedies - used for targeted problems, such as colds, allergies, releasing scar tissue, detoxification.  Often these are short term problems. These herbs are primarily used to clear or eliminate something that is in the way. There may be an obstruction or stagnation that needs help to resolve.  They are not needed once the obstruction is eliminated.


The 3 Building Blocks in Every Program -  The 3 Treasures

The fundamental element of life is energy -- the ever-changing states of energy. Radiant Health is the opportunity to live a full life is to live a life full of energy -- free flowing and balanced. In order to accomplish this,  one needs to nourish the Three Treasures. To be classified an Adaptogenic Herb, an herb has to be powerful enough to nourish, balance or expand at least one of the Three Treasures, or Vital Energies of Life. These 3 Treasures are the building blocks of strong health.   Rejuvenation, greater vitality, a calm and clear thinking mind, and ease of action is what nourishment of the Three Treasures builds into your life.

Energy Reserves (Jing)

Jing is the physical energy that everyone is born with. It is what the Chinese call Jing, or our reserve energy. It is your inherent potential, the foundation of your physical life -- your reserve energy. It is the energy we draw on for all the metabolic activities of the body. It is the energy we draw on when we need to go "the extra mile".

You were born with both a checking and a savings account of energy. Jing is your energy savings account. This energy gets used up in living and if not replenished, eventually is depleted and death occurs. Your Energy Reserves are the Powerhouse upon which all your body function depends. Renewing and protecting your energy reserves brings the power back into life.  This is a concept not incorporated into Western medical theory, but it is the center theme in Chinese medical theory.  It is the reason seemingly unresolvable health issues can sometimes be resolved.  It is not magic, it is the right nutrition.

Physical Vitality (Chi) 

Chi is your "checking account" of energy. The energy you produce every day. And you need to refill this checking account every day, starting with a good breakfast.  You acquire this energy from the food you eat and the air you breathe. This energy depends on a strong efficient digestive function and strong lungs.  If your Energy Reserves (Jing) and Physical Vitality (Chi) are adequate you may become fatigued but not exhausted. You can recover with a good night's sleep. 

If your digestion is not strong, if you skip breakfast, drink and eat lots of cold foods this is a pattern you will start paying for once you are in your 30s.  You see you are losing energy, because your body is in a cycle of constantly having to use energy to warm things up again inside so it can do its job.  This is an energy drain once you pass 30 or 35.    This pattern makes your body pull extra energy from your energy reserves.  You aren't providing enough fuel to run on everyday.  So it drains your foundation energy, your Jing.  If this state of constant exhaustion becomes "normal", strong and deliberate steps must be taken to make your digestion more efficient (producing more energy), and replenish those energy reserves.

Spirit (Shen) 

Shen is the energy of the inner light of our lives.  It is a combination of strong, stable health and listening to the Divine guidance.  A person with abundant Shen knows the "peace which passeth understanding". Shen is the energy of awareness, or consciousness. Strong Shen is present in the moment, centered and aware, manifesting as love, compassion and generosity. Our Spirit reflects our higher nature as human beings -- the spark of divinity within each of us. The nurturing of our Shen is greatly enhanced by a strong, vibrant physical body -- a temple through which the light of God can radiate. We speak to God in words. He speaks to us in silence. When the body is peaceful, the Spirit strong, then the silence is easier to hear.

Nurturing the Three Treasures enriches our lives, giving us the opportunity for more success and fulfillment on all levels.