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General Questions

What is the best time to take my herbs?

The Adaptogenic (Super) Herbs are considered "super foods" by people in the Orient. They are used in cooking and consumed daily. Vitamins are micronutrients, not whole foods. It is best to take vitamins with meals. Radiant Wonder Super Herbs are best taken alone, as a meal themselves. However, it may suit your digestion better to take your herbs with the meals. The most important thing is to take them everyday.

You are always talking about building energy and ways to keep your body from losing energy. Why so much emphasis on energy?

Because your life depends on how much energy you have. If your body is out of balance, it will need energy to rebalance. If you want to be successful in life, you must have the energy with which to fulfill your goals.

Even your willpower is dependent on your energy. Many people feel they don't have the focus or the willpower to follow a plan for better health. If you have low energy, you have low willpower.

The ancient Chinese herbalists were very aware that nurturing and protecting the body's energy was the single most significant thing to do to increase good health. The secrets of this knowledge are the gift Radiant Wonder offers to you.

If you take the herbs consistently, follow your Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program, and take advantage of the free consultations with your trained herbalist, you will find your energy starts to be restored. And with increased energy your ability to focus clearly and calmly comes back to you. With increased energy, your determination, your willpower becomes unshakeable.

I am taking pharmaceuticals for certain health conditions. What about taking these Super Herbal Formulas with these drugs?

When you talk with your herbalist, you will develop a program that is safe for you to take. If you are taking pharmaceuticals that have been shown to interact with certain herbs, the herbalist will give you sources to keep abreast of current research and help you organize a Healthy Living Program that does not interfere with your doctor's protocol. Your Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Program will include herbs and foods that will help your body regain more strength and balance. Show your doctor what you are doing and he or she should be very supportive.

If you are under a doctor's care for a diagnosed condition, we advise you to stay with his or her protocol and consult with him or her regularly. At the same time, support your body nutritionally in every way you can. Your body is constantly striving for balance, for homeostasis. When your body is stronger and more in balance, everything you and your doctor are trying to accomplish is supported, too. The Adaptogenic (Super) Herbs bring your body super nutrition.

How long before I will be able to see results?

​This is one of the great values of talking with a trained herbalist. If you choose an herbal formula with the help of a trained herbalist you will be choosing a formula that is uniquely suited for you. That means you can expect to see results. How soon you will see results is different for each person. It depends on what the imbalance is and on your constitutional strength (not so much on your age).

Your herbalist will tell you that you should give yourself what the Chinese call the 100-day cultivation period  (or about 3 months) to evaluate your progress. If you read the Success Stories on our website you will see that many people experience some immediate results. The greatest benefits come with consistent use of the Super Herbs over a good stretch of time. Nourishing and rebuilding your body is like planting a tomato seed. In today's world, people have the idea that if you buy a tomato seed and you plant it, that the next day you should have a full-grown, beautiful tomato. If you don't, the seed must not be good!  It takes 3-4 months to get good tomatoes!

Give your body time to adjust to the deep nourishment of the Adaptogenic Herbs. The results will come and continue to multiply.  We suggest you commit to a three-month program.  You will not regret it. Stay in touch with your herbalist.  She may need to change your formulas from month to month as you are changing.

Remember your health is 100% yours. You can make decisions to do some simple things which, if done over time, will be life changing for you. The main thing is that each person is not the same, so the path for each person is also unique. If you can begin to bring your body into balance and can add a few energy building techniques to your life you WILL see big changes - much more energy, more happiness, more creativity, more peace of mind.

Are these herbal formulas safe?

These formulas have been used in clinical studies for thousands of years by millions of people. Radiant Wonder Herbal Formulas are gentle, safe, and yet extremely powerful and effective. They have been time-tested, with no recorded serious side effects. Our formulas are not formulas used to treat disease. They are the formulas that have been used for centuries to build health and vitality. These herbs are part of the daily diet in the Orient - cooked with the food, or eaten as snacks. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you pick the wrong product and it does not work; or that you could be one of a small percentage of people who has a mild allergic reaction to one of the plants in the formula (in which case, you stop taking the formula and the reaction disappears).

Are you expecting me to take a lot of herbs forever?

​The goal is not to take more and more herbs.  The goal of a  Healthy Living Program is to help the body's own self regulating systems to begin functioning again. You rejuvenate yourself with a very systematic and logical plan. You adjust the plan monthly or bi-monthly with continuing free consultations with your personal herbalist. It is an amazing experience, feeling the health of your body come back to you. You thought it was old age, but it wasn't the old age you which is your right to experience!  In the beginning you are doing a lot of Balancing, at the same time building Strength. The balancing is done with the appropriate formulas from our Balancing and Harmonizing Formulas. When you build Strength, you are using the famous anti-aging, longevity  formulas for which Chinese Herbalism is famous. These formulas replenish reserve energy and ground the energy you have in the lower body where it belongs. If you watch a skilled professional athlete, whether a boxer, a dancer, a golfer, you see the power of the athletic ability centered in the lower body. If you are healthy and strong, this is the area of the body where your power is centered, not high in the body - in the liver or heart. You feel stable, less restless, irritable, with a much clearer mind. You also experience more energy, because your energy reserves are being replenished.

As your body regains its strong foundation of energy reserves, you can build on this with Dynamic Energy Formulas. These increase the amount of energy circulating through out your body, further increasing mental and physical stamina. These are not stimulant driven formulas. The Radiant Wonder Dynamic Energy Formulas are deeply nourishing, helping your body metabolize food more efficiently - bringing you more energy to use.

Now the body is able to start re-balancing many things it self. Your re-balancing list quickly becomes much shorter, because you no longer have to initiate the process. Your body's own self regulating mechanisms are getting back on the job. You are becoming very resilient. If you are knocked off center, you quickly regain your balance. You have regained the flexiblity of youth.  You have an energy and an edge that supports success in all that you do. Your relationships with other people are more stable. A power and a great protection against disease are building within. You are on the way to Radiant Health, what the Chinese call health beyond danger.  Your body feels safe.

What are Adaptogenic herbs?

Of the thousands of herbs which have been classified by traditional herbal systems, less than twenty-five are considered to be Adaptogenic Herbs. Verified by modern scientific research to be safe and effective, the traditional use for these herbs is not to treat disease, but in fact to bring such vitality to the body that it powerfully resists disease.  Science also calls these herbs modulators.   They adapt to what the body needs, modulate to adjust the response to different events.  For example, if you are getting a cold and need a boost to your immune system a formula with Reishi Mushroom in it would be excellent.  However if your immune system is overacting and you are having an allergy attack, the same herb will calm down the immune system.  This is the opposite response, but the one your body needs at that time.  This is why these herbs are called "adaptogens" (they help your body adapt), or "modulators" (modulating their actions to meet your needs) Reishi Mushroom, Gynostemma, Ginseng, Cordyceps, Lycium, Schizandra, Ho Shou Wu are all examples of these herbs.  

The Elite of the Herbal Kingdom
The Adaptogenic Herbs are the elite of the Herbal Kingdom. Consumed daily, their effects continue to accumulate, nourishing and enhancing the well-being of the mind, body and spirit. The increasing good health brought about by the Adaptogenic Herbs has a profound effect on the pysche: emotions become more flexible and balanced, the mind becomes clear and calm, and the spirit manifests love and compassion.

Adaptogenic Herbs are Safe
Unique to the Herbal Kingdom, the Adaptogenic Herbs can be taken safely long-term. In fact, the consistent long-term use of these treasured herbs yields cumulative life-enhancing effects. These herbs have adaptogenic qualities. They build resilience and strength into the immune system. This "double direction" activity makes them regulatory miracles in our bodies. Modern science calls them "modulators". These herbs are full of phytonutrients and powerful antioxidants -- keys to a long and vital life.

What is an adaptogen? 
These special herbs are time-tested adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances which help the body adapt to change in the environment. They do this by enhancing the body's own abilities to successfully cope with stress and resist disease. If you can manage stress successfully, you can realize more of your full potential. As the adaptogenic nature of the body is improved, there is a ready return to balance. When you have the ability to adapt, you have flexibility in managing stress there is less damage to the mind and body.  Better health is the result.

What Is Radiant Health

Even if you have no obvious disease, are you really healthy? Health is more than just the absence of disease, it is maximizing your natural vitality. Radiant Health is that state of balance which brings a sense of well-being to all you do. It is the opportunity to function at your highest level - to keep your edge - to be successful in your work, your relationships, in whatever you undertake.

How do you know you are building Radiant Health?

The most obvious quality that builds as Radiant Health builds in you is an increasing reservoir of energy to draw on when necessary. With this increase in energy your body begins to function more efficiently.

With this increase in energy, you find a greater ability to handle life's challenges with increasing success. You have more endurance, take on more activities with less negative after-effects, and rebound faster. You have more self-confidence, more self-respect and overall happiness.

What do you mean by "imbalance"?

Your state of health is a "living event" - reflected in everything which is you at that particular moment. This complete reflection of you might include a pattern of complaints which indicate an imbalance in the body.

For example you might experience a combination of a minor rash, insomnia, a dull headache, a feeling of warmth, or restlessness. This is not a picture of any particular disease, but the collection of these "symptoms" when viewed through the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine indicate an imbalance in one or two organ systems.

If you learn to understand your body you can make some simple adjustments of diet and herbs and the symptoms will gradually disappear. Why? Because your mind/body has regained its balance.

If that is imbalance, what is disease?

Your Healthy Living Program is based on the premise that health is a state of balance in the mind and body. Illness and disease arise when there is imbalance. Imbalances left too long can become serious disease. On the other hand, the same imbalances, when recognized early enough, can often be changed to regain good health.

Nature's innate recuperative powers are a major focus of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Powerful laws of Nature govern your body. There is a continual cleansing, nourishing and replenishing taking place in your body every day. Even your cells are constantly being replaced. (Every four days your stomach recreates its lining; every 6 years, you have new bone cells; every 7 years every cell in your body is recreated).

This rejuvenation allows your body to heal itself, when given superior quality nutrients with which to work. Scientific research continues to mount as evidence that these remarkable plants we call Adaptogenic Herbs indeed can bring your body deep nourishment. This nourishment is so superior that  Adaptogenic Super Herbs' effects on your body's strength and vitality can be measured scientifically.

What is a Healthy Living Program?

The Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Programs are founded on the idea that Radiant Health is a state of balance and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. When this balance and harmony is disturbed, mental, physical and spiritual problems begin to arise.

Simple, easily observed patterns are used to recognize an imbalance. You can learn this yourself, with the free help of our trained herbalists. You can then select by yourself, or with our assistance, the proper herbal formulation, foods, and health practices to help you rebalance. The key is having some basic understanding of your unique situation, understanding signals your body sends you, and having the tools (healing foods, herbal formulas, lifestyle tips unique for you) available to help yourself.

This is why the Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Programs emphasize creating and maintaining more energy for you. You will learn special Energy Exercises best for you, which grocery store foods you can buy which are healing foods for you, and which Super Herb formulas are going to put your rebalancing on the fast track forward.