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Success Stories

No Mood Swings or Pain with My Period!
To my greatest surprise, for the first time in years I have my period without any pain or mood swings! Not only that, I usually have mid cycle pain a few days before my ovulation and throughout out my ovulation. 
Surprisingly this month I didn't have any pain.

I also experienced lots of cervical fluid the egg white wasn't yellowish like it use to be.  I'm pain free and I feel healthier than before. I know my baby will come when my body is ready. ...Read More


My period returned after 2 months!
Just wanted to let you known that i started my period today! I have period pain but i don't care!!!   

My history?

I took the contraceptive pill for 15 years. Stopped about 30 years old. It took 6 months to a year to get a cycle. The doctor suggested hormone treatment.  I started studying and taking Western herbs and did start a monthly cycle. Then I suffered a grievance and struggled to get it back, another major event, lost it and struggled to get it back. Finally found a wonderful relationship with the man of my life. In a whole year I only had one period.   I had vaginal dryness and was getting warm (not sweating, but warm at night).  

My results after two weeks

After only 2 weeks I have noticed that my stress levels reduced significantly which is fantastic considering I work in a stressful environment – I feel almost serene (amazing for me)! I began sleeping a bit better although this has always been a major problem for me. It just occurred to me the other day that I don't feel as tired as I did – previously I was constantly exhausted. I am breaking out in spots which initially concentrated around my chin and cheeks but is now concentrated on my forehead. The spots clear up quickly and besides this outbreak my skin looks better I am also experiencing vaginal discharge again which had ceased not long before I contacted you. My hair seems thicker and the best change of all….my bust is slightly bigger!

Now after only 2 1/2 months my period has started again. I am so grateful. I am going to keep going with the program, eating my healing foods to build blood, doing the Hot Water Detox, the Energy Exercises and you said now we are going to help the body have a period that is not painful. Ok!  I'm ready! ...Read More

Only 2 Months to Get My Hot Flashes Down!
I was having hot flashes day and night. It is now the end of my second month and it is SO MUCH better than it was when I started. I am now having 3-4 times a day warm arms and face, but no sweating and nothing at night anymore. It is completely amazing. I can see my body balancing. This had been going on so long.  ...Read More

Barb L.

I LOVE the Radiant 8 Energy Exercises!!!
I really like the energy exercises! It makes me feel calmer and more grounded. I started it thinking it's going to take long then it goes by so fast. My favorite movement is the stretches and the 'waves'. I feel energy release from my throat area when I do that.

My other favorite is the twist! It releases so much built up energy—-I do it whenever I’m feeling tense or overwhelmed!
I’ve been doing the twist at work when no one’s looking.
Since I’ve started doing the exercises, I feel like my energy is being replenished from deep within. Very exciting!

  ...Read More

Lauren C.
San Fra...

2 Ectopic pregnancies and Blocked tubes to Positive test
Hi to Amanda and everyone at Radiant Wonder.  I am sorry I did not thank you sooner. It have just been so busy.  We just welcomed our miracle baby boy, Marc, on April 22nd. Everything went great.  I am 44. It was a long wait.

When I started Radiant Wonder both of my tubes were blocked and I had had 2 ectopic pregnancies.  We had been trying for many years.

My last hope was trying Radiant Wonder.  I did everything for 16 months. Still no baby.  I got discouraged. Money was tight. So I stopped the herbs. I did another HSG.  The tubes were still blocked.

Instead of making me quit, the attitude of the doctors made me more determined.  Even when I was off the herbs I never stopped doing everything else. So, I came back in August and took the herbs again.  In October I tested positive. The rest is history!



Romy ...Read More


The cough is gone!
I fell in love with Stop the Cough formula because it provided so much relief.  I caught the flu (the one that feels like mono!)  that is being passed around so much this year.  I was left a heaviness in my lungs, and a cough that would not stop.  It was so difficult because I talk for a living.  I had to keep putting people on mute while I coughed like crazy.  Even the famous over the counter solutions were no solution.  Radiant Wonder always seems to have solutions to things, so I took a chance and ordered Stop the Cough.    Stop the Cough helped to bring moisture into my lungs and helped anything lingering in there to move out.  I was breathing better the day I started taking it!   And it was so gentle. It felt like my mama was there taking care of me.  I was taking 5 capsules in the morning and 5 in the evening.  My cough went but I continued to take a good dose once a day (5) until the bottle was gone.  I wanted to make sure I was completely over this.    ...Read More

Jan D.

Missed My Period - What A Miracle!
Good morning Lara! I am writing this with a lot of excitement. As I was still waiting to get money to send over for my medication, God performed a miracle, I was due to receive my menses on 22nd, which did not happen. On Sunday 26th I did a home pregnancy test that turned positive, saw my OBS/gynae yesterday and he said I give myself time before we test again. My trust is still in God.

I want to thank Radiant wonder too for walking this journey with me. God bless. 

  ...Read More

Deanna A.

Increase Fertility Naturally
I started taking the Radiant Wonder products for the purpose of unblocking my tubes about 3 months ago.  The first thing I really noticed was that my attitude and my mood got better and I had more energy.

Another big surprise was around Thanksgiving.  I had a performance in a show and my period came out on that day. It surprised me because usually I have really bad PMS symptoms ... I would have the bloating, the gas, the mood changes.  But that day it came on and it surprised me. And my flow did fine, I didn't have any bloating, you couldn't really even tell that my period was on.

The next thing I noticed was that, since I started doing the Radiant Wonder Fertility Massage my stomach now feels really soft, it's supple.  I used to feel these lumps and hardness. Also, I think it's probably helping me have bowel movements.  I used to go every 3 or 4 days and now I'm going at least once a day sometimes twice a day.

Also my skin has really improved.  I used to get acne really bad around the time that I would ovulate and when my period was about to come on.  Well I still have a little minor breakouts but nothing like what I was having.  I was having it really bad on my chin and in the middle of my forehead and now they're just itty bitty bumps now so I look forward to continuing to take the products to see if that will resolve itself all the way.

I found out this year that I wasn't getting pregnant because both of my fallopian tubes were blocked and I was really skeptica ...Read More