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Radiant Wonder is a provider of health promoting herbs and complimentary educational services.

At Radiant Wonder, we know that vibrant health is the result of good living and a healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping you on your path to greater sense of well-being.

We provide free herbal consultations, including herbal formulas, food recommendations and special movement therapy. We offer more than 200 herbal formulations made from the finest quality herbs in the world and responsible answers to your health questions.



Radiant Wonder:  The Gateway to Radiant Health

Our highly trained, professional herbalists all hold Master's Degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are dedicated to helping you achieve radiant health by solving your health issues. Each of us have found success with different health issues using Radiant Wonder formulas. We believe in the value of these formulas and we enjoy sharing our knowledge with others.

Take advantage of more than 60 health issue programs as well as many free printed and digital documents. We consider it our responsibility to help you find the best herbs and formulations for your unique situation. Feel free to communicate with us via telephone, e-mail, live chat or social media. Personal service to you is important to us, our job satisfaction comes from your success.

Personalized Herbal Consultations

Are you confused about what herbs to take, and when and how to take them? The human body is an extremely complicated system made up of interwoven functions and organs. Our professionally trained herbalists understand the human body and the herbs that promote our well-being.  Earning a Master's Degree in Chinese medicine involves approximately 4,000 hours of study, including internships.  Their courses include basic Oriental medical theory, Western pathology and how to relate it to Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and the sophisticated science of combining herbs into formulas. Our guidance will help pave a smooth path towards achieving your wellness goals and attaining true health. Through comprehensive free consultations we will analyze your health to develop a program consisting of personalized herbal formulations, food recommendations and special exercises to help restore balance to your body.

If you are interested in nurturing your body, mind and soul naturally and awakening your true inner power,  it is time to consult our professional herbalists and get a personalized Radiant Wonder consultation.