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Radiant Wonder was started by Amanda and Russell Howell in 1999 after the experience and inspiration of having their daughter in 1992 at the age of 44. 

After having developed two other businesses, we finally decided to start having children in the late 1980's when we were both turning 40.  Little did we realize how difficult it would be at our age.   We went through all the traditional Western medical treatments and spent a huge amount of money over a period of four years, all to no avail.  The roller coaster of high expectations and depressed hopes took a toll on both us, mentally, physically and financially.  We did not know there could be another route.

Amanda had been studying Chinese herbal formulas and diagnosis as an intense hobby for a few years, so when Western Fertility doctors said her only choice would be egg donor we accepted that.  But Amanda was so exhausted she did not feel she could hold a baby.  So she turned again to Chinese herbs and theory.  In the past these herbs had dramatically renewed her energy and vitality. That was exactly what she needed now.  It was time to be renewed again, only this time the goal was not to get pregnant, it was to prepare Amanda’s body for pregnancy using an egg donor egg, and to regain the energy needed to maintain a pregnancy.  She had no fantasy about being able to get pregnant on her own.  Her only goal was to again bring back her vitality so she could hold the egg donor baby.  

In less than one year of creating her own self-made fertility plan using special formulas she had found, Amanda got pregnant and we had a healthy and beautiful six pound baby girl in 1992.  Ariana is now 22 years old and just graduated from a university (see The Founders) .  Research has shown the right Chinese herbal formulas might double the chances of getting pregnant over western fertility treatments.  We are definitely ancedotal evidence that is true.

After this, we decided to start a company to bring this knowledge to the world. Radiant Wonder was born to help people who so desperately wanted to have a baby but were having trouble. Russell has a degree in  chemistry.  Amanda, whose degree was in Music, wanted a deeper understanding of Chinese Medicine.  At age 50 she enrolled at Emperor's College in Santa Monica, CA, one of the most prestigious schools for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the U.S. and received a Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  As a result, we were able to deepen our knowledge and our ability to help you in your quest for radiant health.

Radiant Wonder now provides a full line of traditional Chinese herbal formulas that cover not only fertility issues but a complete range of over 60 health conditions, including lack of energy, to colds, flu, allergies, digestive problems, lack of mental clarity, immune issues and much more.  We also provide educational materials, medical chi gong exercises and food and life style recommendations for gaining radiant health.  

You may ask, "what makes Radiant Wonder unique." 

Through research into the ancient herbal formulas, we have developed programs to bring this wisdom to the West in ways the average person can understand.  Chinese medicine is over 2,000 years old, but it is complicated and difficult for westerners to understand because of how it is traditionally explained.  We have simplified and translated this material into everyday language and user friendly advice.

We feel the best way to communicate with you is by telephone.  You can actually call us and talk about your problems.  All calls are free.  Initially, we give a free consultation that can last up to one hour.  During the consultation a health plan will be crafted for you to address your unique situation.  We do not just make a plan, but we explain it to you and make it clear what results you are looking for.  So maybe you main goal is to get pregnant.  You may not be pregnant the first month, but there are changes your body will be making that you will be able to feel and observe.   We want you to understand the internal imbalances we see and understand how you can overcome them with the deep nutrition of the right herbal formulas, food recommendations and special energy exercises. We are also offer free followup calls every 2-3 weeks (you call and make the appointments), because keeping in touch with your herbalist can help you to resolve things faster.  We will become a partner with others in your health care team, and this path will empower you to be the key player you are in your path to success.   Again, this valuable time is free of charge. 

We have also done research and developed our products so that they are safest and most effective of any on the market.  Our herbs are grown and processed in Taiwan at an FDA certified factory.  They are tested and found to be safe and free of all contaminants, such as heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.  You can rest assured that all Radiant Wonder products are the most potent and safest you could possibly find.  Our products are Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) certified by the FDA.

Our mission in life now is to help as many people as possible through our products, programs and free consultations.  This is why we are in business. 

We ask you to contact us through calling, emailing, chatting or by social media.  We are standing by to help you achieve your health goals, whether they are to have a healthy baby or any of the other areas of our expertise.

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