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Anti Mullerian Hormone
StartUp Program
Bleeding Between Cycles
StartUp Program
Blocked Fallopian Tubes
StartUp Program
Cervical Mucus
StartUp Program
Cycle Balancing
StartUp Program
Egg Health
StartUp Program
StartUp Program
StartUp Program
Follicle Stimulating Hormone
StartUp Program
Irregular Cycles
StartUp Program
Low Libido
StartUp Program
Low Testosterone
StartUp Program
Male Fertility
StartUp Program
PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome
StartUp Program
Polycystic Ovaries StartUp Program
  Premature Ovarian Failure
StartUp Program
Unexplained Infertility StartUp Program Uterine Lining StartUp Program  


A Woman's Vitality
Prepares for pain & cramp free menses
Baby Blanket
Cold uterus, miscarriage recovery, postpartum
PMS, emotional swings, insomnia
Calm the Baby
Safe support for the first trimester of pregnancy
Cinnamon & Poria
Awakens reproductive energy
Clear Flow
Supports release of adhesions, fibroids & scar tissue
Clear Heat
Calms the fire of hot flashes and mood swings
Comfort Zone
Soothes emotional sensitivity
Cycle Balancing Formula
Gently balances the cycle
Deer Antler Velvet
Supports physical strength & sexuality
Fertile Treasure
Builds blood, sexual fluids, supports egg health
Fertility Boost
Supports strong ovulation
Fertility Cleanse Formula
Releasing old toxins and preparing for pregnancy
Free & Easy Energy
Prepares for a pain-free, cramp-free menses, warms the uterus
Free Flow
Reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation
Ho Shou Wu
Sexual fluids for both all, increases sperm count, blood builder, nourishes hair
Male Fertility Formula
Supports sexual, brain, and adrenal function
Men's Sexual Vitality
One of the greatest ancient sexual vitality formulas
Men's Virility Formula
Sexual tonic which also increases mental clarity and energy.
Peony & Licorice
A muscle relaxant for any muscle cramping anywhere, including menses
Power Up!
Sexual tonic and aphrodisiac for men
Rejuvenation Formula
Deeply nourishing recovery formula
Restore Balance
adaptogenic rejuvenation formula for all ages
Restore Energy Plus
Clears brain fog, fatigue and strengthens digestion
Saw Palmetto
For men's prostate health, and women's PCOS
For beautiful skin, strong immune system, sexual fluids
Sperm Count
Nutritional support for quality sperm
Spirit Well-Being
Grounding and calming. Helps insomnia
Stress Relief
Quickly soothes irritability & stress
Radiant Spirit
Special adaptogens to
calm anxiety, support sleep
& build blood
Super Fertility #1
For a peaceful and powerful mind: calming, uplifting, soothing
Super Fertility #2
Increases sexual fluids & egg quality
Super Fertility #3
Builds energy, sexual fluids, & healthy eggs
Super Fertility #4
Supports ovulation & egg health
Super Fertility #5
Supports egg quality for those who chill easily
Super Fertility #6
Renews energy and sexual fluids for women
Super Nourishing Formula
Relieves hot flashes & supports hormonal balance
Ultra Nourishing Formula
Relieves tension, calms the mind, nourishes blood
Vitex Plus
Increases cervical mucus & balances hormones
Women's Sexual Vitality
Builds sexual fluids and libido