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Our Most Popular Feature:  The Radiant Wonder Weekly Trivia Quiz.

You could win your FREE bottle by this Friday! 

To find the question posted Tuesday of each week, you have 3 choices:

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If your answer is correct you will be entered into the Friday morning draw.

We are looking for 2 winners each week.  If more than 2 people have the correct answer Marysa and Iliana put all the names into a hat and one of them draws the 2 names.

How to find out if you have won?

Check Facebook or Google+ on Friday after 12noon Pacific Time.

How to claim your prize?

Call us or email us and let us know the product you would like us to send.  It must be a Radiant Wonder herbal formula -- any one of 200 products :)


We look forward to your answers!   And we hope you are this week's winner. 


2 winners will be announced on

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If the winner doesn't claim their free bottle within one week, we pick another winner.