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The Great Gift And Great Secret Of Chinese Herbalism

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Ancient Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a certain mystique that is the result of a tradition of continuous use for more than five thousand years. It is not just the herbs themselves that make Traditional Chinese Medicine so special. It is the unique way the herbs are combined that is the key to their successful application. The sophisticated science of herbal combinations is the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  How these formulas are made and how to choose the herbal formula that is correct for you is based on clinical research stretching back to the dawn of civilization.

Russell Howell, a chemist, and Amanda Howell, a Master Herbalist, have spent many years doing research in this amazing field of science. They have sought out the highest quality herbs and developed manufacturing techniques allowing Radiant Wonder to provide you with superior Chinese herbal formulas made in the United States. They have also developed methods to teach you how to help yourself through their educational programs, materials and free consultations.

Traditional Chinese Medicine does not chase after symptoms with individual herbs, which can lead to taking many different supplements. The goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to help you identify, with the help of a trained herbalist, certain fundamental energy patterns unique to you. For example:  What time of the day do you feel your energy level slump? In what part of your head do you feel your headache? Do you become more easily irritated or angered than you used to? At what time do you wake up during the night? Once an energy blueprint is determined, with the help of a Radiant Wonder Herbalist during a free consultation, it is easy to choose one or two formulas and find multiple benefits (more consistent energy all day, no headaches, clearer thinking, less irritability, and no insomnia for example).

We have trained herbalists on staff with whom you can schedule a free no-obligation consultation. The consultation is usually done by phone (USA and Canada), but can also Chinese Herbs be done via e-mail. All international consultations, other than Canada, are done via e-mail.

The Radiant Wonder program is outlined on our free CD, "The Secret of Traditional Chinese Medicine."  This CD is available here on our website. You are welcome to listen to it today on the internet (just click on the image above), or we can send it to you. Listening to this CD can be life changing. It will give you a powerful new way to understand your state of health.

The truth is if your herbal program is really working it should become simpler with time. The goal should not be to find more and more reasons to take more and more herbs and supplements. The goal is to help your body get back on the job, so you need fewer products, not more. Our philosophy is to do more with less.


Russell & Amanda Howell

Radiant Wonder

Radiant Wonder is a major source of Chinese Herbs. We have a full line of adaptogenic herbs, herbal extracts for herbal cleansing and herbal pain remedy. We are trained experts in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herb medicine, Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, medicinal herbs and Chinese medicine herbs. 

The mission of Radiant Wonder is to explain the ancient secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a way that is simple to practice and easy to understand. It is an exciting and empowering adventure to not only get results that help you overcome your health concerns, but to also understand why you have more energy and an increased sense of well being when you use our products. The goal of Radiant Wonder is to help you achieve what the Chinese call "Radiant Health," a state of health that is beyond danger.