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Jan D.

Missed My Period - What A Miracle!
Good morning Lara! I am writing this with a lot of excitement. As I was still waiting to get money to send over for my medication, God performed a miracle, I was due to receive my menses on 22nd, which did not happen. On Sunday 26th I did a home pregnancy test that t ...Read More

Deanna A.

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Calm Digestion

Brand: Radiant Wonder
Product Code: 3254
Capsules: 90
Price: $34.95

Full Description

We can all get gas or bloating if we have overeaten, or indulged in rich food, alcohol, etc. For those moments in life, Calm Digestion is an absolute miracle. Just take a couple of capsules, and 10-15 minutes later, you'll feel the results.

This formula is also very safe for young children, whose digestive systems are still developing and sometimes cannot handle certain foods. It quickly and gently calms their upset stomachs. Just open a capsule into warm water, add a little honey and let them drink the tea. It is delicious.

Also, as we age the ability of the digestive system tends to weaken. Older people find that smaller meals are much easier to handle. Calm Digestion is so gentle and safe it can be taken after every meal.

Recommended dose: 2 capsules, which may be opened into hot water as a tea.

In today's world people of all ages eat (or drink) a tremendous amount of cold food (cold drinks, ice cream, cold juice, cold water). According to Chinese Herbalism, a strong digestive system is critical for maintaining high energy levels in activity. The digestive system does not like cold. It likes warmth. The digestive ''fire'' is extinguished with too much cold. The digestive process becomes sluggish and weak. Even a small amount of food causes bloating. The gentle warming herbs in Calm Digestion help to balance the sluggish ''cold'' digestive flow that comes eating too many cold foods and drink.

For any of the above reasons, Calm Digestion is very good friend, helping the digestive system to do its job.

There are 5 key ingredients in this formula special for aiding digestion of specific types of foods:

  • Hawthorne Fruit is especially effective in digesting meat and fatty foods. Modern research has shown that it helps lower blood cholesterol by breaking down fat in the blood stream.
  • Sprouted Barley helps digest grains like wheat, which, if not properly digested, can cause allergic reactions in some people. Wheat gluten is a common allergen for children.
  • Massa Fermentata Medica is a special fermented mix of herbs and grains which breaks down alcohol and several other foods that are heavy and sticky (landing in the stomach like a rock!).
  • Radish Seed is powerfully effective in reducing the sticky goo created by undigested starchy grains.
  • Forsythia Fruit has gentle antibiotic actions that can help treat stomach discomfort brought on by eating mildly contaminated food. One of the reasons why Calm Digestion can help relieve simple diarrhea.

The entire formula Damp Detox is also included in Calm Digestion. Damp Detox is a famous combination of five herbs: Pinellia root, Poria Cocos, Aged Citrus Peel, Licorice Root and Fresh Ginger. Its main action is to eliminate excess damp. Processing fluids, the digestive tract is always ''damp'', but Chinese Herbal Theory is that if there is too much dampness it creates sticky, stagnant qualities that impede digestion and slow the processing of the food.

So this wonderful formula is not only gentle and safe, but works so quickly that it should be in every kitchen cabinet, ready for action.

If you feel your digestion is weak, adding a formula such as Magnolia & Ginger, or Digestive Energizer will help you restore balance to your body. As the digestion becomes stronger, your energy levels will soar.

If you have the additional complaint of chronic loose stools add Digest Ease I to your program (one capsule before each meal).

For chronic constipation add Triphala Plus

Once you try Calm Digestion you will be completely amazed that a formula so safe it can be taken by children works so fast and so well.

Calm Digestion quickly and dramatically eliminates symptoms of bloating or gas. It is the basic formula to take for food stagnation caused either by overeating, or by a weak digestive system. It can also be used for almost any kind of indigestion and even motion sickness.


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