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Unexplained Infertility to Pregnancy
My name is Chimamanda and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am very fortunate. After 3 years I am finally pregnant after only 3 months of following the
Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan and taking their herbal formulas. We are so happy.

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My Darling Baby is Now 5 Weeks Old!
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Restore Energy

Brand: Radiant Wonder
Product Code: 3320
Capsules: 90
Price: $49.95

Full Description

This remarkable formula is designed to support the body function in multiple ways. Restore Energy strengthens the lungs, improves breathing, builds sexual fluids, helps the skin retain moisture, and calms the restless heart and mind. For almost a century, this formula has been used to support the health of the heart and lungs. If you are very tired, Restore Energy can bring miraculous results, if used consistently. It also helps relieve shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, chronic dry coughs, and severe fatigue.

Restore Energy has been used clinically for the treatment of coronary artery disease in China for more than 700 years (Chen and Li, 1993 Dong and Chen, 1983). Today, there are multiple studies being done on this classic formula. A recent study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine (read more...) demonstrates that it is very possible that this formula can help protect against heart attack (myocardial infarction).

Restore Energy is a great formula for summertime, when you may sweat excessively. It is also great if you live in a dry climate, because it replenishes the body's yin (body fluid) while it rebuilds strength. You want to help your body recover if you ''burn your yin''. To ''burn your yin'' means two things in Chinese Herbalism: first, it means depleting body fluid, making you feel dry or maybe hot. This can happen from physical overexertion or excess sweating from a fever, exercise, or spontaneous sweating. The heart, the lungs and the adrenal system are the three main targets for ''yin deficiency''. The second meaning for burning yin is depleting the body's energy.

Restore Energy is so gentle, it is safe for the weakest constitution. However, this very simple formula (only 3 ingredients) is one of the most effective of all the ancient formulas. It is perfect for today's lifestyle.

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