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No Mood Swings or Pain with My Period!
To my greatest surprise, for the first time in years I have my period without any pain or mood swings! Not only that, I usually have mid cycle pain a few days before my ovulation and throughout out my ovulation. 
Surprisingly this month I didn' ...Read More


My period returned after 2 months!
Just wanted to let you known that i started my period today! I have period pain but i don't care!!!   

My history?

I took the contraceptive pill for 15 years. Stopped about 30 years old. It took ...Read More

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Anti Mullerian Hormone

Anti Mϋllerian Hormone

AMH, FSH and Low Ovarian Reserve – Let’s Take a Reality Check

Having tests for ‘ovarian reserve’ can induce high anxiety. The fear is based on what the results might be. Will they be the final door slamming in the face of your dream to have a family?

They don’t need to be. These laboratory test results regarding the potential of your ovaries can help to decide the best natural therapy for you.

In addition, there is a lot of mis-information about Anti Mϋllerian Hormone (AMH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) – which we’re going to clear up, right now.


A Quick Overview

Follicles are fluid filled structures inside the ovary that each contain an egg.

Each month, during a woman’s natural reproductive cycle, a single follicle is selected out of a group of potential follicles.

That single follicle reaches maturity and releases (ovulates) one egg. 

During many fertility treatments, medications are given to stimulate the ovaries to release more than one follicle. 

Physicians perform tests to predict if a woman will have a good response to fertility treatment. If it’s predicted that she is not likely to produce multiple eggs and have a low chance of success with ‘stimulated’ IVF, then this treatment option could be deferred. Other options would then be considered, such as unstimulated / Natural Cycle IVF (NC-IVF).

Women who have a good response to fertility medications are said to have ‘normal’ ovarian reserve.

Women who have a poor response are said to have diminished ovarian reserve, which means that they are not likely to product the optimum number of eggs during stimulated IVF. They are told they have few eggs left and their best option is to use an egg donor.    

Info box saying if you have diminished ovarian reserve you may still conceive with unstimulated natural cycle ivf or with non ivf treatments or naturally

What is Anti Mϋllerian Hormone?

The level of your Anti Mϋllerian Hormone is tested to help Doctors to ascertain your ovarian reserve.

The follicles in your ovary each contain an egg but the follicles themselves contain granulosa cells. These cells produce AMH. So the more follicles you have – the more AMH will be produced and the higher your AMH level will be.

AMH is easy to test for. It simply requires a blood test which may be performed at any time during your menstrual cycle.

The interpretation of the level is not so straightforward.

Interpretation of AMH Level

Western Medicine

Western medicine can only tell you whether your AMH level is low, normal or high.

The level is measured to -

•    help Doctors to predict how responsive your ovaries might be to a cycle of IVF.
•    help them to work out the doses of medication required.


No universal reference ranges have been determined for AMH levels so this means that every clinic uses their own values.


An assay system is the name for a method used to measure the presence, amount or activity of a substance.
Assay systems for AMH are not all the same which makes the test results difficult to standardize.

Yellow sticky note saying that what knowledge of your AMH level cannot do is be an accurate predictor of the likelihood of achieving pregnancy or having a live birth

Eastern Medicine

The most important predictor of whether you will be able to conceive or deliver a healthy baby is the quality of your eggs. Western medicine is still debating whether AMH is associated with egg quality.

This means that AMH levels should not be the only factor in your treatment strategy.

Info box saying We have successfully helped hundreds of women with low AMH

Chinese Medicine’s View of the Low AMH and High FSH Fixation

Over the last 15 years, advancements have enabled Western medicine to perform tests and this has lead to an obsession with numbers and where they fit – or are made to fit – into statistics.

1. Chinese Medicine is not dependant on statistics. We view, assess and help every woman individually because we understand that every person is unique.

2. We understand that tests are simply a single snapshot of where you were at that time. 
We don’t see it as defining your future because we know from extensive experience that given time and the right inputs, your snapshot can be totally changed.

3. Unlike Western medicine, we don’t get hung up on the meaning of values created in a laboratory. Instead of letting results give meaning to a numerical value, we see them in terms of where your energy was and then we focus on how we are going to change it for the better.

Claudine Success Story

Are Your Eggs Truly Gone or Just Asleep?

When your blood test results come back and you’re told you have low AMH, it is low because there was very little Anti Mϋllerian hormone in your bloodstream – at the time of testing.

Western medicine comes to the conclusion that your eggs are finished and gone.


A low AMH is not a death knell for your dream of having a family

What if a large number of your follicles (and therefore also your granulosa cells) are just dormant?  

If the internal environment needed for follicles to develop is not optimal, your body might logically want to preserve and protect its ovarian reserve. The reserve might be hibernating until the right environment is available for the eggs to develop.

This is a hypothesis - but practitioners of Eastern Medicine see it as a very logical conclusion and we have evidence that the AMH Level may reflect the available reserve, not the real reserve.

We have worked with hundreds of women who were told that their eggs were gone. We know that they are not.

If the real reserve is truly low...alarm clock with bells on top
How have we been able to help so many women to produce more eggs and better quality eggs by simply teaching them to take the right herbal formulas?

If the real reserve is truly low...
why do we see AMH levels change from 0.1  to 3.0 or higher within as little as 3-4 months?

If the real reserve is truly low...
how do so many of the women who we have helped get pregnant naturally or - after taking a 6 month hiatis from IVF - go back for success with more eggs and better quality eggs ready to retrieve?

It sounds like a mystery but it isn’t. Just like many things in life – it is easy when you know how.

And we know how. It’s time to give your eggs a wakeup call.

How We Know That Chinese Medicine Can Help You

Western medicine sees the reproductive system as one that is continually deteriorating.

Chinese medicine does not accept this view.

We see your mind/body and spirit as a total system which is totally able to adapt. We know that when your reproductive system is given the right help, it has an astounding ability to reach its highest potential.

We see the hormonal fluid in your ovaries as ‘essence’. 

Where This Fits in the Bigger Picture

We view FSH as ‘heat’. The essence of your ovaries is activated by the heat of FSH so that it can reach its highest potential. You can see this happening in your blood levels of estradiol.

We call estradiol ‘yin energy’. Yin energy affects internal environment; the substance of your body.

If the essence of the ovaries is enough – it doesn’t take much heat to stimulate your ovaries.

If the essence of the ovaries is weak due to –

•    Excess or long periods of stress
•    Not recovering sufficiently from that stress
•    Your follicles not receiving adequate or appropriate nourishment
•    Wear and tear due to the general demands of life

- then a lot more heat is needed for that stimulation to take place.

Can You Have Too Much Heat?

Yes. Women with high FSH and low estrodiol (and therefore, low Yin energy) have too much heat in relation to the amount of essence that is able to respond to it.

Western medicine sees the optimal level of FSH as lower than 10. We have helped women who had much higher FSH that that to conceive healthy babies – naturally.

We did that by reducing their heat and maximizing their amount of essence. Once the correct balance is achieved, the normal functioning FSH can get to work and activate healthy follicles – which gives rise to a greater quantity of good quality eggs.

And ultimately – a much higher chance of holding your own baby in your arms.

Lowering heat and boosting essence allows your FSH to activate follicles

It’s All about Maximizing Potential

Your ovaries and the follicles that are inside them are a basic potential.

We start off with a huge potential that goes right back to before we are born.

During the fetal development of a female, a pool of follicles is created. By the time we are born, we have almost a million of them. By the time we start our first period, that number is down to 500,000 and when we get nearer to perimenopause, there are roughly 10,000


Remember that a follicle is only potential – and that potential is affected by its internal environment.

The ‘internal environment’ means the conditions and factors within the follicle that influence how it acts. The internal environment responds to messages that result from how our body interprets its external environment.

Age : Let us reassure you that the quality of the egg is determined by the quality of the internal environment of your body - not by your chronological age.

Margaret Success Story

Create the right environment and your egg quality will improve dramatically.

External environment affects your whole body

When the internal environment of your whole body changes for the better, it follows that your ovaries change for the better. When your ovaries improve, so do your follicles and so do your eggs.

We know how to enhance your whole internal environment. You need –

•    More energy
•    Better circulation and
•    The highest quality nourishment

We can teach you how to enhance your internal environment. And you’ll feel the benefits right away because your body is in a constant state of renewal


Western Medicine

AMH levels tell Doctors how well your ovaries will respond to medication. 

•    If your AMH level is high you are given low doses of medication
•    If your AMH is low you are given higher doses of medication.

So, the treatment is hormones...or hormones. The only question is how much.

Eastern Medicine

We can teach you how to change your internal environment so that

•    Your follicles can release more eggs
•    Those eggs can develop properly

How to Tend Your Reproductive Fire

We love the analogy used by Dr Randine Lewis who is an author and is highly knowledgeable about treating infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She sees the process in terms of building a fire in your fireplace at home, where –

•    FSH is the flames of the fire
•    Your uterus is the fireplace
•    LH is the opening to the chimney
•    Your ovaries are the fuel for the fire

To build a successful fire, you need

•    Sufficient wood or coal (measured by estradiol)
•    Some kind of damper to stop the fire from getting out of control (Inhibin B)
•    Lighter fuel to get the fire started (AMH)

One more tool is available to you from reproductive technology and that is more fire. But more fire isn’t the best answer because adding more to a fire that’s already there can stop things from burning on their own.

 Imagine that you are trying to light a fire in your grate at home. You sometimes need to get more wood or coal, add more inflammable fluid or reduce the breeze blowing down the chimney that keeps putting those precious sparks out.

It takes patience and gentle nurturing to bring that tiny spark to life.



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