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Missed My Period - What A Miracle!
Good morning Lara! I am writing this with a lot of excitement. As I was still waiting to get money to send over for my medication, God performed a miracle, I was due to receive my menses on 22nd, which did not happen. On Sunday 26th I did a home pregnancy test that t ...Read More

Deanna A.

Increase Fertility Naturally
I started taking the Radiant Wonder products for the purpose of unblocking my tubes about 3 months ago.  The first thing I really noticed was that my attitude and my mood got bette ...Read More


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Gas and Bloating

Bloating and distention are usually stress related.

Ancient Chinese herbalists saw a close energy connection between the liver and the digestive system. If the liver energy became too agitated, it would over act on the digestive system. Chronic gas and bloating can usually be resolved very quickly, and the results will last.

Calm Digestion combined with Digest Ease #1 can have quick and dramatic results. Calm Digestion deals with the symptoms. Digest Ease #1 both calms down that agitated liver energy and also strengthens the weak digestive system. Strengthening digestion and also soothing the liver will help you live your challenging life with less digestive irritation.  Take Digest Ease #1 one capsule after every meal.  Take Calm Digestion 2-3 capsules after a meal at the time of the day you most likely get the gas and bloating (evening is most common).




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